We All Know Urban Meyer Will Get Away With This, Again

Fill the bag with scum and call it Urban Meyer

Fill the bag with scum and call it Urban Meyer

As we all know by now, Urban Meyer is under some serious heat for his non action, and lies, between a former assistant coach of his that was physically abusing his former wife. Apparently Meyer knew, lied about it, and now, he may be caught. But, it wasn't only him that knew. Apparently his wife knew. Apparently other coaches knew. Apparently, the abused wife is now speaking out, and she claims some of the higher ups at the school, like the AD and president, all knew.

This is bad, bad news. This is so much worse than what Jim Tressel did while he was the coach there, and I despise that man with every breath in my body. But, this story has nothing to do with my disgust for the University of Ohio State. Everyone knows that I loathe that school, that I am a Michigan fan through and through, that I root for only one Big Ten school. This story frightens me because I fear nothing will come of it. 

I don't think the University, the media or the boosters and all others involved with the school will do a damn thing about it because Urban Meyer is a "winner" in their eyes. In Columbus they clearly only care about one thing, and that is the University of Ohio State football team winning games and titles. They have proven this time and time again. When Tressel was there, he had a QB, his name escapes me now, who was caught stealing computers, and he missed a meaningless early season game on his way to winning the Heisman. Their star QB the past couple years, JT Barrett, was caught on camera driving drunk and asking the police, "don't you know who I am". AJ Hawk, a former standout linebacker, said on national TV, "you don't come here to go to school, you come here to play football", and he was praised. That third string QB from a few years back, tweeted, "people don't come to watch me play school". Terelle Pryor, and some of the guys from his class, traded tattoos for memorabilia. All of this stuff that has piled up against them over the years has led to nothing. Sure, they had one bad season, where they went 6-7, and maybe lost a scholarship here and there, but that was it. In fact, they are looked at as an elite program led by an elite coach now. If you tune into any sports show, especially on ESPN, the commentators have nothing but glowing things to say about this "great football institution".

It's sickening.

And while the fans of this school will say, "Tressel got fired for what he did, and we had that one bad season. How can you say nothing happened?". That is a small, small price to pay, and I agree that what he got fired for was stupid, but Tressel is a scumbag, and all you fans know it. Also, you had one bad season. The very next year, your team was a top 10 team. Stop griping about Tressel.

What Meyer has done is part of a disturbing trend that he seems to get away with because he is a good coach. This isn't the first time he has been brought up as a liar and a cheater. While at Florida, he had a team that had a crime sheet that was about a mile long. I believe that he was the head coach of the team with the most arrests and suspensions in his three year tenure there. But, he suddenly had a "heart condition", and he took a year off. Florida then got sanctioned, and is a shell of what they used to be. And Meyer could care less. After his year off he took over at the University of Ohio State, and he has had a top 10 team every year. He has won a title. He has been to the playoff twice. He has had players in the Heisman talk every year. And now, he has another bombshell report on his incompetence and willingness to value winning over safety. The fact that there are text messages between him and the former coach and him and the former spouse and him and his wife is appalling. I know none of this is set in stone yet, but it seems pretty clear to anyone with eyes and a brain that he is guilty.

But, as I said at the top, I don't think any of it will matter in the long run. I feel like Meyer will get off scott free, and then the ESPN's of the world will have stories about him "overcoming an offseason of hate", or they'll use one of their favorite words, "tragedy". They will treat him just like they treat Penn State right now. Everyone at the big time media conglomerates will forget this even happened. I read a Deadspin article earlier today that basically stated, say the team loses one game, then 2, then say, 5, how soon until they reinstate Meyer? I couldn't agree more with this article. The University of Ohio State gave him some bull shit "paid with leave" deal yesterday. After this report came out, and hundreds of people were calling for him to be fired, the university deemed a paid vacation as a good enough punishment. That is the scariest part. They truly only care abut football and winning in that hell hole of a town. The dip shits that attend their home games, the grown men that paint their faces and wear jerseys of teenagers, could care less that Meyer lied in everyone's faces, as long as that team wins.

Urban Meyer is a scum bag, there is no way around it. He is grimy, he cheats and he lies. But, as long as he continues to win, the university could care less. We live in disturbing times. When a coach of a football team is higher than the law, that what makes me fear what they will let people get away with in the future. This is a disgusting and disturbing misuse of his "power", but I would bet dollars to donuts that he misses zero games, and is held as a "hero" in the eyes of big time media, especially, ESPN. This is all very gross.


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