Episode CXXXIX: The LeBron and Supreme Court Decisions of 2018

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The X Millennial Man is having a discussion on how the two biggest decisions of the summer will impact their lives. In the first half Ty and RD talk about LeBron James going to the LA Lakers and what the NBA will look like in the next few years. In the second half RD goes solo and talks about the new Supreme Court pick coming from President Donald Trump.

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Episode CXXXVIII: The GOATs of Sports and Pop Culture


The X Millennial Man is in the mood to talk about greatness. Join Ty and RD as the discuss the greatest of all time, since 1980, in basketball, football, baseball, movies, music, television, food, and candy. Download for free.

X Millennial Man Classic: Episode XCIX: The Years of Our Lives - 1999

We are remembering some of our favorite podcasts from the past. The episode originally premiered on July 22nd, 2017

The X Millennial Man is talking about the years of their lifetimes. Today is all about 1999. Were you a scrub? Did you get disappointed by Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace? Did you cold step to your girl with a fresh pack of gum? Join Ty and RD as they discuss the pop culture, and historic happennings, of 1999. Download the podcast for free.

Episode CXXXVI: The Biggest Sports Shockers


The X Millennial Man is downright shocked that the Las Vegas Golden Knights NHL expansion team an make the Stanley Cup Final in their first year. They are also shocked with how LeBron James could carry this Cavs team to the NBA Finals. What other sports moments shocked Ty and RD? Download for free and find the answers you crave.

Episode CXXXV: Marvel and Star Wars - Then, Now, and Moving Forward

The X Millennial Man has seen "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Solo: A Star Wars Story", and they have a few thoughts. What do these movies mean to the past, present, and future of these money making film franchises? Join Ty and RD as the discuss what was, and what will become of the Marvel and Star Wars movie universe. Download for free.

Episode CXXXIV: The Importance of Athletes Protesting


The X Millennial Man is feeling pretty hot over the news of the NFL's new protesting policy. It is quite dumb. Join Ty and RD as they ask what in the world the NFL is thinking. They know the NFL is wrong because they look at past protests from prominent athletes, and history is always on the side of the activist. Download for free.

X Millennial Man Classic: Episode XCII: The Best Frontmen, and Frontwomen, of Our Time


The X Millennial Man is searching for who exhibits the most frontmaness in all of music. Ty and RD start in the late 1970's, and go on until the modern day to find the best men and women who have owned the stage like a boss. Come get the knowledge you so crave, and download the podcast for free today.

Check out the awesomeness of Freddie Mercury. 

Check out our Spotify playlist. Search for SeedSing.

Episode CXXXIII: The Great, or Not So Great, Moms of Pop Culture

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Happy Mothers Day from the X Millennial Man. Join Ty and RD as they look at a few moms from television and movies who people think are terrible, but we look deeper to see if they are actually great. Download for free.

Song credit: "Treat your Momma Right" by Mr T., check out the awesome video.

Episode CXXXII: Marvel v DC: The Sequel


The X Millennial Man is back looking to answer one of the most important questions of our time. Who makes a better movie, Marvel or DC? Join Ty and RD as they look at some of the biggest films from each cinematic universe and scientifically figure out why Marvel is so much better at making good movies. Download for free.

Episode CXXXI: Movie Trailers - Now and Then


With the release of "Avengers: Infinity War", the summer movie season has started. The X Millennial Man is sorting through all the trailers of movies coming soon and they are trying to decided what to go see. Join Ty and RD as they discuss the effectiveness of recent trailers, and then take a look back at the best movie teasers of the last forty years. Download for free.


Episode CXXIX: How to Save America from Dictatorship

 Not on my watch

Not on my watch

The X Millennial Man is taking a look at nations around the world that have gone from democracy to dictatorship and asks if America is next. Why do nations fall away from democracy? What can we do to stop it from happening in the United States. Come get the answers you crave by downloading the podcast for free.

X Millennial Man Classic: Episode LXXXV: The 10 Best "The Simpsons" Ever

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This edition of the X Millennial Man Podcast originally premiered on April 1st, 2017. Enjoy

The X Millennial Man has spent years studying, and they are finally ready to unveil the greatest episodes of the greatest television show ever. Ty and RD each present their definitive list of the 10 best episodes of "The Simpsons". No debate, no disagreement, just great television. Get the list by downloading the podcast for free.

What is the best season of "The Simpsons"? Check out Ty's thoughts.

Episode CXXVIII: Why Stormy Daniels Matters

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The X Millennial Man is welcoming Tina to the podcast so she can tell us what we really need to be afraid of after the "60 Minutes" Stormy Daniels interview. We also discuss why Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky do not let President Donald Trump off the hook for his personal failings. Come on in for a listen by downloading for free today.

Episode CXXVII: The 10 Most Hated Sports Teams of Our Lives

While watching the NCAA tournament, the X Millennial Man has been thinking of all the sports teams they hate. Join Ty and RD as they countdown their personal list of the 10 teams they have hated through their lives. Download for free.

Episode CXXV: The Oscars Have Always Been Lame


The X Millennial Man is once again disappointed in the Motion Picture Academy because the Best Picture Oscar went to a soon to be forgotten film while a timeless classic is once again not recognized. We call it the "Spotlight" vs "Mad Max: Fury Road" effect. Join Ty and RD as they look back at every Best Picture winner since 1980, and they figure out who should have really won. Download for free.