Ty Picks the 2019 NFL Winners


Wrapping up my 2019 NFL preview, today I am going to pick division winners, AFC and NFC title matchup and Super Bowl matchup, and winner. I will also pick the big awards like, coach of the year, offensive and defensive MVP, overall MVP and offensive and defensive rookies of the year. Unlike the past, I will not do a deep dive into each division because that seems pointless. I did just count down all 32 teams, and gave reasons for why I have them where I have them. So, lets get to it.

As always, I will start in the AFC, and that means the AFC East is up first. This is the, I think, 4th year that I have done this, and once again, I am going with New England. They are the best team in the division, and they have zero competition from the other three teams. This may be their last hurrah, but the Patriots are as close to a shoe in as you get in the modern NFL. The AFC West is a teensy bit better, they at least have 2 teams that I think will be in the mix all year, but I am going with the Chiefs. I had them as my number 1 overall team for a reason. The Chargers will fight, and may even lead the division for a hot second, but the Chiefs are so god damn explosive on offense, and their defense improved this offseason. The bottom of that division, Denver and Oakland, is going to be horrendously bad too. Chiefs all the way though. They are great. In the AFC North I have the Baltimore Ravens. This may cause people to yell at me, think I'm stupid or crazy, but I love what the Ravens are doing, and I think the rest of the division is not that good yet. Pittsburgh will take a step back, I don't buy the Cleveland hype and the Bengals are going to be awful. I do however love me some John Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson and Earl Thomas and the fact that the Ravens want to run the ball a billion times and win with defense. I think it will be ugly, and it may only take 10 wins, but I have the Ravens winning the North. And in the AFC South, I'm going with the Colts. This will be the toughest division to win in the AFC, but I feel like the Colts are back to being a perennial playoff team, and division winner. The Texans will be their biggest threat, and don't sleep on the Titans. But, I just think with Luck back, and Frank Reich leading the way, and that young defense already being so good, they will take the division.

So that leaves me with Indy, Kansas City, New England and Baltimore as playoff locks. My two wild cards are Houston and the Chargers. In the AFC title game, I think it will be the Chiefs and Patriots, and this time, the Chiefs won't get hosed by the refs, and they will be able to stop some big pass plays. The Chiefs will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

Now to the NFC. Lets start in the East here. I'm going with Philadelphia. Like I said in my preview, on paper, they may have the best team, and they have the best team by far in this division. The Cowboys will step back with or without Ezekial Elliot, Washington is awful and the Giants are worse. Philadelphia has about as easy a route as the Patriots in this division. The NFC West is a complete joke of a division, and the Rams will use that to coast to another title. The Cardinals are breaking in an overrated, and not deserving new head coach, and Kyler Murray is a rookie. The 49ers are more overrated than the Browns and the Seahawks have no one besides Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner. The Rams can sleepwalk their way to another division title. The NFC North will be very, very tough, except for the Lions. I feel like Green Bay, Minnesota and Chicago will all have winning records. In the end, I like to go with defense, but that doesn't mean I am picking the Bears. I'm actually going to go with the Vikings, as much as RD might disagree with me. This is a put up or shut up year for them, and I think they will respond, especially on the defensive side of the ball. But Green Bay and Chicago will be right there all year. In the NFC South, it is all about the Saints. They have almost as much talent on offense as the Chiefs do, and they can put up points. They do need to be better defensively, and I think they will be. The Panthers will be a big challenge to them I think. The Falcons window has closed, and Tampa Bay is a joke of an NFL team. The Saints should, fairly easily I might add, win this division, and be primed for a big run in the playoffs.

So, that leaves me with the Saints, Vikings, Rams and Eagles as locks for the playoffs. The wild card is a bit harder for me in the NFC, but I will go Chicago, sorry Green Bay, I just don't like the Matt LaFleur hire, and I'll go with the Panthers to get back in the playoffs this year. As far as the NFC title game goes, I think we will see Rams-Saints part 2, but this time the Saints will get some revenge, and it won't come down to a blown non call by the refs. I feel like the Saints will smash them.

That means I have the Saints and the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. I hope this happens because that game would be exciting as hell. And, I'm going to go with the Saints to win, and my shocker pick of the year, I think Drew Brees will retire after the game if they do win. I just don't trust Andy Reid, and Sean Payton is a hell of a coach, especially in big time games. Patrick Mahomes will get his eventually, but every super star has to go through bumps before they get their championship. This will, most likely, be his last bump before that.

Okay, on to the awards. Coach of the Year I'm going to go with Mike Zimmer. I think the Vikings will be much better, and it will be because he gets that defense to play at a championship level again. Offensive MVP, I'm going with Mahomes. I told you all yesterday that I think 5,000 yards and 50 TD's will be his new norm. He will continue to put up "video game" numbers for awhile. Defensive MVP will be Aaron Donald. The guy is simply amazing, and he alone will do what Khalil Mack did last year for the Bears. Aaron Donald is awesome. Offensive Rookie of the Year will be Kyler Murray, and I think he will win it on the strength of his first 3 or 4 games. He is going to put up ridiculous numbers because of that gimmick offense, but teams will figure it out. But, if he already has 12 TD passes, and something like 1,200 yards after week 4, he will be a lock. Defensive rookie of the Year is going to go to my favorite player in the draft last year, the good Josh Allen. He is going to fly all over the field for the Jaguars, and he will bring back a little bit of that "Sacksonville" feel from 2 years ago. Finally, overall MVP. I'm going to double dip here, and go with Mahomes to win it again. He is on a whole other level, and his numbers are going to be insane. He is the new generation of QB in the NFL.

Okay, there it is, my entire 2019 NFL preview and predictions Come back tomorrow when I deep dive into college football, my favorite sport to watch.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Every year Ty seems to pick the Vikings to edge out the Packers, and every year some other overachiever takes the NFC North crown. Is this the year of the Lions? Is it ever the year of the Lions?

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Ty Ranks the 2019 NFL Teams: Perfect Pepperoni Pizza Division


Today is the final day of my 2019 NFL countdown. I'm not done with the NFL after today though. I will come back tomorrow with my division winners, Super Bowl matchup, champ and award winners, and on Friday I will be writing one of my favorite pieces, my 2019 college football preview. But, today I will give you my final four NFL teams going into the 2019 season.

Coming in at number 4 I have the defending champs, the New England Patriots. Part of me was kind of shocked that I didn't have them as my number one overall team. I mean, they seem to be in the hunt every year, or at least since 2001, when Tom Brady took over as the QB. The Patriots, as much as I dislike them, are the biggest, flashiest and best dynasty of the 21st century. In any professional sport. I don't think anyone could argue that. In an era of cap space, player movement and coaching changes, they remain the one constant. But, they are getting older, and at some point, old age wins out. This team will not be this great for much longer, possibly only one or 2 more years. I know they just gave Brady an extension, but he will be 44 when that contract is up. I genuinely feel that this is it for him as the best QB in the game. I truly believe that he is the greatest QB that has ever played, but every great before him slowed down when they turned 40. Joe Montana, while still solid as a Chief, wasn't as great. Dan Marino aged poorly. We are watching guys like Eli Manning regress right now. Brett Favre was never the same, even with that one year in Minnesota, as he was with the Packers. The Broncos won a Super Bowl in spite of Peyton Manning. These things happen, and it will happen to Brady very soon. It will also happen with Julian Edelman, who is not a hall of fame player no matter what the Boston media tells you. Sony Michel is a good back, but how good will he be without Brady. Rob Gronkowski retired, but who really cares? They have an okay o line. They will still be good this year, but they have holes. Their defense is a true bend, but don't break defense. They will give up a ton of yards, but they will make it tough for you to score in the red zone. Just ask the LA Rams about that. I do like that they signed Michael Bennett, but I was wrong about him last year. And they took Chase Winovich in the third round, and while I think he will be a fine rush end, I don't see him becoming a star. I do like that they are giving N'Keal Harry a shot. He has the look and feel of a solid wide out. The Patriots are going to be good this year. Hell, they may even make another Super Bowl. But, they are older and that means key guys could miss time. Still, they will win their trash division with ease, and probably win 12 games during the regular season.

At number 3 I have a team that I seriously flirted with putting number one, the New Orleans Saints. The Saints are a very, very good team, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Drew Brees is another one of these older QB's, but he gets rid of the ball so fast, and he is deadly accurate, that he doesn't take too many hits. He has one of the better receivers in the game locked up now in Michael Thomas. This offense is so perfect for him, and he is the man at wide out for the Saints. Alvin Kamara is fast becoming one of my favorite NFL players, and he is the prototype modern NFL back. While guys like Ezekial Elliot and Melvin Gordon are holding out or asking for trades, Kamara is surpassing them in every category, and he is the one dude I would want if I were starting a NFL team today. He can run, catch passes and is blazing fast. Their o line can protect when needed. And Sean Payton is an offensive guru. Maybe the best in the league. Their defense is why I have them at 3, and not 1. They got so much better last season, but they still have lapses. They still have moments that make you shake your head. And you cannot always rely on your offense to bail you out. Sometimes that defense will have to make plays. I think they can get better, but I am still a little wary of how good they can be. The Saints also play in a tough division, and it won't be as easy as last year was for them. I still think they will win the division, probably win 13 games, and be a real threat to be in the Super Bowl, but it all depends on how much that defense can improve from last year.

At number 2 I have the Philadelphia Eagles. This current construct of the roster reminds me so much of their Super Bowl winning team. I know that Carson Wentz hasn't been entirely healthy during his career, and Nick Foles kept this team afloat last year and won a Super Bowl for them, but Wentz is a better, and younger QB than Foles. If he can stay healthy, he will have a humongous year. It helps that he has abut 5 guys that can run the ball, a great group of receivers that know what to do and very, very, very good o line protecting him. The Eagles also have one of the most sound and devastating defenses in football. They can stop any team in the run and pass game. They can rush the passer. The linebackers can cover and hit. The secondary is lock down. The Eagles are a very good football team with solid depth and big name players. They also have a very good coaching staff, no matter what the people over at The Ringer say. The Eagles will coast in their division, and I wouldn't be shocked if they went 14-2 or 15-1. They are that good. They are a legit Super Bowl contender.

The final team on my countdown, coming in at number 1, coached by Andy Reid, the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have the best offense in football. By about a thousand miles. Patrick Mahomes is the next generation of QB. He is the modern NFL QB. He can run, and he can fling it. I would not be shocked, at all, if 5,000 yards passing and 50 TD's is his new norm. He is so fluid and calm and collected in the pocket. And when he has to scramble, he does crazy shit like no look passes, and he hits receivers in stride. He is an amazing QB. I'm not a Chiefs fan, but I am a big time fan of watching Mahomes play QB. He has great protection from, maybe, the best o line in the NFL. He has awesome, and fast, wide outs. Travis Kelce is a much more fun version of Gronk. He is also about a thousand times more likable. They have guys that can run the ball, although it is very disturbing to me that the NFL is letting Tyreek Hill suit up this year. Their defense was the problem last year, but they went out and signed guys that will help, mainly Tyrann Mathieu. He was such a great addition for this team. They will now be able to get after the passer, but also be able to cover when they do have to go man. The Chiefs seem to have it all right now. The only question, how will an Andy Reid coached team perform with this high of expectations? Andy Reid is a good head coach, in the regular season. That is why I could see the Chiefs winning 14 or 15 games, and easily winning the division. But in the playoffs, he has had some horrid moments. Will that happen this year? Maybe. But, I think Mahomes is good enough to erase any of Reid's past antics and guide this team to a big time season. They are the team to beat in my opinion.

Okay, that is my 2019 NFL countdown. I'm sure some people are mad at me, think I was too soft on some teams and probably think I am crazy for thinking that the 49ers or Browns are still going to be not that good. We will see. Come back tomorrow for picks.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Every year sports guys like Ty keep waiting for Brady and Brees to get older, and every year those two guys keep proving us wrong. Makes you think.

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Ty Ranks the 2019 NFL Teams: Sausage and Green Pepper Pizza Division


Day 7 of my NFL countdown kicks off with my number 8 team, the Indianapolis Colts.

