I am Excited for the Juwan Howard Era at Michigan


After about 10 days, the University of Michigan men's basketball has found their new head coach, and I am cautiously optimistic.

The Wolverines hired the first of the "Fab Five" players to sign back in the day, Juwan Howard. I loved Howard when he was a player on the team. His game was so admirable, and impressionable, to me as a young player. He fought hard on the block. He worked the low post. He was an excellent rebounder. He could run the floor. He played defense and he put in work every game. He was the hardest worker on the team, and he also happened to be tremendously skilled. He was also the most mature guy on the team, even when he was a freshman. Chris Webber was the best player, Jalen Rose had the swagger, Jimmy King was an explosive athlete and Ray Jackson had that dog in him. Juwan Howard was the glue that kept them together. He was a great, great Wolverine.

Howard then went on to have a very solid NBA career, playing more than a decade, I'm sure he made at least one all star team, won a couple of titles and became a solid assistant coach for the Miami Heat. When the Michigan job opened, unexpectedly, I didn't even think of Howard until Jalen Rose said something about it on his show. Then Chris Webber said something during an NBA playoff broadcast. Reggie Miller echoed his statement that night. Then Jimmy King came out and said something. When all these people, who I respect, started to talk about him for the job, I became intrigued. I found out that he has been working with the bigs on the Heat, and that he has also been picking the brain of head coach Erik Spoelstra, who I adore, and Pat Riley. If you are going to learn coaching from any 2 guys in the NBA, I would think that Spoelstra and Riley are at, or near, the top.

By the time all this news came out, and after I did my personal research, I was on board. Then, Billy Donovan pulled his name, and I started to stump for Howard. I told my dad at my son's baseball game this past Sunday, I hope Juwan Howard gets named the new head coach no later than Wednesday. Well, that was exactly when it happened. But, as I stated at the top, I have good and not so good feelings on this hire.

Lets get the bad out of the way first. Howard has zero head coaching experience. Now, that isn't that bad, he has been an assistant in the NBA for going on 5 years now. But, he is taking over a team that was in the title game 2 years ago and started out last season with 17 straight wins. Michigan also played a very complex offense that was hard for opposing teams to figure out. Michigan will, most likely, lose many of the assistants that worked under John Beilein, mainly Luke Yaklich. He turned them into the stellar defensive team they were last year. Michigan is also losing 3 starters from last season, and their top recruit decommited when Beilein left for the Cavs job. These are my only concerns.

As far as what I am hyped about, what I love about this hire. They got a big name. While Juwan Howard may not have been a hot coaching candidate at the current moment, his time was coming. He was clearly working his way to becoming a head coach. He was putting in the grunt work. Michigan is also getting one of their greatest basketball players ever to come back and coach the team he played for. That sense of pride and want and will to win at your alma mater is humongous. He can recruit. I know he hasn't done it yet, but when he was 17, he was the one that convinced the "Fab Five" to get together. He was the first to sign his letter, and after that, he was in the ear of the other 4 guys pretty much instantly. He got them to come there even before they were given money while at the school. Everywhere Howard has been, for the most part, he has been on a winning team. I'm sure he will want that to continue. I have faith that, even if Yaklich does leave, Saddi Washington will stay, and he is a key assistant. I also think Howard will be able to lure good to great assistant coaches.

Back to the recruiting for a second. He played and coached guys like LeBron James and Dwayne Wade. They both adore him, they pushed for him to get this job and they have 2 young sons that will be college basketball players very soon. I'm sure they will want their kids to play for a coach that they know and like. Also, there are a bunch of other kids out there with parents like me who were big time fans of the "Fab Five", and they may nudge their kids to, at least, consider Michigan because of Howard's presence.

What makes me most confident in the hire, he already has a very good team in place. The transition to this next season should be smooth-ish. He has a floor general in Zaiver Simpson. He has his modern big in Jon Teske. David DeJulius was a top level recruit last year. Brandon Johns was Mr. Michigan basketball. Colin Castleton got quality time. And they have a solid class coming in, even if Jalen Wilson doesn't go back.

I'm letting myself get excited by the Juwan Howard hiring. In fact, I like this hire more than when they hired Jim Harbaugh as head football coach 5 years ago. Don't get me wrong, I liked that too, I just have a different, more excited feel for the Juwan Howard hiring. He was a great choice and I hope he has a tremendous amount of success, obviously. This has been an odd, and sometimes rough, offseason for Michigan basketball. But, the hiring if Juwan Howard eases a good amount of that fear. Now lets see how he does.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing, the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast, and the greatest basketball writer on the internet. 

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Why John Beilein, Why


A lot of stuff happened over the weekend in sports and movies and TV. But the story I awoke to this morning takes precedence over all the other stuff I want to write about.

I was resting in my bed, my son was playing video games, my daughter was sleeping and my wife left for work when the news buzzed across my phone. John Beilein, the head basketball coach at Michigan for the last 12 years, was leaving to become the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

I didn't believe it at first. I thought it might have been a joke, or a wrongly reported story. I thought maybe the people got the name wrong. After he flirted with the Pistons last year, I assumed that he was going to stick in college for the rest of his career. But, after doing a good amount of research, I found out that it was true. Whenever you see Woj has reported the story, when it comes to NBA news, you know it's true. Beilein then went on Twitter to confirm the news himself.

I was stunned. I took this a lot harder than I thought I was going to. I think it hit me so hard because I did not see this coming, at all. Every year I have to hear about how overrated a football coach Jim Harbaugh is, but that this NFL team or that NFL team was going to lure him away from Michigan. Harbaugh has been there for five years now, and after every season, he is mentioned in open NFL head coaching jobs. It is something I have come to expect. But John Beilein has been a staple.

Beilein came to this team 12 years ago, when they were in the toilet, and he has built them up to a perennial Big Ten power. He has led them to tons of Sweet Sixteen's. He has been to 2 Final Fours and 2 title games. He has gone to the NCAA tourney in 9 of his 12 years. He turned guys like Trey Burke, Nik Stauskas, Mo Wagner and Mitch McGary into first round NBA picks. He helped Glenn Robinson III to the NBA. He has been able to replace top notch point guards year after year. He has added great assistants every year. He has adjusted his teams to fit their strengths. They were all offense when he first got there, then they had super athletes, then they became a deadly three point shooting team, then he made his big men become stretch 5's, and this past season, he helped turn them into a defensive powerhouse. And they looked to be pretty solid heading into the 2019-20 season.

And then this news appeared this morning.

As I said, I have read a ton of stuff since hearing the news, and I still am a bit shook. I heard that he is leaving because he doesn't like the state of college basketball recruiting. He is not a fan of the "one and done" culture. I get that. I mean, Iggy Brazdeikes is good, but he is not NBA ready. But, he has decided to test the waters. He is also losing Jordan Poole because Poole had a few good games and some GM's said he could be a pick. I love Jordan Poole, but I do not think he is even close to being ready for the NBA. And even earlier in his career, guys like Nik Stauskas and Mitch McGary and Glenn Robinson III and Daruis Morris all left much earlier than they should have. This is a problem with college basketball. I get that. But, he is going to have to deal with guys that make much more money than him, and if he doesn't produce soon, he will be gone.

Which leads me to another thing I read. He chose the Cavs because he will be able to rebuild. Sure, that sounds nice, but like I just said, how patient will that fan base be if they don't get the number one pick this year, and win 20 games over the next three years? That will not be fun. The 76ers fired a ton of coaches during the process era. The Lakers are on their third coach in 5 years because that fan base is hungry for wins. The Knicks have gone through a ton of coaches because they can't, or aren't willing to try, to win games. This could very well happen to Beilein. Cleveland is not a good team. They have one solid player in Colin Sexton, and nothing much else. I know Kevin Love is there, but he is only getting older, and he is always injured. I also think they are going to trade him. I like Cedi Osman, but he is still a work in progress. Tristan Thompson is a bum. Matthew Dellavedova is a scrub. I mean, this roster is rough. And if they don't get Zion Williamson, they will be probably take someone like RJ Barrett or Cam Reddish. Those guys are the definition of a project. I don't know if Beilein wants to take on that task.

The one thing I heard that has me not questioning his move was Beilein wants to try at the highest level. That actually makes sense. He is 66 years old, making him the third oldest coach in the NBA now. If he was going to try, now is the best, and possibly only, chance he has. When this contract is up, if he makes it all the way through, he will be 71, and, I'd assume, ready to retire. This is the only reason I, right now, will accept as to why he took this job.

I'm still stunned. I am upset because I adored him as the Michigan basketball coach. He made them a power again. He restored this team. They have been far superior to the football team for some time now. They have won big games. They have played on big stages. They did everything, minus a national title, that any fan would want to see. And now he is leaving to coach the Cavs. I just cannot wrap my head around that. I get the lure of the NBA, but if he really wanted to go, why not take the Pistons or Magic job that he interviewed for last year? They were both playoff teams with solid rosters this year. I just do not get the choice to take the Cavs job. He could've stayed at Michigan and been poised for another deep tourney run this year. He had some good recruits coming in. He had a great core returning. Now he gets to coach the remains of a team LeBron left in shambles a year ago.

I really do wish John Beilein nothing but the best, I always want to see former Wolverines shine at the highest level. I'm trying to not be so skeptical and cynical. But, this move is bizarre. This team is bad and he, if he doesn't show improvement very soon, will not finish out this contract. I've watched enough NBA to know that the Cavs front office is volatile, and while they like you today, they may hate you in a month, especially if you don't win games. I'm upset and bummed, but I hope John Beilein succeeds. I don't think he will, but I'm rooting for him.

What a bummer of a day to be a Michigan basketball fan. I'm curious to see who they hire next because it will set the tone for awhile. They don't necessarily need to make a "splash" hire. But, they need to make a very, very solid hire. I want to keep believing in this team like I did when Beilein was hired, and after what he has done for 12 seasons.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing, the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast, and the greatest basketball writer on the internet. 

