The Best in Sports of 2018


Day 4 of my best of 2018 lists brings on one of my favorite subjects, sports. I love sports. It is one of my most favorite things to do, watch and enjoy. There was a decent amount of sports stuff that happened this year, some good, some bad. I already got the bad out of the way, although I could spend an entire day talking about Michigan's horrific bowl appearance last Saturday, but that is another topic for another day. Today is all about the good I personally experienced in sports in 2018. Lets get to it.

At number 5 I have my first purchase of one of the greatest channels/sports packages that has ever existed, NBA League Pass. I love basketball, and in the past 5 years I have become obsessed again with the NBA. What makes League Pass so great is, I can watch every single game that I want. I can also record games that I want to watch the next day. I can also watch this super deep, super explosive group of rookies. I also get to see teams play that I haven't watched in years. I have seen more Sacramento Kings games so far this season than I have in the past decade. And they're fun to watch now too. Now that I am a Suns fan, with League Pass, I have been able to watch the majority of their games. They are not good, but they are my new team, and I want to get very acquainted with them, and so far, I have. I love it. I also love that I can watch any team, as I said before. With ESPN, NBA TV and TNT, we get the same teams. It's always the Warriors, Thunder, Celtics, Lakers and Rockets. I don't like any of those teams, save for the Thunder. But now, with League Pass, I can watch the previously mentioned Suns, the Bucks, the Trailblazers, the Magic and, if I really want a bad game, the Knicks or Hawks. It rules. I have also been able to see the great rookies. I've gotten to watch Deandre Ayton, Luka Doncic, Trae Young, Shai Gilgeous Alexander and so on and so forth. It's awesome. I love League Pass. This channel will now be in my life forever.

At number 4 I have the past Super Bowl that featured the Eagles and Patriots. This game was devoid of defense, but it is always fun to see the Patriots get beat. And the way they lost the game was very gratifying for me. They could not stop Nick Foles. They made him look like a top 3 QB. The whole "Philly Special" play was awesome. But what made it even better was the fact that the Patriots tried a similar play, and it blew up in their face. And for those of you saying, "what about Tom Brady? He went to Michigan. Don't you love him?". No. When guys leave Michigan, yes I follow their careers, but I am a Packers fans. I loathe the Patriots. So to see them get beat, in agonizing fashion, was great. And do you know who strip sacked Brady to win the game? For those of you now possibly questioning my love for Michigan, it was a former Wolverine, Brandon Graham. Whenever the Patriots lose, 99 percent of the football watching public wins. That was definitely the case this past year. Congrats to the Eagles, and thanks for beating the Patriots en route to your first title in a long, long time.

At number 3 I have the College Football Playoff Final last year, when Alabama won in overtime over Georgia. Again, I don't like either of these teams, but this game was tremendous. It seemed like Georgia was really going to pull it off, leading by 2 scores for awhile. Then Jalen Hurts got hurt, and the legend of Tua Tiagaviola was born. I don't agree with how this kid was raised to play football, but he is a damn good football player, and he proved that in the title game last year. He was amazing. He made some incredible throws. He found open receivers where there were seemingly no open receivers. Georgia kept fighting, and when they pushed the game to OT, I thought they had a chance. When they kicked the field goal, then sacked Tiagaviola for a big loss, I thought they really had it. But then the long pass to Calvin Ridley happened. It was a beautiful throw, a great catch and sealed the win. It was a finish for the ages. I love college football, and even though the teams playing in the game are not my teams, I enjoy a good game. This title game was a great game. It was so much fun to watch. Hopefully the game this year will live up to the last title game.

At number 2 I have Michigan football's run through what was supposed to be their tough three game stretch this year. They had a "gauntlet" of games in early November. They had to travel to Michigan State, then play Wisconsin and Penn State at home in three consecutive weeks. Granted these teams weren't that good this year, but at the time, they were all top 20 teams. They struggled with MSU for a bit, but blew the game open in the second half. They only won by 2 scores, but they dominated that game. They held MSU to under 100 yards of offense. MSU had to put their backup QB in, and Michigan punished them. And it was in East Lansing. It was very satisfying. They then had a night game with Wisconsin. This game was close for a half, just like the MSU game, then Michigan really blew it open. The shut down Johnathan Taylor, and Shea Patterson and Karan Higdon completely took over. They owned that game. The defense also stepped up in a big way and made the Wisconsin QB's night awful. When Lavert Hill had that pick 6, I was able to relax because Michigan put the bow on a 38-13 win. Then there was the Penn State game. Penn State embarrassed Michigan last year, and they let them know it. Well, Michigan put it on them this year. They stopped anything and everything that punk ass Penn State QB tried to do. Michigan got in his head early and shut down any chance at a Heisman for that kid. Again, like the MSU game, PSU had to put in their backup. They said it was due to injury, but lets be honest, he was scared to get hit again. I loved that the defense was doing his celebration every time they sacked that QB. It made me happy. This was the one game where Michigan, from the start, stepped on a team's throat and refused to take their foot off. It was great. while the year didn't end like I hoped, I do have this three game stretch, and it was awesome.

But, at number one, I have the entire 2018 year for Michigan's basketball team. This has honestly been a very, very good year for Michigan basketball. First they won the Big Ten Tournament for the second straight year. They then pushed their way all the way to the title game in the NCAA tournament. I was shocked. They did get blown out in the title game. But, the fact they made the Final Four and the title game, for a team that I thought would only win 20 games, that was amazing for me to see. They really made the tournament fun for me to watch. Then they started out this season the way they have, and it has been awesome. I am worried every week that they will get beat, and they will, but for the time being, they are the number 2 team in the country, and they are undefeated. They have also beaten 3 top 20 teams in the process. They went to Villanova and hammered them. They really crushed them. They then had UNC at home in the ACC-Big Ten tournament. I thought this was going to be bad. It wasn't. They clamped down on D and they finally started to hit shots. It was awesome to see them shut down the team that I picked to be in the championship this season. Then, to open Big Ten play, they destroyed Purdue. They stopped the preseason Big Ten player of the year, Carsen Edwards. He couldn't do a thing. It was great. Since then they have continued to win, but it hasn't been pretty. I hope they continue this for a long time. I saw a stat somewhere that said they finished the year, 2018, with a record of 35-4. That is really impressive. Now it is time to see how they close out 2019. For the time being, I have 2018 to look back on.

That's it for today. Come back tomorrow for my final top 5 list, my top podcast moments of the year.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He was going to put something from the Winter Olympics on his list, but then he remembered that the Olympics are pointless. He also completely forgot when or where the Olympics were held last year. I guess he really wasn’t thinking about the Olympics after all.

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The Worst Things of 2018


Next week I will spend the 5 days of the week doing my best of 2018 in movies, music, tv, podcasts and sports. I will do a top 5 of each category. Today though I want to do a similar list, but I want to do the one thing I consider the worst of 2018. I'll pick the worst tv show, movie, album/musician, podcast moment and sports moment. Before I get into it, I do have to say that this is just my opinion. I know that I will have a few things on here that will be odd and make people mad, but that is what year end lists are for, are they not? This will also be much quicker since I am just picking one thing from each category. My best of lists next week will be a bit longer. Okay enough preamble, lets get to it.

I'm going to start with sports because this was quite possibly the worst thing for me, as a sports fan, that has not only happened this year, but has happened in a long time. I am of course talking about Michigan getting absolutely crushed by the University of Ohio State in football. I have written about this game already, so I won't go as deep into detail as I did the Monday after the game. But this was awful. Michigan's vaunted defense got torched and refused to adjust all game long. This was their best chance in a long time, they were the better team on paper, and they laid a total egg. I mean, their offense scored 39 points, but it was all garbage time, and it was all for naught. They gave up 62 points, over 500 yards of offense, and it could have been much, much worse. Michigan blew it on the biggest stage for them in quite some time, and it was painful to watch. They had their best chance to beat their hated rival for the first time in 7 years, and a possible playoff berth at stake if they won the Big Ten title. They got none of that. They choked. They got crushed and it was, by far, my worst sports moment of 2018. Nothing else was even close.

When it comes to podcast/podcast moments, I have to go with "Comedy Bang! Bang!" not doing their usual Halloween episode. I look forward to this every year, and Halloween came and went with no visit to Boogie Woogie Avenue. I didn't get to hear Bret Gelman and Jon Daly do their thing. There was no Comedy Fang Fang this year. No weirdo ghosts for me to cackle with laughter at. It was a real bummer. The biggest disappointment with no "CBB" Halloween episode was the absence of Leo Carpatzi and his daughter Scaroline to sing their version of "The Monster Mash", which is always my favorite part. Although, as you will see next week, they do make up for it a bit in their Christmas episode. But, no 1122 Boogie Woogie Avenue, no Scaroline, no Mesmor, it all bummed me out. This episode is one of the few things I look forward to for a "holiday" that I am not the biggest fan of. Hopefully they remedy this next year because their Halloween episodes are some of their best.

My worst music of 2018 is kind of weird, but it struck me as odd, and kind of stupid to be completely honest. So, you all know how I feel about Drake. He is a wannabe, a front runner, a HORRIBLE rapper, he is just trash all around. So, for him to think he could even touch Pusha T was a joke and made that my most disliked music moment of the year. There is no beef, Pusha T is a far superior rapper, and always will be, when compared to Drake. He has lived that life. He has earned and grinded hard for everything he has accomplished. He isn't a fake, a phony or a frontrunner. Pusha goes about his business and makes incredible rap music. He literally started from the bottom. Drake was on a teenage high school drama in Canada when he was a kid. He is from the suburbs. He's never had a hard day in his life. He is a fake, a phony and a wannabe like I said before. He's a poseur. Pusha T will always, always be a much, much better rapper. So will thousands upon thousands of other rappers that a lot of people may not know about just yet. Drake is a rapper for white tweens. Pusha T is for a true hip hop fan. This whole beef was pointless and dull. Find something better to do with your time Drake because you are not even a top 500 rapper of all time. You are trash.

With TV I was very conflicted because the 2 shows that I think are the worst were 2 I LOVED last year. With that being said, what in the hell happened to "Westworld" and "Legion"? Am I not smart enough? Do I not get it? Am I not hip enough anymore? I don't know, and that was my biggest problem with both these shows. I feel like they decided to really just make some weird stuff and see if major critics would bite, and boy did they ever. I have read a lot of best of lists, and most have both shows on their lists. I totally disagree. Now, it needs to be said that I didn't finish either season. But I didn't finish because I was too tired of sitting there in utter confusion for hours after watching an episode. I made it through 3 of "Legion" and 2 of "Westworld" and just gave up. These shows are already confusing enough, but like I said, I felt like the writers were just messing with me now. They were intentionally trying to confuse me. I like my intelligence to be tested time to time when watching a show, but in watch these 2 shows this year, I felt like I was being made to look like a fool. Like I was stupid because I didn't get it. That is not how I should feel when watching a show. TV shows and movies should let you escape and have fun. I got none of that from "Westworld" or "Legion" this year. That was a bummer for me.

Finally, my worst movie of 2018. I have to admit that I don't get to the movies as much as I would like, but I still watch a fair amount On Demand and on streaming services. With all that being said, the worst movie I saw in 2018 has to be "Avengers: Infinity War". Now, I kind of liked the movie, but compared to everything else, it just doesn't stand up. I found parts of it dull and dragging. I don't like that Thanos wipes out half the population, but we just have to accept that most of those people are still alive because it's a "comic book movie". It would have been so much cooler if they really did kill off all the characters that Thanos killed. I found Thanos kind of dull and, while an okay bad guy, he was no Heath Ledger Joker or Tom Hardy Bane or Alfred Molina's Dr. Octopus or Ultron or even a marginal bad guy like The Mandarin. I think my biggest problem lied within my expectations for the movie. They were through the roof, and that is unfair. But still, my wife and I saw this movie on opening weekend, with a packed theater that had a 10 month old there, and we both left kind of shrugging our shoulders. It wasn't like when we saw "Black Panther" or the first "Ironman" or the "X-Men" movies. We left those exhilarated. With "Infinity War". we left unfulfilled. That is why I have it as my worst movie of the year.

Okay, I got the bad stuff out of the way. Come back next week where I will dedicate one day with a top 5 of 2018 for each category. 


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Ty is lucky to have survived the Thanos snap so he can dump on the movie. Others in the SeedSing virtual cube farm were not so lucky. We forward to seeing Tina S when the next movie “fixes” all the important deaths.

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Saturday Sucked for Michigan Football Fans. Now Let's Move On


Saturday was tough.

That was a brutal way to end the regular season. Michigan got absolutely dominated in every phase of the game. They looked predictable and boring on offense. Their top ranked defense was absolutely shredded. The special teams couldn't get off punts and settled far too often, trying to play the field position game. The coaching was not good. It was horrendous on every level. The team was unprepared, feeling themselves way too much, blew a golden opportunity and played how they have played in every big game since Lloyd Carr retired, poorly. They weren't up for their biggest game of the year. They weren't ready. They thought the University of Ohio State was just going to roll over for them. They figured they were going to walk to the Big Ten title game and the College Football Playoff.

None of that happened.

The University of Michigan was embarrassed on a humongous stage in what should have been a big win for them. On paper they were the better team. On paper they had the better players. On paper they have the better coaches. But when it came to actually playing the game, they got the ass whooping they deserved. Karan Higdon, who I adore, didn't live up to his guarantee. Shea Patterson was flustered, pressured and mediocre all afternoon. The line couldn't open a hole against a team that let Minnesota and Maryland gash them for multiple big runs.

What was most frustrating for me was the defense. They could not stop anything on Saturday. What made it even more frustrating, they refused to deviate from their man coverage game plan that has worked so well all year. They stuck with it, and they got gashed again and again. I saw it in person last week, where Indiana was killing them with crossing routes. Well, the University of Ohio State has much better players than Indiana does. That much is a fact. But Michigan, Don Brown and Jim Harbaugh, also Greg Mattison and Chris Partridge, and the entire defensive staff for that matter, refused to make changes. They are usually so good at making adjustments, but for some reason on Saturday, they were too stubborn or dumb or arrogant or whatever to change. It was truly a terrifying watch for any Michigan fan.