I want to start off right away and tell all the Colts fans to chill out about Andrew Luck's health right now. Last year, right around this same time, he couldn't throw anything except a Nerf football. Then when the season started, he went on to have a great year, and the Colts were back in the playoffs. I'm sure whatever this calf injury is right now will be fine. Also, remember how good the Colts were last year? It was supposed to be a down year. They were supposed to be bad again. They had Josh McDaniels flake on them, then had to hurry to hire Frank Reich. And all of that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Luck came back, and as I said, was great. They found a platoon run game that worked for them. They got shifty and reliable receivers. The offense was all about crossing routes and check downs and grinding clock. The o line coalesced when it needed to. And their defense became very formidable. They could cover and stop the run. They looked like a real football team by about week 4, and then a playoff contender halfway through the year. Well, it is all pretty much the same this year. Luck is back. They have a stable of backs. They added Devin Funchess, while not great, still good, to a good group of receivers and the defense is pretty much intact. I kind of look at the Colts like the NFL's version of the Portland Trailblazers. They tend to get overlooked, and then they are 8-2 before anyone takes notice. I feel like they struck gold in having to settle for Frank Reich as their head coach. He is a QB's coach, and he installed a perfect offense for this phase of Luck's career. As I said, I think Luck will be fine, and with the core of this team back, I do not see how they don't win their division, and even get a first round bye in the AFC. The Colts are an easy double digit win team for me, probably 11, and as long as Luck is their QB, they will continue to be a playoff threat. Good for you Indy. You got 2 transformational QB's to run your team when you needed it most.

At number 7 I have probably my second least favorite team in the NFL, the Chicago Bears. Look, they won the lottery when they traded for Khalil Mack. That guy is the best defensive player in football, and when he was added to an already good defense, that put the Bears above the top for me. They had it all on that defense, except a pass rushing, run stopping wrecking ball of a linebacker. Then they got Mack. He was astounding last year. Again, I despise that team, but seeing Mack play football is pure joy. It is like watching the Spurs play basketball. It is perfection. Yes, Adrian Amos left in free agency this summer, but he is all they have to replace on one of the best defenses in football. The Bears defense is worthy of making them a title contender. Where I find fault, and why I don't have them in my top three, lies within their QB. Mitch Trubisk, right now, is not a very good NFL QB. Sure, he made a few plays here and there last year, but the Bears won because of their defense and run game. I should know, I had Tarik Cohen on my fantasy team. The offense was good in spite of Trubisky. They won games because they could grind out the clock, and let the defense come in and close things out. The biggest question, and what could make or break this team this year, is if Trubisky can make the leap. I don't think he can. I don't think he is very good. Being a Packer fan, the fact that Trubisky is their starting QB gives me hope that the Packers can stay in it every year he is behind center. Matt Nagy proved to be a capable coach, and he has pretty much everything you need to be a contender, except at QB. The fact that Trubisky is still such an unknown really makes me think twice before I put the Bears in the conversation as a Super Bowl contender. They will still win 10 plus games, and be in the playoffs, but Trubisky is what is holding them back from being a 12 to 13 win team, and a lock for the division.

At number 6 I have the LA Chargers. The Chargers are a team in flux at the running back position, Melvin Gordon just asked to be traded, but I don't think that matters. The Chargers are just like the Colts to me, except with a better defense. Sure, Phillip Rivers is a billion years old, but he has Keenan Allen to throw to. He also has Antonio Gates for another year. The Chargers also played fine without Gordon last year, when Austin Ekeler took his place. They also have a very solid o line. And that defense will get after you. They can rush the passer with the best of them. They can also cover, and they have a heavy hitting secondary. They can outscore you, or win in a slug fest. But, what I always, always, always go back on with this team, is their tendency to sleepwalk through a good portion of the year. They are not consistent with their level of play. Also, when they do have the goods, they have blown it in the past. That is why I do not think they will win, or even be in the Super Bowl for the foreseeable future. I also think Rivers is starting to trend, just a little bit, into Eli Manning territory, and they don't really have a replacement for him yet. But, the Chargers will win 11 or 12 games, and easily be in the playoffs this year.

My final team for the day, coming in at number 5, is the Super Bowl runner up, the LA Rams. The Rams are a very, very good offensive team. They play fast and loose and can run and pass. They are a much better run team because they have Todd Gurley. I know he was injured during the playoffs last year, but even in his few snaps, you could tell that opposing defenses were worried. He has had a full offseason to heal, and I feel like he can go to a whole other level, which is scary. I don't think Jared Goff is a Hall of Famer, but I do think he is a solid game manager, and Sean McVay's offense suits him perfectly. He is like Alex Smith was in KC before Pat Maholmes took over. He can dink and dunk the ball all over the filed, and when he needs to go deep, Brandin Cooks can get that separation. The o line is also great. The defense is the problem, but it isn't much of a problem because they have Aaron Donald. Aaron Donald is amazing. He is the best d lineman I have seen since I watched Reggie Smith when he joined the Packers. Aaron Donald can do it all. He can rush, stop the passer, and I bet he can even guard backs out of the backfield. After Aaron Donald, it gets a bit thin. They have solid guys, like Dante Fowler, Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters, but they did get burned a bunch last season. They played in a lot of high scoring games, due to their inability to get off the field. And while Wade Phillips has done a solid job, let that dude he retire. He is so old. Like fragile old. But, the Rams are in a crummy division, with Seattle being their "toughest" opponent, and that means they can sleepwalk their way to 11 or 12 wins, and be back in the hunt to play in a second straight Super Bowl. Time will tell.

That's it for today, come back tomorrow for the final four teams in my countdown.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Ty misses the days the Rams were in St. Louis and the coach was Jeff Fisher. Nothing says excitement like 7-9 season after 7-9 season.

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Ty Ranks the 2019 NFL Teams: Supreme Pizza Division


The weekend has passed and we are now back to my 2019 NFL countdown. We are finally to the stage of what I consider all the teams to be playoff, or division winner, contenders. It is all good from here on out.

At number 12 I have the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys, a team I have loathed since childhood, depends on health, growth from their QB, and if they sign or let Ezekial Elliot walk. I, for one, would let him walk. He is a total headache off the field, he likes to hit females and, while a productive back, can be replaced. Look at what the Steelers did last year, and what a ton of other NFL teams have done in the modern NFL with running backs. They use them and throw them out. Remember when DeMarco Murray was the big thing in Dallas? Well, he had his breakout year with them, left in free agency and is now out of the league. I do not think Elliot is this great back that some proclaim, and if I were the Cowboys, I'd say bye. I would probably do the same with Amari Cooper. When he was traded there, he blew up. But, was that a sign of things to come, or a mirage? I think it was fools gold. He was out to prove the Raiders wrong, he did, but now teams will key on him. He is bound to regress. I would however lock up Dak Prescott. The modern NFL is so QB driven, and while Prescott isn't the best QB in the world, he is efficient and mobile and can lead a team. Those are my true feelings on this team. Now, for the hatred. Why did they bring back Jason Witten? How does Jason Garrett still have a job? Why is Jerry Jones so god damn racist? And, this team will never be "America's Team" ever again. The Cowboys are a mirage themselves. They have moments here and there, but they have done nothing but fall flat on their faces for the past decade, especially in the big moments. They are fortunate to be in such a crummy division. Their division alone is enough to push them to 9 wins, and a possible wild card slot. I do think it will be a struggle, especially because their defense is so suspect, but they will find a way to a .500 or better record.

At number 11 I am staying in the Lone Star state, and going with the Houston Texans. While I do not like Texas at all, I do, for some weird reason, kind of like the Texans. It has nothing to do with their coach, he is a boob, and their owner died, and I hope he is rotting. But I enjoy them because of guys like DeAndre Hopkins and Deshaun Watson. They are so much fun to watch play the game. Watson dances and moves and fires bullets from the pocket. And usually, they end up in the hands of Hopkins who is an amazing receiver. He is also oddly underrated. His name needs to be in the same breath as guys like Antonio Brown, Julio Jones and Michael Thomas. Hopkins is that good, and I'd say only Julio Jones is better. The o line needs to be shored up so Watson doesn't take so many hits. They are not as bad as Seattle, but not anywhere near as good as some of the upper echelon o lines. Their run game could be better too, but I think undrafted rookie free agent Karan Higdon is a good guy to go with. He was the stabilizer for Michigan the last 2 years, and when he learns to really catch and go, he could be a solid back. The defense is always going to be good, but I do worry that they won't give Jadaveon Clowney what he wants. He is so good and so big and one of the best defensive ends in football. They need him to make that duo, Clowney and JJ Watt, as deadly as they can be. They are also solid in the linebacking unit and the secondary. This team is good, and they will compete all year with the Colts in their division. I see them winning 10 games and earning a wild card spot because Hopkins and Watson are such a dangerous combo.

At number 10 I have the Minnesota Vikings. This is a make or break year for this team, and you know it RD (ed note: yup). They need to do something big this year, or I would blow it all up. Mike Zimmer needs to get back to being a good coach. They need Dalvin Cook to stay healthy. They don't need their receivers yelling at their QB on the sidelines. They need their 84 million dollar guaranteed QB to actually play, and win, some important games. And they need their elite defense to be elite. That may sound like a lot, but they did almost all of that 2 years ago with Case Keenum at QB. Sure, it took a miracle play to get them to the NFC title game, in which they got trounced, but they still made it that far. It was because of their defense. The Minnesota defense has the players, and potential, to be great. Like, Denver Broncos recent Super Bowl champion great. They just need to put it all together. They also need Kirk Cousins to get off his nonsense, and play like the top level QB they are paying him to be. I don't think he is up their with some other guys, I'd much rather have Deshaun Watson. But, they went to a NFC title with Case Freaking Keenum. Minnesota has the goods. They have the players. They have the pieces. They just need Zimmer and his staff to get it right. This may be their last chance. I do see them pushing all year to 10, maybe even 11 wins, but they are in a tough, tough division. They will be fighting for a playoff spot all year, even with double digit wins.

My final team for the day is my team, the Green Bay Packers, coming in at number 9. I see bounce back written all over them this season. I am an optimist when it comes to the Packers, but if Aaron Rodgers is healthy all year, they are a great team. They finally settled on Aaron Jones in the backfield, and I am totally down with that. They have a great number one receiver in Davante Adams. And this is Jimmy Graham's last chance. I think he will respond well to that. The o line is also one of the best in football. The defense has always been the problem in Green Bay. But this offseason they went out and spent money on guys and drafted for needs on that side of the ball. I absolutely love that they took Rashan Gary. I cannot wait to see him wreck backfields in the fall. Also, Jaire Alexander is now in his second year, and he is already one of the better shut down corners in the league. The 2 things that scare me most though, Rodgers health, he gets hurt so much more now, and Matt LaFleur. I was not on board with his hiring, and I think it could be bad. If he is insistent on running his offense, with no checks at the line from Rodgers, that could become a major problem. But, if it works out, and Rodgers stays healthy, I could see Green Bay getting back to being an 11 or 12 win team. They now have the offense at full health, and they addressed some much needed problems on defense. Now lets see if they can stay healthy, and is LaFleur has the goods.

That's it for today. Come back tomorrow for the next 4 teams.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. What Ty needs to do is visit Texas before he dismisses it. Sure it is hot, the scenery sucks, many of the people are questionable, but damn do they have some great food.

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Ty Ranks the 2019 NFL Teams: Anchovies on Pizza Division


Kicking off day 5 of my 2019 NFL countdown I have the first team that I think will make the playoffs. You may read that and think, this team is ranked too low for the playoffs. I don't do my countdown like that, I simply rank the teams how I see them, and even though the Baltimore Ravens, my number 16 team, may be on the outside according to placement, I think they are the best team in their division, thus earning them a playoff spot.

The Ravens are a solid football team with a Super Bowl winning coach. I think John Harbaugh has earned carte blanche there, and this team is a solid bet to win their division. I love that they let Joe Flacco go, and have turned over the offense to Lamar Jackson. I think he has the potential to be Mike Vick esque. He needs to become a better passer, but the guy is electric, young and fast. He is one of the younger QB's that I actually like to watch play. He is fun. They have a pretty solid o line too. They need some better receivers, and a good ground game outside of Jackson would be nice. But this team wins with defense. And while Terrell Suggs is gone, they got Earl Thomas this offseason. I know he is coming off a broken leg, but Thomas is a modern day Ed Reed. Well, he might not be as skilled as Reed, but he is a hard hitting, ball hawking safety. He is also out to prove something this season. The fact that Baltimore got him to sigh with them is the main reason I thin they are a playoff team. They have a solid defense around Thomas as well. With Thomas, and an emerging Jackson, I think Baltimore is set up nicely for the future. I see them, fairly easily, getting to 10 wins and being a tough out in the playoffs. This team got better by letting Flacco go, and they improved their defense even with Suggs heading out.