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Saturday Sucked for Michigan Football Fans. Now Let's Move On


Saturday was tough.

That was a brutal way to end the regular season. Michigan got absolutely dominated in every phase of the game. They looked predictable and boring on offense. Their top ranked defense was absolutely shredded. The special teams couldn't get off punts and settled far too often, trying to play the field position game. The coaching was not good. It was horrendous on every level. The team was unprepared, feeling themselves way too much, blew a golden opportunity and played how they have played in every big game since Lloyd Carr retired, poorly. They weren't up for their biggest game of the year. They weren't ready. They thought the University of Ohio State was just going to roll over for them. They figured they were going to walk to the Big Ten title game and the College Football Playoff.

None of that happened.

The University of Michigan was embarrassed on a humongous stage in what should have been a big win for them. On paper they were the better team. On paper they had the better players. On paper they have the better coaches. But when it came to actually playing the game, they got the ass whooping they deserved. Karan Higdon, who I adore, didn't live up to his guarantee. Shea Patterson was flustered, pressured and mediocre all afternoon. The line couldn't open a hole against a team that let Minnesota and Maryland gash them for multiple big runs.

What was most frustrating for me was the defense. They could not stop anything on Saturday. What made it even more frustrating, they refused to deviate from their man coverage game plan that has worked so well all year. They stuck with it, and they got gashed again and again. I saw it in person last week, where Indiana was killing them with crossing routes. Well, the University of Ohio State has much better players than Indiana does. That much is a fact. But Michigan, Don Brown and Jim Harbaugh, also Greg Mattison and Chris Partridge, and the entire defensive staff for that matter, refused to make changes. They are usually so good at making adjustments, but for some reason on Saturday, they were too stubborn or dumb or arrogant or whatever to change. It was truly a terrifying watch for any Michigan fan.

I have been holding all this in until today because my wife and dad and brother didn't need to hear me gripe about this game. It was a disaster. It turned what was such a promising season into a massive disappointment. The one unit I have been able to count on all year really blew it. They had a major letdown at the worst possible time. It was awful. This was worse than Penn State crushing them last year. This was worse than the muffed punt in Harbaugh's first year against Michigan State. This was worse than most games from the Rich Rodriguez or Brady Hoke era. This much is true. They gave up a massive amount of yards, 62 points, probably could have been 70 plus, showed they aren't ready for primetime, were far too arrogant and got smacked in the mouth for it and got embarrassed. That is the best word.

Okay, got that out of my system.

Now for the other half of my blog today. As I stated above, Saturday was terrible for all Wolverine fans. But the talks of firing Jim Harbaugh and Don Brown need to stop. These guys are great coaches. I know Harbaugh hasn't beaten the University of Ohio State yet, but he has beaten Penn State twice, Wisconsin twice, Michigan State twice, and he is now getting to coach his recruits. Michigan was in a bad place when they hired him, and he has won 10 games three times in 4 years, and has won 38, with a chance at 39 games, in 4 seasons. While they are not a title contending team, they have gotten much better. Jim Harbaugh should not be fired. That talk is insane. The people saying that are fair weather fans. They are probably the same people that clamored for him 4 years ago. And, to those that want him fired, you just want to start over again? You want to go back to being even more mediocre again? Are you ready for more Brady Hoke style football? I'm sure as hell not. I can get just as annoyed and frustrated with Harbaugh and his stubborn play calling, but the guy is a hell of a college football coach, no matter what Tim Tebow and Paul Finebaum say.

To those calling for Don Brown's firing, they make me more angry than the people calling for Harbaugh's head. Don Brown has turned this defense into a unit to be feared. Saturday was a major aberration. It was harsh. It was an embarrassment. It was awful. But it was a one time thing. The defense had a horrible day. He called a bad game. It was bad. But what about the rest of this season, and the past 2 seasons under him? They are a fast and aggressive and solid defense. Last year, when this team was dreadfully awful on offense, the defense was why they won 8 games. His first season as the defensive coordinator, he turned Jabrill Peppers into a Heisman finalist. He has coached some of the top linebackers in college football. The guy knows defense, and he knows it well. If Harbaugh were to leave for the pros, he is not going to get fired, nor does he deserve to, I have stated to my father many times that I would want Michigan to just name Don Brown head coach. I feel like it would be a seamless transition. Sure he would need an offensive minded guy to run his offense, and I feel like being the offensive coordinator at Michigan would be a coveted job.

None of the coaches deserve to be let go. It was one very, very, very bad game. But it was one game. The talk of letting coaches go is stupid and reactionary and uncalled for. Stop it. For the people calling out the players, they need to chill the hell out. One, it is a game. Yes I was mad, and I may have said some things during the game, but after it was done, I was done being mad. The kids playing are just that, kids. They are also playing a game. I am not going to let one bad game ruin my week, month or year like I used to when I was a teenager and in my early 20's. After finishing this blog, I will have gotten it all off my chest, and I will move on. Some people are going way, way too hard on these kids playing a game. Yes it was rough, but let it go. They played pretty great in almost every other game this year. No one was bad mouthing them on social media when they were trouncing Wisconsin or Penn State. This was one game, get over it. Also, if you are in your 30's like me, think about the fact that you are yelling at kids that could be your own. That is sad.

Finally, ever the Michigan fan in me, wants to say that the coverage on Fox was atrocious. The 2 guys calling the game were clearly pulling for the University of Ohio State. They would only say kind words about them. And while I know nothing really good happened for Michigan, the announcers made sure it was even rougher on Michigan fans with the way they called the game. They were terrible.

What made all the sports media worse was all the love they were giving Urban Meyer. The fact that companies like Fox and ESPN are going to spin this one game as some kind of redemption for him is disgusting. Jemele Hill, who despises Michigan by the way, tweeted during the game something along the lines of, "the media will try to spin this as a redemption story for Meyer, but let us not forget he tried to cover for a domestic abuser. No one win will ever heal the pain that the abused family is going through". I couldn't agree with her more. Urban Meyer is a liar. He is a cheater. He has vouched for Aaron Hernandez. Everywhere he coaches, the moment he leaves, the program is left in shambles. Also, people love him while he is there, but the moment he is gone, they seem to hate him. All the shots of him trying to quell his "headaches" were nauseating. He is an actor. He wants people to feel bad for him. He wants people to talk about his "health problems" so when he leaves, that is the reason why. Also, if he really does have this big of a problem with his health, why is he still coaching? That is wrong. Shame on him for risking his health and family so he can look good on TV. His actions on the sidelines this season have been laughably bad. Even if he really does have this "headache" thing, I feel zero sympathy for him. He is a loathsome human being.

With all this being said, Saturday was bad. Michigan got smashed. They got the beating they deserved. But, don't paint Urban Meyer as some kind of hero. He is a disgraceful human being. Also, Jim Harbaugh and Don Brown and the entire Michigan staff, I am still behind you guys. Things will turn around soon, hopefully. As for the Wolverine players, you had one bad game. Let it got and get ready for your bowl game. Try to go out and get a win, especially the seniors, to forget about Saturday's disaster. Don't let this game beat you twice. That is what makes me most excited, to see how you respond. You have had an okay season. You have a chance at 11 wins. You can set the tone for next year. Go out and do it after you find out what bowl game you get. Make it count. I have not lost faith, nor will I ever. I love Michigan, I love the Wolverines, I love the staff and players. I still, and always will, have faith. This can all be turned around. I truly believe that.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Why does Ty care som much about a football game. Check out the X Millennial Man Podcast to learn how technology, and irrational love, makes a fan feel sick about their favorite team.

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The University of Michigan is First in the Big 10 When it Comes to Stress Free Traffic


To wrap up my week of remembering my trip to Ann Arbor, I want to talk about exiting the stadium after the game.

So, this is a real bone of contention for me. The amount of time it takes at other stadiums I’ve been to is infuriatingly frustrating. I’ve watched Michigan play college football games at Indiana, Northwestern and Illinois to date. Each place seems harder than the other to get out of. Northwestern is so tough because it’s in a residential part of Evanston. The stadium literally sits in the middle of a neighborhood. So that means that you not only have to deal with the regular game traffic, you have to deal with the people who live there that go out on game day. The parking is also always a crapshoot. You either get “lucky” and find a spot near the stadium for anywhere from 50-75 dollars or you have to park miles and miles from the stadium and make the trek. Illinois has similar problems. Parking isn’t as bad, but more times than not, you still have a hike to the stadium. And that includes tail gate parking. Leaving that stadium is a nightmare. It is like the worst drivers in the world all coalesce in one spot and drive as slow as possible. This is also where most of the drivers think honking the horn will make you move faster. It won’t. There’s still a line of people in front of you no matter how much you honk. It takes forever to get out of that stadium parking lot too. If you get out in less than an hour you are a much, much better driver than I am.

The worst is Indiana though. I’ve been there 3 times and I swear they are still doing the same construction from my first visit. This construction makes it an absolute nightmare getting in and out. Last year my father even bought a parking spot and it still didn’t matter due to the construction. He had to let me out so I could make kickoff. He didn’t show up until the second quarter because of the traffic. They don’t seem to plan for bigger college teams. They treat every game like any other game. It’s so insanely nuts with traffic I fear for my dad’s life because how mad he gets. It makes him so angry. It’s just as bad trying to get out. No one follows the traffic directors and cones. They just do as they please. And for out of towners, it’s horrifying. There’s also some weird back woods you have to drive through to get there. The whole Bloomington, Indiana experience, as far as football games go, is a shit show.

None of this happened at Michigan. Parking was easy. The tailgaters were nice. Finding our spot was simple. Getting out of the stadium, remember, there were 110,000 plus people there, was a cinch. They closed off one way of the street, thus giving the drivers 6 lanes to exit. It was the ideal situation. They seem to understand what they’re doing in Ann Arbor as far as the parking and exiting goes for football games. It was just another added bonus to a great trip. It was awesome.