I have been holding all this in until today because my wife and dad and brother didn't need to hear me gripe about this game. It was a disaster. It turned what was such a promising season into a massive disappointment. The one unit I have been able to count on all year really blew it. They had a major letdown at the worst possible time. It was awful. This was worse than Penn State crushing them last year. This was worse than the muffed punt in Harbaugh's first year against Michigan State. This was worse than most games from the Rich Rodriguez or Brady Hoke era. This much is true. They gave up a massive amount of yards, 62 points, probably could have been 70 plus, showed they aren't ready for primetime, were far too arrogant and got smacked in the mouth for it and got embarrassed. That is the best word.

Okay, got that out of my system.

Now for the other half of my blog today. As I stated above, Saturday was terrible for all Wolverine fans. But the talks of firing Jim Harbaugh and Don Brown need to stop. These guys are great coaches. I know Harbaugh hasn't beaten the University of Ohio State yet, but he has beaten Penn State twice, Wisconsin twice, Michigan State twice, and he is now getting to coach his recruits. Michigan was in a bad place when they hired him, and he has won 10 games three times in 4 years, and has won 38, with a chance at 39 games, in 4 seasons. While they are not a title contending team, they have gotten much better. Jim Harbaugh should not be fired. That talk is insane. The people saying that are fair weather fans. They are probably the same people that clamored for him 4 years ago. And, to those that want him fired, you just want to start over again? You want to go back to being even more mediocre again? Are you ready for more Brady Hoke style football? I'm sure as hell not. I can get just as annoyed and frustrated with Harbaugh and his stubborn play calling, but the guy is a hell of a college football coach, no matter what Tim Tebow and Paul Finebaum say.

To those calling for Don Brown's firing, they make me more angry than the people calling for Harbaugh's head. Don Brown has turned this defense into a unit to be feared. Saturday was a major aberration. It was harsh. It was an embarrassment. It was awful. But it was a one time thing. The defense had a horrible day. He called a bad game. It was bad. But what about the rest of this season, and the past 2 seasons under him? They are a fast and aggressive and solid defense. Last year, when this team was dreadfully awful on offense, the defense was why they won 8 games. His first season as the defensive coordinator, he turned Jabrill Peppers into a Heisman finalist. He has coached some of the top linebackers in college football. The guy knows defense, and he knows it well. If Harbaugh were to leave for the pros, he is not going to get fired, nor does he deserve to, I have stated to my father many times that I would want Michigan to just name Don Brown head coach. I feel like it would be a seamless transition. Sure he would need an offensive minded guy to run his offense, and I feel like being the offensive coordinator at Michigan would be a coveted job.

None of the coaches deserve to be let go. It was one very, very, very bad game. But it was one game. The talk of letting coaches go is stupid and reactionary and uncalled for. Stop it. For the people calling out the players, they need to chill the hell out. One, it is a game. Yes I was mad, and I may have said some things during the game, but after it was done, I was done being mad. The kids playing are just that, kids. They are also playing a game. I am not going to let one bad game ruin my week, month or year like I used to when I was a teenager and in my early 20's. After finishing this blog, I will have gotten it all off my chest, and I will move on. Some people are going way, way too hard on these kids playing a game. Yes it was rough, but let it go. They played pretty great in almost every other game this year. No one was bad mouthing them on social media when they were trouncing Wisconsin or Penn State. This was one game, get over it. Also, if you are in your 30's like me, think about the fact that you are yelling at kids that could be your own. That is sad.

Finally, ever the Michigan fan in me, wants to say that the coverage on Fox was atrocious. The 2 guys calling the game were clearly pulling for the University of Ohio State. They would only say kind words about them. And while I know nothing really good happened for Michigan, the announcers made sure it was even rougher on Michigan fans with the way they called the game. They were terrible.

What made all the sports media worse was all the love they were giving Urban Meyer. The fact that companies like Fox and ESPN are going to spin this one game as some kind of redemption for him is disgusting. Jemele Hill, who despises Michigan by the way, tweeted during the game something along the lines of, "the media will try to spin this as a redemption story for Meyer, but let us not forget he tried to cover for a domestic abuser. No one win will ever heal the pain that the abused family is going through". I couldn't agree with her more. Urban Meyer is a liar. He is a cheater. He has vouched for Aaron Hernandez. Everywhere he coaches, the moment he leaves, the program is left in shambles. Also, people love him while he is there, but the moment he is gone, they seem to hate him. All the shots of him trying to quell his "headaches" were nauseating. He is an actor. He wants people to feel bad for him. He wants people to talk about his "health problems" so when he leaves, that is the reason why. Also, if he really does have this big of a problem with his health, why is he still coaching? That is wrong. Shame on him for risking his health and family so he can look good on TV. His actions on the sidelines this season have been laughably bad. Even if he really does have this "headache" thing, I feel zero sympathy for him. He is a loathsome human being.

With all this being said, Saturday was bad. Michigan got smashed. They got the beating they deserved. But, don't paint Urban Meyer as some kind of hero. He is a disgraceful human being. Also, Jim Harbaugh and Don Brown and the entire Michigan staff, I am still behind you guys. Things will turn around soon, hopefully. As for the Wolverine players, you had one bad game. Let it got and get ready for your bowl game. Try to go out and get a win, especially the seniors, to forget about Saturday's disaster. Don't let this game beat you twice. That is what makes me most excited, to see how you respond. You have had an okay season. You have a chance at 11 wins. You can set the tone for next year. Go out and do it after you find out what bowl game you get. Make it count. I have not lost faith, nor will I ever. I love Michigan, I love the Wolverines, I love the staff and players. I still, and always will, have faith. This can all be turned around. I truly believe that.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Why does Ty care som much about a football game. Check out the X Millennial Man Podcast to learn how technology, and irrational love, makes a fan feel sick about their favorite team.

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A Chronicle of a Day in My Sport Heaven

big house 1.jpg

Yesterday I returned home from my weekend in Ann Arbor with my father. I plan on spending the rest of the week talking about pretty much everything that happened while I was there. This was a very important and very fun trip for me. Many people have asked how it was, and the best response I can give them is, it was awe inspiring. I told my dad at one point that I felt like a yokel because I was just staring and my mouth was agape. I was in total awe of what I was looking at. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was soaking it all in because I do not know when I will be there again. Today I am going to focus on my experience at the game.

I'll start with how we spent the morning before the game started. My dad and I stayed at a hotel about 30 minutes from Ann Arbor, which was smart. It was cheaper and there wasn't an insane amount of traffic. We left the hotel in the morning, a little after 10 local time, and made our way. When we got to downtown Ann Arbor, we parked and went shopping. I needed to get my niece a birthday present and I wanted to get my wife and kids a little gift. I had 2 stores in mind. I wanted to go to Underground Printing and the M Den. These are the 2 shops were I personally get the majority of Michigan gear that I buy myself. They have all the best prices. Also, the M Den has about 8 different store fronts, but we went to the original one. Underground Printing was great. It is cool to go to the store and look and hold the gear in my hands. It is so much nicer than just looking, and hoping that it will fit, while online shopping. The M Den was a madhouse, it was packed and I couldn't have been more happy. This place was enormous and filled with people. My dad took a picture and it was nuts. But, this is where all the official gear is sold. Sure, it has a bit of a markup, but still, it is the best of the best. I wanted to buy everything in the store. I, which I am shocked by, did not buy anything for me. I only shopped for the people I needed to shop for. But, for any Wolverine fan, the M Den is the place to go. It is like the greatest candy store one can imagine.

After some shopping, we walked around, got some coffee and went to a local burger spot, more on that place later this week. After lunch we decided it was time to go to the stadium, 2 hours early, so we could park and take as many pictures as possible.

First off, the parking lot at the high school by the stadium, Pioneer High, was great. It was spacious, the tailgaters were welcoming and we found our spot with ease. We then started our walk to the stadium. I have been to a ton of college football games. My dad and I try to go to one game a year, but every other stadium now pails in comparison to the Big House. It was incredible. Again, we got to the stadium 2 hours early, walked around outside for about half an hour, and then found our seats, and there were more people there than at any other game I have ever been too. The stadium was half filled, so around 50-55 thousand people were there 90 minutes before game time. I've been to games that only have half that capacity for the game. I took so many pictures once we found our seats, which were in the 7th row on the 40 yard line right behind Michigan's bench. They were amazing.

When I walked into the stadium I forgot that it was a bowl. That means when you walk in, you are at or near the top. We had to walk down a good 50 flights of steps to get to our seats. Then, to see that humongous maize M on the 50 yard line gave me chills. To see the navy end zone with the maize Michigan written across was beautiful. To see all the seats was jaw dropping. Looking at the 2 big screens on both sides of the stadium made me cackle with joy. But, the coup de gras for me were the giant navy sign on both sides of the stadium with the enormous maize M. That is the symbol I know from video games and watching this team on TV for three decades now. That is how I knew I was actually there. It all felt like a dream, like it was not real, until I saw that M. That was when it all flooded in for me. This is when the grinning began and didn't stop. I texted my wife so many pictures of it because I was so excited. I couldn't believe that I was actually there.

After the initial shock of all this, my father, ever the calming influence on me, decided we should walk around so I could calm down. This was great because I did calm down, but I also got to see the bowels of the stadium. I got to see all the memorabilia they had out. I got to see the pillars with their fight song. I got to see the Crisler Center, which is right next to Michigan stadium. Most importantly though, I got to commiserate with fellow Michigan fans. So often my dad and I are in the minority. We root for the guest. Saturday, we were one of over 100,000 people rooting for the Wolverines. I was with my fellow football people. It was amazing.

With about 45 minutes of walking around we went back to our seats to "relax" before the game. This was when I got to see my beloved team in their home jerseys warming up. I was like a kid again. I kept pointing out players and coaches and saying their names to my dad, as if he didn't already know who they were. I snapped photos of the QB's warming up. I took pictures of the team stretching. I took pictures of Jim Harbaugh catching passes from all 4 of his dressed QB's. I watched the defense go through their drills with great joy. I was back into my mouth agape state. I was floored by how awesome the marching band was. All the before game stuff was heightened due to the fact that I was in Michigan Stadium.

Both teams then retreated to the locker room, and we edged closer to the game. It was Senior Day, so we got to watch the parents of the seniors walk out and hear the crowd cheer for them and their son's. They set up the big Go Blue banner that they touch prior to the game. The band played the fight song over and over again, and I sang it louder each time. By the way, I didn't even go to school there. And with about a minute left before the coin toss, the team ran out and touched the banner. This was like the big maize M for me. This is a thing I have seen all my life on TV or in video games, and I was now seeing it live and in person. It was heart stopping. I legit felt like crying I was so happy. Also, we were so close to the team that I could see each players face. It was amazing.

The game started and for the next 4 hours I was with my people. The game wasn't great, Michigan barely escaped, but I was there. I could see and hear everything that fellow lifelong Michigan fans do at home games. I saw Braylon Edwards little brother Berkley get knocked out cold. That was the most frightening things I have ever seen live. He did not move after he was hit, and they had to stretcher him off the field. I saw Chase Winovich get hurt. I saw Shea Patterson miss some throws, but also make some crucial throws. I saw Karan Higdon cut and dash and grind out 100 plus yards on 21 carries and score the go ahead TD. I saw the defense step up when needed. I saw Rashan Gary, who is as big a human as I have ever seen in person, get a critical sack late in the game. I saw the backup kicker set a record for field goals in a game. I saw Tru Wilson, a former walk on, play probably his best game of the year. Same for Chris Evans. I saw Harbaugh get on the refs. I saw Donovan Peoples Jones return punts with gusto. I have seen all this on TV, but I actually saw it in person, and it was ten million times better. Even after the game, my father said we were going to stick around for awhile and let the crowd thin out. I couldn't have been more thrilled. I got to see the players get interviewed on the field after the game. I got to see the players run to the student section and sing the fight song as they do after every home win. I saw all these things that I have seen my whole life from 7 hours away on TV in person. I was overjoyed.

I called my wife right after we got to the car and excitedly told her about everything I just told you all. She must have felt like she was dealing with another 6 year old. That was how giddy I was. This was an experience I will never, ever forget. I was, the best word I can find, in complete and total awe of Michigan Stadium and the game experience. No other stadium, college or pro, will ever live up to this for me, and I couldn't be happier about that. Michigan Stadium wildly exceeded my wildest expectations. I have been there once before, but I was in my early 20's, and I didn't appreciate it. I did not make that mistake this time. I documented everything, but honestly, I wrote this whole thing simply from memory. I know it was only 2 days ago, but I can guarantee that I will remember this past Saturday as well 10, 15 and 20 years down the line.

This was, by far, the greatest sports experience of my life. I'm still a little in shock at how awesome the whole day was. That stadium is a wonder of the world. The total crowd, they flashed it on the screen, was 110,158. I was one of those people. It was cold, and I didn't care. This was amazing. Everyone, even if you are not a Michigan fan or a football fan, should go see this place and gaze in amazement at how beautiful and big and imposing and wonderful it is. This was a once in a lifetime thing for me. Hopefully I get to do this again soon, but if not, at least I have this past Saturday. It was the best. It was awesome. I'm still shaking. I am still in awe.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He forgot to mention how awesome his bathroom experience was. When Ty flushed the toilet, the Michigan fight song would play. Maybe he just imagined that one.

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What the Hell is Wrong with Braylon Edwards?


Like most Michigan fans, Saturday night was not fun. I had higher expectations for the game. I thought they would come out better. I thought I was going to be able to rely on the defense if the offense came out flat. I thought that the offense was going to be different under Shea Patterson. I thought they had the best guys on the field. I thought they were going to win.

These were all mistakes by me. They came out flat and looked tired. The defense was horrendous in the first half. They fixed it in the second half. The offense, while they did more shotgun, looked very similar to last year. The O line was getting beat on a consistent basis. Patterson looked way too amped up. The run game never got going. They never found any rhythm. The defense couldn't get off the field on third down, which they excelled at last year, and if they had a chance to, they committed some dumb ass penalties. The coaches were not prepared, and neither were the players. Due to all of this, they got beat, and they got beat fairly soundly. I know the final score was only a TD difference, but anyone that watched that game knows what I know. So yeah, I was frustrated and annoyed and a bit upset.