At number 15 I have the Seattle Seahawks. Look, I have made no bones about how much I dislike this team. I'm usually a fan of Seattle pro sports teams, but the Seahawks just rub me the wrong way. First off, I loathe Pete Carroll. He is the sleazy car salesman of the NFL. He lies, cheats and blames everyone else. Yeah he won a Super Bowl, but so did Brian Billick. Carroll is a scumbag. Just ask Earl Thomas. I am also not a fan of Russell Wilson. I think he is a prima donna, who without a great defense, would have zero Super Bowl rings. The interception in the Patriots Super Bowl is more what I tend to think of when thinking about Wilson's NFL career. He is a magician behind the line, and puts up numbers, but I think that is more luck than skill. And that o line, what a joke. They are awful. They cannot block a single person. They stink. The Seahawks also have no run game. I think they went through about 6 backs last year. Their best receiver is Tyler Lockett, and while he is a burner, I think he might be 5 feet tall. But this is what happens when you give your QB all the money he wants. They can't get any skill around him. They used to be elite on defense too. Now, they only have Bobby Wagner. And while he is wonderful, every other premiere defender they had is gone because they either hated Carroll or Wilson. This team has to have the worst locker room in the league. But, they do find ways to improbably win games, and they just may win 9 or 10 again. But, for the time being, I see them regressing because of the o line and no rum game, to being an 8 win team.

At number 14 I have the Atlanta Falcons. They are just 2 years removed from a Super Bowl, and they have fallen pretty hard. For one, their defense is atrocious. They cannot stop anyone. I think a year ago they gave up 50 to the Giants, a team that hasn't averaged 20 points in a couple of years. They seemingly give up 28-35 points a game, and they always have to play catch up. On offense, I feel like Matt Ryan is a rich man's Andy Dalton. He is a better QB, and has gone farther, but what has he really done in the league. Sure, he has an MVP, but I put that more on the offense and Julio Jones. I adore Julio Jones. He is one of the best in the game. He is big, strong, fast, runs great routes and catches pretty much everything thrown his way. He just cannot seem to find the end zone. He always goes over 100 receptions, and well over 1,000 yards, but only has like 5 or 6 TD's. That needs to change. I still think the offense is going to be explosive, at least this season, but they didn't do much to shore up the defense. And Matt Ryan is only getting older. I think Falcons games will be fun, high scoring affairs, but I don't know how many of those games they can win. Maybe 8 or 9, but I tend to lean more towards 7. I wish Julio Jones was on a better team with a better QB. He deserves that.

My final team for the day, at number 13, I have the Carolina Panthers. This team is due for a turnaround. After last season, I think they will shake off the cobwebs, and be the Saints biggest problem in that division. I love Cam Newton, and I feel like he will return to his MVP form. He is too good, and too competitive, to have another down year. I know he is coming off surgery, but that guy is a player, and he will work it out on the field. Christian McCaffery really blew up last season, and I see him growing and growing into an even better player and weapon for this team. The o line got better, and they will need to protect Newton this year. I would like them to have better wideouts, but Cam has won with worse. And Greg Olsen is still there, and he was a key cog in my fantasy title last year. The defense is still solid enough to keep them afloat, although I am terrified that Luke Kuechly is going to die on the field before he realizes he has had too many concussions. The Panthers, while they may not get back to being the 15-1 team they were a few years ago, will be back to being a real problem for opponents this year. I could see them winning 11 games and challenging New Orleans all season long.

That's it for today. Come back on Monday for the next 4 teams. We are oh so close to Super Bowl contenders now.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He has not always hated the Seahaks. He was a big fan when they had, oh what’s that one guy’s name who used to be a quarterback? You who I’m talking about, he could throw the ball far? Anyone?

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Ty Ranks the 2019 NFL Teams: Cheese Pizza Division


Day 4 of my 2019 NFL countdown starts off with our founder and head editor of the website RD's hometown team, coming in at number 20, the Cincinnati Bengals.

Sorry RD, but the Bengals are not very good. They finally let go of Marvin Lewis, but they replaced him with the LA Rams QB coach. What the hell. This dude did not do enough to me to prove that he is ready to be a NFL head coach. But, this is just a new thing where, if you are on the staff of a coach that is considered a "football genius", you will get a job. I do not think this dude will do that well. He has a lot to prove. Then there's the whole Andy Dalton thing. I think the period of time on him being a franchise QB was over about 2 years ago, if not longer. He is just an average NFL QB, which is fine. But, you will never win a Super Bowl with him as your starting QB. The whole running back situation disgusts me because they are relying on a known abuser. In fact, companies like ESPN praise this Joe Mixon, and that makes me sick. He hits children. They just lost their only real offensive threat because they decided to practice on a college field, and he tore up his ankle so bad that he needs surgery. AJ Green was the one guy they couldn't afford to lose, but they did just that. He is going to miss some regular season games, and that is a bummer for this team. I don't know much about the o line, and the defense, while finally shedding Vontaze Burfict and Pac Man Jones, did not do too much to improve themselves. They are bland as white toast, and way less exciting. The Bengals were a good team with Marvin Lewis as the head coach. They were a playoff team. But, the time had come for a change, they just picked the wrong guy. And as long as Andy Dalton is your QB, and AJ Green is missing games, 6 wins is the best you can hope for. Again, sorry to RD and his family that they have to root for this franchise.

At number 19 I have the Cleveland Browns. You may see that and think I am nuts. Well, I think all the other pundits are nuts. What did they do that makes them a sudden division favorite, and a surefire playoff team? I know they traded for Odell Beckham, and that is great. How many playoff games has he been in, and was a contributing factor in? I'll tell you. He's been in one game, he was dreadful and the Giants got thoroughly beaten. I love the way he plays, the flair he brings to the game and the catches he makes, but come on, he has never done anything of real importance in the NFL. The same can be said for Jarvis Landry, although he is not nearly as good as Beckham. Landry is an excellent slot receiver, but again, he has never really won anything in the NFL. He's good, but he's not that good. I like their run game, but the backs are only going into their second year. And all I can see when I watch Baker Mayfield is Robert Griffin, with less athleticism. He was great at the end of last year, but that was against teams that didn't really care what happened. I just do not see what other people see in him. He is not Russell Wilson or Drew Brees. He is more Derek Carr, or if he gets injured, Jimmy Garroppollo. I do like their defense, or Myles Garrett at least. That dude is good. He could be the next Von Miller if he keeps this up. They also have a good secondary. But, for people to be out here proclaiming that the Browns "are destined for greatness", and that " this is the start of something big", calm down. Lets see them do it for a full season, and if they are lucky enough to make the playoffs, make a run before they are the next dynasty. They are more Seattle Mariners than New York Yankees to me. I see them as an 8 or 9 win team at best.

At number 18 I have the Tennessee Titans. This team is boring and dull and a pain to watch and I just don't really care for them. That being said, they win games and make the playoffs. I do feel like this is the make or break year for Marcus Mariota. Either he takes the next step, or it will be Ryan Tannehill time. That is scary. I like Derrick Henry as their running back, and the kid they took from Western Michigan last year in the draft started to break out a bit last year. But, they lose their best lineman because he decided to take a banned substance. That stinks for Mariota. Taylor Lewan has been a selfish player since I watched him at Michigan. And now he does this. The defense is okay, and led by a bunch of no name guys that play hard. They keep this team in games. That is the Titans M.O. They play low scoring games, and sometimes, they win them. It is just unfortunate for them that they play in the same division as Houston and Indianapolis, 2 teams I am pretty high on this year. That will be the reason they don't make the playoffs this year. That, and if Mariota doesn't take that step. I see them as a .500 team this year.

The final team for today, just outside of the playoffs looking in, at number 17 I have the Pittsburgh Steelers. This team got worse on offense this offseason. The fact that they let Antonio Brown go for nothing means they really wanted him gone. They also let LeVeon Bell sit out a whole year and he is gone., And the o line has regressed. Oh, and they gave Ben freaking Roesthilberger another extension. What the hell?! This dude is well past his prime, and is a known sexual assaulter. Why he get chance after chance after chance, I will never understand. James Connor and Ju Ju Smith Schuster were the reason I won my fantasy league last year, but now, they are the focal point of the opposition's defense. They will be keyed on when facing other teams. That will be much harder than being the second option like last season. The defense is old. I love Devin Bush, obviously, and I feel like he is going to be great, but outside of him, they are old, or thin on depth. They are not as strong a unit as they used to be. They will make a stop here or there, but they will get burned just as much, if not more. The Steelers are about to regress, and regress hard. This pleases me because I don't like them, but I wish Devin Bush was playing on a winning team. I think this year he may get lucky, and the Steelers will win 9 games. But after that, they will be a lower tier NFL team.

That's it for today. Come back tomorrow for my next 4 teams. We are getting to the playoff teams here very shortly.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He does not know that in Cincinnati we do not root for the Bengals. We just sit and wait for the season to be over, just like one would with a bad cold.

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Ty Ranks the 2019 NFL Teams: Green Olive Pizza Division


Day 3 of my 2019 NFL countdown begins with my number 24 team, the team from Washington.

Look, Dan Snyder is a moron, and he has been running this team into the dirt since he took over. This team, when I was a kid, was a powerhouse, now they are more well known for not paying Kirk Cousins, and playing an injured Robert Griffin in the playoffs his rookie year. As far back as I can remember, they have only been in the playoffs twice in the last decade and a half, and they left in round one with a whimper. They also didn't get much better in the offseason. Jay Gruden is somehow still the coach. Derius Guice is injured once again. Josh Norman jumped over a bull in Pamplona this summer, and that is the best thing he has done since signing there. They did draft Dwayne Haskins, and I think his "slide" might motivate him. But, he was a one year starter, and save for his performance in the Michigan game last year, he was just okay. I don't know if I would build around him. Washington is a team stuck in the past, and they sit there and think because they were once good that they should still be good. The problem, they are just an average, at best, NFL team. They don't really have much of anyone outside of Haskins now too. As I said, Guice is hurt, they don't have the best wide outs in the league, and Vernon Davis was their dude last year, and he is older than me I think. The defense is very blah in my opinion as well. And Jay Gruden, while not as insane as his brother, is just not a very good NFL coach. He has done nothing that positive since he took over awhile back. I could see them eeking out 7, maybe 8 wins, but that is their absolute ceiling. If I were a betting man, and if Vegas put the odds at 6.5 wins for them, I would take the under. Washington is just not a solid football team right now.

At number 23 I have the San Francisco 49ers. Everyone needs to pump the brakes on the 49ers. I'm sick and tired of hearing how they are finally going to turn a corner this year and be a contender. Who do they have that makes them a contender? Seriously, I want to know. Is it Jimmy Garroppollo? I don't think so. He had a few good games in New England, then Tom Brady demanded they trade him. The Patriots sufficed, and then he went to San Francisco, didn't start right away, but came in in mop up duty at the end of the year and won some games against teams that had nothing to play for. He got a ridiculous contract for that, and proceeded to shred his knee early last season. To me, he is a little bit better version of Matt Flynn. I want to see him put together an 8 or 9 game stretch, I'm not even asking for a full season, before I anoint him the next great NFL QB. They lost Jerick McKinnon. They have no receivers worth note. Their best pass catcher is a tight end who will now face double teams every week. And their defense stinks. I loathe Nick Bosa by the way. And it has nothing to do with the fact that he went to the University of Ohio State. He is a punk, a racist, a douchebag and will flop almost as hard as Daniel Jones. He is nowhere near as good as his brother, who I find a little overrated too, and not even close to top of the line d lineman in last year's draft. He is a dip shit. Richard Sherman is also a million years old, and I was wrong about the Soloman kid they took from Stanford a few years back. He has not panned out. Also, when will Kyle Shanahan start to take some kind of blame. This team has been awful since he was hired. Some of that is injury, but some of that is his piss poor coaching. I'm sure I will have to hear again how this is the year they turn it around. But, when Garroppollo shreds his other knee, and Bosa is too busy retweeting Bretbart articles and Richard Sherman is the only decent person on your team, you are a 6 win team at best. The 49ers stink.

