Is Urban Meyer Looking for a New Miracle Cure at USC?

Here we go again

Here we go again

I had another piece I wanted to write about today, another sports piece, but that will have to wait because of a text I got from my dad this morning.

I was driving my son to school, and my dad sent me a story from 247 Sports with the title, "Former Stars will Recruit Meyer to USC". I immediately started to crack up. I have written and said, to anyone that will listen to me, or read my stuff, that Urban Meyer's "health issues" are all very, very phony. I have also stated that, since he left The University of Ohio State, if USC didn't get back to being a title contender, he would find his way to becoming their head coach. It's not that far fetched, he has done it before.

Remember when he left Florida because of "heart concerns"? He left Florida with an "illness", but was that really the real reason? I mean, Florida football is just now getting back to being a perennial top 15 team. They had to go through a couple guys before finally getting Dan Mullen to come back. But, I feel like Meyer was starting to see the writing on the wall. Alabama was coming for him. Georgia was getting better. Auburn had solid teams. Even Arkansas, back then, was an eight or nine win team. And let us not forget about the recruiting violations and sanctions that were about to come to light. Also, he vouched for a guy like Aaron Hernandez. All the major journalist forgave him because he coached Tim Tebow, who is so awful on TV by the way. But, I'm pretty sure everyone knew that, not only was Florida not the cream of the crop in the SEC anymore, but their program, and Meyer himself, were doing some shady stuff.

So, he made up some health excuse, ESPN bought it, and he was able to walk away unscathed. ESPN bought his "health" issue so hard in fact, they hired him to call games that same season he stepped away. He was not very good at this, but the whole Jim Tressel and tattoo stuff, and years upon years of cheating, opened up the University of Ohio State job. Meyer openly talked about how he still had "health" issues, but this was his dream job. He is from Ohio, so he would love to finish his coaching career in Columbus. Of course he was cleared by doctors to coach, after only taking a year off because of his "heart" condition, and he accepted the job only one short year after leaving Florida.

After one down year, and only minor sanctions from the Jim Tressel era, the University of Ohio State went undefeated in Meyer's first year. They then went on to win a title, win the Big Ten a few times, win most of their bowl games and beat my team, Michigan. But, this most recent season, Meyer started to complain about "terrible headaches". I wrote about how insane the coverage of all this stuff was during games. It is also very fitting that these "headaches" started to come right after it was found out that Meyer had been lying to cover up for a former coach that physically abused his ex wife and did cocaine in the White House. After all of that was released, Meyer started to suffer "headaches". He would clutch his head on the sidelines of close games. The cameras would zoom in on his face to show him in "excruciating pain". The announcers would cover for him and call him "courageous". It was all so ridiculous. Meyer then announced, after missing out on the playoff, that he would be stepping away again because the "headaches" were too much, and he needed to get healthy for his family. Again, I think he saw the writing on the wall. The University of Ohio State was losing a ton of players to the draft. The stories and whispers of him covering up for this former coach got louder. Some journalists said he should have been fired. Some people didn't believe his headaches. It was all eerily similar to his departure form Florida.

Now, not even 4 months into his "retirement", former USC players, guys like Reggie Bush, according to this 247 Sports story, are saying they will "recruit" Meyer to USC if they don't improve this season. This was absurdly predictable. Their were only 2 jobs that I thought he would take after taking a year off, Notre Dame or USC. And surprise surprise, USC is struggling, and their former famous alumni are aching for a big name coach. I wouldn't be shocked either, if/when he gets the job, if he says that USC is his "dream job". Meyer is a compulsive liar that constantly looks for sympathy from the major media. When things start to get tough for him, he makes up an excuse so it is easier for him to quit. He is also a sanction just waiting to happen. Utah dealt with it, Florida dealt with it and I'm sure the University of Ohio State will get some kind of violations notice.

I hope USC makes the mistake of hiring him because that would be fitting. They did the same thing with Pete Carroll, and he left that program in shambles. Meyer will leave it in even worse shape when he gets some other "ailment" in 6 or 7 years. This is so stupid. I wish colleges and alumni would learn some kind of lesson. But, all some colleges care about is winning football games, and that is the most disturbing thing. Urban Meyer is a liar and a coward. We will have to see how all this plays out.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He has to deal with an “Urban Meyer” headache everytime he listens to the sports media cover for the guy. It is quite debilitating.

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Liar Urban Meyer is Probably Lying About His Latest Retirement

Artist Depiction of Ty every few years when Urban decides to “retire”

Artist Depiction of Ty every few years when Urban decides to “retire”

This morning I woke up to the news, much like everyone else that follows college football, to the news that Urban Meyer is stepping down after the Rose Bowl.

It is like deja vu. I have seen this story before. I have heard the whispers and the whining and the acting and the destruction that he has left behind before. I have bore witness to this whole story about 10 years ago. He left Florida after a supposed heart condition. His Florida teams were good, playing in major bowl games, winning a national title, but the last few years there his teams weren't winning like they had before, and he saw some other teams, (clears throat) Alabama mainly, coming on strong. He saw the writing on the wall, spent his last season at Florida saying he wanted to be with family, his health was concerning him, and he had to step away.

Meyer then proceeded to take a few years off from coaching. But, he did do television. He was okay enough to fly around the country calling games for ESPN, and work those crazy hours with his "heart condition", but he claimed he couldn't coach.

Then the University of Ohio State went through all the Jim Tressel stuff, had to fire him, and they had to move to an assistant to take over for a year. It was one of the not so good years for them, and the Meyer rumors started. Remember, he left because of a "heart condition", but after a few years away, I guess he felt good enough, and was cleared by some quack doctor to come back and coach at his "dream school".

Now, to get off his case for just one second, he did wonders there. He won a national title. He had a consistent top 10 team. He never lost to Michigan. He never lost to Penn State. He dominated the Big Ten pretty much. Meyer is a hell of a college football coach, but he is a miserable human being, and he is a liar. Back to the hatred.

Before this season started the stories came out that he lied about covering up domestic abuse. I have given more than my share on how I feel about all of this on the site and the podcast. This is a vile, heartless, disgusting and disturbing thing he did. He covered for a guy that was doing cocaine on camera, hitting his then wife and constantly cheating on her. Meyer cared more about winning than helping this poor lady that was abused in more ways than one by a friend of his. That is appalling. The fact that this story dropped before the season started, and he was caught red handed lying to everyone, should have been more than enough to fire him. What did the University of Ohio State do though? They suspended him for three games. That's it. Three non essential games that they could have won with Lee Corso as the coach. What a shame.