But then I went to bed, slept on what I had saw, internalized everything and got over it. It is a game played by kids. They tried their hardest, they just had a rough night. But, you know who didn't sleep on it and let his emotions get the best of him? Braylon freaking Edwards. Go read his ridiculous tweets right after the game. Go see him call out players by name, kids that are in their late teens, early 20's, and say they played "scared", or called them, and the team, "trash". Look at him scream into the internet and see him say that he is "done with this team". He went to school there. He was an all time great while he was there. He is the last player to wear the number 1 jersey, when it meant something, that truly deserved it. He delivered as a wide out for this team in the early 21st century. There is no doubt about that. But for him to do what he did just a couple of days ago, that is absurd. To call out your former university on Twitter is the height of childish behavior. Then, to double down on it, after other former Wolverine told him to calm the hell down, what was he thinking? Finally he issued an apology, but only after he was suspended by his current employer, the Big Ten Network. And that apology was so half assed, he would have been better off not even saying it. Oh, and don't let me forget, he was still found to be tweeting some dumb ass nonsense after he got suspended.

Now, as I said, he was great while he was there, but what did he win of any importance? He is out here talking all this shit like the Wolverines won a national title when he was the team captain. Well, I think I should know as well as anyone, I mean I love this team with all of my heart, and they didn't win shit while he was there. Sure, they had one or 2 double digit win totals, and they were always in a bowl game, but they never won a big game because of him. And yes, I am fully aware of his spectacular game he had against MSU in triple overtime when Chad Henne was a freshman, my god was he amazing that game. But you know what, MSU was not a very good football team back in the early 2000's. Get over it Braylon. Also, the best bowl game he played in was the Rose Bowl, so big time, and he did have three TD's in that game, but they got beat by Vince Young and Texas. That was the same year he won the Biletnikoff Award as the best receiver in the country. So, maybe it was just his personal stats and accolades that mattered to him. But, I don't remember him calling out players and coaches by name after they lost a game they should have won. I don't remember him saying that the teams he played on that went 8-4 and lost some games they probably shouldn't have were trash. Hell, I don't even remember him saying that the Rich Rodriguez and Brady Hoke era teams were "trash". Braylon Edwards clearly has some kind of weird complex. He also clearly doesn't think before he speaks. He also doesn't seem to look back at record books from when he played. He just seems to be a guy that pops off at the mouth because anyone can do that now. To call out kids on social media though, that was a real low blow. He should know better than anyone else that that was wrong. Imagine if Twitter were a thing when he was in college. People would have trashed his stone hands all the time, especially when he got into the NFL. He dropped a ton of balls he should have easily caught.

That was what irked me the most was him calling out guys playing by name. That was a low blow. So I'm glad that Jim Harbaugh and Khalid Hill called him out. I'm glad that BTN suspended him. I'm glad that he is now being raked over the coals by other former Wolverines. If he doesn't want to root for the team he played four years of college football for, fine. Just don't talk about it in such a public way. Believe me, there are tons and tons of other, faithful Wolverine fans, such as myself, that will always stick by this team, in both bad and good days.

I used to be a big time Braylon Edwards apologist. But, after this childish nonsense, I am done. He can root for any team he wants, but he needs to cool it on bad mouthing his alma mater. I know he was mad, I was mad too, but I slept on it, and I am a god damn grown up. Maybe Braylon Edwards should grow the hell up as well. His actions were ridiculous. Get over it, it is just a game played by children that are ages 18-23. They are kids and you are a grown up. Now prove it.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He was not on twitter after the Michigan Notre Dame game because Ty is not a man child who is only defined by the time he was a good sports person.

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Ty Watches "All or Nothing: A Season with the Michigan Wolverines"


I just recently finished the Amazon series, “All or Nothing: A Season with the Michigan Wolverines”.

Of course, I loved it.

The 8 episode documentary series was all about the 2017 season, which was a rough one for Michigan. What I liked about the show was how honest everything was. The footage they show is what they used. I’m sure they edited it, every show does, but what they used was real and true. I really appreciated that. The show showed the few ups, and the many downs of the 2017 season. I relieved all 13 games from last year, and I felt all the feels. I went through the same ups and downs when I watched the games in real time. I was thrilled seeing them best Florida in the season opener. I was happy, yet worried about their inability to put away teams early in the year. The Cincinnati and Air Force games were prime examples. Then we had the Michigan State disaster. Then the Penn State blow out. Then I got to see John O'Korn struggle again, which was tough. I saw the Wilton Speight injury again. I watched Brandon Peters play okay, but realized he wasn’t fully ready. I watched the defense play exceptional, but also get tired from being relied on so much. I mean, Mike McCray, Mo Hurst, Chase Winovich, Khaleke Hudson and Rashan Gary, among many others, play their hearts out all year, and veil that offense out more often than not.

Aside from the football, it was nice to get to know these kids as people. I was explaining to a friend that I always looked at these kids as football robots. Well, this show made me realize that they’re kids first, football players second. These kids have to go to class. These kids have kids of their own. These kids bleed for this program, but they also have lives outside of football. These kids have other aspirations outside of the NFL. These kids get homesick. It made me realize that they have feelings. I know that sounds weird, but it was eye opening.

Another eye opening thing I got from this series was how delusional Speight and O'Korn are. Wilton Speight is a jackass. That kid blamed everyone but himself, and he came off as arrogant. John O'Korn was better, but not by much. He took blame one time, but other than that, he was “trying his best”. He rarely took the fall for his poor play. Karan Higdon is an amazing young man. He is raising his daughter and kicking ass on the field. Donovan Peoples-Jones and Tarik Black have me excited for the future of the receiver position.

The show also made me respect Jim Harbaugh even more. He may be grating, but that guy loves football, and he loves to coach. Same with Don Brown. He’s a wild dude, but he gets the best out of his players. The show also made me see Greg Mattison and Pep Hamilton in a whole new light, in a good way.

Look, I was going to love this series no matter what. I’m a dyed in the wool Michigan fan. They are my favorite team of any team that has ever existed. Don’t watch this if you’re not a Michigan fan, it wasn’t made for you. Watch it if you are a Michigan fan, it was obviously made for us. But I’d also recommend it to fans of college football and high school coaches. It is a wonderful, insightful show. I’m glad they did this and I’m glad I watched it. It now has me excited for the 2018 season.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He wants to pitch a new show to Amazon about Michigan football fans watching an entire season. Way more people can relate to the stars of this show.

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Who is Going to Fix Michigan Football's Terrible Offense


Tim Drevno resigned as the offensive coordinator at Michigan today.

To me, this is a bit of a shock. Don’t get me wrong, he has not done a very good job since he signed on when Michigan hired Jim Harbaugh. Drevno has been with Harbaugh at almost every stop he has been a head coach. But, his three offenses at Michigan have gotten progressively worse. Michigan’s offense was never the threat it could have been under Drevno and Harbaugh. Drevno’s best season was probably 2 years ago, but I think that had more to do with the experience and athletes they had as opposed to his play calling. He was very predictable as a play caller. My dad and I could call most things he was going to do before he did them. Opponents echoed this same sentiment. You knew on third and long that he was going to call a draw or screen. It was too easy to tell.

This past season with a ton of new, and inexperienced, but also very talented players, the offense really struggled, and Drevno was part of the problem. He never really trusted his QB, be it Wilton Speight, John O’Korn or Brandon Peters. He almost always gave way to the running backs on crucial downs. O’Korn got markedly worse under Drevno’s watch. Peters played fine, but his play book was very small. Hell, even Speight, before his injury, looked rough with all the new receivers.

I also was frustrated at his lack for picking a bell cow running back. Karan Higdon should have been the guy, with a little Chris Evans sprinkled in here and there. But no, he pushed guys like Ty Issac and Kareem Walker. Those guys are fine, but Higdon is far better. Drevno also totally went away from Khalid Hill, which drove me nuts.

The worst thing though, he did not have a single good call for third and long. As I stated before, he almost always ran a screen or draw. He was basically giving up the bank without a fight. He became a very frustrating coordinator for me to watch by the end of last season.

Where this move has me a bit confused, who will be the new play caller? Will it be Harbaugh? Will it be one of the many new assistants they’ve hired this offseason? I don’t know. I feel like Harbaugh already has a hand in what the offense does, so I’m sure that won’t change at all. But, who from the new staff could he possibly pick? The name that I’ve heard all day today is new receivers coach Jim McElewain.

I’m very conflicted about this. He was a very mediocre head coach at Florida, and the problem was the offense. Michigan was bad on offense last year, but Florida was much worse. He did an okay job at Colorado State, but never set the world on fire. Where he did excel was at Alabama as an offensive coordinator. That was what propelled him to be a head coach. So maybe, this will be the same, but I wouldn’t count on it. Where Michigan has big time talent on offense, Alabama gets the best of the best. They turned Lane Kiffin into a decent head coach. I just don’t know which McElwain Michigan will get. Will he be happy to be a coordinator, of is he just positioning himself to be a head coach again? I don’t know, and I’m a little scared to see. Maybe they will hire another person, a prominent person, to run their offense, but all of that will have to wait to see if Shea Patterson gets cleared to play.

Therein lies the biggest question. Did Drevno leave because Patterson won’t get cleared and he doesn’t want to deal with who is left behind? Or can he not work with Patterson because he is more of a dual threat guy and he’s used to pro style QB’s? Did he leave because of McElwain? Maybe.

This is all very confusing, and I hope Michigan and Harbaugh have a plan in place. Next season is a big season for everyone involved with the Michigan football program, and today’s news has other furthered my skepticism. We will see how this all plays out, but for now, I’m just scratching my head.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. May we recommend Ty as the new Wolverines Offensive Coordinator. He does have about 100 straight National titles with Michigan on NCAA Football for the X-Box. 

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Rich Rod was a College Football Innovator. Today He is an Unemployed Creep.


Again, my other topics for the week are getting pushed back due to another sports story that broke last night.

I was watching a show with my wife and my phone buzzed with a Bleacher Report notice. I opened the notice and saw that the University of Arizona had fired their head football coach Rich Rodriguez for "the football program and the university going in different directions". I saw this, assumed it was due to his subpar record as a head coach there and kind of left it at that.

My phone kept buzzing with more and more news coming out as to why Arizona really fired him. Like I said, he had a subpar record, but it is Arizona football. Arizona is a basketball school, so I just assumed that 8-5 and 7-6 seasons were considered successful. Arizona also has a legit Heisman candidate at QB with Khalil Tate. I assumed they'd give him one more shot simply because of Tate. But, as I said, more and more stories started to pop up. I am now always interested in Rich Rodriguez stories because he is the guy that destroyed Michigan football for 3 years. When his name is mentioned I cringe, but I also read the story to see what the writer is talking about. I do the same thing with Brady Hoke. Basically anyone that was attached to Michigan football, I read stories written about them.

Well, the Rich Rod stories were quite terrifying. More and more people were saying he was being let go because of harassment allegations. More specifically, sexual harassment allegations. I do not know who brought up the allegations, but this is some serious stuff. Women are becoming more open, which is awesome, and they aren't taking this stuff from gross guys anymore. According to the few reports I read, Rich Rod had "multiple" reports of harassment since he took the head coaching job at Arizona. He, of course, vehemently denies all of this. But, I tend to believe the women now. There are too many instances of men in power thinking they can take advantage of them, and women have had enough. They are fed up. They are sticking up for themselves, and I love it.

I will say though, these allegations made me think, did he do this while at West Virginia or Michigan, his 2 previous stops as head coach? He was big time while at West Virginia. He had that team constantly in the top 15, playing in major bowl games and was considered an innovator with his spread offense. Since he was so popular at WVU, was he harassing women, but the university kept it quiet because the team was successful? If so, that is a big time shame. That is appalling. That is scary. That is some Penn State type shit. Then, after leaving WVU for the Michigan job, was he doing the same stuff there? Was he harassing women there? His teams were trash, so he didn't have the success to be his "excuse". Michigan has also been extremely compliant with the NCAA to a fault. Their football program is one of the cleaner programs in all of D-1. That is not just fan boy me saying this either. It has been proven that they have run a clean program since Bo Schembechler took over in 1969. But, was he being this disgusting while at Michigan? I don't know. I'm sure with these new allegations that more women will come forward, so we will see.

This also brings me to my final point of the day. Has there been a coach that has had this hard a fall from grace over the past decade? This ranks right up there with the Bobby Petrino stuff. This is just as bad as everything that Rick Pitino was doing at Kentucky and Louisville. This is some Hugh Freeze level stuff. Sexual harassment is no joke, and if this is proven true, Rich Rodriguez will never ever coach again, and he shouldn't be able to. This is all very odd, but surprisingly unsurprising to me. He always has had an air of superiority, and I would not be shocked at all if he did everything that was reported yesterday. This is a true fall from grace to a guy that was considered a "offensive genius" and an "innovator" at one point in his career.

Rich Rod is a creep, and stuff like this needs to stop right now.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He has recovered from his late 2017 illness. Unfortunately, Michigan Football made Ty start 2018 by throwing up all over the place. 

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The Outback Bowl Showed Us Who Michigan Was this Year. It was Not Good


I have some stuff I want to write about this week, but it all takes a backseat to the abysmal performance I watched from my beloved Wolverines yesterday. Now, before I go on, I'm going to shit on them, but not for the whole piece. You'll see what I'm talking about when I get there. But, I will be shitting on them, their coaching staff, their execution and their overall play this past season for the brunt of my piece.

Here we go.

The Wolverines were matched up against South Carolina in the Outback Bowl yesterday. I went on our podcast, I told my friends and family, basically anyone that would let me talk about the game, how much better Michigan was at every single level compared to South Carolina. They have better players, better athletes, better coaches. This game should have been a cinch. I figured, as far as the Big Ten was concerned at least, this was their lone homerun. They had the Outback Bowl in the bag before the game was played. 

For 2 and a half quarters, that looked to be the case. Now, do not get me wrong, Michigan looked absolutely horrendous on offense all game long. They couldn't block. When they did block, the running backs were missing holes and getting taken down by the first tackler. The receivers got ZERO separation. But, the biggest problem, and this plagued Michigan all year long, was the horrendous play out of the quarterback. I like Brandon Peters, but he was AWFUL yesterday. The week leading up to this game, all the talk from people at Michigan was that Peters was super confident going into the game. Everyone asked him about the Shea Patterson transfer, and he said things like, "I don't care", "This is my job", "I feel like people don't even think I have a chance to start next year", all the typical stuff you'd expect a 19-20 year old QB to say.