The University of Michigan, and the town of Ann Arbor rules.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. The other great thing about Ann Arbor being a Big 10 football town, no one steals the stuff out of car. If only Madison Wisconsin could be like Ann Arbor.

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A Chronicle of a Day in My Sport Heaven

big house 1.jpg

Yesterday I returned home from my weekend in Ann Arbor with my father. I plan on spending the rest of the week talking about pretty much everything that happened while I was there. This was a very important and very fun trip for me. Many people have asked how it was, and the best response I can give them is, it was awe inspiring. I told my dad at one point that I felt like a yokel because I was just staring and my mouth was agape. I was in total awe of what I was looking at. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was soaking it all in because I do not know when I will be there again. Today I am going to focus on my experience at the game.

I'll start with how we spent the morning before the game started. My dad and I stayed at a hotel about 30 minutes from Ann Arbor, which was smart. It was cheaper and there wasn't an insane amount of traffic. We left the hotel in the morning, a little after 10 local time, and made our way. When we got to downtown Ann Arbor, we parked and went shopping. I needed to get my niece a birthday present and I wanted to get my wife and kids a little gift. I had 2 stores in mind. I wanted to go to Underground Printing and the M Den. These are the 2 shops were I personally get the majority of Michigan gear that I buy myself. They have all the best prices. Also, the M Den has about 8 different store fronts, but we went to the original one. Underground Printing was great. It is cool to go to the store and look and hold the gear in my hands. It is so much nicer than just looking, and hoping that it will fit, while online shopping. The M Den was a madhouse, it was packed and I couldn't have been more happy. This place was enormous and filled with people. My dad took a picture and it was nuts. But, this is where all the official gear is sold. Sure, it has a bit of a markup, but still, it is the best of the best. I wanted to buy everything in the store. I, which I am shocked by, did not buy anything for me. I only shopped for the people I needed to shop for. But, for any Wolverine fan, the M Den is the place to go. It is like the greatest candy store one can imagine.

After some shopping, we walked around, got some coffee and went to a local burger spot, more on that place later this week. After lunch we decided it was time to go to the stadium, 2 hours early, so we could park and take as many pictures as possible.

First off, the parking lot at the high school by the stadium, Pioneer High, was great. It was spacious, the tailgaters were welcoming and we found our spot with ease. We then started our walk to the stadium. I have been to a ton of college football games. My dad and I try to go to one game a year, but every other stadium now pails in comparison to the Big House. It was incredible. Again, we got to the stadium 2 hours early, walked around outside for about half an hour, and then found our seats, and there were more people there than at any other game I have ever been too. The stadium was half filled, so around 50-55 thousand people were there 90 minutes before game time. I've been to games that only have half that capacity for the game. I took so many pictures once we found our seats, which were in the 7th row on the 40 yard line right behind Michigan's bench. They were amazing.

When I walked into the stadium I forgot that it was a bowl. That means when you walk in, you are at or near the top. We had to walk down a good 50 flights of steps to get to our seats. Then, to see that humongous maize M on the 50 yard line gave me chills. To see the navy end zone with the maize Michigan written across was beautiful. To see all the seats was jaw dropping. Looking at the 2 big screens on both sides of the stadium made me cackle with joy. But, the coup de gras for me were the giant navy sign on both sides of the stadium with the enormous maize M. That is the symbol I know from video games and watching this team on TV for three decades now. That is how I knew I was actually there. It all felt like a dream, like it was not real, until I saw that M. That was when it all flooded in for me. This is when the grinning began and didn't stop. I texted my wife so many pictures of it because I was so excited. I couldn't believe that I was actually there.

After the initial shock of all this, my father, ever the calming influence on me, decided we should walk around so I could calm down. This was great because I did calm down, but I also got to see the bowels of the stadium. I got to see all the memorabilia they had out. I got to see the pillars with their fight song. I got to see the Crisler Center, which is right next to Michigan stadium. Most importantly though, I got to commiserate with fellow Michigan fans. So often my dad and I are in the minority. We root for the guest. Saturday, we were one of over 100,000 people rooting for the Wolverines. I was with my fellow football people. It was amazing.

With about 45 minutes of walking around we went back to our seats to "relax" before the game. This was when I got to see my beloved team in their home jerseys warming up. I was like a kid again. I kept pointing out players and coaches and saying their names to my dad, as if he didn't already know who they were. I snapped photos of the QB's warming up. I took pictures of the team stretching. I took pictures of Jim Harbaugh catching passes from all 4 of his dressed QB's. I watched the defense go through their drills with great joy. I was back into my mouth agape state. I was floored by how awesome the marching band was. All the before game stuff was heightened due to the fact that I was in Michigan Stadium.

Both teams then retreated to the locker room, and we edged closer to the game. It was Senior Day, so we got to watch the parents of the seniors walk out and hear the crowd cheer for them and their son's. They set up the big Go Blue banner that they touch prior to the game. The band played the fight song over and over again, and I sang it louder each time. By the way, I didn't even go to school there. And with about a minute left before the coin toss, the team ran out and touched the banner. This was like the big maize M for me. This is a thing I have seen all my life on TV or in video games, and I was now seeing it live and in person. It was heart stopping. I legit felt like crying I was so happy. Also, we were so close to the team that I could see each players face. It was amazing.

The game started and for the next 4 hours I was with my people. The game wasn't great, Michigan barely escaped, but I was there. I could see and hear everything that fellow lifelong Michigan fans do at home games. I saw Braylon Edwards little brother Berkley get knocked out cold. That was the most frightening things I have ever seen live. He did not move after he was hit, and they had to stretcher him off the field. I saw Chase Winovich get hurt. I saw Shea Patterson miss some throws, but also make some crucial throws. I saw Karan Higdon cut and dash and grind out 100 plus yards on 21 carries and score the go ahead TD. I saw the defense step up when needed. I saw Rashan Gary, who is as big a human as I have ever seen in person, get a critical sack late in the game. I saw the backup kicker set a record for field goals in a game. I saw Tru Wilson, a former walk on, play probably his best game of the year. Same for Chris Evans. I saw Harbaugh get on the refs. I saw Donovan Peoples Jones return punts with gusto. I have seen all this on TV, but I actually saw it in person, and it was ten million times better. Even after the game, my father said we were going to stick around for awhile and let the crowd thin out. I couldn't have been more thrilled. I got to see the players get interviewed on the field after the game. I got to see the players run to the student section and sing the fight song as they do after every home win. I saw all these things that I have seen my whole life from 7 hours away on TV in person. I was overjoyed.

I called my wife right after we got to the car and excitedly told her about everything I just told you all. She must have felt like she was dealing with another 6 year old. That was how giddy I was. This was an experience I will never, ever forget. I was, the best word I can find, in complete and total awe of Michigan Stadium and the game experience. No other stadium, college or pro, will ever live up to this for me, and I couldn't be happier about that. Michigan Stadium wildly exceeded my wildest expectations. I have been there once before, but I was in my early 20's, and I didn't appreciate it. I did not make that mistake this time. I documented everything, but honestly, I wrote this whole thing simply from memory. I know it was only 2 days ago, but I can guarantee that I will remember this past Saturday as well 10, 15 and 20 years down the line.

This was, by far, the greatest sports experience of my life. I'm still a little in shock at how awesome the whole day was. That stadium is a wonder of the world. The total crowd, they flashed it on the screen, was 110,158. I was one of those people. It was cold, and I didn't care. This was amazing. Everyone, even if you are not a Michigan fan or a football fan, should go see this place and gaze in amazement at how beautiful and big and imposing and wonderful it is. This was a once in a lifetime thing for me. Hopefully I get to do this again soon, but if not, at least I have this past Saturday. It was the best. It was awesome. I'm still shaking. I am still in awe.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He forgot to mention how awesome his bathroom experience was. When Ty flushed the toilet, the Michigan fight song would play. Maybe he just imagined that one.

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John Beilein is Staying at Michigan. That is Great News


Yesterday John Beilein confirmed that he is returning to coach the university of Michigan men's basketball team. Today he even said that he wants to finish his coaching career at Michigan. All of this comes about a week after he was made the odds on favorite to land the open Detroit Pistons head coaching job. I had very mixed emotions about all of this.

First off, I am not a Pistons fan, but I do not have the same visceral hatred for them as I do the LA Clippers. I am very indifferent when it comes to the Pistons. But, I know that there were many, many fans in Detroit that were very shook up by this news. They have love for Beilein, but I also think they thought that he would have been a good choice for the Pistons. It had to be hard for them to choose between their love for their pro team and their college team. I get it in the college sense, but as I said, I don't really care either way about the Pistons.

I was also feeling very odd about the news because it isn't Michigan's basketball coach that is always rumored to be going to the pros, it is their football coach. Every year since Jim Harbaugh has taken over Michigan's football team, some journalist or talking head has said that he will be leaving for the NFL. This has been going on for four years now. I'm used to the rumors, and to be quite frank, I always expect him to bolt. But, for John Beilein to be the one that was going to jump to the pros, it kind of shook me.

Coach Beilein has done wonders at Michigan. When he took over around 11 years ago, that team was a mess. They were still reeling from the Fab Five and Robert Traylor sanctions, and they were at the bottom of the Big Ten. Since then, they have slowly crept their way to, at least, being in the top half of the Big Ten, ranked in the top 25 every year and pretty much always an NCAA tournament team. He has also taken Michigan to 2 Final Four's and 2 title games. He has done all of this with, mostly, guys that were under recruited in high school. Yes, he pulled in some big time guys, Mitch McGary, Glenn Robinson III and Tim Hardaway Jr all come to mind. But, he has done most of his damage with the less heralded recruits. Trey Burke was Mr. Ohio basketball, but not even the University of Ohio State would recruit him. They said they didn't have space for him. And look at what Burke did in his 3 years at Michigan. He led them to a national title appearance, won NCAA player of the year, hit that spectacular shot against KU and was a lottery pick. I give Burke most of the credit, but it was Beilein's system and coaching that really made him a great college player. There is also a guy like Nik Stauskas. No one knew much of this scrawny kid out of Canada. But, he came to Michigan, became a lethal three point shooter and he also became a lottery pick. Again, I give a ton of credit to Beilein for doing that. Or take someone like Jordan Morgan, Beilein's first real big man. For those that know, Beilein likes to run a space and pace offense with shooters everywhere, and one big guy to rebound. Well, Morgan could rebound and defend, but he also became a very capable scorer under Beilein's tutelage. He now has a successful career overseas. And we have guys like Darius Morris, who was kind of a big time recruit, came to Michigan, struggled his freshman year, learned the offense, had a great sophomore year and turned that into a pro career. Manny Harris is another guy that thrived under Beilein.