When he came back Meyer all of the sudden started to look tired and distressed on the sidelines. Then his team started to really struggle against the lower tier of the Big Ten. They struggled with Nebraska, Minnesota and Maryland. Then Purdue crushed them. Those teams are a combined 21-27. I know, believe me I know, I wrote about it, exactly what they did to Michigan. But even during that game, Meyer was doing his same acting he did for the majority of the year when he came back. We could see the camera find him and he would be doubled over and grabbing his head whenever there was a tense moment in the game. People claimed he would be near passing out before, during and after games. Dumb ass announcers proclaimed that he was "coaching through so much pain. What a warrior" they would say.

This was all an act. I will believe that to my grave. He knew what he did was wrong. He knew he lied and he knew he got caught. He knew the hammer was going to come down on him one way or another. And like a grounded child, or an adult that has never faced any real consequences for their horrid actions, he pretended to be hurt. He pretended that he was in some unfathomable pain that no one could ever understand. He wanted people to feel sorry for him. He wanted an excuse so he could walk away, just like his ending at Florida.

This is an all too familiar story with this asshole. I'm curious if he was forced to retire. I'm curious if there is some sanction writing on the wall that he knows is coming, and he wants to get out before all that comes down, just like at Florida. I want to know the truth. I want to know why he picked now as opposed to earlier this year, or way, way far in the future.

I also know Meyer claimed today that he is done coaching forever. I do not buy that for one single second. I have already heard multiple credible sources say that he is just waiting for the USC job to open. I also heard that his real "dream job" is Notre Dame. I would be curious to see if he dips his toes in the NFL, but that would be a colossal failure. He is not a NFL coach. Not even close. This "retirement" is just as fake and phony as his "retirement" from Florida.

Urban Meyer is a liar, a cheater, a whiner, a crybaby and a despicable person. I do not now, nor will I ever, believe a word that comes out of his mouth. He wants people to feel sorry for him. He wants us to cry for him. He wants us to remember him as a coach that left at the top of his game. That is not how I will remember him at all, and it has nothing to do with my Michigan fandom. I've already talked ad nauseam about how he owns them. I will remember him as a liar and a coward. And when he comes back in 2 or 3 years, and he is suddenly "healthy" again, I'll be just as ready in 6 or 7 years when he gets caught cheating or lying once again, and he announces he is "retiring" to be with family and to get healthy.

Urban Meyer is a liar. He is a despicable human being. I will not miss him for one single second. Good riddance.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Does OSU want Ty to come and visit. Let him be the one to slam the door on Urban Meyer’s ass when the coach leaves and Ty will be there.

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Saturday Sucked for Michigan Football Fans. Now Let's Move On


Saturday was tough.

That was a brutal way to end the regular season. Michigan got absolutely dominated in every phase of the game. They looked predictable and boring on offense. Their top ranked defense was absolutely shredded. The special teams couldn't get off punts and settled far too often, trying to play the field position game. The coaching was not good. It was horrendous on every level. The team was unprepared, feeling themselves way too much, blew a golden opportunity and played how they have played in every big game since Lloyd Carr retired, poorly. They weren't up for their biggest game of the year. They weren't ready. They thought the University of Ohio State was just going to roll over for them. They figured they were going to walk to the Big Ten title game and the College Football Playoff.

None of that happened.

The University of Michigan was embarrassed on a humongous stage in what should have been a big win for them. On paper they were the better team. On paper they had the better players. On paper they have the better coaches. But when it came to actually playing the game, they got the ass whooping they deserved. Karan Higdon, who I adore, didn't live up to his guarantee. Shea Patterson was flustered, pressured and mediocre all afternoon. The line couldn't open a hole against a team that let Minnesota and Maryland gash them for multiple big runs.

What was most frustrating for me was the defense. They could not stop anything on Saturday. What made it even more frustrating, they refused to deviate from their man coverage game plan that has worked so well all year. They stuck with it, and they got gashed again and again. I saw it in person last week, where Indiana was killing them with crossing routes. Well, the University of Ohio State has much better players than Indiana does. That much is a fact. But Michigan, Don Brown and Jim Harbaugh, also Greg Mattison and Chris Partridge, and the entire defensive staff for that matter, refused to make changes. They are usually so good at making adjustments, but for some reason on Saturday, they were too stubborn or dumb or arrogant or whatever to change. It was truly a terrifying watch for any Michigan fan.

I have been holding all this in until today because my wife and dad and brother didn't need to hear me gripe about this game. It was a disaster. It turned what was such a promising season into a massive disappointment. The one unit I have been able to count on all year really blew it. They had a major letdown at the worst possible time. It was awful. This was worse than Penn State crushing them last year. This was worse than the muffed punt in Harbaugh's first year against Michigan State. This was worse than most games from the Rich Rodriguez or Brady Hoke era. This much is true. They gave up a massive amount of yards, 62 points, probably could have been 70 plus, showed they aren't ready for primetime, were far too arrogant and got smacked in the mouth for it and got embarrassed. That is the best word.

Okay, got that out of my system.

Now for the other half of my blog today. As I stated above, Saturday was terrible for all Wolverine fans. But the talks of firing Jim Harbaugh and Don Brown need to stop. These guys are great coaches. I know Harbaugh hasn't beaten the University of Ohio State yet, but he has beaten Penn State twice, Wisconsin twice, Michigan State twice, and he is now getting to coach his recruits. Michigan was in a bad place when they hired him, and he has won 10 games three times in 4 years, and has won 38, with a chance at 39 games, in 4 seasons. While they are not a title contending team, they have gotten much better. Jim Harbaugh should not be fired. That talk is insane. The people saying that are fair weather fans. They are probably the same people that clamored for him 4 years ago. And, to those that want him fired, you just want to start over again? You want to go back to being even more mediocre again? Are you ready for more Brady Hoke style football? I'm sure as hell not. I can get just as annoyed and frustrated with Harbaugh and his stubborn play calling, but the guy is a hell of a college football coach, no matter what Tim Tebow and Paul Finebaum say.

To those calling for Don Brown's firing, they make me more angry than the people calling for Harbaugh's head. Don Brown has turned this defense into a unit to be feared. Saturday was a major aberration. It was harsh. It was an embarrassment. It was awful. But it was a one time thing. The defense had a horrible day. He called a bad game. It was bad. But what about the rest of this season, and the past 2 seasons under him? They are a fast and aggressive and solid defense. Last year, when this team was dreadfully awful on offense, the defense was why they won 8 games. His first season as the defensive coordinator, he turned Jabrill Peppers into a Heisman finalist. He has coached some of the top linebackers in college football. The guy knows defense, and he knows it well. If Harbaugh were to leave for the pros, he is not going to get fired, nor does he deserve to, I have stated to my father many times that I would want Michigan to just name Don Brown head coach. I feel like it would be a seamless transition. Sure he would need an offensive minded guy to run his offense, and I feel like being the offensive coordinator at Michigan would be a coveted job.