Well, if yesterday was an open audition for him to grab hold of the job for next season, he failed miserably. He was not on target at all throughout the entirety of the game. He missed open receivers consistently. He stared down the guy he wanted to throw to repeatedly. He took far too many sacks. He held onto the ball way, way too long. He even struggled with the exchange to the running backs. It was as bad as you could play when you are basically playing for your job. He completed 20 of 44 passes for under 200 yards, 2 crucial interceptions and 0 touchdowns. That is a rough stat line. I know Harbaugh and his offensive coaching staff took the brunt of the blame, but there has to be a point where the player is held accountable. Yes, Harbaugh and Tim Drevno came up with a predictable, and awful game plan. But, Peters still needs to take the blame for those missed guys and dumb sacks he took. I mean, even John O'Korn took the blame after his atrocious play in the final regular season game. I haven't read much, I'm still very frustrated, but from what I've read, Peters just keeps saying he is looking forward to next year.

What really makes me angriest about the game, as I stated earlier, Michigan was in full control of this game midway through the third quarter. They had a 19-3 lead and were driving to go ahead by, at the very least, 19 points. I'm pretty sure that would have buried South Carolina. But Karan Higdon fumbled on the five yard line going in for a score. Everything changed after that, and the defense began to crumble. They had not really crumbled all year, save for the Penn State game. They were the unit that I could count on. They came up big almost all the time. After the Higdon fumble I thought, okay, the defense will stop them, get the ball back and just grind it out. Well, USC scored 3 touchdowns in their next 7 plays. Not drives, PLAYS. The defense was missing assignments all over the secondary. South Carolina started to look like one of the top offenses in the country all of the sudden. Michigan's defense had zero containment to the outside. They kept blitzing, which I love, but the players that were supposed to be outside, they were not there. They were lost. They missed assignments. They made the mistakes. It was a nightmare to watch.

Seeing those three scores in 7 plays was a microcosm of this team this year. They could never, ever put anyone away. They struggled with teams like Cincinnati, Air Force and, for a quarter at least, Rutgers. They never stepped on a team's throat when they had a lead. They had that chance yesterday, and they blew it. Sure, there were the 4 turnovers in the second half, but they should have still won that game easily.

While I have heaped a good amount of blame on the players, the coaches deserve it too. I already slammed Drevno's offensive strategy going into the game. He was so god damn predictable all year, so I don't know why I thought that would change yesterday. It was always a run up the middle or a 4 yard out pattern to a receiver. I love Don Brown's attacking style, but his lack of adjustment after South Carolina scored that first TD was appalling to me. He is usually so good at telling his guys what to do, but not yesterday. And Jim Harbaugh. This was as bad as I have seen him coach a game. I honestly don't think he took South Carolina seriously. I think it is fine for a fan like me to think that, but he is the head coach and he should never look beyond an opponent. Hell, he preaches that very mantra. The fact that he is coveted by so many pro teams is truly baffling to me after watching his porous decision making in the game. His disregard for adjustments, the players he chose to put out there, the players he stuck with, the fourth down stuff, the lack of having his players ready, the dumb penalties, that all falls on him. Harbaugh and his staff got outcoached by Will Muschamp yesterday. Let that sink in.

Now, with all this being said, I still am optimistic about next year. I heard that a reporter asked Harbaugh after the game if he had coached his last game at Michigan, and he said "No" immediately. Hopefully this stops all the dumbass talk of him to the NFL. He now has his kids in this program. He has his players. He has a very, very good, and very fast defense, where he only loses 2, maybe 3 starters. He has the makings of a good offense next year, if Patterson is as good as people say he is. QB is what this team lacks, and maybe this Patterson kid is the answer. Maybe Dylan McCaffery will shine in spring ball. Hell, maybe even Brandon Peters will get his shit together and figure it out, he is only 20 after all. Also, this team was incredibly young this year, and they gained a ton of very quality in game experience. Their defensive line is going to be ferocious next year. They have some solid linebackers. Keep your eyes out for Khaleke Hudson. He is so good. On offense, if they get a QB, guys like Nico Collins, Donovan Peoples Jones, Zack Gentry and Tarik Black are all back next year with a season under their belts, save for Black(injury). They have a stable of running backs too. Karan Higdon, Chris Evans, maybe Kareem Walker, some recruits that they snagged, they have a good amount of guys that can carry the ball. The offensive line should be much improved too. They damn well better be.

So, while I was/still am very pissed off about this team and this past season, yesterday was a perfect shit end to a perfect shit year. But, it was everything that plagued them all year. Hopefully they got it out of their system is what I'm trying to say. I do have faith that the players that come back and Harbaugh and his staff will be so pissed off about all the noise and nonsense that they hear this entire offseason that they will want to come out and prove that this past season was an aberration. I hope they come out with their heads on fire ready to destroy anyone in their way. They have a great opportunity to re announce themselves to the college football world when they open at Notre Dame September 1st. 2018 will be the deciding year for Harbaugh at Michigan. This will be the make or break season for him. If this team underachieves, then he deserves all the criticism he will undoubtedly get. I don't think he wants to deal with that crap, and I think he wants his alma mater to matter again in football. Lets hope the latter is what happens next year.

While I'm frustrated now, I still have hope because this is my team and I believe that Jim Harbaugh has too much pride to let this team go 8-5 again. Now I have to wait until September to see how this team comes out. They damn well better come out strong and fired up. That is what I expect.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He has recovered from his late 2017 illness. Unfortunately, Michigan Football made Ty start 2018 by throwing up all over the place. 

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December 13th, 1997. Best Birthday Ever


Today is my birthday. I am now 35 years old. I want to do something a little bit different for my piece today. I was thinking about all the birthday party's that I have had, and I want to single out one specific birthday party that I feel like was the cream of the crop when I was a pre teen and a teenager. There were a lot of tough choices that needed to be made. I remember being a pre teen and having a party at the bowling alley and getting a real bowling pin and the VHS copy of "Wayne's World". That birthday was great, but not as great as the one I am going to focus on today. I also had to get rid of a good amount of the sleepover party's that were always fun as a kid. There have been concerts and comedy shows that I have seen on my birthday that have been great that had to be pushed out. Hell, I saw "The Disaster Artist" this past Saturday for my birthday, and while that date ruled, it gets a very close second place.

For me, the pinnacle birthday that I had was when I turned 15 in 1997. First off, I was one year away from getting my drivers license. That was great because I knew that I only had one more year until I could drive anywhere that I wanted. I was a freshman in high school too, so this was one of the first birthday party's that I had where it was just me and my friends. I love sports, and basketball is in full swing, both college and the NBA, in mid December. Also, the Heisman Trophy is always given out right around my birthday every year.

So, you might be asking, why is this birthday your "best birthday"? Many, many reasons everyone. As I mentioned, I was in high school, so I invited a few of my closest friends over and we all went to Old Country Buffet. Now imagine the delight that a bunch of football and basketball players, in their early teens, going to an all you can eat buffet. My folks drove us there, but they stayed because my mom and dad rule, and my friends have always gotten along really well with my parents. My friends and I absolutely threw down. I ate so much mac and cheese, pizza, wings, roast beef, ice cream and cake. It was awesome. I literally ate all that I could eat. So did my friends. We then proceeded to head to my parents house because I wanted to watch the Heisman ceremony and Michigan basketball was facing the number one ranked Duke Blue Devils that night.

The basketball game was on first, so we all sat down and watched, while my father joined us. This was right before Michigan got hammered by sanctions, and they had a pretty decent team. They weren't ranked, but they could play. Guys like Louis Bullock and Robert "Tractor" Traylor were their stars. I did not think Michigan would win, but I thought they would give them a game. Well, the game unfolded and Traylor could not be stopped. He was so god damn dominant. Watching him that night was a revelation for me. I've always been a little chubby, but I consider myself a decent basketball player. Charles Barkley was my first role model, but "Tractor" Traylor was the first rotund big guy that made me think that I could be a real player. He just could not be stopped that evening. Michigan ended up winning the game. They controlled the tempo from start to finish and they knocked off the number one Duke Blue Devils.

My birthday could not get any better as far as sports went, or so I thought. Still off the high that Michigan beat Duke in basketball, my friends, my father and I then watched the Heisman ceremony because Charles Woodson was a finalist. Again, I was happy that a Michigan guy was there, but I was certain that either Peyton Manning or Randy Moss would take home the trophy that night. How about those three guys as Heisman finalists? That is a hell of a lineup. Manning and Moss were the glamour guys that year, that is why I figured one of them would win. But, again, a Michigan win shocked me, Charles Woodson, my all time favorite football player ever, took home the Heisman. He is still the only primarily defensive player to win the award. I know that Manti Teo and Jabrill Peppers have gone to New York for the ceremony, but Woodson won the award. I was beside myself.

Michigan had 2 great wins that night. When I didn't think it could get any better, coming off the basketball win, Woodson took home the biggest award in college football that night. Michigan would go on to win the National Title that year too.(I do not agree with the people who gave them a split with Nebraska. Michigan played a much tougher schedule, won every game, and didn't need help from refs, look up Nebraska-Missouri that year, to win the Rose Bowl. They are the outright champs) After the Heisman ceremony my dad retired to bed, and my friends had to listen to me talk about Michigan sports the rest of the night. They were all good sports.

For all the reasons that I laid out above, my 15th birthday just stands out as the one I remember most. It was a great night all around. The food, the friends, my parents and all the Michigan stuff made for a perfect birthday. This is the best birthday party that I have had. I will always remember that day until I am no longer on Earth. It was truly an amazing night.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. It is his birthday today. Even at 35, he is still the baby brother of the Head Editor. Happy birthday bro.

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Some Conflicted Feelings about Quarterback Shea Patterson Transferring to Michigan


Yesterday Michigan football got a pretty big name transfer to commit to their school. Shea Patterson, after a very short courtship, announced his decision to finish his college football career with the Wolverines.

I have a lot of conflicting feelings about this decision. I did not know anything about this kid until this past weekend. I don't pay attention to college recruiting stuff, and this kid was at Ole Miss, and since I do not watch the SEC, I never thought to pay any attention to him. After all the sanctions that were handed down on Ole Miss, due to their former coach Hugh Freeze, a bunch of players have decided to transfer. Much to my surprise, the big time college football pundits that I read and listen to were talking not only about this Patterson kid, but some other Ole Miss players that were coming to visit Ann Arbor. I'm all for having the best players competing for playing time at my favorite school. This makes everyone better. Why do you think Alabama and Clemson are always good? It is because they have just as good players on their bench as they do that see the field as starters.

So from a competition stand point, I couldn't be happier about this kid coming to Michigan. He is going to push Dylan McCaffery, Brandon Peters and any freshman coming to the school this season. But, I'm conflicted because I kind of liked what I saw from Peters at the end of this season. He went 3-1 as a starter. I legitimately believe that had he started the University of Ohio State game, the Wolverines would have won. I know his three wins came against Rutgers, Minnesota and Maryland, but he won those games. He also looked pretty good at Wisconsin until he got his head driven into the ground by a Wisconsin linebacker. I was kind of excited to see how he progressed during the bowl practices, and over the summer. I also read recently that Peters was given a scholarship offer over Patterson in 2016. The Michigan staff must have seen something in him that they liked a bit more over Patterson.

Which leads me to my next conflicted feeling. I know that Peters got the offer, but this Patterson kid, from what I have read, was the top QB prospect in 2016. He, according to all the recruiting websites, was the number one pro style QB. He played his high school football in Louisiana and Florida, but he was born in Toledo, and grew up a Michigan fan. Even with all that, they didn't offer him, but teams like Notre Dame, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, basically every other major program was on this kid. He chose Ole Miss, I'm sure because Freeze promised his family something crazy, and proceeded to play pretty well. I read that as a freshman he went for 2,200 plus yards and 17 TD's to 9 picks. In his sophomore season, prior to getting hurt very early on, he still threw for around 800 yards and 7 TD's. He is also very mobile, which Michigan hasn't had since Denard Robinson, and that was his best trait by far. This kid seems like a mobile guy, but he can also throw the ball all over the field. Maybe the hype is legit.

But yet again, another conflicting feeling. I'm not super stoked about all the transfer QB's that Harbaugh has brought in so far. I was not happy about Jake Rudock but he turned out okay. He was a very good game manager, and when he needed to throw for a ton of yards, he did. I was very high on John O'Korn, but man was I wrong on him. I never thought in my life that I would opine for Wilton Speight, but that is what O'Korn did to me. With 2 already established Michigan QB's on the roster, I don't know that they necessarily need Patterson. He has played in big time games, and played well, but so has Brandon Peters. Also, Dylan McCaffery was a big time recruit. Hopefully they all push each other to play the best they can.

Another odd feeling that comes to mind. This kid may not be able to play this coming season. He has to get a hardship waiver, which he has applied for, and while it seems like he will be granted it, what if he doesn't get it? How will all the bandwagon fans react to that news? Will it be another, "we have to wait until next season?" again scenario. I don't necessarily think so. I think Peters or McCaffery will be just fine. What Michigan needs to do is lean on that run game and get some better play from the offensive line. They already have a very good defense, and if the offense can average right near 28 points a game next year, they should be just fine.

But this all leads me to another conflicting feeling. What if this Patterson kid is as good as advertised, and they plug him in at QB and he thrives. I would love to have, not only a stout defense, but a very exciting offense. There were too many games this past season where Michigan let teams stick around way too long. If this Patterson kid is as good as advertised, and can play right away, it would be nice to see them score 28 in a half, and have the game well in hand by the middle of the third quarter. That would be awesome.

I don't know how all this is going to play out. If you listen to the pundits, they love it. They say this will solve all of Michigan's offensive woes. Hell, even Paul Finebaum said that this transfer turns Michigan into an immediate title contender. But, I was looking forward to a roster filled with Harbaugh recruits. I wanted to see how the kids he personally picked for his offense performed. We will have to wait and see, but I just don't know how to totally feel about this news yet. I bounce between good and bad every other day. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens next year, and this, in no way, tampers my expectations for next season. Michigan should be much better, no matter who starts at QB for them in 2018.  


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is willing to play QB at Michigan if need be. The Wolverinbes could make hostory by starting a 35 year old freshman next season. Sounds like a good movie to us.

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Take a Step Back Wolverine Fans / Haters and Chill Out About Jim Harbaugh

Artist depiction of Ty hearing people talk about Michigan football

Artist depiction of Ty hearing people talk about Michigan football

Saturday night I watched the Penn State-Michigan game because I watch every Michigan game. I'm a lifelong super fan as you all know by now. College football season is my favorite sports time of the year, and it gets no better than watching Michigan football for me. They are not always the best team, but they are my team and I will follow them to the ends of the world.

