Want to talk about a new local band, restaurant, or upcoming event? Want to make your voice heard about society and politics? We are currently looking for contributors to SeedSing. We value your voice and ideas. We welcome your respectful debate and disagreement. It is important to us that all ideas are represented.

Please e-mail seedsing.rdk@gmail.com to inquire more about opportunities with SeedSing.


RD Kulik is the founder and head editor of SeedSing.

He lives in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.


Ty Kulik is the baby brother of the Head Editor.

He is the Pop Culture editor and Podcast co-host.

He lives in the St. Louis, MO area


Tina S is a sometimes podcast guest and infrequent contributor

She hangs out because her husband is the Head Editor's favorite person

She resides in the Cincinnati, Ohio area


J. Madham is a modern day political philosopher who is interested in the merit of old ideas

He wants to use the genius of the past to quell the narcissism of the present

He considers himself a citizen of the world