None of the coaches deserve to be let go. It was one very, very, very bad game. But it was one game. The talk of letting coaches go is stupid and reactionary and uncalled for. Stop it. For the people calling out the players, they need to chill the hell out. One, it is a game. Yes I was mad, and I may have said some things during the game, but after it was done, I was done being mad. The kids playing are just that, kids. They are also playing a game. I am not going to let one bad game ruin my week, month or year like I used to when I was a teenager and in my early 20's. After finishing this blog, I will have gotten it all off my chest, and I will move on. Some people are going way, way too hard on these kids playing a game. Yes it was rough, but let it go. They played pretty great in almost every other game this year. No one was bad mouthing them on social media when they were trouncing Wisconsin or Penn State. This was one game, get over it. Also, if you are in your 30's like me, think about the fact that you are yelling at kids that could be your own. That is sad.

Finally, ever the Michigan fan in me, wants to say that the coverage on Fox was atrocious. The 2 guys calling the game were clearly pulling for the University of Ohio State. They would only say kind words about them. And while I know nothing really good happened for Michigan, the announcers made sure it was even rougher on Michigan fans with the way they called the game. They were terrible.

What made all the sports media worse was all the love they were giving Urban Meyer. The fact that companies like Fox and ESPN are going to spin this one game as some kind of redemption for him is disgusting. Jemele Hill, who despises Michigan by the way, tweeted during the game something along the lines of, "the media will try to spin this as a redemption story for Meyer, but let us not forget he tried to cover for a domestic abuser. No one win will ever heal the pain that the abused family is going through". I couldn't agree with her more. Urban Meyer is a liar. He is a cheater. He has vouched for Aaron Hernandez. Everywhere he coaches, the moment he leaves, the program is left in shambles. Also, people love him while he is there, but the moment he is gone, they seem to hate him. All the shots of him trying to quell his "headaches" were nauseating. He is an actor. He wants people to feel bad for him. He wants people to talk about his "health problems" so when he leaves, that is the reason why. Also, if he really does have this big of a problem with his health, why is he still coaching? That is wrong. Shame on him for risking his health and family so he can look good on TV. His actions on the sidelines this season have been laughably bad. Even if he really does have this "headache" thing, I feel zero sympathy for him. He is a loathsome human being.

With all this being said, Saturday was bad. Michigan got smashed. They got the beating they deserved. But, don't paint Urban Meyer as some kind of hero. He is a disgraceful human being. Also, Jim Harbaugh and Don Brown and the entire Michigan staff, I am still behind you guys. Things will turn around soon, hopefully. As for the Wolverine players, you had one bad game. Let it got and get ready for your bowl game. Try to go out and get a win, especially the seniors, to forget about Saturday's disaster. Don't let this game beat you twice. That is what makes me most excited, to see how you respond. You have had an okay season. You have a chance at 11 wins. You can set the tone for next year. Go out and do it after you find out what bowl game you get. Make it count. I have not lost faith, nor will I ever. I love Michigan, I love the Wolverines, I love the staff and players. I still, and always will, have faith. This can all be turned around. I truly believe that.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Why does Ty care som much about a football game. Check out the X Millennial Man Podcast to learn how technology, and irrational love, makes a fan feel sick about their favorite team.

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Urban Meyer Got Away With It, Again

Where Meyer's coaching career belongs. Along with OSU football and the NCAA.

Where Meyer's coaching career belongs. Along with OSU football and the NCAA.

I know that I promised to do my NFL postseason pick, award winners and Super Bowl champs today, but after what happened with Urban Meyer and the University of Ohio State last night, that needs to be addressed.

First off, I am disgusted and disturbed by how corrupt and meaningless the entire NCAA is. They are a futile corporation that only cares about money and their "brand". If this incident happened at any other school, save for Alabama, the NCAA would have stepped in and made sure that the coaches, the AD and the president of the school were all fired. If this was at Michigan or Clemson or Tennessee or TCU or Oregon or, insert any big name university here, they would have done everything in their "power" to make sure something happened. It is truly disgusting that because this is the University of Ohio State, and because the name Urban Meyer is attached, the NCAA let them do the investigation. I read a tweet last night, I wish I remembered who it was, and they said, "shocking that an investigation into Ohio State, done by Ohio State concluded with a minimal suspension to Ohio State". This was a perfect response.

I think most of us knew, at least those of us that watch college football on the regular, knew that Urban Meyer was going to get off scott free. Now I know, he has a three game suspension but come the hell on, that is a slap on the wrist. He misses games against Oregon State, Rutgers and TCU. TCU is the only team that has even a minimal shot of knocking them off. This is just as bad when a player beats up his significant other, and they get a 3 game suspension in the NFL. Also, Meyer still gets to coach practice after week one. He will only be unavailable to be on the sideline for 3 games. He will be able to coach and talk to all players after the first week.

That is appalling.

It is clear that people in Columbus and in the NCAA only care about one thing, and that is their football program being a success. They don't care about safety of women. They don't care if a former coach was knowingly abusing his ex wife and taking lewd photos at the White House. They don't care that their current coach is trying to find a way to permanently erase text messages that could lead to a whole other story. They don't care that not one single person at the University of Ohio State has simply said "sorry" to Courtney Smith. They don't care that Meyer has tried to turn himself into the victim. They just care that the good ole Buckeyes keep winning them some football games.

That is disgusting.

Urban Meyer's press conference last night was an embarrassment. As I said, he painted himself as the victim. He said he followed his head and not his heart, and that is pure bull shit. When asked about Courtney Smith, he said, "we wished it hadn't come to this". When pressed about how he would go on, he acted arrogant and like he did nothing wrong. It is pretty clear that he is a scumbag. He was a scumbag at Florida, where his buddy Zach Smith worked with him, and he also constantly sided with a murderer, and he is still a scumbag today.

And no, this is not my Wolverines bias coming into play. I would be equally disgusted if this happened to Michigan and Jim Harbaugh. I would have a shit ton of clothes and shoes and shorts to get rid of, and I would also have to get a tattoo removed. I would be embarrassed and grossed out if it happened to my team. But, dumbass Buckeye fans are probably feeling like real winners today, just like their sleazy, scumbag liar of a head coach.

This is disgusting and disturbing.

This is clear evidence that Urban Meyer and his whole football program are above the law in Columbus and the NCAA. That is scary. It was also frightening to read the story about what Buckeye fans have been sending to the guy who broke this story first. If you want to be scared and feel even worse for humanity, go read some of the things that were sent Brett McMurphy's way after he broke the story. It is terrifying. There is also a terrifying trend happening in the conference I watch the most this offseason. We obviously have the coach of the University of Ohio State football team lying to everyone and everybody about his knowledge of abuse by a former coach. We have the horrifying story that came out of Michigan State and their gymnastic program, which bled into their football and basketball program. And we have the Maryland story about DJ Durkin. This is very upsetting and makes me scared for what these coaches will do just to make some money.