With that being said, Saturday night was rough. I knew Michigan's offense was bad, but this was, quite possibly, one of the worst performances I have seen from their defense. I was leaning on that defense to keep this game within reach. That didn't happen. They just could not stop anything Penn State did. Penn State ran and passed at will. It was tough, and I was frustrated after the game. John O'Korn played a better than he has since the Purdue game, but it still wasn't good enough. Their run game in the second half was non existent. Their O line could not block. And the defense, as I have already said, got shredded.

With all of this being said, and watching Michigan get trashed, people who claim to be "true" Michigan fans need to chill out with the skepticism of Jim Harbaugh and his coaching staff. I just do not get these people attacking him on a daily basis now. I was one of the very few people that did not want Michigan to go after Harbaugh, for fear that he would leave after 3 or 4 years, which he still may do. But, he has, for the exception of 2 games, has this team ready to compete and play every Saturday. This team is up almost all the time. Harbaugh inherited a team that was so poorly coached by Brady Hoke that I expected them to win maybe 6 games in his first year. He won 10, counting their bowl game. They would have won 11 if not for a muffed punt against Michigan State, who was a playoff team that year. His second year there, still with mostly Hoke recruits, he had them in the playoff conversation all year. Even after they blew that game at Iowa, they still had a shot. Sure, they got screwed at the University of Ohio State, but they still played in a New Years Six bowl, and would have won if Jabrill Peppers had played. Harbaugh and his staff also turned Peppers into a Heisman finalist. They also turned Wilton Speight into a legit Big Ten QB. They made Jake Butt an even better tight end. Jehu Chesson and Amara Darboh both became NFL draft picks after 2 years under Harbaugh and his staff. The defense only got better, even after DJ Durkin left to coach Maryland. I loved the hiring of Don Brown, and even after Saturday's performance, I am still a big Don Brown fan. So the backlash, the hate, the scorn, the questioning from all kinds of places need to stop.

David Pollack was one of the first people to call him out after this year's Michigan State game, saying he was very bad against rivals. This is the same David Pollack that thinks women shouldn't be allowed to be football broadcasters and play by play callers. So whatever he says, I brush it aside because he is a chauvinist pig. Screw him.

Paul Finebaum has been Harbaugh's biggest critic for three years now, but he is a total douchebag moron, so who in the hell cares what he says. He is always making some hot take, or claiming he is going to leave for the pros because he "can't hack it in the college game". I ask Paul Finebaum though, how many college football teams have you coached? Even better, how much football have you played in your life? Also, how is your alma mater, Tennessee, doing at football right now? You happy with Butch Jones? At least Michigan is relevant. How relevant is Tennessee now? So whatever Finebaum says, just brush it aside. He is ESPN's newer version of Skip Bayless, who is a racist moron.

Then I saw an article this morning saying that, over the past 11 games, Butch Jones and Jim Harbaugh have the same record. So the hell what? That has absolutely nothing to do with their coaching abilities. They just happen to have the same record, over 11 games, but I would venture a guess that Michigan has played much, much better teams. Also, Michigan, with 2 exceptions, does not get blown out or make bone headed, late game decisions like a Butch Jones coached team does. Again, that "stat" is nonsense.

To bring it all home though, for these idiots calling out Harbaugh and his staff, do you really want to go back to the days of Rich Rod or Brady Hoke or even, end of his career Lloyd Carr? First, Lloyd Carr was an amazing Michigan coach. He won a national title and was always ranked and always won, at least, 8 games a year. But, near the end, the college game, what with the spread offense and utilizing speed over size, had passed him by. His time was up, and he walked away. But Rich Rod and Hoke turned this program into a very mediocre program. Rich Rod came in, tried to change the whole culture, into a spread option team, and it was a disaster from day one. Big time players transferred and we were left with undersized guys that were ill fit at their positions. Remember Steven Threet and Nick Sheridan? How about Tate Forcier? Those Michigan teams were horrendous. They were disgusting to watch on offense, and they couldn't really stop anyone on defense. In Rich Rod's first year he went 3-9. He followed that up with a 5-7, then a 7-6. Then, he was fired, with just cause. His record in three years was 15-22. He also had a horrific Big Ten record. The team was in the tank, and they went out, after trying very hard to get Harbaugh and Les Miles, who both turned them down, brought back a former D line coach, Brady Hoke. In his first year he seemed like the perfect fit. Michigan went 11-2 and won the Sugar Bowl. Denard Robinson was great. Their defense was much better. Then, in Hoke's second year, Robinson got hurt and they had to turn to Devin Gardner. Gardner was fine, the defense was getting even better, but they stumbled to an 8-5 finish. They couldn't close out games, and the defense spent way too much time on the field. In Hoke's third year Gardner fell apart, got hurt, Hoke left a concussed Shane Morris in a game, the offense was completely stagnant and they limped to a 5-7 finish. I saw their last win that year live, at Northwestern, and that game should have been the last that Hoke coached. That game was atrocious, and they won. Hoke was fired, due to a decline in wins every year, and the Shane Morris incident, and his record after 3 full seasons was 24-14. He had a decent record, but the team was regressing and getting worse every year. He clearly did not have what it takes to be the coach of a big time program. Also, that Shane Morris incident will stay with me forever. That was a horrific thing to watch.

After Hoke was gone, Michigan, with an new AD, went out and did everything they could to get their man, Jim Harbaugh. And, after a few weeks of speculation, Harbaugh took the job. As I said, I was a skeptic, but I was also a bit excited. Hoke did not leave the cupboard bare, especially on defense, and with Harbaugh's reputation as a motivator, I was curious to see how he was going to do with these players. He has also been given carte blanche to basically do whatever he wants, within the NCAA rules. They opened his first year at Utah, and even while taking a loss, I was optimistic that this team could be decent. They ended up finishing the regular season at 9-3, with the only losses being to a very good Utah team, the muffed punt game and getting blown out by a very good University of Ohio State team. They then hammered Florida in their bowl game to finish up at 10-3. That was much more than I expected. Than we had last year. They jumped out to 9-0, blew a very close and ugly game to Iowa, then Speight got hurt, and then they got screwed by the refs at the University of Ohio State. They finished the regular season at 10-2, and made the Sugar Bowl. Speight played that game hurt, Jake Butt tore his ACL in the first quarter and Jabrill Peppers didn't play. They still had a chance to beat FSU, but they couldn't finish them off. They ended that season with an identical record to Harbaugh's first year, 10-3. It was a "frustrating" year, but I was happy to be back to expecting great things from Michigan football.

Coming into this year, losing 17 starters total, I was very interested to see how they would play. They opened by hammering Florida, but they did not look good on offense. They actually had 2 defensive touchdowns in that game. The defense looked great. In fact, the defense has looked really good all the way up until last Saturday. They have shut down everyone, even Michigan State, except for Penn State, who is really good by the way.

But, after getting blown out, people are all up in arms, and they are taking aim at Harbaugh and staff. Where we sit today, they are outside the top 25, as they should be, and they are 5-2. So, through 2 and a half seasons, Harbaugh's record at Michigan right now is 25-8. He has surpassed Hoke midway through his third season. He surpassed Rich Rod's win total midway through his second year. And this year, this team is so very, very young. The critics want to come at Harbaugh because he is a big personality, but why aren't these same people, the Paul Finebaum's or David Pollack's of the world, coming at Jimbo Fisher or Ed Orgeron or Dabo Swinney or even, Butch Jones. FSU was preseason number 3 and they are 2-4 right now. They say, "they are down to their second team QB and they have played a hard schedule". Michigan is on their second string QB, and they too have played a hard schedule, including 4 road games. Ed Orgeron may have turned LSU around lately, but they barely beat Syracuse and got beat at home by Troy. Why aren't these "experts" calling for his head. Dabo Swinney won the title last year, but his team got beat at Syracuse in their last game. They say, "well, he lost his star QB", but so has Michigan. Butch Jones has become a joke, but I never ever hear Paul Finebaum truly bad mouth him the way he attacks Harbaugh. Finebaum is so in the bag for ESPN and the SEC, it is disturbing. What about Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma? His team started out hot, but the same week Harbaugh was getting trashed  for getting beat by MSU in a rain storm, Oklahoma got beat by Iowa State, who was a 30 plus point underdog. The game was in Norman too. Also, Oklahoma hasn't looked great the past 2 weeks against Texas and Kansas State. Where is the Lincoln Riley scorn? How about Tom Hermann at Texas? All these guys give him a pass because it is his first year, but Texas is 3-4 and they are as abysmal as Michigan is on offense. What about USC's head coach. They got beat by more than Michigan did, yet all the talk on ESPN, Bleacher Report, whatever sports program or magazine or website you read has only Michigan getting crushed stories. USC has been just as inconsistent as Michigan has been, but they don't get the hate that Michigan does.

I know that Harbaugh is a big personality, as I have already said, and is a big name, but Michigan fans, and the media, need to chill out. He is doing very good things with this team, and I think, maybe even next year, this team will be back to being contenders, as long as this staff sticks around. And as far as the media goes, all they do now is hot takes. We are talking about people who continue to allow Lavar Ball on TV. These are the same people that suspend Jemel Hill when all she was doing was using free speech. These are the same people that just want clicks on their websites. I'm still fully on board with Harbaugh, and remember, I was one of the very few who did not want Michigan to hire him. The rest of the season is going to be frustrating. Hell, Rutgers is coming to Ann Arbor on a 2 game win streak, Minnesota has a good defense, Illinois always plays them tough, they have to play Wisconsin in Camp Randall and there is always the University of Ohio State to end up the year. But, hang in there. Hopefully Harbaugh sticks around, goes either 7-5 or 8-4 this year, then comes in next year with a team that should be back to winning double digit games.

This is just my long winded way of saying chill out. Things will be just fine in Ann Arbor, and Jim Harbaugh is the right man for the job.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He recently saw the power of Michigan's offense live. It was dreadful.

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Ty's 2017-2018 NBA Preview: Grizzlies, Clippers, Trailblazers


Two quick hits before I get back into my 2017-18 NBA countdown today.

First, I was going to write a whole article about how I am embarrassed to be a Michigan Wolverines football fan, but I slept on it, and I am not. I'm embarrassed how they played this past Saturday, and they need to not be so god damn predictable on offense, but I have come to the realization, with the youth and John O'Korn at QB, they will be worse than mediocre on offense all season. They were horrendous on Saturday night, and I feel like that will continue to be the case the rest of the season. I'll hit more on it when I do my mid season checkup. But, instead of sitting here and airing out frustrations about the Wolverines, I had an epiphany watching them. While they are great on defense, they are going to struggle the rest of the year because their offense is so far behind. I picked them to win 10 games this year, they look more like a 7 or 8 win team. And this talk of Harbaugh being a poor coach or bolting for the NFL is getting real annoying. If he wants to leave, fine. If he wants to stay, great. But every year I am sick of hearing all the "experts" say that, "this is the year Harbaugh bolts for the NFL". Give it a rest until he does leave. Enough Wolverines football talk.

The other quick thing I mentioned, I saw "Blade Runner 2049" last Friday and it is amazing. I'm not going to spoil anything because this is a movie that everyone needs to see in the theaters. With that being said, it lived up to my very high expectations. The tone, the visuals, the music, the writing, directing and acting, the graphics, everything about this movie is perfection. Please do yourselves a favor and go see this exceptional movie. It may be almost 3 hours long, but it never felt like it was. Go now and see "Blade Runner 2049".

Okay, the quick hits are out of the way, lets get back to the NBA preview. We will finally get a playoff ready squad today.

At number 18 I have the Memphis Grizzlies. I pored and pored over where to put this team. They have been really good to great for the majority of my twenties and early 30's. But, they lost a ton of key players this offseason. Tony Allen, Zach Randolph and Vince Carter are all gone. I know those guys are old, but they were some of the most important glue guys to the "grit and grind" style they play. They do still have Mike Conley Jr and Marc Gasol though. Conley Jr has turned himself into a premiere point guard. It was so hard for me to see this, because of where he played college ball, but damn is he good. He gets the big guys involved, he runs the offense perfectly and he has turned himself into quite the scorer. Marc Gasol is one of the better big guys in the league too. He is an exceptional passer and can fill it up too. He is also underrated as a defender in my opinion. But, after those guys, it gets murky and that is why I don't see them as a playoff team this year. Chandler Parsons will get hurt. He always does. His contract is dreadful for this team too. Ben McLemore is going to love being away from Sacramento, and I even wrote how I liked the signing, but he is what he is in the NBA. He is wildly inconsistent. Andrew Harrison could be good, but he hasn't shown it yet. JayMychal Green has the makings of a decent player, and with more playing time, he could get there. Mario Chalmers is back, but he is toast, especially after tearing his ACL. Tyreke Evans is too much of a ball stopper and not good enough of a shooter to do that. They drafted Dillon Brooks and Ivan Rabb, but I don't see how they get much time with the other guys on this roster. I feel bad for Conley Jr and Gasol. They are good, but if things start out rough I could see the Grizzlies blowing it up and trying to trade them to contenders. I still like this team, but they need an entire new identity, and that will be tough to find.

At number 17, just outside of my playoff teams, I have the Los Angeles Clippers. I do not get the hype surrounding this team. They lost a ton from a group of players that never really achieved much of anything anyway. They lost Jamal Crawford, JJ Redick and, most importantly, Chris Paul. That is brutal. How is DeAndre Jordan going to fair without Paul? I think it will be disastrous for him. I know Crawford is most likely done, but who will be his replacement for instant offense? Lou Williams? Isn't he the same player? Wesley Johnson? He isn't that good of a pro. Danilo Gallinari? How long until he gets hurt? Oh, that's right, he punched a guy in a Euro League game, and he is already hurt. What about Redick's replacement? I think he is pretty overrated, but Austin Rivers as his replacement, bull shit. Rivers might be a solid defender, but he is a horrid shooter and an all around bad offensive player. Blake Griffin is the point forward, and the face of the franchise now. But, he isn't one tenth the guy that the Clippers think he is, LeBron James. Griffin is incredibly overrated, and how long until he gets hurt? He will miss time again this year. You can bet on that. I do not like Patrick Beverly's fit on this team. I like Beverly's game, but he will not thrive off the ball, and Griffin is going to be the primary ball handler on this team. Sam Dekker is of no consequence in the NBA, and the same can be said for him on the Clippers. Jawun Evans and Sindarius Thornwell were good picks, but will Doc Rivers even play them? He didn't play Brice Johnson hardly at all last year, and he is a full year behind the rookies from his class. I do not see this team staying healthy, and even if they do, I do not see them being a 44 or 45 win team like some others do. They are, at best, a .500 team.

