Ty Ranks the 2018 NFL Teams: The Bottom of the Coffee Pot Edition


Day 2 of my NFL preview, and I will be counting down teams 28-25. I will say before I get started, one of the teams may be a surprise to some. But, with what they did this offseason, it really shouldn't be.

Okay, here it goes.

At number 28 I have the New York Jets. Now, I thought the Jets were going to be, hands down, the worst team last year, and they won 5 games, with Josh McCown as their starting QB. That doesn't seem like a lot, but when you look at this roster, that is an achievement. Dare I say, Todd Bowles is a solid head coach. Well, I should say, he can coach defense. That defense kept them in more games than they should have been in. Jamal Adams is a burgeoning star. He is a hard hitting safety, and when his coverage skills catch up, he will be an all time great. They have a solid D line, linebackers and an okay secondary. What holds this team back is their offense. They only won 5 games last year, and they were not shoot outs. This a team that wants to control the ball. They want to run and they are happy to win 17-13 or 10-7. Unfortunately, they don't really have much of a run game, especially since Matt Forte called it quits. They also don't really have good enough receivers. They also don't have much of a tight end. Their O line is suspect. They went out and drafted Sam Darnold and signed Teddy Bridgewater, but that feels like a reach and a last chance. Darnold could be good, but he was a turnover machine in college. Bridgewater looked like the Vikings QB of the future, and then he almost lost his leg. They do still have McCown, but I feel like 5 wins is his ceiling. So, while the Jets have a solid defense, and a solid head coach, their offense is horrendous, and that will keep them from getting anymore than 5 wins this year. They will not be in any Super Bowl any time soon. Also, Sam Darnold might be the next Mark Sanchez.

At number 27 I have the Denver Broncos. This needs to be said, I loathe the Broncos, and I despise John Elway. The fact that he got Peyton Manning near the end, and won a ring with him disgusts me. That Super Bowl was won by their phenomenal defense that year. Speaking of which, what happened there? They do still have Von Miller, and he rules, but where is everyone else? Did they all get snapped by Thanos and disappear into the ether? They have no one else on that side of the ball, and that makes me feel bad for Miller. He deserves so much better. He is a once in a generation talent. He is the Derrick Thomas, or even Bruce Smith, of this generation. The Broncos offense is just as bad as the Jets, but no one says so because they are the Broncos and John Elway is their GM. They started Trevor Siemian for most of last year. He is horrible. I watched him play college football live once and knew he wasn't that good. The fact that they thought they could win with him was hilarious. When they finally realized he was garbage, they turned to Paxton Lynch. Well, he was worse, and there is video evidence of him crying on the sideline of a meaningless late season game to prove how bad he is. People say that shows his competitive edge, I think it shows that he now hates the game of football. They also brought back Brock Osweiler for some unknown reason, and he was terrible of course. The Broncos also have no run game. They lost CJ Anderson, and now they have a platoon with some guy I don't know, and Devontae Booker. I took Booker with the second to last pick in my fantasy draft, and I was mad at myself for doing so. He is so poised to gain 200 yards and score zero touchdowns this year. But don't worry, you still have 5 foot tall Emmaunel Sanders, who is bound to get concussed, and Demayrius Thomas, who I think I am faster than. The Broncos stink. They are going nowhere fast, and it is because Elway has no idea what he is doing.

At number 26 I have the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins are riddled with injuries, bad players and a bad coach. This is the same team that did give Jay Cutler 10 million dollars last year to be a doofus for them. But now they have Ryan Tannehill back, for maybe a month. He is going to get injured, that is what he does. He will never live up to this potential. They have no run game. They let their best receiver go to the Browns for nothing. Their O line is trash. The defense isn't much better. They did get off of Suh's enormous contract, but hell, he was the only halfway decent guy they had on that side of the ball. I guess Cameron Wake is okay too. But other than that, they have nobody that can stop anybody. Sure, they will get their one glorious win in the regular season over the Patriots like they do every year, but other than that, who cares. This team is not very good, and they need an entire new staff. Adam Gase is not a head coach. I'm just waiting for a story about him where he overworks someone. He seems like that type of dude. The Dolphins are not going to any Super Bowl now, and possibly never in my lifetime.