We live in dark, dark times and sports used to be my outlet. Now, I cannot even enjoy that on a very basic level. What happened yesterday is awful and loathsome. I cannot believe that Meyer and Gene Smith are still employed. I'm shocked at how little they seem to care about what happened to Courtney Smith. And I'm disgusted at the fact that they got away with everything, as I predicted when this story first broke. I'm so disappointed in every party involved. This is a horrible look, and it will only get worse.

This is bad.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast.

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We All Know Urban Meyer Will Get Away With This, Again

Fill the bag with scum and call it Urban Meyer

Fill the bag with scum and call it Urban Meyer

As we all know by now, Urban Meyer is under some serious heat for his non action, and lies, between a former assistant coach of his that was physically abusing his former wife. Apparently Meyer knew, lied about it, and now, he may be caught. But, it wasn't only him that knew. Apparently his wife knew. Apparently other coaches knew. Apparently, the abused wife is now speaking out, and she claims some of the higher ups at the school, like the AD and president, all knew.

This is bad, bad news. This is so much worse than what Jim Tressel did while he was the coach there, and I despise that man with every breath in my body. But, this story has nothing to do with my disgust for the University of Ohio State. Everyone knows that I loathe that school, that I am a Michigan fan through and through, that I root for only one Big Ten school. This story frightens me because I fear nothing will come of it. 

I don't think the University, the media or the boosters and all others involved with the school will do a damn thing about it because Urban Meyer is a "winner" in their eyes. In Columbus they clearly only care about one thing, and that is the University of Ohio State football team winning games and titles. They have proven this time and time again. When Tressel was there, he had a QB, his name escapes me now, who was caught stealing computers, and he missed a meaningless early season game on his way to winning the Heisman. Their star QB the past couple years, JT Barrett, was caught on camera driving drunk and asking the police, "don't you know who I am". AJ Hawk, a former standout linebacker, said on national TV, "you don't come here to go to school, you come here to play football", and he was praised. That third string QB from a few years back, tweeted, "people don't come to watch me play school". Terelle Pryor, and some of the guys from his class, traded tattoos for memorabilia. All of this stuff that has piled up against them over the years has led to nothing. Sure, they had one bad season, where they went 6-7, and maybe lost a scholarship here and there, but that was it. In fact, they are looked at as an elite program led by an elite coach now. If you tune into any sports show, especially on ESPN, the commentators have nothing but glowing things to say about this "great football institution".

It's sickening.

And while the fans of this school will say, "Tressel got fired for what he did, and we had that one bad season. How can you say nothing happened?". That is a small, small price to pay, and I agree that what he got fired for was stupid, but Tressel is a scumbag, and all you fans know it. Also, you had one bad season. The very next year, your team was a top 10 team. Stop griping about Tressel.

What Meyer has done is part of a disturbing trend that he seems to get away with because he is a good coach. This isn't the first time he has been brought up as a liar and a cheater. While at Florida, he had a team that had a crime sheet that was about a mile long. I believe that he was the head coach of the team with the most arrests and suspensions in his three year tenure there. But, he suddenly had a "heart condition", and he took a year off. Florida then got sanctioned, and is a shell of what they used to be. And Meyer could care less. After his year off he took over at the University of Ohio State, and he has had a top 10 team every year. He has won a title. He has been to the playoff twice. He has had players in the Heisman talk every year. And now, he has another bombshell report on his incompetence and willingness to value winning over safety. The fact that there are text messages between him and the former coach and him and the former spouse and him and his wife is appalling. I know none of this is set in stone yet, but it seems pretty clear to anyone with eyes and a brain that he is guilty.

But, as I said at the top, I don't think any of it will matter in the long run. I feel like Meyer will get off scott free, and then the ESPN's of the world will have stories about him "overcoming an offseason of hate", or they'll use one of their favorite words, "tragedy". They will treat him just like they treat Penn State right now. Everyone at the big time media conglomerates will forget this even happened. I read a Deadspin article earlier today that basically stated, say the team loses one game, then 2, then say, 5, how soon until they reinstate Meyer? I couldn't agree more with this article. The University of Ohio State gave him some bull shit "paid with leave" deal yesterday. After this report came out, and hundreds of people were calling for him to be fired, the university deemed a paid vacation as a good enough punishment. That is the scariest part. They truly only care abut football and winning in that hell hole of a town. The dip shits that attend their home games, the grown men that paint their faces and wear jerseys of teenagers, could care less that Meyer lied in everyone's faces, as long as that team wins.

Urban Meyer is a scum bag, there is no way around it. He is grimy, he cheats and he lies. But, as long as he continues to win, the university could care less. We live in disturbing times. When a coach of a football team is higher than the law, that what makes me fear what they will let people get away with in the future. This is a disgusting and disturbing misuse of his "power", but I would bet dollars to donuts that he misses zero games, and is held as a "hero" in the eyes of big time media, especially, ESPN. This is all very gross.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is not on good terms with two state capitals this week. Madison Wisconsin received his anger already this week.

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Paul Finebaum fits Right in with Sports Talk Idiots

Finebaum's bulb is not half this bright

Finebaum's bulb is not half this bright

One year ago on this date and on this website, I wrote about how terrible football announcer Chris Collinsworth really is. Today, to kind of try and keep a tradition, I'm going to write about another nitwit that acts like he is way too big for his britches, and thinks he knows more about college football than anyone else. The person I'm going to crush today is ESPN's own, Paul Finebaum.

I have really, really disliked this guy since the moment I saw him on the SEC channel on ESPN. He became widely known when he let an, I don't know if it was Alabama or Auburn fan, but some crazed fan go off on his radio show. The whole thing was bizarre, but it let the world know who Paul Finebaum, the person, is. He is your typical, I'm going to say something so stupid and ridiculous, that it will make people talk about me type of person. Hell, I'm talking about today and I loathe him.

But lately, he is turning into the new version of Skip Bayless, and that is by no means a complement. I guess ESPN needs a blowhard, no matter how many leave, or they "fire", They had Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith, and now, they have Paul Finebaum. The one thing these guys have in common, they are blowhard racists. I guess they do have another thing in common, they are so blinded by their homerism, they can't see good in any other team or conference.

Finebaum, as I have already stated, works for ESPN's SEC channel, so he is completely in the bag for the SEC. But, he does not like the whole SEC, but he LOVES Alabama. They can do no wrong in Finebaum's opinion. Yes, they are dominant, but as a sports journalists, I don't know how many times I have said this on this site, but I'm going to say it again, you cannot be biased when you are a journalist that appears on TV. This is what makes Kirk Herbstreit great. He can call any game, and you would never know that he played at the University of Ohio State(I know that's wrong, but when a star player calls his college that, that is what I'm going to call it from now on). But Finebaum, a guy that have never played a down of football it seems, acts like he is on the staff at Alabama. He will not say one bad thing about them, but he will crush other college teams. He is a big basher of Michigan football. I don't know why he has this vendetta, but he has chastised the fans, calls Jim Harbaugh an idiot, amongst other things and blasts them for being overrated. But, bring up another SEC school, Tennessee for example, he will say that they are turning it around, and that Butch Jones is a good guy.