I then look at the team from last year. After the plane crash, then going on to win the Big Ten tournament, and make a run to the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA tournament. That was amazing, and he did it with very unheralded recruits. Zak Irvin was a big time contributor on that team. Mo Wagner was still learning the college game. DJ Wilson blossomed in the tournament. Muhammed Ali Abdur Rahkmann was still figuring it out. And Derrick Walton, I don't think I have ever trusted a player with a coach's system since the Fab Five guys, as I did with Walton and Beilein's system. Walton Jr was incredible at running the super intricate plays that Beilein puts in there, and they had a great run.

Then we have last season. After Walton Jr and Irvin graduated, and DJ Wilson declared for the draft, I did not expect much from Michigan. I figured they would be a tournament team, and maybe make it to the second round, but that was it. But, with Wagner finally playing well and Abdur Rahkmann easily stepping into the Derrick Walton role, and Zavier Simpson doing great things and Jon Teske being a great back up center, and all those freshman, Isiah Livers and Jordan Poole come to mind, this team pushed all the way to the title game. Yes, they got throttled, but they made it there, and I give all the credit in the world to John Beilein for that. He turned these 3 and 4 star guys into a great team. Michigan doesn't need the "one and done" guys with Beilein there. He will develop guys.

So, that was why I was a little shook when he was interviewing for the Pistons job, and then especially when everyone thought he was going to get it. He just feels like a college coach to me. He is where he belongs. And hey, I would have not blamed him for one second of he took the Pistons job. I fully understand wanting to compete at the highest level to see if you can hack it. I have heard numerous people say it, and it is very true, there are only 30 head coaching jobs in the NBA, so if someone wants you, you must be doing something right. He has earned the right to have his choice. But boy am I glad he stayed at Michigan. I truly do hope he stays there for the rest of his career because he has made me care about their basketball team once again. I still love their football team with all of my heart, when it comes to sports, but I am starting to get there with the basketball program too. That is all due to John Beilein.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing, the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast, and the greatest basketball writer on all the internet.

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Keith Jackson Taught this Millennial to Love Football


About one year ago we lost Craig Sager. I know that there is some crazy stuff going on with his will right now, but that doesn't discount the fact that he was one of the best basketball analysts and reporters that we have ever seen. I still miss his sideline interviews. This weekend we lost another great sports broadcaster. Keith Jackson passed away on Saturday at the age of 89.

Keith Jackson, in every way, was more important to me as a broadcaster than anyone ever, including Sager. The reason, Jackson is the first announcer that I can vividly remember hearing and enjoying. He always seemed to call the Rose Bowl, and most importantly for me, pretty much all of Michigan's football games that were televised on ABC. As I child I can remember hearing him say his patented, "Whoa Nellie!" during many Michigan games. He is one of my first memories watching Michigan football with my dad. He is right up there with Bo Schembechler. Not in terms of importance, but significance.

As I said, he was always calling Michigan games and the Rose Bowl, and when he was announcing, Michigan seemed to be a regular in the Rose Bowl. I used to get the pleasure of hearing him call anywhere from 3-6 Michigan football games a year, and he was great. I mentioned the "Whoa Nellie!", but he wasn't just a catch phrase guy, he knew the game and knew it well. He helped me to understand football. He, not as much as my father, but still, helped me understand how important Michigan football was/is.

It wasn't just Michigan, Jackson knew every team, and knew them well. He could tell so many stories about so many different teams. He was very well versed in college football. The man was a genius broadcaster if you ask me. He could break down film before it was en vogue to do that. He could rattle off the names of former greats at specific schools without needing to take notes. He remembered important dates in college football better than anyone else. But above all, he was a joy to listen to.

I wish we had more announcers like Keith Jackson nowadays. I know this sounds weird coming from the millennial, but Jackson is the best football broadcaster ever, at least for me. He was soft spoken yet brilliant. He did have the catch phrase, but like I said, he was so much more. He understood the game better than his colleagues. He was most certainly more respected than his colleagues. He was one of the few people that Schembechler would actually talk to. That's a huge deal for a guy like Schembechler. I'm sure the same can be said for Woody Hayes, John Robinson and any other coach from the Big Ten, and back when he was calling games, the Pac 10. He was the guy that these coaches wanted to talk to. When he would call the games I can remember my father pointing Jackson out specifically as the only announcer he liked. I am now the same way. When I watch games now, I either complain about who is calling it, or mute the game and listen to music while I watch. I never, ever did anything like that with Keith Jackson. He was must listen when he was on a game. I prefer Jackson to a guy like John Madden. While I kind of enjoyed Madden, and even Summerall to a certain extent, they were nowhere near the talent that Jackson was.

To prove how great Jackson was, he made me tolerate Dan Fouts. Watching the NFL playoffs yesterday, with Fouts calling a game, I was enraged at his total lack of knowledge. Then I remembered that he used to be the color guy with Jackson, and I was amazed that he used to not bother me like he did yesterday. That is strictly due to the brilliance of Keith Jackson. Even after he retired about a decade or so ago, I still watched old games on ESPN Classic that he would call just to hear his voice. The fact that he is gone now makes the people currently calling games that much worse. They will never live up to the excellence that Jackson brought to the game.

The closet we have to a Keith Jackson is probably Kirk Herbstreit, and he is way, way, way behind Jackson's greatness, and will never achieve the respect or accolades that Jackson did. The NFL announcers are even worse. Morons like Cris Collinsworth, Al Michaels and Tony Romo wish they were 1/100th the announcer that Jackson was. I am really going to miss Keith Jackson. He gave me so much joy. He was the last great college football announcer. We will never have another person as awesome as he was at calling games. I hope wherever he is now he is chatting it up with Pat Summerall and Howard Cossell. That would be ideal.

Rest In Peace Keith Jackson. You will be greatly missed.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. 

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December 13th, 1997. Best Birthday Ever


Today is my birthday. I am now 35 years old. I want to do something a little bit different for my piece today. I was thinking about all the birthday party's that I have had, and I want to single out one specific birthday party that I feel like was the cream of the crop when I was a pre teen and a teenager. There were a lot of tough choices that needed to be made. I remember being a pre teen and having a party at the bowling alley and getting a real bowling pin and the VHS copy of "Wayne's World". That birthday was great, but not as great as the one I am going to focus on today. I also had to get rid of a good amount of the sleepover party's that were always fun as a kid. There have been concerts and comedy shows that I have seen on my birthday that have been great that had to be pushed out. Hell, I saw "The Disaster Artist" this past Saturday for my birthday, and while that date ruled, it gets a very close second place.

For me, the pinnacle birthday that I had was when I turned 15 in 1997. First off, I was one year away from getting my drivers license. That was great because I knew that I only had one more year until I could drive anywhere that I wanted. I was a freshman in high school too, so this was one of the first birthday party's that I had where it was just me and my friends. I love sports, and basketball is in full swing, both college and the NBA, in mid December. Also, the Heisman Trophy is always given out right around my birthday every year.

So, you might be asking, why is this birthday your "best birthday"? Many, many reasons everyone. As I mentioned, I was in high school, so I invited a few of my closest friends over and we all went to Old Country Buffet. Now imagine the delight that a bunch of football and basketball players, in their early teens, going to an all you can eat buffet. My folks drove us there, but they stayed because my mom and dad rule, and my friends have always gotten along really well with my parents. My friends and I absolutely threw down. I ate so much mac and cheese, pizza, wings, roast beef, ice cream and cake. It was awesome. I literally ate all that I could eat. So did my friends. We then proceeded to head to my parents house because I wanted to watch the Heisman ceremony and Michigan basketball was facing the number one ranked Duke Blue Devils that night.

The basketball game was on first, so we all sat down and watched, while my father joined us. This was right before Michigan got hammered by sanctions, and they had a pretty decent team. They weren't ranked, but they could play. Guys like Louis Bullock and Robert "Tractor" Traylor were their stars. I did not think Michigan would win, but I thought they would give them a game. Well, the game unfolded and Traylor could not be stopped. He was so god damn dominant. Watching him that night was a revelation for me. I've always been a little chubby, but I consider myself a decent basketball player. Charles Barkley was my first role model, but "Tractor" Traylor was the first rotund big guy that made me think that I could be a real player. He just could not be stopped that evening. Michigan ended up winning the game. They controlled the tempo from start to finish and they knocked off the number one Duke Blue Devils.

My birthday could not get any better as far as sports went, or so I thought. Still off the high that Michigan beat Duke in basketball, my friends, my father and I then watched the Heisman ceremony because Charles Woodson was a finalist. Again, I was happy that a Michigan guy was there, but I was certain that either Peyton Manning or Randy Moss would take home the trophy that night. How about those three guys as Heisman finalists? That is a hell of a lineup. Manning and Moss were the glamour guys that year, that is why I figured one of them would win. But, again, a Michigan win shocked me, Charles Woodson, my all time favorite football player ever, took home the Heisman. He is still the only primarily defensive player to win the award. I know that Manti Teo and Jabrill Peppers have gone to New York for the ceremony, but Woodson won the award. I was beside myself.