At number 22 I have the Denver Broncos. This team is wasting one of the best defenses of the 21st century because John Elway does not know how to pick QB's. He got extremely lucky with Peyton Manning, although I think they won because of their defense. And since Manning, it has been a shit show. Guys like Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler, Paxton Lynch and Case Keenum have been the QB. Those teams have stunk. Now, they have Joe Flacco and they drafted Dew Lock. Oof. Flacco is another guy that got paid because of an excellent defense that made his old team a Super Bowl champ. He has never been that good, and lately, he looks totally disinterested in football, but also thinks he is a Hall of Famer. He is not. Then with Lock, my dad told me that their staff said "he is a fast ball pitcher that can't find the plate". That is not a compliment. That is an indictment of how far away that kid is from being even a competent backup in the NFL. I saw him play live, and while he has impressive arm strength, he is too prone to run and overthrow guys by ten yards. He has zero accuracy. They do have a solid back in Phillip Lindsay, and the o line is okay. But, their best receiver is Emmanuel Sanders, and while he is explosive, he is small and he gets blasted way too much. Where the Broncos thrive is on defense, and they are led by one of the best ever, Von Miller. Miller is awesome and a true Hall of Fame player and just goes after it. They have a solid line, the corners are serviceable and the secondary can hit. But, they are being wasted by this below average offense. The defense will keep them in games, it may even win a few for them, but they are no better than a 7 win team to me. That is a shame because that defense is so very good.

The final team for today, a team I was so very wrong on last year, coming in at number 21, I have the Jacksonville Jaguars. I picked them to win the Super Bowl last year. Now I have them this low on my list. They totally stumbled last year, and I don't think they can make a quick recovery. They did get rid of Blake Bortles finally, but replaced him with Nick Foles. Yes, he won a Super Bowl for Philly, and he held that team afloat last year after Carson Wentz went down with yet another injury. But, now Foles is being looked at as the franchise guy, and I think he will revert to his Saint Louis days, where he was the full time starter for the year, and wasn't that effective. They also have some solid wide outs, but Allen Hurns and the other guys just aren't being used right. They are actively rude to Leonard Fournette and TJ Yeldon at every turn. These guys should be the basis of what they do on offense, but when the coach and Tom Coughlin rip them at every turn, that has to be tough for them. Add on the fact that they hired John De Fillipo to be the new offensive coordinator, Yeldon and Fournette will be lucky to touch the ball a combined 20 times a game now. The defense completely fell apart last season as well. I love Jalen Ramsey, but man did he not back up his trash talk last year. The whole "Sacksonville" thing was clearly a one year deal as they got out sacked by everyone they played. They traded Dante Fowler midway through the year to the LA Rams for peanuts. Their linebackers weren't that good in run or pass defense. It was a total mess, much like this team is now. And I am not going to let the Foles signing fool me into thinking this team will be a contender all of the sudden. Jacksonville seems like they are back to being a mid tier, to bad, NFL team. They are going to probably win 6 or 7 games this year, but the days, or one year that is, of them being a contender are long gone. I cannot believe I thought this team was going to win the Super Bowl last year. I am a dummy.

That's it for today, come back tomorrow for my next 4 teams.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Do not be too hard on Ty about Jacksonville. How many of us are picking Cleveland to win it all this year. Now that is dumb.

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Ty Ranks the 2019 NFL Teams: Shrimp on Pizza Division


On to day 2 of my NFL countdown we start off with team 28, the Miami Dolphins.

I think the Dolphins might be the first NFL team to try and "tank" for the top pick. And in the NFL, there is no lottery. If you have the worst record, you get the first pick. Miami is almost guaranteed a top 5 pick this year. They are going to be a bad football team. But, they did do a few good things this offseason. They hired away a former Patriots assistant, Brian Flores, and if given a chance, he could be solid. That means they fired Adam Gase, thank goodness. They also traded for Josh Rosen, and I think he will get ample playing time, and a chance to shine there. And they finally let Ryan Tannehill go. He was always one year away from being a competent starter, but it never panned out due to injury or poor play. But, outside of Rosen, this team is lacking. They will not be very good. Hell, they may not even be competitive. But at least they finally made some necessary changes. I also think they need to go full youth, and buy into the full rebuild. It may seem that they have been in a rebuild for awhile, but now they are finally accepting it, and running with it. They will not win a lot of games, maybe 3 or 4 this year, but I look at them like the Atlanta Hawks last year. They weren't good, but they were one of the most fun teams to watch in the NBA. While I don't think the Dolphins will be "fun", they will be more watchable than the Raiders or Cardinals or Giants or Jets. That much I can bank on.

At number 27 I have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I loathe this team. Any team that will give Jameis Winston this many chances, and continue to claim that he has "changed", deserves all the bad that is happening to them. They also pushed out Desean Jackson, and that is so stupid. They also gave up on Doug Martin far too fast. Oh, and their only good player on defense, and a seemingly good dude Gerald McCoy, they let walk this offseason. They are the opposite of the Dolphins. I do not like anything they have done this offseason. I tried to talk myself into the hiring of Bruce Arians, who I wanted the Packers to hire, but I don't think he can fix the problems in Tampa. He is also sticking by Winston's side, and I think that is dumb. The only other solid skill player they have is Mike Evans, but when do we start to look at him as just solid, and not a superstar? He has never really showed out as a top flight receiver, yet people always bring him up when they talk about receivers on the rise. Maybe he is the Ryan Tannehill of wide outs. Who knows. And letting Gerald McCoy go is unthinkable to me. Sure, they signed Ndamokong Suh to replace him, but I don't know how much he has left in the tank. He was okay last year, but Aaron Donald showed that Suh's time as a top of the sheet D lineman is done. And, he will face double and triple teams all season long. He may lose his shit in like week 2 or 3. As long as this team continues to let Winston be their cornerstone player, this team will win no more than 5 or 6 games. The Buccaneers, much to my delight, are awful right now.

At number 26 I have the Buffalo Bills. Right off the bat I need to say that Josh Allen was so much better than I thought he was going to be last year, but that is not a compliment. I thought he was going to fall flat on his face. And while he did not do that, he was not a very accurate passer, and he ran way more than I think anyone in Buffalo's front office would like him to. So, while he wasn't a total disaster, I hope he has worked on his accuracy and drops his tendency to run so much. He is not Mike Vick. Not even close. Outside of Allen, I don't know about this offense. And that isn't me being pessimistic, I legitimately do not know. Is Lesean McCoy still on this team? What about Kelvin Benjamin? Did I read correctly that they signed Tyrod Taylor this offseason for his second go round in Buffalo? Who did they even draft? And on defense, their long time team captain, some random white dude from a small college, who's name totally escapes me, retired. See what I mean, I know absolutely nothing about this team outside of Josh Allen. I don't think that is a good sign for a team that may have playoff aspirations. The Bills need to get better only if to give my family that lives in Buffalo something good to cheer about. I think this team is a far way away from being a playoff squad. I also think that they may be better suited to become the first NFL team to move to Canada. They seem to get more fans when they play there. Anyway, anything more than 6 wins would surprise me. This team needs some work.

My final team for the day, at number 25, I have the Detroit Lions. This is another team that I wish was better because I have family that are fans, lifelong fans, of this moribund franchise. The Lions always play close games, then blow it. Or they give up humongous leads and they come back, only to lose in devastating fashion. This is also the same team that pretty much forced their 2 best players ever, Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson, into early retirement. They never seem to help out their star players. They also hired Matt Patricia last season after giving up a billion yards in the Super Bowl where the Eagles beat the Patriots defense that he coordinated. He is not a good head coach, and he seems like a real scumbag. And then I saw that they just released Theo Riddick, Golden Tate left and Eric Ebron left last year and was actually able to catch the ball. Players seem to get better when they leave Detroit. And that is a bummer for Matthew Stafford, who I think is a good QB. Yes, he puts up hollow stats, but it is not like he is Blake Bortles. He is so much better. He just has little to nothing around him. They have some okay wide outs, but absolutely no running game. And their defense is not good at all, and they let Ezekial Ansah walk too. This team is going nowhere fast. They also play in one of the tougher divisions in football, so they already have 6 tough games going into the year. Matthew Stafford deserves better, but so did Calvin Johnson and Barry Sanders. The Lions are a 5 or 6 win team at best. Sorry family that are fans of this team. They just aren't that good.

That's it for today. Come back tomorrow for the next 4. We are going to get to better teams soon. I promise.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Growing up, Ty’s family all lived near Green Bay and rooted for the Packers. Their punishment is being sent to towns in football limbo. That is why the Head Editor lives in Cincinnati.

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Ty Ranks the 2019 NFL Teams: Pineapple Pizza Division


We are a mere few days away from preseason NFL football, so that means I am going to spend the next 2 weeks talking about the NFL and college football. Much like the past, with the NFL, I am going to rank the teams from 32 to 1, in my personal order. I will give a few brief sentences as to why I have a team where I have them, and what I think their season will look like.

I do need to say, the NFL is getting tougher and tougher for me to watch. The people at the top do not care about the safety of players, the refs are dreadful, Roger Goodell is an absolute dolt and players who abuse women and children seem to get off scott free. It is so irritating and ridiculous. Colin Kaepernick cannot even get a tryout with a team, but guys like Richie Incognito and Tyreek Hill get chance after chance after chance. It is disgusting. My NFL watching can be boiled down to The Redzone Network. I do not watch full games anymore, unless it is the playoffs or Super Bowl, and the NFL is more about Fantasy Football for me than anything else now. College football is much different, but I will explain more about why when I get to my NCAA football preview.

Anyway, I do like doing these rankings, so lets get to it.

At number 32 I have the Arizona Cardinals. I do not think I have seen a franchise fall so hard so fast. Things in Arizona are bleak right now. I cannot believe they gave Kliff Kingsbury, a guy that got fired from Texas Tech, and has a losing overall record, the head coaching gig. I assume he got it because he is buddies with Sean McVay, but that doesn't make him Sean McVay. If he lasts one season I will be stunned. I loved Kyler Murray in college, but he is going to be begging to go back to baseball halfway through the season. He is going to get just as abused as Josh Rosen did last year. Also, why did they give up on Rosen so quick? He had nothing at all, besides Larry Fitzgerald and David Johnson, and yeah he struggled, but I thought he looked better than other rookies like Sam Darnold at times last year. He was not given a fair shot. The aforementioned Fitzgerald and Johnson are back, but dos it matter. I love Fitzgerald, but he is very, very old. And Johnson is not the back he was before tearing his ACL. Also, I don't think Kingsbury will use him properly. They have no o line as I already stated, and outside of Johnson and Fitzgerald, I cannot name one other skill position guy. Their defense is not very good either. Tyrann Mathieu left 2 years ago, Patrick Peterson wants out and everyone else is very blah. The Cardinals stink, and I cannot believe they think Kliff Kingsbury is the answer at head coach. This team is an absolute disaster. I will be stunned if they win 3 games this year, and they retain Kingsbury at season's end.

At number 31 I have the Oakland Raiders. You may see that and think, but they got Antonio Brown and he and Derek Carr will click. And, they drafted Josh Jacobs to be their running back of the future. And Gruden is bringing in veteran leadership. I say no to all of that. Antonio Brown is a great receiver, but he is 31 years old, and he is a diva. Derek Carr is awful and loves Jesus far too much to take football 100 percent seriously. Josh Jacobs is already at odds with the coaching staff, and I don't know if he is even signed yet. And the "veteran leadership" is Richie Incognito and Vontaze Burfict. I mean, Jesus Christ is that scary, and not in a good way. Those two will surely put multiple teammates in the hospital because they "looked at them wrong". And Jon Gruden might be the most overrated head coach in the NFL, by about a thousand miles. The game has passed him by, and last year showed that big time. He still thinks he runs the show, and that the players will buy into his nonsense. They won't. The first time he tries to say something to Brown, or criticize Carr, they will fight back. Well, Brown will at least. The Raiders have become the Knicks of the NFL. They used to be important, but now they are a joke of a franchise. The gap between them and the Cardinals is not as far as you may think. The Raiders front office disgusts me with their offseason signings, and how they have handled the whole Josh Jacobs situation. Also, while I think Clelin Ferrell is great, he was a major reach at number 4 in the draft. The Raiders are lost. They will not win anymore than 5 games this year. But, they will be the most dysfunctional team in the NFL.