What a crock.

Yeah, Harbaugh is loud and boisterous and finds loopholes that other SEC coaches can't find, but he is nowhere near as bad a person as Butch Jones, and he is not an all time curmudgeon like Nick Saban. but, bring up Harbaugh, or any other Big Ten coach, with the exception being Urban Meyer, and Finebaum feels that it is his place to put them in line.

First off, who in the hell cares what Paul finebaum has to say. He is a very, very poor man's version of John Clayton. At least Clayton worked in the NFL, and is very knowledgeable. Finebaum, he is, at best, a fan boy. When Cam Robinson, who I have written about twice on this site, got arrested for stealing guns, he sided with the people at Alabama, saying that it was a mistake and we can't let this ruin his college career. I bet if Robinson played for Michigan, Wisconsin, Michigan State or Northwestern, he'd be at his pulpit saying this kid needs to be kicked out of college football and school. But, since he is at Alabama, he gives this kid a pass.

Second, Finebaum is terrible on TV. Whenever he is on "College Football Live", or any iteration of some college football talk show on ESPN, I change the channel. He has no idea what he is talking about, and it all sounds like gibberish. He goes on and on about nonsensical topics, and I think he talks just because he likes to hear his own voice. I also think that he truly believes that if Nick Saban is watching, he may contact Finebaum and tell him how great he is, like a child waits for an autograph.

The fact that he came out recently and said that the Big Ten conference is the best in college football right now is a crock. He does not like any school in the Big Ten, except for the University of Ohio State, and that is just because their coach is a former SEC coach. If anyone else coached that school, he would never talk about the Big Ten.

There is also a reason that Finebaum never calls any college games, because he can't. He is incapable of calling a game properly. I truly believes he has no idea how the game of football actually works. He may know about recruiting and stuff in the South, but I truly believe that he does not know the rules of the game. I have never seen him call a game ever, on any network. This should speak volumes to people.

Paul Finebaum represents all the problems that a network like ESPN has right now. He is a blowhard, he is stupid, he is a fan boy, he only cares about hot takes and he doesn't really know anything about the sport that he is supposed to be an "expert" on. I would rather listen to guys like Todd McShay and Tom Luginbill call games, and I HATE those guys. At least they played and know the game of football. Paul Finebaum is a joke and an embarrassment to the people at ESPN, which is an embarrassment itself. This dude is inept, and until he is off the air, we, the college football fanatics, will have to deal with his nonsense. Screw you Paul Finebaum. You are TERRIBLE.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He has a long going beef with ESPN. Maybe if he added some squash. Follow Ty on instagram, twitter.

Ty's 2016 College Preview and Predicitions

For my final preseason football preview, I'm going to talk about my favorite sport, college football. I love college football. There is nothing better than waking up on Saturday's in the fall and wasting an entire day watching college football. It is my drug of choice. For my preview I will talk about the 5 major conferences, the Big Ten, the SEC, the ACC, the Big 12 and the Pac 12. I will also throw a few independents in there, and I may talk about a few other teams that might strike my fancy. Enough chit chat, let's get to it.

I will start with the SEC, because it is my least favorite conference of all. They get so much deserved, but also undeserved love from all major media outlets. Yeah, I realize the SEC is good because I have eyes of my own and I can see, I don't need Paul Finebaum's punk ass telling me how great it is every god damn week. That guy is a total waste of time. Anyway, it will be much of the same with the SEC this year. It's Alabama, most people's preseason number one pick and defending champs, then everyone else. I know Alabama has lost a lot of players, but Alabama doesn't rebuild, they reload. They will find a serviceable running back, just like they did when Mark Ingram, TJ Yeldon and now Derrick Henry left. They will also find a QB. I'm sure they have a couple of blue chips sitting on the bench, waiting their turn. They will also find some new wideouts. They have all this stuff, and then some, just waiting for their turn. And as far as their o line, they are the best in college football. The coaches, and officers of the law for that matter, don't care if the best lineman in college football steals guns, he won't miss one single second because all the charges were dropped. The rest of the o line is huge and dominant. Their defense is always good. Yeah, Kirby Smart left for Georgia, but that won't matter, they will field 11 blue chip recruits that will play just as good as their predecessors. Alabama is loaded from top to bottom.

A few teams that may challenge are LSU, Georgia, Tennessee and Auburn. I don't buy the hype on Tennessee. They were supposed to be great last year, and I believe they finished with 7 or 8 wins. Butch Jones is also a piece of human garbage. Georgia is good, but they have a lot of holes to fill, and they don't have the roster that Alabama has. I also feel like they let Mark Richt go too soon. I don't think Kirby Smart will consistently lead that team to double digit wins every year. Auburn is fine, but Gus Malzahn is not a top of the line head coach. He has had a ton of problems finding a good QB since Cam Newton left, and he doesn't take enough time working with the defense. Auburn lets much lesser opponents stay in games way too long. LSU has a great running back in Leonard Fournette, and they have a very good defense, but the college game may have passed Les Miles a few years ago, and who will play QB, and who will that QB throw to? This team may be a one trick pony, but that pony is incredible.

I know I didn't mention Florida or Ole Miss. Florida played way out of their heads last year, and they will regress, especially on offense. Ole Miss may have to forfeit a bunch of games for cheating, and they lost almost everyone of importance from that team the last two years. They are on the decline as well. Once again, it is Alabama as your SEC champs. They have the best roster, and their players can get away with anything, as long as they are good.

Next, I will go to the ACC. The ACC has only 2 really good teams, and then a few okay teams, but the bottom half is garbage. The two good teams are Clemson and Florida State. Clemson was in the title game last year, and they had a chance to win it. Deshaun Watson is back, and that team is loaded with players at the skill positions. They will be a very lethal offense. Which is good for their defense, because the defense is very middle of the road. Clemson could, and may well, go undefeated this year, and they could do it while averaging 45 to 50 points a game, but also giving up 25-30. Florida State is due to bounce back from a "down" year, where they only won 10 games. They have a great running back, very good wideouts and they will pick a good QB. They also have a stout defense, even though they lost Jalen Ramsey to the pros. Florida State is incredibly good on both sides of the ball, and they are so balanced, it's hard to pick a good defense to go with when playing them. FSU will be very good this year.