Michigan had 2 great wins that night. When I didn't think it could get any better, coming off the basketball win, Woodson took home the biggest award in college football that night. Michigan would go on to win the National Title that year too.(I do not agree with the people who gave them a split with Nebraska. Michigan played a much tougher schedule, won every game, and didn't need help from refs, look up Nebraska-Missouri that year, to win the Rose Bowl. They are the outright champs) After the Heisman ceremony my dad retired to bed, and my friends had to listen to me talk about Michigan sports the rest of the night. They were all good sports.

For all the reasons that I laid out above, my 15th birthday just stands out as the one I remember most. It was a great night all around. The food, the friends, my parents and all the Michigan stuff made for a perfect birthday. This is the best birthday party that I have had. I will always remember that day until I am no longer on Earth. It was truly an amazing night.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. It is his birthday today. Even at 35, he is still the baby brother of the Head Editor. Happy birthday bro.

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Take a Step Back Wolverine Fans / Haters and Chill Out About Jim Harbaugh

Artist depiction of Ty hearing people talk about Michigan football

Artist depiction of Ty hearing people talk about Michigan football

Saturday night I watched the Penn State-Michigan game because I watch every Michigan game. I'm a lifelong super fan as you all know by now. College football season is my favorite sports time of the year, and it gets no better than watching Michigan football for me. They are not always the best team, but they are my team and I will follow them to the ends of the world.

With that being said, Saturday night was rough. I knew Michigan's offense was bad, but this was, quite possibly, one of the worst performances I have seen from their defense. I was leaning on that defense to keep this game within reach. That didn't happen. They just could not stop anything Penn State did. Penn State ran and passed at will. It was tough, and I was frustrated after the game. John O'Korn played a better than he has since the Purdue game, but it still wasn't good enough. Their run game in the second half was non existent. Their O line could not block. And the defense, as I have already said, got shredded.

With all of this being said, and watching Michigan get trashed, people who claim to be "true" Michigan fans need to chill out with the skepticism of Jim Harbaugh and his coaching staff. I just do not get these people attacking him on a daily basis now. I was one of the very few people that did not want Michigan to go after Harbaugh, for fear that he would leave after 3 or 4 years, which he still may do. But, he has, for the exception of 2 games, has this team ready to compete and play every Saturday. This team is up almost all the time. Harbaugh inherited a team that was so poorly coached by Brady Hoke that I expected them to win maybe 6 games in his first year. He won 10, counting their bowl game. They would have won 11 if not for a muffed punt against Michigan State, who was a playoff team that year. His second year there, still with mostly Hoke recruits, he had them in the playoff conversation all year. Even after they blew that game at Iowa, they still had a shot. Sure, they got screwed at the University of Ohio State, but they still played in a New Years Six bowl, and would have won if Jabrill Peppers had played. Harbaugh and his staff also turned Peppers into a Heisman finalist. They also turned Wilton Speight into a legit Big Ten QB. They made Jake Butt an even better tight end. Jehu Chesson and Amara Darboh both became NFL draft picks after 2 years under Harbaugh and his staff. The defense only got better, even after DJ Durkin left to coach Maryland. I loved the hiring of Don Brown, and even after Saturday's performance, I am still a big Don Brown fan. So the backlash, the hate, the scorn, the questioning from all kinds of places need to stop.

David Pollack was one of the first people to call him out after this year's Michigan State game, saying he was very bad against rivals. This is the same David Pollack that thinks women shouldn't be allowed to be football broadcasters and play by play callers. So whatever he says, I brush it aside because he is a chauvinist pig. Screw him.

Paul Finebaum has been Harbaugh's biggest critic for three years now, but he is a total douchebag moron, so who in the hell cares what he says. He is always making some hot take, or claiming he is going to leave for the pros because he "can't hack it in the college game". I ask Paul Finebaum though, how many college football teams have you coached? Even better, how much football have you played in your life? Also, how is your alma mater, Tennessee, doing at football right now? You happy with Butch Jones? At least Michigan is relevant. How relevant is Tennessee now? So whatever Finebaum says, just brush it aside. He is ESPN's newer version of Skip Bayless, who is a racist moron.

Then I saw an article this morning saying that, over the past 11 games, Butch Jones and Jim Harbaugh have the same record. So the hell what? That has absolutely nothing to do with their coaching abilities. They just happen to have the same record, over 11 games, but I would venture a guess that Michigan has played much, much better teams. Also, Michigan, with 2 exceptions, does not get blown out or make bone headed, late game decisions like a Butch Jones coached team does. Again, that "stat" is nonsense.

To bring it all home though, for these idiots calling out Harbaugh and his staff, do you really want to go back to the days of Rich Rod or Brady Hoke or even, end of his career Lloyd Carr? First, Lloyd Carr was an amazing Michigan coach. He won a national title and was always ranked and always won, at least, 8 games a year. But, near the end, the college game, what with the spread offense and utilizing speed over size, had passed him by. His time was up, and he walked away. But Rich Rod and Hoke turned this program into a very mediocre program. Rich Rod came in, tried to change the whole culture, into a spread option team, and it was a disaster from day one. Big time players transferred and we were left with undersized guys that were ill fit at their positions. Remember Steven Threet and Nick Sheridan? How about Tate Forcier? Those Michigan teams were horrendous. They were disgusting to watch on offense, and they couldn't really stop anyone on defense. In Rich Rod's first year he went 3-9. He followed that up with a 5-7, then a 7-6. Then, he was fired, with just cause. His record in three years was 15-22. He also had a horrific Big Ten record. The team was in the tank, and they went out, after trying very hard to get Harbaugh and Les Miles, who both turned them down, brought back a former D line coach, Brady Hoke. In his first year he seemed like the perfect fit. Michigan went 11-2 and won the Sugar Bowl. Denard Robinson was great. Their defense was much better. Then, in Hoke's second year, Robinson got hurt and they had to turn to Devin Gardner. Gardner was fine, the defense was getting even better, but they stumbled to an 8-5 finish. They couldn't close out games, and the defense spent way too much time on the field. In Hoke's third year Gardner fell apart, got hurt, Hoke left a concussed Shane Morris in a game, the offense was completely stagnant and they limped to a 5-7 finish. I saw their last win that year live, at Northwestern, and that game should have been the last that Hoke coached. That game was atrocious, and they won. Hoke was fired, due to a decline in wins every year, and the Shane Morris incident, and his record after 3 full seasons was 24-14. He had a decent record, but the team was regressing and getting worse every year. He clearly did not have what it takes to be the coach of a big time program. Also, that Shane Morris incident will stay with me forever. That was a horrific thing to watch.

After Hoke was gone, Michigan, with an new AD, went out and did everything they could to get their man, Jim Harbaugh. And, after a few weeks of speculation, Harbaugh took the job. As I said, I was a skeptic, but I was also a bit excited. Hoke did not leave the cupboard bare, especially on defense, and with Harbaugh's reputation as a motivator, I was curious to see how he was going to do with these players. He has also been given carte blanche to basically do whatever he wants, within the NCAA rules. They opened his first year at Utah, and even while taking a loss, I was optimistic that this team could be decent. They ended up finishing the regular season at 9-3, with the only losses being to a very good Utah team, the muffed punt game and getting blown out by a very good University of Ohio State team. They then hammered Florida in their bowl game to finish up at 10-3. That was much more than I expected. Than we had last year. They jumped out to 9-0, blew a very close and ugly game to Iowa, then Speight got hurt, and then they got screwed by the refs at the University of Ohio State. They finished the regular season at 10-2, and made the Sugar Bowl. Speight played that game hurt, Jake Butt tore his ACL in the first quarter and Jabrill Peppers didn't play. They still had a chance to beat FSU, but they couldn't finish them off. They ended that season with an identical record to Harbaugh's first year, 10-3. It was a "frustrating" year, but I was happy to be back to expecting great things from Michigan football.

Coming into this year, losing 17 starters total, I was very interested to see how they would play. They opened by hammering Florida, but they did not look good on offense. They actually had 2 defensive touchdowns in that game. The defense looked great. In fact, the defense has looked really good all the way up until last Saturday. They have shut down everyone, even Michigan State, except for Penn State, who is really good by the way.

But, after getting blown out, people are all up in arms, and they are taking aim at Harbaugh and staff. Where we sit today, they are outside the top 25, as they should be, and they are 5-2. So, through 2 and a half seasons, Harbaugh's record at Michigan right now is 25-8. He has surpassed Hoke midway through his third season. He surpassed Rich Rod's win total midway through his second year. And this year, this team is so very, very young. The critics want to come at Harbaugh because he is a big personality, but why aren't these same people, the Paul Finebaum's or David Pollack's of the world, coming at Jimbo Fisher or Ed Orgeron or Dabo Swinney or even, Butch Jones. FSU was preseason number 3 and they are 2-4 right now. They say, "they are down to their second team QB and they have played a hard schedule". Michigan is on their second string QB, and they too have played a hard schedule, including 4 road games. Ed Orgeron may have turned LSU around lately, but they barely beat Syracuse and got beat at home by Troy. Why aren't these "experts" calling for his head. Dabo Swinney won the title last year, but his team got beat at Syracuse in their last game. They say, "well, he lost his star QB", but so has Michigan. Butch Jones has become a joke, but I never ever hear Paul Finebaum truly bad mouth him the way he attacks Harbaugh. Finebaum is so in the bag for ESPN and the SEC, it is disturbing. What about Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma? His team started out hot, but the same week Harbaugh was getting trashed  for getting beat by MSU in a rain storm, Oklahoma got beat by Iowa State, who was a 30 plus point underdog. The game was in Norman too. Also, Oklahoma hasn't looked great the past 2 weeks against Texas and Kansas State. Where is the Lincoln Riley scorn? How about Tom Hermann at Texas? All these guys give him a pass because it is his first year, but Texas is 3-4 and they are as abysmal as Michigan is on offense. What about USC's head coach. They got beat by more than Michigan did, yet all the talk on ESPN, Bleacher Report, whatever sports program or magazine or website you read has only Michigan getting crushed stories. USC has been just as inconsistent as Michigan has been, but they don't get the hate that Michigan does.