The final team for today, the first "playoff" team, is the Portland Trailblazers. The Trailblazers play no defense at all. They are really bad on that end of the floor. But, when you have Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, you can outscore enough teams to win enough games to push to the playoffs. Hell, they made it last year with those 2 as their only threats. Where the Trailblazers struggle is the front court. I love how well Jusuf Nurkic played after he was traded, but he needs to do that for a full year before I fully buy in. He also suffered a rough injury in their first round playoff appearance. Meyers Leonard is trash. Why this dude is still in the league, and not in the G League or overseas, is baffling to me. Al Faroq Aminu is a pretty good player, and if you forget about him on offense he can score. He is not a horrible third option. Evan Turner just doesn't fit with this team. He had a good thing going in Boston, but he got a big contract, and I can't fault him for taking the cash. He just is way too ball dominant, and that doesn't work on a team with Lillard and McCollum. Noah Vonleh is a bust. He was all hype and has been no production. Maurice Harkless is a fine 8th or 9th guy, but he plays too many minutes on this team. Zach Collins was a so so pick. I do not like that they took him that high when he really didn't prove himself until tournament time. I do like the Caleb Swanigan pick though. That kid has had to work extra hard for everything in his life, and his work ethic is unparalleled. He will be a great grinder in the NBA. The Trailblazers are not great by any stretch of the imagination, but they won 41 last year, and Lillard and McCollum will only get better. I could see them winning 43 or 44 games this year to just get in to the playoffs and get swept by the Warriors.

That's it for today. Come back tomorrow for the next 3 teams. Nothing but playoff level teams from here on out.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing, the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast, and the greatest basketball writer on the internet. 

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Ty Watches Week One of the 2017 College Football Season


With the Tennessee Volunteers coming up with a double overtime victory over Georgia Tech last night, the first official weekend of the 2017 NCAA football season is done, and I have some quick initial reactions.

First off, Tennessee got lucky. That play that the Yellow Jackets ran last night was not the best play, and it took away from what they had done all night that was successful. It was a great game that ended on a so so play call.

As far as other top 25 action, there is a decent amount to unpack. Texas is not there yet. I know a ton of people thought they were going to roll over Maryland, but Maryland had other plans. While they let the Longhorns back into the game, letting them get as close as 3 points, they scored 51 on them. Fourteen of those came from a backup true freshman QB too. Maryland had their way with a very bad Texas defense. Tom Hermann has quite a job ahead of him. The rest of the Big 12 did what everyone thought they would do, with one exception. Oklahoma, and more importantly, Baker Mayfield, looked dynamite, albeit it was against UTEP. Kansas State crushed their opponent. Oklahoma State did the same. Baylor was the lone exception. I was so very, very, very happy to see that Liberty beat them and hung 43 on them in the process. I wish nothing but bad things for the Baylor football program.

The Pac 12 was very blah this past weekend. USC struggled early, then ran away from Western Michigan. Stanford destroyed Rice the weekend before. Washington struggled at first with Rutgers, but they won. Their win, and play, was very uninspired though. Oregon cruised past their opponent in Willie Taggert's first game. And UCLA spotted Texas A&M a 34 point lead, but managed to come all the way back and win by a point. Other than that, no real big time Pac 12 matchups.

In the Big 10, The University of Ohio State looked sluggish in the first half against Indiana, but woke up and slaughtered them in the second half. That being said, I do not think JT Barrett is one of the front runners for the Heisman anymore though. He looked very average. Their defense and run game is what won that game for them. Wisconsin and Penn State opened up against 2 over matched schools and did exactly what you would expect them to. Both of them cruised, giving up a combined 10 points. Michigan State came out of the gates slow, but pulled away from an overmatched Bowling Green team. Northwestern struggled, but pulled away very late against Nevada. And my guys, Michigan, left me feeling the same as I did before the start of the season. Their defense looked very good, but Florida is atrocious on offense. They also had 10 guys suspended for the game. Michigan's defense was the fastest I have ever seen in my time watching them though. The offense, more importantly, the O-line and Wilton Speight, still frustrate me to no end. Speight was way too over hyped in the first half. That second straight pick 6 made me want to punch a hole in my wall. He rebounded in the second half, but the run game and the defense were the reasons why Michigan won so comfortably.

The SEC looked pretty good. LSU shut out a pretty decent BYU team. Derius Guice looks like the real deal too. If LSU can find a passing game, they could cause trouble at the top of the conference. Auburn cruised against a lesser opponent. Georgia won, but lost their starting QB for what looks like it could be awhile. They have a great run game though. Missouri scored 72 points, but they gave up 43 to Missouri State. A bunch of people are telling Michigan fans to calm down after they beat Florida, but I live in Saint Louis, and Missouri fans around here think they are going to play offense like that all year. Maybe they need to calm down a bit. Missouri State is not even up to Kentucky's level in football. I already mentioned Tennessee. Kentucky won, but barely over Southern Miss. For my thoughts on Florida, see above. Again though, their offense is horrid. The big win for the SEC was Alabama once again proving they are the most dominant team in college football. Sure their offense didn't look any better than last year, but that defense, my goodness are they great. Yeah they lost 2 linebackers, but I'm sure they have 2 more who are just as good as the other guys and they will step in and not miss a beat. Also, FSU has a very solid defense, but more on them later. Alabama is not only the cream of the crop in the SEC, but the best team in the nation, and it is not even close.

Then we have the ACC. Miami pulled away early in the second half. Clemson trounced their opponent. Georgia Tech should have won last night but blew it. Louisville got a great performance out of Lamar Jackson, but they struggled to pull away from Purdue, only winning the game by a single touchdown. The biggest mess though was FSU. As I said, their defense is great. Easily a top 10 defense in the country. But, they lost their starting QB, and my preseason Heisman winner, Deondre Francois. He tore his patellar tendon muscle and he is done for the year. That is a tremendous, possibly season altering injury. I'm sure they have a solid backup, but Francois was the heart and soul of that offense. The other players fed off of him, and now, he is gone. This is a kid who takes so many hits too, I expected him to bounce right back up. After he sat on the ground for awhile, I knew something was wrong. He was getting shellacked all night, and it finally caught up to him and FSU. Cam Akers will have to take on a much bigger role, and he looked pretty good at times against the best defense in college football, but he is 18 years old. He was playing high schoolers at this time last year. FSU can still win the ACC, and even make the playoff, but to lose Francois for the year in the first game is brutal. I'll have a new Heisman winner when I do my mid season checkup, but if I had to pick someone right now, after one full weekend of NCAA football, I'd have to choose between Baker Mayfield, RD's pick or Derius Guice. I'll go with Guice right now because he played a much better team than Mayfield played.

As far as none "power 5" teams, Notre Dame won pretty handily over Temple this weekend, and got back in the top 25. We will see how they do against Georgia this weekend, but they got a break with Eason going down. South Florida won, but it took them a very long time to pull away from a very inferior opponent. And I know I didn't even mention them in my preseason stuff, but good for Howard, a 45 point underdog, to come out to UNLV, get paid 500,000 dollars for going there, and, not only cover the spread, but win the game. According to point spread history, that was the biggest upset of all time.

Nothing else truly jumped out to me. I saw Iowa shut down Josh Allen, the presumed number one pick in the upcoming NFL draft, so good for them. Washington State scored a ton, as many predicted. But, for the most part, everything went according to plan this weekend, with Texas being the only outlier.

I am so stoked that college football is back, and I wanted to give some gut reactions to week one. Saturday's cannot come fast enough now. Football is back, and I am so thrilled.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. His wall is doing ok since the Wolverines did not throw three pick sixes. If that happens, Ty may need a whole new home.

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All Hail the ACC, Kings of the College Football Bowl Season

The crown is not that heavy

The crown is not that heavy

After yesterday's 2 bowl games, I am quite disgusted in how my conference, the Big Ten, has performed, but it is not just the Big Ten, most other power 5 conferences, except for the ACC, have been pretty mediocre.

Let's get the Big Ten out of the way.

First off, the top three teams in the conference all lost their bowl games. Michigan, my team, played piss poor defense all game, didn't wake up until the fourth quarter, and they lost the lead as quickly as they took it from Florida State. Michigan was clearly the better team, but 4 or 5 plays were the difference in that game. I'm still so angry at how they performed and how unprepared the coaching staff had them at the start of that game. It was brutal.

But, not as brutal as Penn State blowing the Rose Bowl yesterday. They blew 14 point leads twice in the second half. In fact, they had those leads in the fourth quarter, and still found some way to lose the game. They looked overmatched in the first half, but came out guns blazing in the third quarter. But, none of that mattered because of poor play calling and terrible defense, by both teams, for them to blow it. Also, Penn State should not even have a program after what happened there, but I have talked and talked about that whole situation enough. But, with a 7 point lead late in the fourth, they could not get a first down after running all over USC all game and gave them the ball back with 2 plus minutes. They then proceeded to get 2 pass interference calls against them, and then give up a 27 yard TD pass. So, I figured overtime, but Trace McSorley, who is not nearly as good as he thinks, chucks the ball in the air with 40 seconds left, and naturally, the ball was picked and returned to put USC in field goal range. Of course USC made the kick, and of course people said it was a "moral" victory for Penn State, but all in all, it was a terrible game, with no defense played and piss poor play calling, but hey, it was a "moral" victory. What a crock.

Then, there was the abomination that was the University of Ohio State(you all know what I'm doing by now). They had no business in the playoff, and I'm more than thrilled that Clemson absolutely crushed this team. They looked over-matched in every area of the game. Clemson is ten thousand times better, and they proved that tenfold.

In fact, the only Big Ten teams to win their bowl games were 6-6 Northwestern, 8-4 Minnesota and Wisconsin. Wisconsin's win was forgettable, but they won. That almost hurts more than anything else. The Big Ten laid a big, big egg this bowl season, going 3-7.

But, the Pac 12, SEC and the Big 12 have not fared much better. The SEC does have Alabama, and Florida and Tennessee and LSU had good wins, especially LSU, but other than that, they have been ho hum. Alabama will probably win it all, but other "blue bloods", like Auburn, Arkansas and Texas A&M looked rough. Auburn played good for one half last night, then proceeded to get crushed by Oklahoma(more on Brent Musberger's ridiculous Joe Mixon stuff tomorrow). Arkansas looked great in the first half, racing out to a 24-0 lead, but then got outscored 35-0 in the second half to Virginia Tech. I do love watching Brett Bielema lose though. And A&M got housed by a not so good Kansas State team. A&M was in the top 10 at various points this year, climbing all the way up to 4 in the initial playoff poll, but they looked awful against Kansas State. Overall, the SEC is 6-6 in bowl games.

The Big 12 was a bit better, at 4-2, but they only sent 6 teams to bowl games. Oklahoma roughed up an outmatched and very injured plagued Auburn team last night. K State crushed A&M like I said, and Oklahoma State cruised over Colorado. Baylor somehow won, but screw that team and everything that team should get punished for, Baylor is a bunch of slime bags and they do not deserve to have an athletic program, much like Penn State. But TCU got out played by Georgia. They made it close, but in the end, they did what they have done all year, and could not close it out. And West Virginia looked terrible. People thought this was when WVU would announced that they'd be a force next year, but instead, they got crushed. Sure, the Big 12 has a winning bowl record, but Baylor should not be playing, Oklahoma's star last night, I will write all about this tomorrow, should not be playing and Oklahoma State played an overrated Colorado team. Kansas State's victory is the only decent thing from the Big 12.

The Pac 12 has been up and down. USC won, but they gave up 49 points and needed a miracle last night, and they gave up a million rush yards. Utah barely beat a very mediocre Indiana team that fired its head coach before the bowl game and Stanford let UNC back into the game and needed a big stop on a 2 point conversion to win. Colorado, as I have mentioned, got hammered by Oklahoma State. That wasn't even a game. Washington State inexcusably lost to Minnesota, only scoring 12 points. This was the same Minnesota team that needed a late TD to beat Rutgers, Rutgers people. And then there was the unfortunate "playoff team", Washington. They do not belong on the same field, or even a field within 50 miles, of Alabama. That game was atrocious and boring. Terrible performance by them, but every team lays an egg when they play Alabama, especially when they have over a month to prepare for you. Washington was a paper tiger.

The ACC, the conference I am usually hardest on, has had a wonderful bowl season. I need to say, I picked an ACC team to win the title this year, Clemson, and that is still in the air, but the rest of the conference has had the best bowl season, by far, of the power 5 conferences. Where we sit now, they are 8-3 during bowl season. Clemson crushed the University of Ohio State, as I have mentioned, and they had a legit shot at Alabama next Monday. Florida State made the necessary plays and beat Michigan, who was much better than them. FSU just made the plays at the right time. Miami hammered what was supposed to be the coming out party for West Virginia. Virginia Tech dominated the second half and pulled away from Arkansas. Georgia Tech won their game fairly convincingly. Wake Forest, now that teams did not know what was coming, beat a much better Temple team. I mean, even the teams that lost played well. UNC fought all the way to the end with Stanford and Pittsburgh blew it against Northwestern, but they had just lost their offensive coordinator, and they still kept it close. Louisville was the only ACC to look really bad, but they had to play a swarming LSU defense and that defense absolutely shut down Heisman winner Lamar Jackson. Look, Clemson still has a shot to win it all, and that would be really, really big for the conference that everyone, including me, craps all over all the time. The ACC has been far and away the best conference during bowl season, and I can't believe it.

Good for you ACC, and I will be rooting for Clemson on Monday night to knock off the juggernaut that is Alabama football. Go Tigers.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Michigan losing by one was tough, Ohio State getting destroyed and embarrassed was glorious. Follow Ty on instagram and twitter.

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Let Me Respectfully Explain Why Your Team Stinks: Big Ten Football is better than SEC Football

The best button to hit on the remote when ESPN talks college football

The best button to hit on the remote when ESPN talks college football

Today I'm going to piss off ESPN, Paul Finebaum, David Pollack, the SEC on ESPN Network, basically all of ESPN, and all the commentators on CBS because, frankly, the SEC, besides Alabama, is very mediocre.