The teams that are lurking, but not there yet, are Miami and Virginia Tech. Frank Beamer left VT after a very stellar career, so it will take time to build that team back up, but they play tough no matter what. Miami hired Mark Richt, which is huge, and I think within a year or two, he will have them highly competitive again. These things just take time and he needs to recruit his type of guys, but he is an excellent coach, and he is back at his alma mater. The days of Duke and Georgia Tech and teams like them being hyper competitive are long gone. The ACC is a two team race, and I like Clemson.

The Pac 12 may be taking the biggest nose dive as a whole conference. This conference was once feared and adored, but they look to have fallen on hard times. Sure, Oregon, UCLA, USC, Stanford and Washington are good, but when was the last time they were great? Oregon was not the same team last year. They played little to no defense, and they never really found a rhythm on offense. The super up tempo play just didn't have its desired effect last year. They will be decent, but they are going the route of transfer QB again, and even though I think Brady Hoke has a good defensive mind, he is not the answer they need to shore up that unit. UCLA has a great QB, but other than that, there is not a ton of weapons. Josh Rosen is also a sophomore, so he is either going to be better, or he will have that slump. He started off last year on fire, but as UCLA played better teams, people figured him and their offense out, and they weren't putting up huge numbers anymore. Their defense is very ho hum. Every year I hear that this is the year USC turns it all around, but they still haven't been that dominant team that they were in the early 21st century. The QB's aren't as good, neither are the backs. They have had some good receivers, but otherwise on offense, they are very average. The defense is fine, but they spend a ton of time on the field, and that is no good for any defense. Washington is another team that people say is "just a year away", but I've been hearing that since Steve Sarkisian was the coach. How many more 7 win seasons will it take before people realize that that is all Washington is, an average college football team.

The cream of the Pac 12 crop is Stanford. They have probably the second best back in all of football in Christian McCaffery, but that is where the threat begins and ends. They need a new QB, some new receivers and some one else to spell McCaffery out of the backfield. They are a lot like LSU, except their coach is better, but their defense isn't as good. Stanford should easily win the Pac 12 this year, regardless of who they put in at QB and receiver.

The Big 12 is another conference that used to be really competitive, but if Oklahoma doesn't cruise, it will de a disappointment. Yeah, TCU is decent and they have a decent transfer QB in Kenny Hill, but they lost Josh Docston and Trevoyne Boykin to the pros. They will have a good defense, but it is not as good as it once was. Who in the hell knows with Oklahoma State. Last year they were supposed to regress, but they played pretty well. I assume they are supposed to be decent this year, but that means they will probably take a step back. West Virginia is not the threat they once were. KU is a laughing stock. Kansas State needs to rebuild. Texas still doesn't have the players they need to compete. And Baylor, with all the problems they have going on right now, they may get the death penalty from the NCAA. Oklahoma has the best players and the best team, by a wide margin, in the Big 12. They will win it with ease.

Finally, as far as major conferences go, I have my favorite, the Big 10. The Big 10 has turned a corner over the past couple of seasons. They aren't as big joke anymore. They field good, high scoring and well defending teams. The Big 10 is good again.

The Big 10 is not all great, they do have teams that are not good and some that sit in the middle. Teams like Maryland, a long way away from competing, Illinois, hired Lovie Smith, but still a VERY long way away from competing, Purdue, who just isn't good and Minnesota, they play tough but blow games, are not great. The middling teams are getting better. As much as I may dislike Northwestern, they are always a tough game for anyone they play. Those kids are smart and they play smart football, for the most part. Indiana, who doesn't play a lick of defense, has a great offense that is capable of putting up 50 points on any given night. Nebraska always fields a very tough team. I know they had a losing record last year, but they got beat in some gut wrenching ways, and they crushed UCLA in their bowl game. Penn State always has a good run game and a decent defense, but their coach is holding them back. And Wisconsin will have a great running game, but not much else. That will still be good enough for 8 wins though.

The upper level of the Big 10 is scary good. Iowa is a very solid football team that plays very well technique football. They do not make mistakes. They are well coached and run their offense and defense as it should be run. Last year was an anomaly, I think they only lost 1 game, but they will still be very good. Michigan State lost a lot of important players from their team, but they are a tough team no matter what. They are also very, very dirty. They will have some rebuilding to do, but East Lansing is a tough place to play, and they will win some games that they shouldn't. Ohio State lost a lot to the draft as well, but JT Barrett is back, and so is Urban Meyer. This team is like Alabama. They don't rebuild, they reload. I'm sure they have some players that have been waiting to bust out, and now is their time. I HATE this team, but you have to give respect where it is due.

Then, there is my Michigan Wolverines. They surprised everyone last year, me included, by winning 10 games, but now, there's expectations. This team returns 14 starters from last year. They have an incredible defense, led by their defensive line. Jabrill Peppers is one of the best playmakers in the game. They have great receivers and tight ends and running backs on offense. But, they need to pick a QB, and the o line still needs some work. They also have to travel to Iowa, Columbus and East Lansing this season. Those will be tough road games. Michigan is better, but I think they are 1 year away from being a playoff threat.

As far as who I think wins the Big 10, I am going to have to pick the much hated Buckeyes once again. JT Barrett is really good, and Michigan is a year away and Iowa played out of their minds last year, and MSU lost too much to the pros.

I can't do a college football preview without mentioning Notre Dame. People seem to think they will be great, but I just think they will be good. They have to settle on a QB, and they lost a lot of skill players to the pros. Their defense is very far from elite too. I could see them winning 9, maybe even 10 games, but they are no threat to make the playoff.

Outside of the major conferences and the big names, the one team to watch out for this year is Houston. They were awesome last year, they beat FSU in a New Year's 6 bowl game, and they have almost everyone back from that team. Houston has a very good football team once again. They are making Rodney Peete proud.

I guess what it all comes down to is, who do I think will be in the playoff and who will face off for the title. Well, I think the 4 playoff teams will be Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma and Stanford. Alabama will find its way, they always do. Clemson will outscore everyone by 100 points to return. Oklahoma will cruise through the very weak Big 12, and I think an early season victory over Houston will help, and Stanford is going to be so much better than any team in the Pac 12, and I think they can go undefeated this year. My ranking of the teams, from 4 to 1 would be, Stanford, Alabama, Oklahoma and Clemson. So that means Clemson and Stanford would play each other, with Oklahoma and Alabama squaring off in the other matchup. I like Clemson and Oklahoma in those games. And, I'm going to go ahead and pick Clemson to win the 2017 National Title. They had their chance last year, but much like the Panthers in the NFL, I think they got better and will make up for what they missed out on last year.

As far as the Heisman goes, I think names will pop up all year. Guys like McCaffery, Fournette, Baker Mayfield, JT Barrett, Greg Ward, they will all get talked about, but I think Deshaun Watson will win it. He finished third last year, but I think he takes it home this season, both the Heisman and the title.