I know that Harbaugh is a big personality, as I have already said, and is a big name, but Michigan fans, and the media, need to chill out. He is doing very good things with this team, and I think, maybe even next year, this team will be back to being contenders, as long as this staff sticks around. And as far as the media goes, all they do now is hot takes. We are talking about people who continue to allow Lavar Ball on TV. These are the same people that suspend Jemel Hill when all she was doing was using free speech. These are the same people that just want clicks on their websites. I'm still fully on board with Harbaugh, and remember, I was one of the very few who did not want Michigan to hire him. The rest of the season is going to be frustrating. Hell, Rutgers is coming to Ann Arbor on a 2 game win streak, Minnesota has a good defense, Illinois always plays them tough, they have to play Wisconsin in Camp Randall and there is always the University of Ohio State to end up the year. But, hang in there. Hopefully Harbaugh sticks around, goes either 7-5 or 8-4 this year, then comes in next year with a team that should be back to winning double digit games.

This is just my long winded way of saying chill out. Things will be just fine in Ann Arbor, and Jim Harbaugh is the right man for the job.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He recently saw the power of Michigan's offense live. It was dreadful.

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Paul Finebaum fits Right in with Sports Talk Idiots

Finebaum's bulb is not half this bright

Finebaum's bulb is not half this bright

One year ago on this date and on this website, I wrote about how terrible football announcer Chris Collinsworth really is. Today, to kind of try and keep a tradition, I'm going to write about another nitwit that acts like he is way too big for his britches, and thinks he knows more about college football than anyone else. The person I'm going to crush today is ESPN's own, Paul Finebaum.

I have really, really disliked this guy since the moment I saw him on the SEC channel on ESPN. He became widely known when he let an, I don't know if it was Alabama or Auburn fan, but some crazed fan go off on his radio show. The whole thing was bizarre, but it let the world know who Paul Finebaum, the person, is. He is your typical, I'm going to say something so stupid and ridiculous, that it will make people talk about me type of person. Hell, I'm talking about today and I loathe him.

But lately, he is turning into the new version of Skip Bayless, and that is by no means a complement. I guess ESPN needs a blowhard, no matter how many leave, or they "fire", They had Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith, and now, they have Paul Finebaum. The one thing these guys have in common, they are blowhard racists. I guess they do have another thing in common, they are so blinded by their homerism, they can't see good in any other team or conference.

Finebaum, as I have already stated, works for ESPN's SEC channel, so he is completely in the bag for the SEC. But, he does not like the whole SEC, but he LOVES Alabama. They can do no wrong in Finebaum's opinion. Yes, they are dominant, but as a sports journalists, I don't know how many times I have said this on this site, but I'm going to say it again, you cannot be biased when you are a journalist that appears on TV. This is what makes Kirk Herbstreit great. He can call any game, and you would never know that he played at the University of Ohio State(I know that's wrong, but when a star player calls his college that, that is what I'm going to call it from now on). But Finebaum, a guy that have never played a down of football it seems, acts like he is on the staff at Alabama. He will not say one bad thing about them, but he will crush other college teams. He is a big basher of Michigan football. I don't know why he has this vendetta, but he has chastised the fans, calls Jim Harbaugh an idiot, amongst other things and blasts them for being overrated. But, bring up another SEC school, Tennessee for example, he will say that they are turning it around, and that Butch Jones is a good guy.

What a crock.

Yeah, Harbaugh is loud and boisterous and finds loopholes that other SEC coaches can't find, but he is nowhere near as bad a person as Butch Jones, and he is not an all time curmudgeon like Nick Saban. but, bring up Harbaugh, or any other Big Ten coach, with the exception being Urban Meyer, and Finebaum feels that it is his place to put them in line.

First off, who in the hell cares what Paul finebaum has to say. He is a very, very poor man's version of John Clayton. At least Clayton worked in the NFL, and is very knowledgeable. Finebaum, he is, at best, a fan boy. When Cam Robinson, who I have written about twice on this site, got arrested for stealing guns, he sided with the people at Alabama, saying that it was a mistake and we can't let this ruin his college career. I bet if Robinson played for Michigan, Wisconsin, Michigan State or Northwestern, he'd be at his pulpit saying this kid needs to be kicked out of college football and school. But, since he is at Alabama, he gives this kid a pass.

Second, Finebaum is terrible on TV. Whenever he is on "College Football Live", or any iteration of some college football talk show on ESPN, I change the channel. He has no idea what he is talking about, and it all sounds like gibberish. He goes on and on about nonsensical topics, and I think he talks just because he likes to hear his own voice. I also think that he truly believes that if Nick Saban is watching, he may contact Finebaum and tell him how great he is, like a child waits for an autograph.

The fact that he came out recently and said that the Big Ten conference is the best in college football right now is a crock. He does not like any school in the Big Ten, except for the University of Ohio State, and that is just because their coach is a former SEC coach. If anyone else coached that school, he would never talk about the Big Ten.

There is also a reason that Finebaum never calls any college games, because he can't. He is incapable of calling a game properly. I truly believes he has no idea how the game of football actually works. He may know about recruiting and stuff in the South, but I truly believe that he does not know the rules of the game. I have never seen him call a game ever, on any network. This should speak volumes to people.

Paul Finebaum represents all the problems that a network like ESPN has right now. He is a blowhard, he is stupid, he is a fan boy, he only cares about hot takes and he doesn't really know anything about the sport that he is supposed to be an "expert" on. I would rather listen to guys like Todd McShay and Tom Luginbill call games, and I HATE those guys. At least they played and know the game of football. Paul Finebaum is a joke and an embarrassment to the people at ESPN, which is an embarrassment itself. This dude is inept, and until he is off the air, we, the college football fanatics, will have to deal with his nonsense. Screw you Paul Finebaum. You are TERRIBLE.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He has a long going beef with ESPN. Maybe if he added some squash. Follow Ty on instagram, twitter.

Michigan's Satellite Camp Upset the Wrong Group of Crybabies

The look the NCAA gave to Jim Harbaugh

The look the NCAA gave to Jim Harbaugh

As was expected, last Friday the stupid NCAA, and their equally stupid president, Mark Emmert, deemed the satellite camps that Jim Harbaugh was running illegal. They didn't really give a quality reason, but at this point, why would we expect a good answer from the corrupt NCAA. All they and Emmert had to was get some big named SEC, ACC and other Big Ten, high profile coaches, to complain that this was "unfair". They didn't think of it, so it had to be unfair, right? The NCAA's rule book is so thick and filled with some of the dumbest, most inexplicable rules, these satellite camps had to be illegal? Wrong to both of those questions.

There was no rule saying that coaches couldn't hold camps like this over spring break. If the players wanted to give up their free time and the coaches wanted to give up their free time, they were allowed to do that. It lasted for two years. After this second one was completed, these big name coaches came out and started to complain. Guys like Will Muschamp thought it was unfair. Gus Malzahn chimed in with his two cents. Even Big Ten colleagues, like the two biggest douchebags in the conference, Urban Meyer and Mark Dantonio, first complained, then decided that they wanted to bring their players to a camp like this. So, they didn't like it at first, but when they found that they could recruit in the South, in the offseason, they wanted to come aboard. What a bunch of lemmings.

None of these coaches voices mattered. It wasn't until early last week when Satan himself, Nick Saban, came out and said he thought that theses camps were illegal and unfair. As soon as I read that Saban was upset with what Harbaugh was doing, I knew these satellite camps had little to no time left. That was all the NCAA and Mark Emmert needed to hear. The NCAA and Emmert do not want to upset the "mighty" SEC and the "mighty" Nick Saban and their partner in crime, ESPN. These three were the loudest, biggest whiners and dissenters when talking about these camps. Mike Wilbon would openly berate Jim Harbaugh on "PTI" for, "taking these kids away from their families to work on Spring Break". I would always think to myself, had Pat Fitzgerald come up with this idea, he would never be this clever or innovative because he is an idiot, Wilbon would love this idea. But, since it came from a coach at Michigan, he was opposed. Speaking to Nick Saban complaining about this, he is just jealous that he didn't think of it first. He would have abused this to no end, had he set up satellite camps in the Midwest and the North, to recruit and make his team even better. And, the NCAA would have praised him for doing it. He would have done it year round as well. Harbaugh only did it for one week of the spring. Saban would be doing right now, had he thought of it first.

Yes, I'm a Michigan fan, we all know this by now, but I truly believe that what Harbaugh has done, in less than 2 years, has the "mighty" Nick Saban worried. Saban is a great college coach, but he has never really been challenged by anyone at the college level. People usually cower in fear of him. He is a bully to his players, his staff and sports writers, but they never challenge him. But, Harbaugh is openly going after him now, specifically setting these camps up in his territory and I think that has scared him. That's why he came out and condemned the camps. This is the first time since he rejoined the college ranks that he has been challenged by another coach and he is scared. He knew that if he ran to the NCAA and Emmert and complained, they would bow to his request. That is the move of a coward. The SEC is filled with cowards that are terrified of being challenged by an outsider. That is why guys like Muschamp and Malzone complained too. They are scared, especially Muschamp after what the Wolverines did to his "vaunted" defense in the Citrus Bowl this year. Then, to have coaches in your own conference complain, I mean, what a dick move.

I expected this from Urban Meyer because he only knows how to cheat the system. He illegally recruits and passes players with poor grades and lets players with multiple arrests continue to play with no repercussions. He is a world class cheater, so naturally he'd be upset that Harbaugh found a perfectly legal way to recruit in the South, in the offseason. But Dantonio complaining, that is straight up sour grapes. He is as bad a curmudgeon as Saban, but not nearly as good a coach and doesn't hold the levity that Saban has with the NCAA. He is a whiner and complainer and thinks he is way better than he truly is. He has gotten very lucky the past couple of seasons, and looked what happened when his team got in the playoff last year. I believe they got beat 1,000-0. He is not an upper echelon coach, no matter what he thinks and may say. He missed his best, and probably only chance, to win a title last year.