The SEC is the only conference that seems to have 24 hour news coverage from these people, and these networks. They seem to be the only game in town. When I turn on "College Football Live" on ESPN, I see David Pollack and Finebaum each yelling about how great "their" conference is. They always talk about how it is the only conference in major division 1 football that has any say in the final rankings. They talk about how it is a superior level of football compared to all the other power conferences.

Well, and I know that I am not the only one that has done this research, but besides Alabama, no other SEC team has 9 wins. In fact, the only team with a chance to get a ninth win this year is Florida, and that chance is against Alabama in the SEC title game. I do not see them winning that game.

Tell me why these commentators and ESPN and CBS never give any love to any other conference. Colorado is in the midst of a huge resurgence in the Pac 12, so is Washington, but we only hear about how bad Oregon is on these channels. And not only are Colorado and Washington very good, so is Washington State, Utah and Stanford. Each of these teams has as many, or more wins, than all the other teams not named Alabama in the SEC. The Big 12 is very top heavy, but Oklahoma and Oklahoma State is a much more intriguing matchup to me this weekend, as opposed to Alabama-Florida. The ACC is Clemson, then everyone else, but UNC has put together a very solid year, Pittsburgh is feisty, FSU will get a good bowl game and Louisville has the Heisman front runner.

That leads me to the Big Ten, the conference I think is the best, by a wide margin.

Side rant, Michigan got absolutely screwed this past Saturday. They stopped Barrett, I will go to my grave believing this, and the disparity in penalties was atrocious. That was one of the worst officiated games I have ever watched, and I have heard people that don't like either team tell me the same. Okay, got that off my chest.

But, look at the top part of the Big Ten. Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin and Michigan all have either 10 or 11 wins. Ohio State doesn't get a chance for a 12th win since they blew the Penn State game, but with only one loss, and getting a cheap win this past weekend, they are all but assured a playoff spot. They also play a style of offense that the playoff committee loves, so they will find any way possible to put them in the playoff. Wisconsin and Michigan are very similar, in that both teams rely on their defense. Wisconsin's defense is very good, and I expect that to be on full display this weekend when they face Penn State in the Big Ten title game. Those kids fly all over the place and make play after play. They have no studs on offense, but they can run the ball, as they have always been able to in my lifetime. Michigan's defense is better than Wisconsin's. They have pressured every QB and running back they have played this year. Their secondary is lock down. They blitz all the time, and they shut most teams down. They are, statically, the best defense in college football. Their offense is not flashy either, but they have way more play makers than Wisconsin, and whenever Jabrill Peppers comes in, everyone holds their breath. Then there is Penn State. I really do not know what to make of this team, but they have won 8 straight games, including one against Ohio State. I fully expect them to get crushed by Wisconsin, but they have a hell of a turnaround. I think they are paper tigers, but good for them.

I'd take all four of these teams against any team not named Alabama in the SEC. Give me Michigan-LSU, I'd pick Michigan to win by 2 touchdowns. Give me Penn State-Tennessee, PSU would win by 10 points. In a game between Wisconsin-Florida, I fully believe Wisconsin would shut them out in dominant fashion. So, why do the commentators and specific networks I mentioned only talk about the SEC? I get that Alabama is the best team, and it is not even close, but other than them, they have no real threat. Florida has faltered as of late, and it was on full display against Florida State this past weekend. Tennessee just got beat by Vanderbilt, needed multiple miracle comebacks early in the year, got crushed by Florida, and now their coach is talking about "being champions of life". What a joke. Ole Miss, who was a preseason top 15 team, is below .500. Texas A&M has not been that good since Trevor Knight went down, and were they that good to begin with anyway? I do not think so. Auburn has stumbled as of late, due to injury and playing great competition. LSU fired a coach, lost to Alabama, Wisconsin and Florida already this year, and they just settled for Ed Oregeron as their full time head coach. That does not put any fear in anyone at all. Arkansas just blew a 3 touchdown lead to Missouri and finished below .500 in the conference. Kentucky beat Louisville, but they are just 7-5, and they do not look good, at least not to me. The rest of the conference is just bad. Missouri, Mississippi State and the previously mentioned Ole Miss, they are all below .500. Vanderbilt and South Carolina are right at .500, and the rest has 8 wins or less.

I am sick of the biased view that the people and networks I have mentioned show this conference that has been well below mediocre this year. There is no one, and I mean no one, that should be covered on national media from the SEC except Alabama. Every other team in the SEC is irrelevant. No one other than Alabama is going to be in the playoff, or a New Year's Six bowl.

The SEC is wildly overrated, and I just needed to get this off my chest. It was a frustrating weekend, and the fact that ESPN and Paul Finebaum wanted to act like the Iron Bowl was anywhere near as important as The Game was utterly absurd. Screw Paul Finebaum, David Pollack, ESPN and CBS. You guys all stink and are so in the bag for the SEC, it is disgusting. Why don't you cover some real college football and get off the bandwagon you bunch of hacks.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He has a few more opinions on teams that stink, check them out. Follow Ty on instagram and twitter.

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Michigan and Notre Dame will Play Football Again, and that is Awesome

Does Michigan have a rival in Paris?

Does Michigan have a rival in Paris?

Yesterday Michigan and Notre Dame both agreed to renew their rivalry for the 2018 and 2019 season, at least. I couldn't be happier about this. Notre Dame-Michigan is a classic, must watch rivalry game. I looked forward to it every season when I was a child, a teen and now, an adult. It makes sense for these two teams to play each other for many reasons.

First off, they are the number 1 and number 2 winningest programs in college football history. Second, geographically, they are very close to one another, so they recruit high school teammate and kids that have played against each other since they were young teens. Third, alongside teams like USC, Alabama, Texas and Oklahoma, amongst a few others, they are both blue blood college football programs. They have fans all over the country, regardless of where they are from, or where they went to school. Fourth, both teams are perennial top 25 programs, save for a few seasons.

Look, there are about a million more reasons that these two teams need to play each other at least every two seasons. With the new playoff system now, it makes even more sense for them to play each other as opposed to Notre Dame playing some also ran from the ACC or Michigan playing another MAC team that is little to no competition. The playoff committee claims to value quality wins more so now, so which ever team wins, it looks so much better in the long run in a push to the playoff. Notre Dame also lost nothing from bringing this game back, they actually gain from doing this. Like I said, instead of playing Boston College or Syracuse early in the season, they get a marquee matchup in week 2 or 3.

Michigan had to pay a massive payout to Arkansas to reschedule the Notre Dame game, but it was totally worth it. I know that Arkansas' AD and their coach, Bret Bielama, are not too happy, but they need to get over it. I'm a huge Michigan fan, and the thought of them playing a home and home with Arkansas in 2018 and 2019 was very ho hum. I wasn't excited or thrilled that Michigan was going to be playing a mediocre to mid level SEC school. If they were going to schedule an SEC team during that time, I'd rather it be Alabama, Auburn or Tennessee. Arkansas was way, way down on my list. I'd have been happier if they scheduled Missouri over Arkansas. The University of Missouri is closer and it would have been easier for me to go to the game. So, the AD and Bielama need to keep their stupid comments to themselves. Arkansas is not Notre Dame, plain and simple. And also, if I were Bielama, I'd be thrilled that I didn't have to coach at the Big house again. When Michigan was being coached by Rich Rodriguez, and playing terribly, do you know which Big Ten team they beat that first season besides Minnesota? It was the Bret Bielama led Wisconsin Badgers. The Badgers should have trounced Michigan that day. In fact, they were crushing them going into halftime to the tune of 19-0. But, as Bielama has done his whole coaching career, he let Michigan stay in the game. The Wolverines scored a defensive touchdown, came back and won. This was a Michigan team led by Steven Threet and Sam MacGuffie. This was a Michigan team that finished 3-9. This was, statistically, the worst Michigan team ever. But, they still beat Bret Bielama. He shouldn't be throwing shade, he should be thanking his lucky stars, because this current Michigan team is a whole hell of a lot better than anything Rich Rodriguez threw out there.

I digress.

I love that this game is coming back in 2 years. It will be great to see Brian Kelly, whom I despise, and Jim Harbaugh matching wits. Michigan will have 4 full years under Harbaugh by then, so it will be a team full of his type of players. Brian Kelly, if he doesn't bolt for the NFL in the next 2 years, will be one of the longer tenured coaches at Notre Dame, and with consistency comes continuity, which leads to a good program. Also, these two programs have the best uniforms in all of college football, and it is always great to see the uniforms on game day. You have the solid gold helmet for Notre Dame with the navy or white jersey and gold pants and the classic winged helmet, navy or white jersey and maize, navy or white pants of Michigan. It doesn't get much better than that. This is also just good in general for all of college football, to have major programs play each other so early in the season.

What it all comes down to is that I am happy that I will get to watch a meaningful game in the early weeks of the season. I'm also happy that I will get to root against Notre Dame. I'll be even happier if Michigan wins the games, because all of Michigan's victories are great, but they are even better when they beat rivals. This is a good move by both schools and I'm glad it's coming back. I cannot wait.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He once ran out of gas in South Bend and decided to just leave the car on the road. None of his money was going to that community. Follow Ty on twitter @tykulik.

Ty's Mount Rushmore of Sports Greats

I was also quite the athlete back in 1760's

I was also quite the athlete back in 1760's

Much like my previous Mount Rushmore of Comedians blog I did a few weeks ago, today I'm going to do something similar, but I'm going to talk about my four sports idols. I'm going to do one player from baseball, basketball, football and college football. College basketball, with the lone exception of the Fab five, whom I love, no one single player has left a lasting impression on me. Same with hockey, which I know absolutely nothing about and soccer, which I also know nothing about. I know how to play both sports, but I never really watched hockey or soccer on a regular basis. In fact, I never watched hockey or soccer ever, they just aren't my thing. But, basketball, baseball, football and college football are my thing. I love all four of them and there has definitely been multiple players that have left long lasting impressions on me. It was really tough for me to pick out four single players, but I trudged through and figured it out.

Are you ready? Here it goes. 

Let's start with major league baseball. So, my favorite player of all time is Jackie Robinson, but I never saw him play. I was born in 1982 and all I know about Jackie Robinson is the history and how truly great of a player he was. But I was around and I watched Tony Gwynn play a ton of baseball. I am a Cardinals fan, but I'm a bigger Tony Gwynn fan. He is the best hitter that I have ever watched. His approach at the plate was like no one else. He had 20/10 vision and he could literally see the seams on the ball, making it easy for him to pick what pitch was coming at him. He could spot a 90 mile per hour fast ball as easily as he could spot a 75 mile an hour curveball. He regularly hit .350 to .375 every season he played. He even flirted with .400 many times during his career. You could also mark it down in pen that he would get, at least, 200 hits every season. He was a pretty decent outfielder as well. He was great at tracking fly balls and he had a pretty above average arm. Sure, he played right field, but in the pros, right field is just as tough as any other outfield position. When I got to see Tony Gwynn play live it was always a teaching moment for my father, who was also my little league coach. He had me watch Tony Gwynn more than any other baseball player I can remember. My dad used to tell me how great of a hitter he was and that it was important for me to watch how he played the game. Tony Gwynn was the consummate pro. He never got involved in off field stuff and he was always looked at as a great teammate and a great player. Tony Gwynn is in my personal top ten of all time great baseball players. He doesn't get the credit he deserves, but he is an all time great, no matter what anyone says.

When it comes to basketball, the best player and my favorite player is Charles Barkley. I know this is a departure from the soft spoken and humble Tony Gwynn, but I love Charles Barkley and I've tried to model my game after him since I was 10 years old. He is an undersized, a little overweight power forward that rebounded and scored with the best of them. When he came in the league with the 76ers, when they were actually competent, he got to learn from the great Daryl Dawkins. That was a great mentor for him to have. Then, when he ended up in Phoenix, his career took off. This was when I really started to love the way Barkley played. He was brash, he was arrogant, but he was great. His matchups with the Bulls and Michael Jordan were epic. They would trade points and the games were always close, but he could never get over the hump. That was not for lack of effort, the Bulls were just the better team. Charles Barkley became a legit star when he was in Phoenix. While he was a Sun, that was when he did his whole "I'm not a role model" campaign for Nike. While that commercial made my friends dislike Barkley more than they already did, my love for him grew from there. This was the one time in my life that I can say that I liked the arrogance that an athlete was putting out there, and even though he didn't want to be a role model, he became an even bigger role model to me. I even love him now on his NBA show on TNT. He is the best basketball commentator on the best pre and post game basketball show on TV right now. Not only did I love Barkley as a player, but I like him even more as a TV personality. It gets no better than Charles Barkley for me.

When it comes to NFL football, I'm going to go back to a player with humility and who was/is very humble. The best offensive football player that I have ever watched, and he is one of my all time favorite players, is Barry Sanders. When I was a kid, I was still a Packers fan, but I loved watching Barry Sanders more than any player the Packers threw out there. Barry Sanders was the most athletic and the most graceful athlete, with Bo Jackson maybe being the lone exception and challenger, that I have ever watched. Barry Sanders made a three yard run more exciting than anyone else going for a 90 yard TD run. He would be stopped behind the line for a 6 yard loss, break multiple tackles and make multiple moves, run up field and get 3 yards and it was thrilling. When Sanders was in his prime, he was the Lions offense. Sure, they had Herman Moore and Scott Mitchell, but who really remembers those two guys? That Lions team was all about Barry Sanders. He never had the help he needed, but he made the Lions a perennial playoff team and guided them to at least 10 wins a year. I would stop everything I was doing, be it playing outside or playing video games or playing baseball, basketball or football with my friends, whenever Barry Sanders was on. He was must watch TV. And talk about being a humble pro. He never celebrated or did dances or put the spotlight on himself. He'd get a thirty yard gain and walk back to the huddle and get ready for the next play. He'd score a TD and he'd hand the ball to the officials and high five his teammates. He was the epitome of how to play the game and act like you've been there before. I love Barry Sanders. The day he retired, at the absolute prime of his career, I was shocked. I thought it was a joke or a hoax. He couldn't really be leaving football, he was just about to break the all time rushing record and he was the best in the game. But, he really walked away, never to return. I give him credit now, walking away without any serious injuries and his mind still fully intact, but at the time, I was upset. I felt robbed of seeing, at least, 10 more years of great football from Barry Sanders. But, he did the right thing for himself and his family and I understand that now. Barry Sanders in the greatest running back of all time, in my opinion.