The two New York teams will close out the rankings today. At number 30 I have the Giants. The Giants made the worst reach of the draft this past draft when they took Daniel Jones at number 6. He is like Eli Manning right now. Not past Eli, and not kind of still had it Eli. I mean current Eli. Jones is supposed to be the future, but he has bust written all over him. He is tall, slow and not very accurate. He also won nothing in college. He is 2019 Jay Cutler, except Cutler was even better coming out of college. Daniel Jones is not going to be a good pro. What the Giants do have is Saquon Barkley. He is great. But, he is a running back, and he can only do so much. I fear that they will overwork him, and by the time he is 27 or 28, he will be out of the league. He is dynamite right now, but all those hits he is taking will take a toll. They have no receiving threats now that Odell Beckham is gone. Corey Coleman is done for the year, Golden Tate is suspended for the first games and who knows when Sterling Shepard will be back from his injury. The o line is suspect and the defense is terrible. The Giants are very far removed from being in the Super Bowl. They are even further removed from being a playoff contender. They are just a bad football team right now, and their future does not look very bright. Unless Saqoun Barkley turns into Bo Jackson, the Giants will be a 4 or 5 win team, at best. Even when Daniel Jones takes over for Eli Manning.

My final team for the day is the Jets. This front office is almost as bad as the Raiders front office. Todd Bowles did not get a fair shake, and now they are letting Adam Gase run the whole franchise. That sentence should send shivers down Jets fans spines. Gase is a mediocre NFL coach, and he is going to ruin this team for years to come. First off, they way overpaid for LeVeon Bell this offseason. Sure, he was great in Pittsburgh, but they had an o line there, and James Connor proved that Bell might not be as great as many perceived him to be. Also, he has not played football in a year, and while he may be rested, he hasn't been hit at all, and he lost an entire year of his prime. His holdout, while it worked in the end as far as getting paid goes, really backfired on the field. I mean, he is now on the New York freaking Jets. Sam Darnold is pretty far away from being the franchise QB they were hoping for when they drafted him 4th overall last year. He makes far too many mental errors with the ball. As I said, they have no o line to speak of. And I cannot name one single receiver. Bell will get his touches, but when he is routinely facing 8 men fronts, it won't matter. Their defense is best known for having a player that tackled, and injured, a mascot at the Pro Bowl last year. This team is a mess too. Adam Gase is a dumb dumb, and the Jets are going to be bad once again. They just don't have the guys to win many games. I'd say their ceiling is about 6 wins.

That's it for today, come back tomorrow for the next 4 teams.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Let’s not forget that two years ago Ty and the head editor had the Cardinals and Raiders on the cusp of the Super Bowl. My, how things have changes.

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Richie Incognito Again? What the Hell NFL?


Yesterday I heard some very, very troubling NFL news, yet I am not shocked, which is a problem in and of itself. I heard that Richie Incognito was coming out of retirement, and he had signed with the Oakland Raiders.

I mean, what in the hell?! This is absolutely insane to me. I cannot believe that this steroid infused, racially insensitive bully gets what seems to be his one millionth chance, while Colin Kaepernick is still unsigned, and it seems like no team is even willing to give him a chance. The fact that a horrible human being like Richie Incognito gets yet another shot drives me up the wall. And, this isn't coming from a place of dislike for his college team, Nebraska. No, I am not a fan of the Nebraska, but I could care less that he went to school there. What makes me so angry is his off, and on field attitude, and the fact that he just keeps getting chance after chance after chance, no matter how awful his personal life gets.

Let’s break it down. We are talking about a guy that bullied a former teammate so much that he was contemplating suicide. Now, I know all about the former teammates misfortunes after leaving football, it is awful, but I feel like Incognito was the one who pushed him over the edge. He pulled the final straw. You then look at his on field stuff, he is out of control. He is just as liable to pull a guy's helmet off as he is to make a block. If someone on the line does something he doesn't like, he will ream that player out on the field, during the game. He is a head hunter. He throws illegal blocks. He is a dirty player playing a very violent sport. He is also a terrible racist. He has made it clear that he loves the current "president". He, I'm sure of it, wears confederate flag stuff. He is the epitome of a pick up truck driving hillbilly. He is just a miserable human being.

I know Incognito is trash from a personal encounter.

When the Rams were still in Saint Louis, my mom worked at a battered woman and children's center. She used to coordinate a 5k every year, we showed up to support her, and the Rams would send a player or two. One year they sent 2 guys, one of which was Incognito. The other guy they sent, his name escapes me at the moment, was also an offensive lineman, and he had previously played in Jacksonville with a high school friend of mine. I was very intrigued to talk to this gentleman because I wanted to know how my buddy was doing in the NFL. My mom brought me over to introduce me to the 2 guys, and upon hearing who they were, I said hello to Incognito, and then I kind of cornered the other guy because I wanted to talk about my friend. When I did this Incognito looked like he felt disrespected. He had this look of awe and anger on his face because he was supposed to be the big name at this event. First off, he was only there because he had just gotten in trouble for assault against women, and the Rams sent him to try and smooth things over. I'm sure he would've rather been anywhere else that day. Second, I could've cared less that he was there. I had zero interest in talking to him about anything. I know that the two of us have nothing in common, so why would I waste my breath on a person that would just upset me. That seemed like a waste of time to me. Third, he couldn't have been more of an asshole to everyone there that day. We are talking about people who do a very hard, very tough job, and Incognito just had this air of arrogance about him. He was, for lack of a better term, an asshole. I don't like to associate with people like that. So, my dislike for this move is so much more than just the college team he played for.

Richie Incognito is everything that is wrong with the NFL. He is the exact opposite of what the NFL should be going after. He is abusive and rude and arrogant and a clown and a bully and racist and just a bad, bad person. The fact that he is getting another chance, or that Chad Kelly, go look up stories about this monster if you want to be appalled, is getting another chance, but Colin Kaepernick has had to lose his career for a peaceful protest, I am getting to a point where I just can't do it with the NFL anymore. For the Raiders and Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock to think that this would be okay is astonishing to me. This is disgusting and despicable. If Roger Goodell wasn't such an awful commissioner, and a coward, I would hope that he would have vetoed this. Of course he didn't, and now I have to read stories about a horrible person.

This is bad, and the NFL is going to lose even more viewers. This is also a slap in Colin Kaepernick's face. He was a peaceful protester, and he has lost his career. Meanwhile, guys like Chad Kelly and freaking Richie Incognito continue to get signed. What a crock.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast.

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Ty's 2019 Not Mock NFL Draft


The first round of the 2019 NFL draft is tonight. I know I did a mock last year but this year I want to change things up a bit. Mock drafts are all good and fun, but I want to do my list of who I think are the 20 best players in the draft. I’ll rank them in descending order and give a sentence or two as to why I have the players where I have them. I am also going to give you 5 players that I don’t think will be as good as others do after I rank  my top 20. My list is also going to be boring. In this draft I love the defensive line and offensive line. I also think linebacker is solid. I needed you to know this going in. Spoiler alert, I have zero QB’s in my top 20. More to come on that near the end. Okay, here it goes. 

20-Nasir Adderly. Adderly played lower level college ball, but the dude is a ball hawk and a heavy hitter. I’d love for the Packers to take him late in the first round. Whoever takes him will get a steal. 

19-Chris Lindstrom- Lindstrom is a bulldozing O lineman that paved the way for one of the best rushing attacks in college. He’s big, has quick hands and feet and will start from day one. He’s a solid late first rounder.

18-AJ Brown- Brown is only one of 2 receivers that I like in this draft. Brown is a solid route runner with excellent hands. If the right team takes him, either Green Bay or New England, he’s going to be a star. 

17-Marquise Brown- This is the other wideout I like. Yes he’s very, very small, but he is a speed freak. He’s also a great route runner. He’s going to be a burner, and I think he’s going to be so much better than Percy Harvin ever was

16-Taylor Rapp- He may be “slow”, as far as 40 yard dash times go, but he can cover. He’s the best secondary player in the draft as well. He’s an instant starter with ten year career easily 

15-Jerry Tillery- As much as I dislike his college team, this dude is a disrupter. He destroys backfields and can get to the passer. He’s one of the better D lineman in this draft

14-Greg Little- Here’s another big, dominant O lineman. Little is humongous and a road grater. He’s going to be a right tackle projecting ahead, and he has future pro bowler written all over him

13-Cody Ford- Much like Little, Ford is enormous. He’s a better pass blocker though, and with the NFL shifting that way, he’s going to excel. He will be a late first steal

12- Rashan Gary- I’ve heard the criticism, but I don’t buy it. I watched this kid take on double and triple teams for three years and it allowed other guys to shine. Gary is a beast, the physical traits are amazing, and he’s going to make teams that pass on him regret it. He’s an amazing football player 

11-Greedy Williams- He’s fast, he has great ball skills, he was the guy on a dominant defense and can be a shutdown corner. He’s also got a kickass name

10- Devin Bush- Bush is a wrecking ball. He’s a hitter. He plays with an immense passion. I watched him for three years as well, and loved everything I saw. He’s going to be a very, very good pro. I’ll miss him most next season 

9-Brian Burns- Burns is tall, but explosive and can make moves that put him in the correct spot. He can make himself small and flexible. He’s so big and agile. He’s got quality traits for such a big D lineman

8- Jawaan Taylor- Sure, he was a lineman in a spread option offense that focused on the run, but this kid can learn to pass block as well. I watched him crush Michigan’s D line in the bowl game, and thought then that he was going to be good. He’s also 6’5, which is an added feather in his cap. He’s going to be solid 

7-Andre Dillard- Dillard is the opposite of Taylor. He was in a spread pass offense, but he too has the tools to run block, and to do it well. He also exploded at the combine. He’s a legit top 5 pick to me

6-Christian Wilkins- He was the best D lineman on the best D line in college football last year. He has great hands, feet and technique. He’s also humongous. He is destined to start and shine from day one 

5-Montez Sweat- I know he has some red flags, but his on field performance should have teams aching to draft him. He’s big, fast and physical. He will also relentlessly get to the opposing QB. If he fumbles on draft day, he’s going to be the steal of the draft

4- Jeffery Simmons- Simmons is Sweat’s lesser known teammate, but he’s just as good and has zero red flags. He’s a pure run stopper, perfectly placed as a nose guard 

3-Devin White- White is the best linebacker in the draft. He’s speedy and can cover. He also has range sideline to sideline. He’s the prototype of the modern linebacker. I might take him first overall if I were a GM

2- Quinnen Williams- I mean, when you’re the best player on Alabama, that speaks volumes. He does it all on the D line. He can stop the run and pass. He takes on multiple O lineman to open things up for linebackers and the secondary. He’s as good as it gets

1- Josh Allen- This Josh Allen, from Kentucky, I adore. He is a great, great edge rusher. He reminds me of Khalil Mack, except with more shine coming out of college. He can also cover. He is the type of hybrid D lineman that is taking over the NFL. I’d run to the podium to take him

Those are my top 20 guys. I think all of them will, at the very least, have solid careers. They’ll all contribute, and some, will become stars. Now let’s get to the players I’m a bit down on. 

5- Nick Bosa- This has nothing to do with my fandom. This kid sat out all of last year with an injury. He likes the “president”. He called “Black Panther” overrated, and he’s not his brother. I feel like he’s going to flop and flop hard. I think he’s egotistical and I think he thinks it’s going to be easy for him. It won’t be. I think he’s extremely overrated

4- Kyler Murray- I think Murray is a fine QB, but I wouldn’t put my franchise in his hands. I also think he picked the wrong sport. I don’t think Baker Mayfield is as good as some do, and I get the same feeling from Murray. He’s also small and frail. And he can always quit to play baseball. No way I’d take him first overall

3- Dwayne Haskins- He’s the only QB I “like” in this draft, but I truly don’t like any of them. He’s also very immobile, played in a gimmick college offense, seemed disinterested at times and has sloppy footwork outside of the pocket. I don’t think he’s a first rounder, let alone a top 10 pick

2- Drew Locke- I’ve already written a whole thing on him, and my mind hasn’t changed since then. He’s sloppier than Haskins, he believes in his arm to a concerning extent, he never really shined in big games and is more lucky than good. He is a smaller Blaine Gabbert. He’s a bust

1- Daniel Jones- Jones is a Ryan Leaf level red flag to me. He may look like a prototypical NFL QB, but that’s the only NFL thing about him. He’s inconsistent, never played well in big games, choked when he was on national TV, tried too often to rely on his legs and cannot throw the deep ball with any kind of accuracy. I think it’s hilarious that Washington and the Giants are reportedly “enamored” with him. That would be so fitting if one of those teams traded up to get him. He’s going to be a major bust. This I’m almost sure of. 