What it all boils down to, the NCAA and Mark Emmert are spineless and they couldn't care less about what these student athletes, whom they make millions upon millions of dollars on, choose to do with their free time. The NCAA wants to now control how these kids spend their free time. This is one of the biggest crocks in the decision making history of the corrupt NCAA. Why would they care about these kids all of the sudden? That was the reasoning, that these kids needed to have some free time away from their sport, but when do they ever really have free time? I've known people that play college sports, and no matter what level of competition, be it division 1 or division 3, they all let me know that it was a full time, year round job. They were either in the weight room, the film room, study hall or had a meeting with their coaches all school year and during the summer. I knew people that lived in the town where they played collegiately in the summer because that's what the coaches wanted them to do. So, no this has nothing to do with the NCAA suddenly worrying about these kids free time or their spring break, they weren't making any money off of the camps and the "almighty" Nick Saban was unhappy with the camps.

The NCAA, the SEC, Urban Meyer, Mark Dantonio and, most importantly, Mark Emmert are so gutless and so jealous and just out right ridiculous in deeming these camps illegal. Decisions like this are why people HATE the NCAA and why we all think the NCAA is corrupt. If they can't make money off of something, they will deem illegal and that is the biggest problem. Yes, I'm pissed that Harbaugh found a legal loophole to recruit the best players to come and play at Michigan, but I'm more pissed at the NCAA for giving in to some whiny, bratty coaches that were jealous that they didn't think of it first.

What a crock.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is angry that he has to be angry about college football in the spring. Follow Ty on twitter @tykulik.

Happy Retirement to Charles Woodson, the Greatest Player Ever

It is an honor calling Charles Woodson a Wolverine

It is an honor calling Charles Woodson a Wolverine

Yesterday Charles Woodson announced that he's retiring at the end of this season. Woodson has been in the NFL for 18 years. I wrote last week about him, comparing his and Peyton Manning's careers. Today, I'm going to heap praises solely on Charles Woodson and what has been an illustrious career.

First and foremost, Charles Woodson is my all time favorite football player. He's passed Barry Sanders within the past five years. Woodson is the man. Let's start all the way back at his late high school career. He was an all world recruit coming out of Ohio. Everybody wanted him to come play football at their school. Some wanted him to play running back, where he also excelled, but a select few wanted him to play corner back or safety. One such school was the University of Michigan. In what has been one of their best recruiting signings, they signed Charles Woodson in 1995. His first two years at Michigan were stellar for him, but the team was finishing 8-4 or 9-3. They were good, but not as good as they could be. During his freshman year at Michigan, Woodson saw the field quite a bit as a cornerback and in their nickel coverage. He was great. He won Big Ten Freshman of the Year. He was an All Big Ten performer and led the team with five interceptions and eight total takeaways. Pretty great freshman season. During his sophomore year, he was the man in the secondary. He set a then record with 15 pass breakups. He was named the Chevrolet Defensive Player of the Year and was named an AP first team All American. He was a finalist for the Jim Thorpe award, given to the top defensive back in college football. He also garnered first team all Big Ten honors. A star was born.

During his junior year, Woodson blew up. He was the leader and the best player on one of Michigan's all time great defenses. He also expanded his game to punt and kick returns and played some receiver. Michigan opened the season as a top 20 team, I think they were preseason number 19, but we all know how that season ended. Michigan played suffocating defense, they had a great running game and Brian Griese and Tai Streets dominated in their passing offense. Michigan defeated Washington State in the 1997 Rose Bowl and won the National Championship. I will not say co champs because Missouri beat Nebraska, although the past scores will say different. Michigan played a tougher schedule and beat a tougher opponent in their bowl game. Prior to their Rose Bowl win, Charles Woodson won the Heisman trophy. He beat out Ryan Leaf, Randy Moss and Peyton Manning. This was unheard of at the time. He was, and still is, the only primary defensive player to win the Heisman. Sure, he had some great moments as a receiver and his punt return against Ohio State is one for the ages, but he was such a lock down cornerback, the voters thought that was sufficient enough to give him the Heisman. He lived up to the award in the Rose Bowl, intercepting Ryan Leaf in the end zone to secure the national title for Michigan. Also, go back and look at the pick he had against Michigan State earlier that season, best interception I've ever seen.

Woodson left for the NFL after his junior year and was the fourth overall pick in the 1997 draft by the Oakland Raiders. His first run with the Raiders lasted from 1998-2005. He was exceptional from the start. He won the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award. He started every game and led the team in tackles from a defensive back. He was third in the league with five interceptions, returned one for a touchdown and forced a fumble. He was selected to the Pro Bowl and was named an All Pro by the Associated Press. Much more of the same accolades and production from Woodson for the next couple of seasons. In 2003, after getting over a shoulder injury, he started every game for a Raiders team that made the Super Bowl. He had an interception in a losing effort against the Buccaneers. Previous to this Super Bowl, Woodson was involved in one of the most controversial calls in playoff history. Woodson appeared to strip sack Tom Brady and the Raiders looked like they would make another Super Bowl by beating the Patriots, but that's when the "tuck rule" was created. The officials said that Brady was bringing the ball back in, so they called it an incomplete forward pass, instead of a fumble, and the Patriots kicked a chip shot field goal and went on to the Super Bowl and won. Woodson caused that fumble, I will go to my grave believing that. Later in his Oakland career, they hired the god awful Bill Callahan and he and Woodson did not get along. His contract was up at the end of the 2005 season and he signed with the Green Bay Packers. He was revitalized, although he didn't need any revitalization. He was with the Packers from 2006-2012. His first year with the Packers Woodson led the league with 8 interceptions. He also got back to retuning punts and did a fine job, averaging almost 10 yards per return. In 2008, after putting up stellar numbers once again, Woodson was named to his fifth pro bowl team, first while with the Packers. For his fantastic 2009 season, Woodson was named the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year. His stats improved every year with the Packers and he was a much better player there than with Oakland, and he was great in Oakland. In 2011, Woodson was lock down all the way through the season and playoffs, helping the Packers reach the Super Bowl. He hurt his shoulder in the first half of the game, but was integral to the Packers winning that Super Bowl. He had tremendous season and was capped off with a Super Bowl ring. In 2013 Woodson retuned to Oakland. He wanted to end his career were it started. The Raiders were not very good, but he has helped turned that team into a viable NFL defense and they are on the verge of their first .500 season since Woodson was last there.

Charles Woodson announced yesterday that he will hang it up at the end of the year, and I truly believe that he is the greatest defensive football player of all time. Look at all the accolades. Heisman trophy and national title and multiple all American nods in college. In the pros, He's won a Super Bowl, the Defensive Player of the Year, 8 pro bowls, Rookie of the year and a member of the all decade team in 2000. He's a stud. He is the GOAT and he does it all with class and grace. No showboating and trash talking. He has let his play do his talking for him. Thank you for all the many, many productive years of football that you've provided me over the past 21 years. You are a sure fire Hall of Famer and you are the greatest defensive football player to ever step on a field.

Thank you again and enjoy your retirement.


Ty is the Pop Culture Editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. His views on the 1997 College Football co-champs has been warped by the editor's love of Mizzou football. Follow Ty on twitter @tykulik.

Charles Woodson is the greatest player to come out of the Peyton Manning draft

We all know a wolverine could tear a volunteer in half

We all know a wolverine could tear a volunteer in half

I was watching Sports Center or NFL Network or something where they were talking about football. They were previewing the upcoming Broncos-Raiders game and they kept showing pictures of Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler, comparing the two quarterbacks. My wife was watching with me and, the longer we've been together, the more she knows about football. She asked me, during the preview of the game, "why are they only talking about Peyton Manning? Why aren't they talking about Charles Woodson more, he's had a better overall career than Peyton Manning, right?".

Now, Charles Woodson is my all time favorite football player, and yes, he is a University of Michigan alum and yes, I'm a diehard Michigan fan, so naturally, I agreed with my wife. Then, I looked much, much further into her statement and yes, I do believe, with no bias, that Charles Woodson has had a better overall career than Peyton Manning. Let's look even further into it though. Sure, Peyton Manning is the more famous player. He is a quarterback, he has way more endorsements, he has hosted SNL multiple times and he's won a Super Bowl. But, Charles Woodson won the Heisman over Peyton Manning in 1997, he too has won a Super Bowl and been to a second one and he's stayed healthy and productive his entire career. He's still producing at an All Pro level and he's the captain and leader of the resurgent Raiders defense. Peyton Manning was recently just benched, some will say due to injury, for a back up QB from Arizona State. But, was the injury the only reason Manning was benched? I've written about Manning before on the website and I think that blog speaks many truths on his benching. His ball has no more zip. He throws multiple interceptions per game. He cannot move in the pocket anymore. He's a Hall of Famer, but I think his time is done. Charles Woodson on the other hand, he's still picking off passes and making open field passes. In fact, when the Raiders and Broncos met earlier this year, when Manning was still the starter, Woodson picked him off twice in that game. No praise was heaped on Woodson and how well he's still playing for a 39 year old in the NFL. The announcers only talked about how Manning will always be a great pro and these interceptions were just a flash in the pan, he'd bounce back for sure. But, as we all know now, he didn't bounce back. Woodson has produced every week for the 6-7 Raiders. That doesn't sound so great, but when was the last time the Raiders sniffed a .500 or even a winning record? They have a legitimate shot, albeit an outside one, to make the playoffs this year. The Broncos are a lock, but it's not because of Manning, it's their defense. Sure, the Raiders have a good young QB in Derek Carr and a great young receiver in Amari Cooper, but they are led in their defensive backfield by Charles Woodson. Their defense is middle of the road in the NFL, but I say again, when was the last time the Raiders were relevant? I truly believe that Charles Woodson has a real chance to win NFL Defensive Player of the Year. He's been lockdown all season playing out of position as a safety.