Now, we get to my absolute favorite sport and my absolute, unquestioned favorite player of all time. The sport is college football and the player is Charles Woodson. I've written a whole lot on the site about Woodson, but he is the greatest football player I've ever seen, especially when he was at Michigan. I have a ton of all time favorite Wolverines. Guys like David Harris, Jarret Irons, Anthony Thomas, Tim Biakabutuku, Brian Griese, Marlin Jackson, Mercury Hayes, Tai Streets, I could go on and on and on, but no one is better than Charles Woodson. He was the best. His covering skills are unmatched. Teams purposefully threw away from him because he could pick off anything. Go back and look at that interception he had at Michigan State, the one handed one, it's incredible. While he was a lock down corner, he was also an electrifying kick returner and receiver. He could take a punt to the house at any time, look at the 1996 game against OSU, and he was a great over the middle receiver, look at that 96 OSU game again or earlier that season against PSU. He was just phenomenal. He is also the only primarily defensive player to win the Heisman. The day he won the Heisman, Michigan basketball, led by Louis Bullock and Robert Traylor, upset number one Duke and it was my birthday. It was a great birthday and a great day to be a Wolverines fan. Charles Woodson was also just a good guy. He was a great teammate, a great player and a great representative of Michigan football. He is the best defensive football player that I've ever seen and when he was starring at Michigan, that's when my true love for them really, truly started. Charles Woodson was the catalyst. I love absolutely everything about Charles Woodson. Of the four athletes I've mentioned, Woodson is number one and the first face that would get carved into my personal Mount Rushmore.

So there you have it, my Mount Rushmore of pro and college athletes. There's a lot of other people I could have mentioned, but these are the four that stood out to me. These are the four best, and my favorite, athletes in what I consider the four major sports.


Ty is the Pop Culture Editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man podcast. Do you like reading about Ty's Mount Rushmore of Athletes, well you can listen to him tell his stories on the X Millennial Man. Make sure you give it a listen and rate us on iTunes. When you are done listening, read more from Ty on twitter @tykulik.

Let Me Respectfully Explain Why Your Team Stinks: Ty is not impressed with Northwestern Football

This is to you Northwestern. You try so hard every year.

This is to you Northwestern. You try so hard every year.

Today I'm going to re visit one of my favorite topics to talk about on the site. I'm going to go back to my irrational hatred blog.

I haven't written one of these in quite some time, and with college bowl season all but done, I realized how much I hate Northwestern Wildcat football. This has been a bubbling hatred for some years now. It's grown and grown a lot since they hired Pat Fitzgerald. I'll get to what I dislike about him in a bit.

I feel like they may be one of the most overrated, way to often talked about on ESPN, mediocre football teams I've ever seen. They seem to go 5-7 for three years, they'll up that to 6-6 or 7-5 for four or five years, then they'll have a season like this most recent one, when they finished 10-3 and everyone and their mother seems to think they are on the rise, especially world class blow hard, Mike Wilbon. I swear, if you listen to him long enough, you'd think Northwestern football is as good as the 96 Chicago Bulls. He's that blinded by his fandom. I mean, I love Michigan football, but I also realize that they've been very underwhelming for almost a decade now. Things seem to be turning a corner, with Harbaugh and how they finished the year, but I'll wait to start popping off at the mouth until they prove it on the field a bit more. Not the case with Wilbon. Northwestern can beat Rutgers by 1 point and you'd think they knocked off the number one team in the country when Wilbon inevitably talks about it on "PTI" the following Monday. I cannot take him seriously as a journalist anymore because of his blind love for his alma mater. I understand being a fan of your school, but when you are in journalism, as he is, you cannot be biased, especially when you have a talk show that focuses on sports. It's not a good way to conduct yourself at work.

Let's get back to some other things I don't really care for about Northwestern. I absolutely hate how arrogant and entitled their student athletes act. Sure, you guys are the Harvard of the Big Ten, but who really gives a shit. You know what other schools in your very conference are just as hard to get into? Michigan, Maryland, Penn State, Minnesota and Indiana. Really the only Big Ten school that's an absolute joke when it comes to grades is Ohio State. They could care less if you flunk out of high school as long as you are a good athlete. They are the Florida State of the Big Ten. So, knock it off with the excuse that it's harder for you to recruit elite athletes because your standards are too high. I don't care. Michigan and Penn State have equally as hard academic standards yet they're competitive and get top flight recruits in football almost every year. Hell, Maryland is almost impossible to get into and they have a top ten basketball team this year with one of the best sophomores in all of college basketball, Melo Trimble. He has to go to class just like all the Northwestern student athletes so he can make the grades to play. That excuse is old and tired. I'm done with it.

Then there's your coach, whom I've mentioned earlier. He is the WORST. The only coach I hate more than him in the Big Ten, and maybe all of college football is, Urban Meyer. At least Meyer wins, but he is a cheater, don't get that twisted. Fitzgerald's whole "blue collar" attitude and his teams very hard "work ethic" nonsense that he's always yelling is stupid. It's the worst kind of generic coach speak. He is way too giddy on the sidelines too. A head coach needs to keep his act together until they are in the locker room, where no one, except you team, can see you. I can count on both hands how many times I've seen him cheering late in a game because he thinks his team has the win sealed up, but then they blow it in typical Northwestern fashion. I love how much of an idiot this makes him look. All giddy and excited one second, then something bad happens to his team, then he's all flush with embarrassment and tries to make up excuses in the post game press conference. What a boob. He should have been fired five years ago, but a 10 win season this year has probably bought him, at least, another three or four years.

The majority of his players are mediocre as well. Their version of the spread is laughably bad and extremely slow. They haven't had a decent running back since Darnell Autry, and I cannot think of one time, at least in my lifetime, when they've had a legitimately good college quarterback. The players are sub par and it shows when they face real competition. Let's look at this most recent season as an example. Sure, they beat Stanford in the very first game of the year. It was an 11am kickoff time, making it 9am in Palo Alto, and I as I said on a blog earlier this week, that may not sound like an advantage, but it is. So, they get their signature win of the year during their very first game. Then, they rip off five straight and people are actually calling him a potential playoff team. Totally insane and totally off base. Luckily, for me and all college football fans, they went up to Ann Arbor and Michigan dismantled them 38-0. It was glorious. The following week, with some media, Mike Wilbon, saying that the game was an aberration and they'd easily recover with Iowa coming to Evanston, they got crushed. So, two legit opponents in two consecutive weeks destroy them and their "playoff" hopes. They won their next four games, against very weak Big Ten teams, to finish the year 10-2 and they were actually ranked, by the playoff committee ahead of the same Michigan team that shut them out. They finished inside the top 15, coming in at 13. They were extremely overrated by the committee at the end of the season and it showed when they played Tennessee in the Outback Bowl. Tennessee was very up and down all year, couldn't hold leads against quality opponents and finished the year at 8-4, I believe. Well, they hammered a very overrated Northwestern team to the tune of 45-6. So, against four quality opponents, Stanford, Michigan, Iowa and Tennessee, they went 1-3 with a combined score of 131-29. That's not what a top 15 team does when it plays real competition.

Now don't worry, I'm sure ESPN and Mike Wilbon will have them as a preseason top 25 team going into this year and they will regress back to their 5-7, 6-6 or 7-5 ways. The hype for this nothing program needs to end sooner rather than later. I loathe Northwestern football and it will be nice to see them float back into mediocrity for the next decade. The only really good thing I have to say about them, it's easy to get tickets when Michigan travels to Northwestern and since there's more Michigan fans there, it feels like a home game for them and their stadium and fans, for the most part, are genuinely nice people. But when that's all you have going for you as a football team, well, you will always be mid to lower level. I'm sorry, but it's true. Northwestern is to the Big Ten what Missouri is to the SEC. Very overrated, very underachieving programs.

The love for this team needs to end.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man podcast. He will never respect a school who has a compass direction in their name. Hear that Parkway West? Follow Ty on twitter @tykulik

The SeedSing (half) Year in Pop Culture: The Top Five Sports Moments of 2015

Reenactment of the year in sports

Reenactment of the year in sports

Closing out my best of 2015 countdown I'll pick my top five sports moments of the year. Being a Cardinals, Thunder, Packer and Wolverines fan, it's been a struggle for the most part. Sure, they've all had good seasons, but they've suffered some tough loses and missed opportunities. My countdown is actually filed with sour grapes. Teams that I loathe lost games and series in spectacular fashion and it made me happy, the irrational side of me at least. On with the countdown.

At number five I have the most brutal Michigan football loss that I've ever seen. The list is sports moments that I will remember for the rest of my life, so some will be bad and this one takes the cake. I mean, Michigan had this win. It would've, at the time, put them in the conversation for the college football playoff. Harbaugh would've beaten MSU, who's bullied Michigan for the past five years. It was all coming up Michigan, then they muffed the punt. It was shocking. All they had to do was catch and kick the ball. Blake O'Neil, after muffing the snap, could've just fallen on the ball where he was and forced MSU to try a very long field goal on a windy afternoon. Harbaugh could've sent his offense out there and held the ball as long as possible and then chuck it in the air to run the clock out. There's a million other options, but the most unfortunate thing happened. This win got MSU in the playoff, where they promptly got their asses beat by Alabama last night. Without this game, MSU would be playing in the Citrus Bowl today and Michigan would've had a shot at the playoff or a New Year's six bowl. But that's not what happened. Also, the people that attacked Blake O'Neil on social media need to get a life. He's a kid that made a mistake in a game. Get over it. This was a very brutal, brutal game, but I will always be reminded of it, so it goes on the list.

At number four the sour grapes come into play. The Clippers collapse in the second round of the Western Conference playoff last year was a thing of beauty to watch since I'm such a big Clipper hater. They had this series wrapped up. They were up 3 games to 1 and held a 20 point lead in the second half of game five. Surely, they'd close it out and go on t the conference finals to get crushed by Golden State. But something magical happened. The Rockets made a furious comeback in the fourth quarter of game five, all while James Harden was on the bench, and won that game. Then, they crushed the Clippers in game 6 and then closed it out in game 7. I loved it. The Clippers were the Clippers once again. Chris Paul moped and griped at players and refs alike. DeAndre Jordan sat on the bench in crunch time because he can't shoot a free throw. Blake Griffin became the disappearing "superstar" that he is. He's a choker. JJ Redick was too busy fixing his hair and playing lackluster defense. And Doc Rivers was making terrible coaching decision after terrible coaching decision. What made me most happy was that stupid moron Steve Ballmer getting his comuppence. He had that stupid grin and wild activity on the sidelines all season and it annoyed the hell out of me. Almost nothing made me happier than seeing that stupid asshole have a frown affixed to his face in game 7. And now, the Clippers look worse than they did last season and I love it even more. Screw that team forever.

At number three I have the blazing hot start that the Golden State Warriors got off to at the start of this season. They won their first 24 games. That's unheard of. I'm not a Warriors fan, but to watch them play, when they're on fire, is almost as beautiful as watching the Spurs ball movement. Steph Curry raining threes at an extremely high rate, Klay Thompson playing lockdown defense, Draymond Green, inexplicably, being the best overall player on the best team and Andre Iguodala playing like an all star. Let us not forget about Harrison Barnes taking the next step towards super stardom. He's been excellent all year. They also did all this with Steve Kerr sidelined due to a back issue. Luke Walton has been the coach for them all season. This team is scary good and they look like they could win back to back titles. The Warriors became must watch TV for me this season and I already stated I'm not a fan. When they get on a tear, you cannot look away. What they did to start this season was magical and it will be talked about forever.

Number two is Malcolm Butler picking off Russell Wilson to end Super Bowl 50. This was a HUGE moment for football and sports fans everywhere. After Jeramine Kearse made that catch, the ball bouncing all over his body, never touching the ground, I thought that I'd have to suffer through another love fest for Jesus and the Seahawks. They were easily going to run the ball into the end zone with little to no time left and walk off the field with their second straight Super Bowl win and I'd have to hear all those players talk shit and their dumbass fans talk on social media. Then, after play faking to Marshawn Lynch, which already made my mind explode, then Wilson telegraphing his slant pass and Butler coming up with the pick, I mean, it was the most exciting three seconds I've witnessed during a football game. Now, I'm not a Patriots fan, but my hatred for the Seahawks completely outweighed my neutrality for the Patriots. Looking at the Seahawk sideline prior to the pick, seeing Richard Sherman smiling and joking with his teammates, hearing Russell Wilson talking about how it's god's will that they win, seeing Pete Carroll's shit eating grin, I was angry. But, right after the pick, I was elated. Sherman's smiles and laughter immediately turned to a frown and questions. Wilson walking to the sideline asking why his receiver didn't make a quick enough cut, because it's never his fault and Carroll not admitting he made a massive mistake was delightful. This team, for all the shit talking they do, one hundred percent deserved to lose this game the way they did and I'm glad it was a team like New England, whom every outside of Boston hates, beat them. It was glorious.

My number one moment occurred almost exactly one year ago, the start of 2015, when Michigan hired Jim Harbaugh as their new head coach. I didn't like the idea at first, he never stays at one job for more than four years and he works his players tirelessly, but what he did in year one made me a believer. I picked the Wolverines to go 7-5 and play in a lowly bowl game. The team came out rough against Utah, but a season opener on the road is always tough, and it was a close game all the way to the end. Michigan even had a chance to win. Then, they crushed Oregon State at home. After that, they went on a three game winning streak, not allowing a single point. That's what made me happy. Their offense was blah, but their defense was playing lights out. That's the Michigan I know and love. Sure, there was the MSU game I mentioned earlier and they got crushed by Ohio State and Indiana and Minnesota should have beaten them, but they found ways to win close, tough games. That wouldn't have happened under Rich Rodriguez and Brady Hoke. The team would've given up because that's what I saw for seven years. Harbaugh has brought back a sense of urgency and toughness to this team that has been lacking. I'm glad Michigan did everything they could to get him there and he's turned me into a supporter. I hope he sticks around for awhile because I believe he can do great things in the college game. College fits his coaching style perfectly. As I like to say, I'm proceeding with caution as to how good this team can be, but with Harbaugh aboard, I know they won't quit, they'll always fight to the last whistle.

There you have all of my best of 2015 countdowns. See you all next year when I get back to my regular writing schedule. Happy New Year everyone.


Ty is the Pop Culture Editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is looking forward to the good karma coming Michigan's way after their one disasterous play of 2015. Follow Ty on twitter @tykulik.