Alright, there you have it. I’ll be curious to see where everyone ends up, and if I was wrong or right. It all starts tonight. Let’s get to it.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is wondering why the Kipers and McShays of the world have said nothing about Nick Bosa’s tweets. Color and content might have something to do with that.

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The Odell Beckham Jr Trade is Truly a Game Changer

Well, Odell Beckham is now a member of the Cleveland Browns.

This is stunning to me. I was shocked when I read about the trade last night after I got home from dinner. I kept saying to my wife, what happened. I simply could not believe it. And, it has nothing to do with the fact that Beckham got traded. It has everything to due with the timing and the team. I mean, he just signed an extension with the Giants last year. They went out and drafted Saquon Barkley to pair with Beckham. They signed some O lineman to try and help out Eli. He is so washed by the way. Even Sterling Shepard was starting to step up as an okay number 2 option on that team. Oh, and they drafted that monster tight end from Mississippi State last year. I really thought they were starting to build around him. They were trying to get more weapons so he wouldn't be the only option. All they really needed, at least to be competitive, is a real QB. They could have drafted one this year, had they kept Beckham.

This is a real stunner. If I were guys like Shepard, and definitely Barkley, I would be so very frustrated today. They are going to have to pick up the slack, and then some. And they already are overusing Barkley. Think how much more work he is going to get next season. I just am baffled that they chose Eli over Beckham. Odell Beckham is younger, better and more fun to play the game with. As I said, Eli is washed, the playoff appearances are a thing of the past and he is slower than his older brother. What a dumb decision by the front office.

On the flip side, it looks like the Browns are going for it. At least on paper. I'm not a believer in Baker Mayfield. He reminds me far too much of Robert Griffin. Everyone thought after his rookie year he was going to usher in a new era of the NFL QB. Well, that didn't happen. I feel that Mayfield is now being looked at as the new hot QB in the NFL. But, when you have guys like David Njoku and Jarvis Landry and Nick Chubb, and now Beckham, he has far too many weapons to have a drop off like Griffin did. I feel like I could sling it around for 3,000 yards and hand it off 20-25 times a game and do well with these guys. The Browns also closed the 2018 season solid, and they are looking to build on that for this year. The offense, again, on paper, looks incredibly lethal. They could put up a ton of points. They should be the favorite in their division, and one of the favorites, right now, to knock off the Patriots in the AFC. I'm serious.

The Browns did have to give up a first and third rounder, and Jabrill Peppers, who seems like he is starting to figure out the NFL. I think he may be just as happy as Beckham, because he is back near his hometown. So the Browns did have to give up 2 early picks, and a starter. But, they got one of the best receivers in the game. Beckham is so good at taking slant routes 70 yards to the house. He also has exceptional hands. He is also a matchup nightmare. While he and Landry may be a bit undersized, they can still make plays.

The fact that this is what all the NFL shows and podcasts are leading off with today prove how crazy and spectacular this deal is. I mean. LeVeon Bell signed with the Jets, and I could care less. My Packers signed a ton of new starters, but all I can think about is this Beckham trade. Terrell Suggs is no longer a Raven, but that doesn't matter. This was a big time trade. This made waves. This changes the complexion of the entire AFC. And dare I say, this makes the Browns legit. I mean, WOW. What a move and what a deal.

This is stunning.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He can not think of any trade that would be more of stunner than this. I guess we could always see Jon Gruden trade away newly acquired Antonio Brown for some magic beans. It is a possibility.

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The Why's of the Antonio Brown Trade


Antonio Brown has been traded. This was going to happen, and even when it seemed like it happened, the whole Buffalo thing, it only took 2 more days for it to actually happen. Brown was traded to the Oakland Raiders for a couple of later round draft picks. And as of a report today, he is going to get a decent raise. All of this leaves me with a good amount of questions.

I think Brown is great. I need to state that up front. He has good hands, gets yards, scores TD and is a matchup nightmare from time to time. But, he is 31 years old. He is now on a team that is being quarterbacked by Derek Carr. He is on a team that really has no other offensive threats. He is on a team coached by Jon Gruden. He is on a team that is about to move to Las Vegas. And he has had one of the weirdest and self inflating off seasons that I can remember. I haven't seen anything like this since Terrell Owens did a workout in his front yard for reporters when he wanted out of Philadelphia. How did that work out for him? Owens was once great, but that was the downfall. That signaled the end of his NFL career.

I simply cannot help but see almost the exact same thing happening for Brown, but on a much worse team. The Raiders were just downright awful last year. The best player they had was Marshawn Lynch, and they didn't feed him the ball enough, and then he got hurt. Also, their coach thought it would be a brilliant move to trade Khalil Mack before the season, then Amari Cooper during the season. Then, this offseason, they hired Mike Mayock, a TV analyst, as their new GM. They also have had a very hard time finding a place to play this upcoming season.

Also, I cannot overstate the fact that Derek Carr is their god damn QB. Look, I loathe Ben Roesthilberger as much as anyone can. He is a scumbag, a diva, a sexual predator, overrated, slow and super old. I want him to go away. But, he is better than Carr. Hell, Josh Allen, the Bills QB, has more potential than Carr. In fact, the other teams named, the 49ers and Packers, to the best of my knowledge, have way, way better QB's than Carr. Yet, after the trade, Brown seemed thrilled to be playing with Carr. He said, and I quote, "it is like love at first sight". What the hell is he talking about.

Now add on the fact that Jon Gruden is the coach. He still thinks it is the early 2000's, and you win with defense and ball control. Also, he's insane. How is Brown going to fit in with that team. And he doesn't really have much help on offense as well. I hope Lynch will be back, I adore him, but he is old too, and got hurt too much last year. Jordy Nelson is trash. Jared Cook is going to sign elsewhere. The O line is not great. And again, Derek freaking Carr is the QB. Sure, I have heard that they covet Kyler Murray, but is he really the answer. He is better than Carr, but he will be a rookie that would get thrown straight into the fire, and even the best QB's in NFL history struggled mightily in their rookie years. Murray is going to struggle too. Just like Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen and pretty much every other rookie QB in the history of the league.

Which brings me to my final point. Brown is 31 years old. While that is not old in real life, that is ancient in the NFL. The NFL is a cold and brutal business, and when you get too "old", they kick you to the curb without thinking twice. I fear, for Brown, this move to the Raiders is going to be his swam song into oblivion. Sure, it will be talked about a ton this offseason, and even when the season starts. But, when the Raiders start to play poorly, which should be week one by my calculations, Brown and Carr and whatever rookies they take and Gruden and Mayock will all be forgotten.

While this move is flashy now, I just see it being all for naught. Brown got what he wanted, but I just don't think it will be worth it in the long run. Oh well, lets see how this all plays out, but I have to say, I think it will be forgotten by week 10, at the very latest.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He wants to remind everyone once again that the Raiders are quarterbacked by Derek FREAKING Carr. Do you all understand now?

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Johnny Manziel is a Waste of Our Time

Not to be wasted

Not to be wasted

Johnny Manziel was recently released from his CFL team, the Montreal Alouttes. This should not be surprising to anyone reading this. This kid clearly peaked in college. And, while he peaked with a Heisman trophy, I was wondering aloud to my dad earlier today, has there been a bigger waste of supposed talent in the NFL? I know about guys like Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Steve Etmann, Tony Mandarich, the list could go on and on. But, these guys never won the Heisman. Some played in major bowl games, but never won the title. Some played in other big games, but they were often bested.

Manziel on the other hand was a blur when he was a sophomore at Texas A&M. I mean, I never liked him, but the dude was a very good read option QB. He made plays. He beat Alabama, and he was the youngest Heisman winner ever. He then tumbled in the NFL draft, due to questions about his off field activities, and landed in Cleveland.

This was when it all started to go downhill. He struggled to start over career backups. His teammates didn't seem to care much for him. His coaches seemed to have little faith in him. And his demons, alcoholism and never being told no, really started to creep up. When he did play, he was highly ineffective. He was too small to see over the line. He threw too many errant passes, many resulting in interceptions. He wasn't faster than most D lineman. And he just didn't seem to care about the game. He didn't put in the hours. He would rather party than hone his skills and make himself a better player. Again, this goes to his never being told no, and always being told that he was the best. He never had to struggle, until it was too late. At one point it seemed like he was, at least on the surface, trying to get help. But, he had already been cut by the Browns, and no other NFL wanted to touch him, for good reason. He was damaged goods, had bad off field problems and his play was lackluster.

After failing to be signed by any other NFL team, he spiraled again. I felt absolutely no sympathy for him. This was his second chance, and he totally blew it because he would rather drink alcohol and go to clubs. He did this all to himself. He made himself an unsignable free agent. His family tried to help, but he didn't even listen to them. Manziel is a selfish punk who never really learned his lesson, and he was finally paying for it.

Yet another chance came his way,. A few years back, the CFL wanted to give him a shot, what seemed to be his last. And, just like his rookie season in the NFL, he was bad. I believe in his first CFL game he threw 4 picks. He completed less than 50 percent of his passes. He only saw the field in blowouts. Watching him in the CFL was almost sad. Almost. This just further proved that he was never really an NFL caliber player. He was now in the CFL getting beat out by guys that were never even a thought as a NFL draft pick. And then he went and did something, it has not been confirmed exactly what, that not only voided his contract with the Alouttes, but with the entire CFL. He cannot play for a single team in that league. I mean, this dude won a Heisman, and he threw it all away when the going got tough for him. He finally had to prove himself, and instead, he just did something else that made him get cut. He shot himself in the foot again. He couldn't handle the fact that he is not as good as he thought.

Now, he is reaching out to the AAF, a league I do not think is viable, just to try and get a workout. That is rough. He has fallen so hard, so fast and I couldn't care less. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, never had to work hard until he was playing the game with guys better than him, and when that got too hard, he finds ways to get himself cut, but blame it on someone else.

Johnny Manziel is a waste of talent. He is a waste of a roster spot. And when he doesn't make an AAF team I will feel exactly nothing for him. Hell, I wouldn't even be surprised if he doesn't make it in the XFL. Johnny Manziel is now a footnote, and it is just going to get worse for him from here on out as long as he continues to screw up and try to play semi pro football. Johnny Manziel is a joke.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He used ot think of Johnny Clipboard being equivilant to a one hot wonder in music. Then he remembered that those musicians actually had a hit, and worked damn hard to get it.

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What the Hell is Wrong with the NFL, Part 1,437

Just don’t watch

Just don’t watch

The NFL continues to shoot itself in the foot, and not learn any lessons and continues to support men that think it is okay to hit women, but deny men that decide to make a peaceful protest.

With the news yesterday that the Cleveland Browns have decided to sign Kareem Hunt, I just don't know what to do, or think, about professional football right now at this current moment. I hate this signing so, so, so much. Kareem Hunt, who has been cited more than once, in fact a couple of times, of hitting women, gets another chance at the NFL while Colin Kaepernick continues to be blackballed, and Eric Reid keeps getting "random" drug tests.

This is disgusting.

This is wrong.

This shouldn't be happening.

This is the NFL just going from bad to worse, and basically saying, who cares if you hit a female, you can still play, but, if you even think about taking a knee, you will find it extremely difficult to get back in the league. I'm appalled and grossed out by this.

Sure, Hunt is an explosive running back, and is a good skilled player. But, he has hit multiple women. He got in trouble for this in college. This is the second time that I know of that he has been cited for the same thing since he has been in the NFL, which I think is about 3 or 4 seasons. The NFL, Roger Goodell, and the owners just don't get it. This is why people are becoming more and more put off by the sport. People are not watching as much anymore because of concussions, and the fact that men who hit women get chance after chance after chance. I mean, Greg Hardy got multiple chances to get back in the league. Ray Rice was only suspended for 3 games before the TMZ video was released. Richie Incognito is looked at as a folk hero since his retirement, and he bullied people constantly. I just don't get why these guys get multiple chances, but Colin Kaepernick is left behind.