That does it for all of my football previews. I will check in at midseason on both, but for now, that is how I see things shaping up. Now please, bring on some real football games.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. What happens when Ty and RD stop being polite, and talk about reality television. Listen to the new X Millennial Man Podcast where reality television is given its time to shine. Download for free tomorrow. Follow Ty on twitter @tykulik

Michigan's Satellite Camp Upset the Wrong Group of Crybabies

The look the NCAA gave to Jim Harbaugh

The look the NCAA gave to Jim Harbaugh

As was expected, last Friday the stupid NCAA, and their equally stupid president, Mark Emmert, deemed the satellite camps that Jim Harbaugh was running illegal. They didn't really give a quality reason, but at this point, why would we expect a good answer from the corrupt NCAA. All they and Emmert had to was get some big named SEC, ACC and other Big Ten, high profile coaches, to complain that this was "unfair". They didn't think of it, so it had to be unfair, right? The NCAA's rule book is so thick and filled with some of the dumbest, most inexplicable rules, these satellite camps had to be illegal? Wrong to both of those questions.

There was no rule saying that coaches couldn't hold camps like this over spring break. If the players wanted to give up their free time and the coaches wanted to give up their free time, they were allowed to do that. It lasted for two years. After this second one was completed, these big name coaches came out and started to complain. Guys like Will Muschamp thought it was unfair. Gus Malzahn chimed in with his two cents. Even Big Ten colleagues, like the two biggest douchebags in the conference, Urban Meyer and Mark Dantonio, first complained, then decided that they wanted to bring their players to a camp like this. So, they didn't like it at first, but when they found that they could recruit in the South, in the offseason, they wanted to come aboard. What a bunch of lemmings.

None of these coaches voices mattered. It wasn't until early last week when Satan himself, Nick Saban, came out and said he thought that theses camps were illegal and unfair. As soon as I read that Saban was upset with what Harbaugh was doing, I knew these satellite camps had little to no time left. That was all the NCAA and Mark Emmert needed to hear. The NCAA and Emmert do not want to upset the "mighty" SEC and the "mighty" Nick Saban and their partner in crime, ESPN. These three were the loudest, biggest whiners and dissenters when talking about these camps. Mike Wilbon would openly berate Jim Harbaugh on "PTI" for, "taking these kids away from their families to work on Spring Break". I would always think to myself, had Pat Fitzgerald come up with this idea, he would never be this clever or innovative because he is an idiot, Wilbon would love this idea. But, since it came from a coach at Michigan, he was opposed. Speaking to Nick Saban complaining about this, he is just jealous that he didn't think of it first. He would have abused this to no end, had he set up satellite camps in the Midwest and the North, to recruit and make his team even better. And, the NCAA would have praised him for doing it. He would have done it year round as well. Harbaugh only did it for one week of the spring. Saban would be doing right now, had he thought of it first.

Yes, I'm a Michigan fan, we all know this by now, but I truly believe that what Harbaugh has done, in less than 2 years, has the "mighty" Nick Saban worried. Saban is a great college coach, but he has never really been challenged by anyone at the college level. People usually cower in fear of him. He is a bully to his players, his staff and sports writers, but they never challenge him. But, Harbaugh is openly going after him now, specifically setting these camps up in his territory and I think that has scared him. That's why he came out and condemned the camps. This is the first time since he rejoined the college ranks that he has been challenged by another coach and he is scared. He knew that if he ran to the NCAA and Emmert and complained, they would bow to his request. That is the move of a coward. The SEC is filled with cowards that are terrified of being challenged by an outsider. That is why guys like Muschamp and Malzone complained too. They are scared, especially Muschamp after what the Wolverines did to his "vaunted" defense in the Citrus Bowl this year. Then, to have coaches in your own conference complain, I mean, what a dick move.

I expected this from Urban Meyer because he only knows how to cheat the system. He illegally recruits and passes players with poor grades and lets players with multiple arrests continue to play with no repercussions. He is a world class cheater, so naturally he'd be upset that Harbaugh found a perfectly legal way to recruit in the South, in the offseason. But Dantonio complaining, that is straight up sour grapes. He is as bad a curmudgeon as Saban, but not nearly as good a coach and doesn't hold the levity that Saban has with the NCAA. He is a whiner and complainer and thinks he is way better than he truly is. He has gotten very lucky the past couple of seasons, and looked what happened when his team got in the playoff last year. I believe they got beat 1,000-0. He is not an upper echelon coach, no matter what he thinks and may say. He missed his best, and probably only chance, to win a title last year.

What it all boils down to, the NCAA and Mark Emmert are spineless and they couldn't care less about what these student athletes, whom they make millions upon millions of dollars on, choose to do with their free time. The NCAA wants to now control how these kids spend their free time. This is one of the biggest crocks in the decision making history of the corrupt NCAA. Why would they care about these kids all of the sudden? That was the reasoning, that these kids needed to have some free time away from their sport, but when do they ever really have free time? I've known people that play college sports, and no matter what level of competition, be it division 1 or division 3, they all let me know that it was a full time, year round job. They were either in the weight room, the film room, study hall or had a meeting with their coaches all school year and during the summer. I knew people that lived in the town where they played collegiately in the summer because that's what the coaches wanted them to do. So, no this has nothing to do with the NCAA suddenly worrying about these kids free time or their spring break, they weren't making any money off of the camps and the "almighty" Nick Saban was unhappy with the camps.

The NCAA, the SEC, Urban Meyer, Mark Dantonio and, most importantly, Mark Emmert are so gutless and so jealous and just out right ridiculous in deeming these camps illegal. Decisions like this are why people HATE the NCAA and why we all think the NCAA is corrupt. If they can't make money off of something, they will deem illegal and that is the biggest problem. Yes, I'm pissed that Harbaugh found a legal loophole to recruit the best players to come and play at Michigan, but I'm more pissed at the NCAA for giving in to some whiny, bratty coaches that were jealous that they didn't think of it first.

What a crock.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is angry that he has to be angry about college football in the spring. Follow Ty on twitter @tykulik.

Ty Previews College Football's Final Four Teams

How about one more game of catch with old orangie

How about one more game of catch with old orangie

The final college football playoff rankings came out yesterday. The final four was revealed and there were no surprises.

At number one you have Clemson, the team that's been number one most of the season. Number two, Alabama, with a great running game and a very good defense. Three, Michigan State, probably the luckiest team in all of college football this year. And number four is Oklahoma, maybe the hottest team in college football right now. If I was on the committee the only difference I'd have would be Oklahoma at 3 and Michigan State at four.