Lets go back and look at their Super Bowl wins. I will give you the fact that Woodson didn't play in the Packer Super Bowl win, he had a separated shoulder. But, he was the anchor of that defense all season, leading them to the Super Bowl. If I remember correctly, he hurt his shoulder making an important tackle or even interception in the NFC Championship game. He laid it all on the line for that Packer team and he definitely helped them win that Super Bowl. Sure, Peyton Manning was playing when the Colts won, but they played a sorry Bears team led by Rex Grossman in their Super Bowl win. Also, the game was a sloppy mess and Manning didn't win the game for them, their defense and running game was the determining factor. The two of them also lost a Super Bowl. The Manning loss was solely on him. The Colts had a chance late against the Saints, but we all know about the game sealing pick six that he threw to secure the win for the Saints. When the Raiders, that's right, this is Woodson's second go around with the Raiders, lost to the Buccaneers, it wasn't their defenses fault, Rich Gannon threw multiple picks and took multiple sacks in that game. But, Peyton Manning will go down as the more remembered player. He is a QB and they're stars. That's the way it is in the NFL. Woodson has been solid for 18 seasons now, but he plays defense and, what's worse, he plays cornerback and safety. And, if you don't constantly run your mouth like any secondary player on the Seahawks, you don't get noticed. But, I think that's the way Woodson wants it. He won a title in college. He beat out Manning for the Heisman. He was the best and most important player on one of the all time great Michigan teams and he's done it with little to no fanfare.

Manning has been great, as I said before, he is a sure fire Hall of Famer, but it big moments, he's choked more than he's succeeded. In college, his Tennessee Volunteers could never beat Florida and got trounced by Nebraska when they had a shot at a national title. In the pros, he's won a Super Bowl, but it wasn't because he had a great game. Peyton Manning will go down as one of the all time greatest QB's in NFL and college football history, but will he be remembered as the greatest QB of all time? I don't think so. He's not even the best QB in his draft class, that title is firmly in Tom Brady's hands. But, Charles Woodson may very well be the greatest defensive back of all time in the NFL or college football. He's had a stellar career and he continues to produce. I 100 percent agree with my wife's assumption that Charles Woodson has had the better overall career than Peyton Manning. Look at all the reasons that I mentioned above. It's not just my love for Woodson, the facts can't be ignored. Tell me why I'm wrong in the comment section. 

I will go to my grave thinking Charles Woodson is not only better than Peyton Manning, but he is the best defensive back to ever play football.


Ty is the Pop Culture Editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He once benched Rex Grossman on his fantasy team for Drew Henson. Not because Henson went to Michigan, but because Grossman stinks. Follow Ty on twitter @tykulik.

Let me respectfully explain why your team stinks: Ty tries to be rational about his Missouri football hatred

Plenty of seats left for Missouri fans at the WhoCares.com Bowl

Plenty of seats left for Missouri fans at the WhoCares.com Bowl

Today I'm going to revisit a previous blog I wrote about hate watching sports.

When I say hate watching, it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy watching sports, sports are in fact, my favorite thing to watch, I mean to say, watching teams I hate and root against them. As the readers know by now, my teams are the Cardinals(MLB), The Thunder(NBA), the Packers(NFL) and, most importantly, the Michigan Wolverines(all things NCAA). It would be easy for me to pick on the Cubs, Clippers, Bears or any of Michigan's main rivals, be it Ohio State, Notre Dame or Michigan State. In fact, I'm sure that I'll write about all of those teams at some point very soon.

Today though, I want to go off the map and choose a team that I have a complete irrational hatred of, the Missouri Tigers football team. You'd think that I'd like them, or at the very least, not even care about them, because I'm from Missouri. Born and raised in St. Louis in fact. But, for many reasons, I actively root against the University of Missouri football team. For one, I loathe that they call themselves Mizzou. You're intentionally spelling the name of your school wrong so your dumbass student sections can go back and forth with the chant, "M-I-Z" from one side, and the other, "Z-O-U". That's stupid and promotes poor spelling. You're college students, you should be able to spell properly and come up with a better chant. I once saw a comedian that said he flunked out of college because he spelled Missouri, M I Z Z O U, because that's what they taught him at the university. Another problem I have with them, they get happy about a 7-5 or 8-4 season(ed note: 7-5 seasons do not come cheap). They feel as if they've accomplished something by going to lower level bowl games. I'm a Michigan fan and yes, they've been down for five of the past seven seasons, but I've never taken pride in them when they only win 7 or 8 games. That's a lost season in my opinion. But, you see the Missouri coaches and players talk after a 7 or 8 win season, and they're all smiles. Getting to a bowl game isn't tough anymore. If I remember correctly, I think there's 39 bowl games. That means 76 of the 128 teams go to a bowl game. That means almost 60 percent of the teams in division one go to bowl games. The only important ones are the four that make the playoffs. All the rest, in my opinion, are pointless. They have so many because it's a ratings boost and everyone loves football. So, Missouri football, don't act like the "Go Daddy Bowl"(yes, that's a real bowl game) is some kind of accomplishment. It's not. 

I don't like their coach, Gary Pinkel either. He acts like he's a top coach in the country. You don't even rank in the top eight of your conference. I'd take Mark Richt, Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier, Kevin Sumlin, Gus Malzahn, Les Miles, Hugh Freeze, and Dan Mullen before I'd even consider you. I also hate how arrogant he acts in press conferences. You're not that good of a coach, and the fact that you have a lot of wins at Missouri doesn't make you special. If you were such a good coach, big time programs that have had recent openings for head coach, like Michigan, Florida, Nebraska or Wisconsin would have been banging on your door. Apparently they had no interest, because your name was never brought up. And stop saying in press conferences that you'd never leave Missouri. That's a lie and if any big time program showed interest in you, you'd be an idiot not to take it. No, I think you have found that people are happy with 6 or 7 wins a year, and you're afraid of failure if you left for a bigger job. You're not happy, you're comfortable. Those are two very different things.

Missouri football, when they do have a good, or even a great season, always seems to choke on the biggest stage. I remember about six years ago, Missouri made it all the way to the number one ranking in the country. They were voted the top team by the BCS prior to championship week. Guess what happened in the Big 12 championship game? An under manned, probably less talented Oklahoma Sooners team beat them by three touchdowns. That's embarrassing. Two seasons ago, with 11 wins going into the SEC championship game(why the University of Missouri is in the SEC will always be a mystery to me, they should be in the Big Ten or stayed in the Big 12, but that's a blog for another day) they played what looked like an even match in Auburn. Auburn had a great running game, but Missouri was explosive on offense and had a stout defense led by SEC co defensive player of the year Michael Sam. There was no way Auburn would control the ground game and beat Missouri, right? Nope, Auburn ran for over 500 yards on them that day and turned a close game into a late rout. Another disappointment for Missouri football. Last season, they somehow made the SEC championship game again(they got a lot of teams at the right time, be it with injuries or suspensions to star players, or in Florida's case, an inept offense). But, they ran into Alabama and lost by 28 points. They looked like they didn't belong on the same field as Alabama. It was like watching a power house high school varsity team playing a lowly all Freshman squad. You know what it looked like actually, it looked like Missouri playing Alabama. It looked exactly how it should have looked. (ed note: Go Tigers?)

When I really look at my irrational hatred for Missouri football, my biggest gripe is with their bandwagon fans. Missouri fans are the absolute worst. They love you when you're good, and they hate you, or even worse, won't mention you when you're down. When I was in high school, NOBODY talked about Missouri football. I can almost guarantee that I went to more Missouri games than friends of mine that are now "die-hard" fans. That's embarrassing. A guy who dislikes a team has seen more games than a supposed "die-hard" fan. Full disclosure, I went to those games to root against them too. Being a Michigan fan, I have stuck by their side no matter what. Good season, bad season, bad and good coaching hires, up and down years my fandom never wavers. That's what true fans do, you stick with your team no matter what. Missouri fans now are even worse. I've been to a couple games in the past couple of years to see stars on other teams(Jadaveon Clowney and Dez Bryant) and, in two games that Missouri should have won, they lost both and their stupid, stupid fans didn't know how to handle it. I heard complaints like, "I can't believe that kicker can't kick it to the end zone every time, they should cut him", or "since they're running the ball so well, they need to pass more, that will fake out the defense", or, probably the worst I've ever heard at any sporting event I've ever been to, "it's not Gary Pinkel's fault, the players were just not prepared, that's on them". ARE YOU OUT OF YOU'RE MIND! THE COACHES MAIN JOB IS PLAYER PREPERATION! YOU MORONS! Also, touch backs on every kick off is almost impossible, and it's best to stick with what's working. These players are smart and will figure stuff out, it's not a video game. I prefer my fans to be knowledgeable and understanding I guess. I just wish that these bandwagon, idiotic Missouri fans knew the smallest detail about football so they don't look so stupid. I also feel bad for true Missouri fans like two of my older brothers. They've been fans for as long as I can remember and if more of their current fans were like them, I wouldn't hate Missouri fans so much, but that, unfortunately, is not the case. I'm going to paint a broad brush, but the majority of Missouri fans are not knowledgeable when it comes to football and they're the definition of bandwagon fans.

So, those are my reasons, albeit irrational, for why I root against Missouri football. It makes no sense, but that's the great thing about sports. You can still watch, even when your team isn't playing and find something to either like, or even better, hate about the teams that are playing. It's cathartic and very pleasing to root against teams you have no stake in. Take my word and try it out.

You'll probably like it.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the co-host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is eagerly waiting for Urban Meyer to retire for "health reasons" once Harbaugh gets Michigan up  and running. Follow Ty on twitter @tykulik