Why does Kareem Hunt deserve a second shot? People say, well the new GM in Cleveland knows him, and he thinks he's a good kid. Really? John Dorsey is going to be the guy to turn Kareem Hunt's life around? He is going to be the guy that gets him to stop hitting women? The moment Hunt goes for 100 plus yards and a couple of TD's, all of his abusive behavior towards females will be pushed aside by Dorsey, the Browns, Goodell and the dumbasses at ESPN. They will all forget that he abuses women because he scores a lot of fantasy points and is an exciting player. That's just awful.

The idoitic league thinks that a guy that peacefully protests police brutality is the problem to these chuckleheads. From what I know, Colin Kaepernick has never hit a woman. I have never heard about him being arrested late at night for anything, especially a domestic violence dispute. By all measure Kaepernick seems like a good guy that decided enough was enough and he was going to take a silent stand. But, to the NFL, that is so much worse than hitting females or bullying other guys or taking steroids or concussion protocol. This is so bad.

Kareem Hunt does not belong in the NFL. He needs to go seek therapy for abusing women. He should not be given millions of dollars to continue to play this violent sport. Colin Kaepernick, for a myriad of reasons, belongs in the NFL so, so much more than Kareem Hunt. This is ridiculous. And it will only get worse if Hunt thrives in the Browns offense. I have said many times that I love football, but I am really beginning to hate the NFL. There are so many problems that the powers that be simply don't care about and are too dumb to acknowledge.

This is gross and it really is starting to put me off the NFL. If stuff like this keeps happening, I don't know how much longer I can watch prof football. The NFL has a real problem on their hands, and until they try and fix it, it is only going to get worse. The signing of Kareem Hunt is a disturbing trend in the NFL. Hunt doesn't belong. Colin Kaepernick. Fix this NFL. This is bad.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast.

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That Was One Terrible Super Bowl


The Super Bowl happened last night.

I watched it.

I hated it.

And it ended as I should have expected.

I have been pretty vocal about my dismay for this particular Super Bowl. I was not looking forward to it, but I watched it anyway because, as I have stated, I am a football junkie. But boy oh boy was this game an absolute clunker. I said last Friday that I thought it was going to be a "slog", but this game was horrible. It was so much worse than a slog. The game started off bad, got worse and just grew and grew in its horribleness from there.

For example, Tom Brady's first pass was an interception. No need to worry though, the Rams immediately went three and out, something they would do most of the game. This game set the record for fewest points in a half. It set the record for fewest points ever in fact. Neither team could really ever establish the run. I know that Sony Michel got close, or maybe even eclipsed, 100 yards, but a ton of that came on one long run deep into the fourth quarter. He was also the only person to score a TD in the game by the way. Tom Brady just seemed kind of off all night too. He made a couple of beautiful throws, but he also had some that were way off. His interception was a horrible throw. He skipped a ton of passes. It was rough.

Julian Edelmann played really well, but he was so wide open, how could he not catch the ball. He got the MVP, I think Michel, or someone from their defense deserved it, but Edelmann got it. Rob Gronkowski had a few nice catches, but again, he didn't really do much of anything that jumped off the screen to me.

The Rams were god awful offensively. They could not do anything at all. Jared Goff was atrocious. I know he is still young, but man did he look scared and flustered and out of his element. The Rams O line could not block at all. Goff was under constant pressure. Brandin Cooks was blanketed all game long. None of the other receivers got any separation either. And where in the hell was Todd Gurley? I mean, is he hurt? Did he do something wrong? Did he not feel well? Was he too tired to play? I have no idea why he barely saw the field. I know that CJ Anderson played very well against the Saints, and since he was signed by the Rams. But he is no Todd Gurley. The Rams needed him, and they needed him badly last night. I do not get his almost total absence.

Sean McVay really shit the bed as the head coach last night. He, much like Goff, just seemed in over his head. He too was out of his element. He did not seem ready. He did not seem like the "wunderkind" that he has been praised as sine last season. And to his credit, he is still a very new head coach.

But the monster that is Bill Belichek simply put him in his place last night. That is the thing with the Patriots. They don't care how they win, as long as they win. Belichek did just that. His offense was so god damn ugly, but his defense shut down one of the top offenses in the NFL. As I just stated, the Rams could not move the ball at all. Any time they had any momentum, the Patriots shut it down pretty quickly. Any time Goff had time, he either took a sack, or he missed throws. He had Cooks WIDE OPEN in the third quarter, and the pass was underthrown and lazy. Anderson never got going. The Patriots shut them down.

The Rams defense was also great. They held the Patriots to 13 points. That should have been more than enough for them to win. Sure, Suh and Donald didn't play as great as they usually do, but they still got occasional pressure, causing Brady to make those bad throws. The Rams secondary did an okay job of stopping every Patriots receiver except for Edelmann.

This was just a disaster of a game. I was not, at any single moment, excited to be watching the game. The halftime show was super forgettable. The commercials were fine, but nothing that I will think back on as great.

Some final thoughts, Edelmann got the MVP, as I said, but he is not a Hall of Famer, no matter what Nate Burleson or anyone at The Ringer says. He is a fine player, but he is not a Hall of Famer. The Rams are not ready for primetime, and neither is Sean McVay or Jared Goff. Bill Belichek proved, again, that he is a great head coach. The Patriots need to stop this whole, "no one believed in us" narrative. They are great and no one has ever counted them out. And Todd Gurley deserved to play more. This was a boring game, I'm glad it is over and I hope Roger Goodell leaves as commissioner and the NFL gets back to being fun again. I mean, I like defense, but this game was not about two great defenses, it was just a very, very poorly played football game.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He was shocked that the awesome Tony Romo never reminded the audience that Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelmann missed the first four games of the season because of a PED suspension. Wonder why that was left out?

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A Halfhearted, In Depth, Look at Super Bowl 53


There is a big football game this Sunday, and no I am not talking about any college football all star game, or the XFL or the American Alliance of Football. I am talking about Super Bowl 53. The Los Angeles Rams are playing the New England Patriots. And yes, it sounds just as boring as you may feel right now. But I’m a professional so I must do what all us internet sports writers do, talk about the game.

I have said it on the podcast, and this is the first time I am writing it, but I have ZERO interest in this game. I have no rooting interest. I am sick of seeing the Patriots in the Super Bowl. For a sport that is supposed to have parity every year, this is the third straight year they are in the game. This is, I don't know, something like the tenth straight time they have been to the AFC title game. And this is the, I want to say, eighth time, the Patriots have been in the Super Bowl in the last 17 years. That is more than half of the Super Bowl's in almost 2 decades. I'm over them.

I also loathe this whole narrative that they are somehow the "underdogs". That "no one" believes in them. That Tom freaking Brady has to go to a party and chant, "We're still here". It is so, so, so stupid. No one buys it except dumbass Patriots fans. They are not the underdogs. The majority of people I read, and myself and RD included, picked them to be in, at the very least, the AFC title game this year. Knock that shit off.

As far as the Rams go, I am from Saint Louis, and it bums me out that they moved, but I have no ill will towards them. I despise Stan Kroenke, and what he did, and how he did it. But he is the only person I truly hate that is involved with the Rams. I think Sean McVay is a solid coach. Jared Goff is a decent QB. Todd Gurley is totally awesome. I like Ndomankong Suh. Aaron Donald is the best defensive player currently in the NFL. But, they do not deserve to be in this game. They got in because the refs blew a massive obvious pass interference. The DB admitted it. The NFL admitted it. The NFL fined the DB that hit the receiver after the fact. But the refs did not call the penalty during the NFC title game. They blew it. They put the Rams here. They wanted the story lines that are now being blown way out of proportion during Super Bowl week. It is, at least in my lifetime, the worst no call ever.

With all this being said, like a good pop culture / sports writer, I am going to pick the game. But, I truly don't care. This is the first Super Bowl I can remember in my lifetime that I have no real interest in the game. At least in year's past I had team's I could root against, if the Packers weren't playing. I don't like the Seahawks, so it was fun to root for whoever they played. I have never liked Peyton Manning, so when he played, it was easy for me to root for the NFC team. I like to root against the Steelers, so when they played, I just stood up for the other team. Even last year, I had the Eagles to root for because of Brandon Graham, and I wanted Mike Lombardi from The Ringer to have to eat crow. But this year, I just do not care. I know I keep repeating that, but it is true. This game is going to be a slog. But, I will watch it because I am a football junkie, and this is the Super Bowl.

If I look at it with just a fan's eye, the Rams should win. They have the better, younger players overall. Yes, the Patriots have Tom Brady, and he is the greatest QB ever, but that seems to be the only advantage they have. The Rams have better receivers. They have much better backs. They have the better O line. And this is the time for McVay to prove his "offensive genius". The Patriots are not good defensively. They can be run on, and they are susceptible to the play action pass. That is where the Rams thrive. As far as the defensive side of the ball, again, on paper, the Rams are better. They have a ferocious pass rush led by Suh and Donald. They have heavy hitting linebackers that can cover. They have a solid secondary. The Patriots have experience, but that is not always what will win the game. Sometimes talent just wins out. And that should happen this Sunday.

Notice I keep saying "should". The reason you may ask, two things, Tom Brady and Bill Belichek. Ooh, and lets add a third, the refs. Belichek is, for all his shortcomings as a human being, gosh I despise him so much, is a genius football coach. He knows how to take away your best players and plays and frustrate you. He usually thrives in the biggest games. The same thing can be said for Brady. Even if you look at the Super Bowl's the Patriots have been beaten in, he played well. He threw for over 500 yards last year. He puts the ball on the money, even if Wes Welker drops it. He is legit the best QB ever. And then we have the refs. They are clearly on the side of the Patriots, no matter what they and their boneheaded fans say. The refs love Brady, Belichek and anyone involved with them. They will give them the benefit of the doubt. There was the no PI call in the NFC title game, but look at the roughing the passer call in the AFC title game. Brady got his shoulder touched, and the refs called roughing. That is clear evidence that the refs are in their pocket.

On paper, I have the Rams winning, and wining with ease. But, when I really look into everything, the players, coaches, refs, star players, I still have the Rams, but in a much closer than it should be game. I think the Rams will win because they will be able to run the ball and keep Brady off the filed. They will control the clock. I also expect Suh, but more so Donald, to make a few big time plays, be it sacks or forced fumbles or even just making Brady release the ball a hair earlier than he would like. So I have the Rams winning a very ugly game by a score of 23-17.

There you have it. Enjoy the game I guess.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He wants to know when the sports media will proclaim Ty as the greatest football caller guy in the world, you know since they are eager to anoint an overrated retired qb.

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Let Me Respectfully Explain How Tony Romo is Now the Most Overrated Sports Broadcaster Ever


Today I’m going to throw some short, but blazing, heat towards Tony Romo.

You have been warned.

He’s been getting a ton of praise lately for his ability to “call plays before they even happen”. Just go to any sports page or social media platform and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. People are acting like he’s an Oracle. Like he’s Nostradamus or some shit like that. I do have to give credit to 2 sites that have called him out recently. Both Deadspin and the ever brilliant Onion have talked a little shit about him too. Deadspin is a legit site, and they brought up some good points in their piece, suggesting we pull back the reins a bit on what makes for a great announcer. The Onion was much funnier with it, saying that he should have studied as much tape when he was a player, and maybe he would have won something of note. Their piece is a riot.

I’m mostly with Deadspin here. Sure, the fact that he will call out a play is cool, but most diehard sports fans do that weekly when they watch their team. My dad and I can successfully call about 90 percent of Michigan football’s offense. And we’ve been able to do that for 2 decades now. I have some friends that love teams like the Thunder and Bulls, and they know just about every time a pick and roll is coming. Hell, I know that when James Harden has the ball he’s going to pound it for 17 seconds and shoot a step back three or drive. I’m pretty sure even RD himself can tell you Joey Votto’s exact approach when he steps to the plate. I bet you he knows when Billy Hamilton is going to steal a base too. When you watch a sport enough it’s not that tough to notice commonalities. And when you’ve played the sport at the highest level I bet it’s even easier. My dad, my friends, RD and myself are never called “geniuses” or “wizards” or “oracles”. We are looked at as obnoxious fans.