When looking back at my preseason preview, I got two of the top four correct with MSU and Alabama. In my midseason rewrite, I only got one team correct and that was Clemson. TCU fell apart due to injuries and a porous defense and Ohio State lost late to a team in the final four pushing them out. I also put LSU in at one point, but they have no QB and they got beat three times. Stanford was in there too, but Oregon beat them late in the year and they didn't do enough at the end to leapfrog the three teams ahead of them. So, at two different points, I got three of the final four correct. Sorry Oklahoma, I had no faith in you and your coach, but you have proven me wrong. I thought after Texas beat you guys, you'd blow a couple more games, but you stepped it up on offense and your defense came alive. Like I said earlier, Oklahoma is the hottest team in football right now.

So, let's get into it and look at the matchups.

The one versus four matchup pits Clemson against Oklahoma. This should be a pretty high scoring affair. Both offenses are very good and play very fast. Their defenses, on the other hand, they tend to give up big plays and have a hard time shutting down quality opponents. Both QB's, Baker Mayfield at Oklahoma and Deshaun Watson at Clemson are Heisman candidates, Watson more so than Mayfield. Deshaun Watson runs the Clemson team exquisitely. He is a precision passer and a deadly runner. He throws a great deep ball and runs the read option very well. He has weapons all over the field and spreads the ball to all of those weapons evenly. Watson has had a spectacular season and he could very well be the determining factor in this game. Baker Mayfield has had a very good season too. He transferred away from Texas Tech to Oklahoma this season and has thrived in the Sooner offense. He too is a good runner, but not on the same level as Deshaun Watson. He throws a good short to intermediate ball, but Oklahoma doesn't take too many deep shots, that's not their offense. Oklahoma has a lot of great weapons as well and they have a better running back in Semaji Perrine than Clemson has. He is a bruising yet explosive runner. He, much like Watson, could be the determining factor for Oklahoma. This game really comes down to the QB that plays better. As I said before, the defenses won't really stop either team, so the QB that leads his team better will help his team win. I really wanted to pick Oklahoma to win this game, but Clemson, and more importantly, Deshaun Watson, are having a magical season, and that will continue in the Orange Bowl with a close, high scoring win. The final score will be something like 42-38 in Clemson's favor.

In the Cotton Bowl we couldn't have gotten a more opposite matchup than the Orange Bowl in number two Alabama versus number three Michigan State. Both these teams are predicated on defense and running the ball. Running wasn't Michigan State's strong suit until Connor Cook got hurt a month ago, but they've taken to the run since then and its greatly benefitted them. LJ Scott has been a revelation and he doesn't play like a freshman. He gets stronger as the game goes on and he wants the ball in critical moments, take last weeks Big Ten Title as an example. He willed that team to a victory and a spot in the playoff. Connor Cook is clearly hurt and I don't know if he'll be any more healthy for the game and that sucks for MSU because they will not beat Alabama by simply running the ball. Alabama's defense is absolutely suffocating. I don't know how any team expects to run for any kind of yards against their front seven. They are faster, quicker, stronger, smarter and deeper than any other front seven in all of college football. Their secondary is equally as good. They cover better than everyone else and they're just flat out better than everyone. On offense, Alabama has the presumptive Heisman favorite in Derrick Henry at running back. Ever since their game against LSU, when he looked better than Leonard Fournette, he's been on an absolute tear, averaging 200 plus yards of rushing per game. He, much like their defense, is better, faster, quicker, stronger and smarter than every other running back in football. He's an absolute beast. Their offensive line is massive and blows people off the line, opening all those holes for Henry to run through. The problem lies with their QB and receivers. They don't have a receiving threat like Julio Jones or Amari Cooper anymore. The receivers are good, not great. Their QB is a fine game manager, but he's no real threat. He throws a subpar deep ball and he gets hit way more than he should. He holds the ball way too much. This game will come down to who can run the ball better and that's a HUGE plus in Alabama's favor. They have the better offensive line and they have the MUCH better running back. MSU may hang with Alabama for a half, but the Crimson Tide will cruise to an easy 28-10 victory in the Cotton Bowl. This was MSU's last real shot to win a title, but Connor cook is too banged up and, while their defense has played better as of late, they will not be able to stop Alabama and they won't be able to move the ball that much on Alabama. Alabama is the superior team.

So that leaves us with Clemson playing Alabama in the title game on January 11th. Number one versus number two. Two completely different style teams. Clemson is a spread team with a ton of quickness and scores in bunches. Alabama is a pro style team that beats you into submission on both the offensive and defensive lines and they want to chew up as much clock as possible by running 50 times a game if they have to. I like this matchup a lot and I will be rooting for Clemson, I hate Nick Saban and he's the biggest curmudgeon in all of sports, but Alabama is too good. They're just as fast as Clemson and they are much, much bigger. After they got beat by Ole Miss early in the season I thought Alabama was done, but they figured it out, of course, and they look just as good now as they did when they beat LSU in the BCS title game a few years ago. Alabama will beat Clemson pretty handily in the title game with a final score of 35-13. They're the best of this final four bunch.

So, Alabama will be your 2016 National Champs.

I'll also give one more Heisman prediction to keep some continuity and two big coaching changes that I think will take place. I think, as every other major publication does, that Derrick Henry will win the Heisman. Since the LSU game he's been on fire. He's broken Herschel Walker records. That's pretty god damn impressive. But, don't be surprised if Christian McCaffery, Stanford's running back, whose broken some of Barry Sanders records, gets some Heisman love. I think he's finish a narrow second to Henry. And the two big coaching moves you ask. I think both Urban Meyer and Nick Saban jump to the pros. In Meyer's case, he's won multiple titles at multiple schools in college, he's losing coordinators left and right, some kind of recruiting violations will almost assuredly be coming his way and the Cleveland Browns will stupidly(do they do anything smart) pay him a humongous amount of money to not only coach, but give him a say in player personnel. He will fail spectacularly if he makes the jump, but the amount of money will be too much to pass up. In Saban's case, and I'm really going out on a limb with this prediction, he failed once in the NFL and a la Pete Carroll, I think that he thinks he can win a Super Bowl. He can't, he's a much better fit for the college game, but his ego is so big, he thinks he will now succeed in the NFL. He's a better fit for college because he is the boss, he makes the most money, but in the pros, the coach is low man on the totem poll and that won't work well for Saban. But, I think his pride and ego and the fact that he's also losing coordinators left and right will give him the "confidence" that he will now succeed in the NFL where he previously failed. He won't, but I think he thinks he's ready to make that leap. So, two major college football programs will be looking for new coaches this summer.

There you have it, my final college football blog of the year. Tell me why I'm right or wrong in the comment section and lets enjoy the bowl season. I'm happy that my Wolverines are playing on New Years day, and I think this final four is a very good and competitive final four. The committee got it right this year and the playoff should be good.

At least, I hope so.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He expects Meyer to leave Ohio State because the coach is afraid of what Harbaugh is bringing to Ann Arbor. Follow Ty on twitter @tykulik.