So why does Romo get a pass? I think it’s because he was such a mediocre player, but he’s so likable, that the big time journalists and companies want him to be successful somehow some way. They will sing his praises when he calls a play before it happens. They also gave him a pass as a player although he never made it to an NFC title game. The praise for him is absurd and it drives me nuts that I have to keep hearing how great he is. He’s an okay announcer, but he’s no John Madden, Pat Summerall, Doris Burke, Chris Webber, Chauncey Billups or any other big time person that’s done this. He’s right in the middle for me.

I feel like Tony Romo has already reached overrated status as an announcer, and he did that way faster than as a player. Romo is mediocre at everything he does. He’s so blah. The accolades need to stop and stop now. He’s no genius.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He can speak for himself on not being a genius, but the head editor is fully on board with people calling RD a genius. This is the man that discovered Ty, the biggest genius on all of the internet.

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The NFL is Idiotic

Happy MLK Day everyone.

I come to you today to talk about the NFC and AFC title games yesterday. First off, both games were exciting. That is not to say that they were good, great or well played. They were both fun. But, both games had some serious issues, that are making me dislike the NFL more and more.

In the first game, Saints and Rams, there were mistakes made by both teams, poor play calling, star players not stepping up,  but most importantly, a horrific missed call that changed the game completely. The mistakes made by the Rams in the first quarter, and pretty much all of the first half, were bad. Goff's interception was horrendous, Todd Gurley couldn't catch the ball and their defense was a sieve. The Saints did their part to keep it close though. They couldn't really capitalize on the turnovers, they only scored 13 points in the quarter, when it could have, or should have, been 21, Drew Brees was awful, Michael Thomas was held in check and Mark Ingram couldn't run. The only Saints player that looked prepared was Alvin Kamara. Sean Payton's game plan was shit too. He couldn't move the ball at will like he did last time they played. Sean McVay wasn't much better. His offense was very blah and bland. For these 2 offenses to only combine for 49 points, that was a shock. With all that said, there is one thing we should be talking about.

That missed pass interference was atrocious.

The defender even admitted that he was interfering, saying he was just trying to stop a TD. For the refs to swallow their whistles in that moment, in New Orleans, when it could have iced the game, that was terrible. If I were a Saints fan today, I would be so irritated. The officials in football have gotten worse every year, and that no call was how bad they have truly become. Officials seem to think the fans are there to watch them and not the players, and when they had a chance to do something right, to make the correct call, they absolutely blew it. There was an official right there, there was one behind the play, both of them had 4 eyes on the play, and none of them blew their whistle or threw their flag. This completely changed the complexion of the game. The Saints had to settle for a field goal, the Rams tied it up, then won in overtime. 

Instead of the narrative being that Drew Brees is going to the Super Bowl at 40, Sean Payton is still a great offensive mind and Alvin Kamara's star is going to continue to shine, we are stuck having to hear about how Sean McVay is an "offensive genius" for 2 weeks now. And he did nothing to prove that. Goff was bad, Gurley was unplayable, the only receiver that showed up was Brandin Cooks, the Rams did not deserve that game. It was one of the worst no calls I've ever seen, and it totally changed this game. This is one of the few times that one single call truly changed the outcome of a game. I feel bad for Saints fans.

As for the AFC title game, it had one good quarter, that was it. The Patriots came out and decided to just run the ball, to keep it out of the Chiefs explosive offense's hands. And it worked. They dominated the ball and the game for a half. Even with Tom Brady looking a bit off, the Patriots were riding a 2 TD lead going into half.

Then things started to open up a bit. The Chiefs got the ball and scored right away. Patrick Mahomes looked more comfortable. The Chiefs were starting to stop the run. The Patriots did tack on a field goal, but the Chiefs went down and scored again to cut it to 3 with a quarter left.

But, and it wasn't as bad as the Saints game, the refs started to get involved. First off, Julian Edelmann touched that football. There is no denying it. Both of his thumbs touched the ball. But since he is on the Patriots, the refs, of course, gave him the benefit and said he didn't touch it. Brady did throw a pick though, and the chiefs turned it into a TD to take the lead. But no worries, the Chiefs defense regressed and couldn't stop the Patriots pass attack. They went right down the field and scored to take the lead. But so did the Chiefs. It was an exercise in defensive futility.

Just when I thought the Chiefs had the game in hand, going up 4 with about three minutes left, the Patriots, and the refs, changed all that. The roughing the passer call on the Chiefs was horrendous. That D tackle did not even touch Brady, maybe grazed his jersey, but since it caused him to overthrow the ball, the refs couldn't get their flags out fast enough. Then, Chris Hogan, who clearly dropped the ball, was given a gift when the review said he did catch it. If he caught that ball, then how did Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson not catch the ball? Do you think it might be because they don't have Patriots written on their jerseys? I sure do.

Regardless of all this though, even after the Patriots scored, Mahomes and the Chiefs kicked a field goal to tie the game and send it to OT. This is where we get the dumbass NFL version of overtime. The fact that Mahomes and the Chiefs offense didn't even get to touch the ball is a crime. Sure, they should have stopped one of those third down plays, but give the offense a chance. The NFL needs to switch their rules. I do not like the newer rule of, if the team scores a TD the game is over. That is so unfair to the other team's offense. Just think if the NFL adopted the college football overtime rules. It would have been magical. As fun as that fourth quarter was, we could have gotten that times ten, if they played college overtime. Imagine the back and forth. But nope, the NFL is stupid and archaic and just way too stuck in their ways.

After watching these 2 games it was clear to me that the NFL clearly wanted the young hot shot team from LA to play the old, dynasty on the east coast. They really wanted the McVay-Belichek showdown. They want what they suspect to be the next dynasty playing the current dynasty.

I usually enjoy the Super Bowl regardless of who's playing. This year, I couldn't care less. I am so sick of watching the Patriots play, and I don't care about the Rams, and they shouldn't be there. The refs gave them that game. This Super Bowl, and all the stuff leading up to it, will be insufferable and boring. I'm already sick of all the stories that will come. I'm already tired of the "passing of the torch" stories that will be written and told. I'm over it. I'll watch the game because I am a football junkie, but that doesn't mean I won't complain about it, because it is going to be unbearable. I'd rather the Cubs win the World Series, or the Lakers win the NBA championship, than watch this Rams team lose to this Patriots team. It is some rough stuff.

Congratulations NFL, you got the matchup you wanted, and all it took was your terrible overtime rules and a horrendous, atrocious, disgusting and terrible no call. Oof magoof.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He loves hearing all the ESPN guys cover for the league and say that any game does not come down to one play. Here’s the facts, the NFC championship did get decided by one terrible call. Congrats on your continued idiocy NFL.

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What are the Jets and Cardinals Thinking?

artist depiction of Ty trying to make sense of the new NFL coaches

artist depiction of Ty trying to make sense of the new NFL coaches

I need to watch "Bandersnatch" one more time before I write about it, there is a ton to unpack. But I promise that will be coming to you guys tomorrow. With that being said, I do need to talk about some more NFL coaching news. I said what I had to say about Matt LaFleur and the Packers yesterday. But, there are 2 more hires that have me even more startled and flabbergasted than LaFluer to Green Bay. The 2 in question you ask, Adam Gase to the Jets and, even worse, Kliff Kingsbury to Arizona.

Lets unpack the Gase hiring first. I know that he has somewhat of a background in offense, but you are going to go with a guy that has an overall losing record in his career as a head coach and struggled mightily in Miami the past 2 years? Why? How is this any different than what they have done the past 3 years with Todd Bowles? Hell, I think Bowles is a better head coach, who was put in a horrible situation. I assumed, much like a lot of other people, that the Jets would go with one of these young offensive gurus. Hell, I even read all the stuff about them willing to give Jim Harbaugh a "offer he couldn't refuse", like they're the god damn mafia or something. But no, they went with a guy with a career record of 23-25. A guy that couldn't develop Ryan Tannehill, although I don't think anyone really can. A guy that way overused a future hall of fame running back in Frank Gore. And a guy that couldn't get his defense to stop anyone. This is odd. As I said, I figured they'd go with a young offensive guy, or even a veteran coach with a slight background in offense. I thought they were primed to hire someone that has worked with Sean McVay, like his QB coach. Or I thought they would try and lure Josh McDaniels. I thought maybe they would go after a college coach with a high octane offense. Or, which if they had done this I would have cracked up, Mike McCarthy. But they chose Gase. I feel like anyone of the people I mentioned would have been a better hire, especially for Sam Darnold. He is young, but I feel like he has a bright future that will now be stunted. Gase is going to want to do the whole ball control thing and win ugly. That is not what the Jets need. They need to let Darnold fling it, take some lumps on the way and turn into the type of QB you can build an offense around. Hiring Gase is more likely to push Darnold's emergence back for awhile. I don't think it is too much to say that it may even ruin him. This is a head scratcher.

But what the Cardinals did may be the worst hire of the entire offseason. I usually don't agree with Stephen A Smith, pretty much never, but I do think he is right that this is a bad hire. He took it a bit too far, but his main idea behind his insane rant, I agree with. What has Kingsbury done in his entire coaching career to merit a job as an NFL head coach? He went 35-40 in his career at Texas Tech. He has had 3 straight losing seasons. And it's not like he is playing in the SEC. Texas Tech is a Big 12 team. Sure, they would start the year strong, but that would be against far inferior opponents. When they had to play the Oklahoma's and Texas' and even the Kansas State's of the world, his "explosive" offense was shut down. They couldn't do a thing against a semi competent defense. But he somehow turned that into a NFL head coaching job. What makes this hire even odder, he had to resign from USC as their OC just to get an interview. It wasn't a given that he would get the job, but he quit anyway just to interview. But, to make it more and more weird, it seems Arizona was just waiting for him to quit to interview him and give him the job. I mean, what the hell?! I know he coached Patrick Mahomes in college, but that was college. I know he pushed Baker Mayfield out of Tech for a different QB, but so what. I know he has ties to Sean McVay. But a NFL head coach he is not.

Also, I do not think his offense will translate to the NFL. I know that the NFL has become obsessed with the college game, and the wide open spread passing attacks, but what team in the NFL truly plays that way that is any good? Sure, the Browns started to play the spread a bit more after Hue Jackson got fired, but they finished with a losing record. The Ravens added some spread elements when Lamar Jackson took over, but they got bounced in the first round, and as much as I like Jackson, and think he will be a star, he fumbled far, far too much. Some may say the Rams run it, they do not. The Rams like to run the ball with Gurley to open the pass game. Everything goes through their running back. The only team left in the playoffs that run some form of spread is the Chiefs. But, they have a multitude of weapons. They have the right speed guys. They run the ball and they use the tight end. Who does Arizona have besides Josh Rosen, who I have already read that they may be willing to trade so they can take Kyler Murray? They have David Johnson, but he is not the same guy after his injury. He just doesn't have that explosiveness that he did 3 years ago. I love love love Larry Fitzgerald, but I think he might be older than me, and in NFL years he may as well be 100. Outside of those guys, I cannot think of one solid offensive NFL player. Their defense, especially if they trade Patrick Peterson, and I hope they do for his sake, is bad. And Kingsbury doesn't care about defense anyway.

This hire reminds me a ton of when Washington hired Steve Spurrier, except Spurrier actually won double digit games year after year and he won national titles. Kingsbury never did that. But Spurrier was supposed to revolutionize the game. And when they exploded in his preseason debut, everyone thought the game was going to change. I don't remember, did that happen? Did Spurrier win a bunch of games and super bowl's? Did he coach a ton of MVP's? Did he even last three years? No, no and no. And Kingsbury is a far inferior coach compared to Spurrier. This is bizarre. I cannot believe a team that I kind of like would hire such a poor coach to run their team. This is going to blow up in their face for sure. I'm certain he won't make it through his entire contract. Kliff Kingsbury is the new Lane Kiffin. He is failing upwards and it is puzzling. I'm shocked by this. It will never, ever make sense to me. What a weird thing to do.

The Packers made a strange hire, and then the Jets made a stranger one, and then the Cardinals upped them all and made the strangest of head coaching hires. To quote the great Vince Lombardi, “What the hell is going on out here”.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is waiting for the Cincinnati Bengals to make all these hires look good when they bring in the top Madden player to run their squad.

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