My final team for the day, my surprise team I teased at the beginning, at number 25, I have the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks have thudded like no other the past 2 seasons. They crapped out early in the playoffs 2 years ago, and last year, they missed out entirely. Now, this team has put all their eggs into the Russell Wilson basket. While he is solid, I would not build my team around him. Also, he is going to get hurt at some point because the O line is so atrocious. They might be the worst one in the league. They also have no run game, partly because of the line, but also, they haven't had anybody that good since Marshawn Lynch was let go. They have trotted guys out there, but none have been worth their salt. The receivers, minus Doug Baldwin, who I'm not even that high on are no better than third or fourth, or slot options. They have no tight end either. They also couldn't figure out how to use Jimmy Graham, one of the better tight ends in the league, so they just must not care about that position. I think last year proved how far this team could go with Wilson as "the guy". The defense, what they used to be built around, is gone. Michael Bennett, Richard Sherman and basically Earl Thomas, he wants out of there so bad, are gone. Sure, they might be passed their prime, but now, they have to replace all of them. I'm also sure Kam Chancellor will get hurt, and Bruce Irvin already played his best football. This team's defense is a total shell of its former self, and they are not the unit they once were. They cannot really stop anyone. They don't strike fear in anyone anymore. The Seahawks had a solid run, hell, they even won a Super Bowl, but they are done as a dominant franchise. The offense may put up numbers, but the defense will not be able to stop anyone. They are on the downswing.

That does it for today, come back tomorrow for the next 4 teams.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is very happy to get the hate out of the way for the Broncos and Seahawks. The next few posts should be filled with hapiness, that is until Washington DC.

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Ty Ranks the 2018 NFL Teams: The Taste of Day Old Coffee Edition

file0001775501470 (1).jpg

Today marks the beginning of my third straight NFL preseason preview. I will do the same thing as always, I will do 4 teams a day, going from worst to best, giving a few reasons why I put them where I put them, and how, if they have any shot, they can win the title. No fuss, mo muss. Also, on the ninth day I will do post season predictions, award winners and who I think will play, and win, in the Super Bowl.

Okay, lets go.

At number 32 I have, and who would have thought this, the Cleveland Browns. It is hilarious to me that professional journalists keep saying that this team is finally going to turn it around. I have heard this same nonsense for the past 2 years, and now, it is white noise to me. The Browns are the Browns, and what that is, is a terrible football team. Hue Jackson, while a decent coordinator, is a horrendous head coach. His record these past 2 years you ask, 1-31. That is abysmal. How he still has that job is far, far beyond me. But, the product they put on the field is an affront to football. They lost their best player to retirement this offseason, so it will only get worse for them from here. You may be asking, "who was their best player Ty?". It was lineman Joe Thomas. That is how bad it is for the Browns. Their best overall football player was a 300 plus pound offensive lineman. And enough with the Baker Mayfield hype. I wrote last week how overblown it has already become after one preseason game. He has bust written all over him. They "juiced" up their receiving corps by giving slot man Jarvis Landry is absurd amount of money. I don't even know who their running back is. This offense is a mess. And, it doesn't get any better on the other side of the ball. The defense has some guys, but those guys are either not ready, Denzel Ward and Jabrill Peppers, or too old, or too hurt. This team is a joke of a franchise. They are going nowhere fast. They may have made the overreach of the century taking Mayfield first overall. All you professional pundits that are saying, "this is the year", knock it off. The Browns stink, and if they win 2 games, I would be shocked. They have zero shot of going to the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl.

At number 31 I have the New York Giants. Again, preseason hype for a rookie needs to grind to a total halt. Yes, Saquon Barkley looked wonderful the other night, but it was a preseason game against the Browns. Don't put too much stock in it. I know Giants fans will say they finally got rid of the problem, head coach Ben McAdoo, but he isn't the problem, and Pat Shurmur sure as hell isn't the solution. The problem is Eli. It really always has been. I know he has won 2 Super Bowls, but it was through no doing of him. His receivers made miraculous catches, and those Giants defenses were some of the best. Eli is trash. He should have retired 3, maybe 4 years ago. He is not a good QB. Others will say, "but Odell is back, and Evan Engram is in year 2". So what. Odell will either get hurt or demand a trade by week 6, mark it down. And Evan Engram is a glorified wideout masquerading as a tight end. He doesn't block, and isn't that great downfield. Also, Eli Manning is "throwing" them the ball, so it doesn't matter how good they may be when it takes decades to get the ball to them. Also, their O line is so awful. The Giants offense stinks. As far as their defense, now that Jason Pierre Paul is gone, I cannot name a single guy, and I watch a ton of football. This team is flat out bad in every phase of the game. I was kind of excited to see what Barkley could do, but then I remembered his line, and then I heard he was in talks to be a punt and kick returner. That is bad, bad news if true Giants fans. This year will be no fairy tale 9-7 season where you limp into the playoffs and somehow win the Super Bowl. They look a lot more like 3-13 or 4-12 team to me.

At number 30 I have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now first off, I am pissed at myself for believing in them last season. I thought for sure they were going to take the next step. They did not. They regressed hard core. Jameis Winston stinks at football, and is even worse at life. This dude is just a bad person, and a bad football player. I do not understand why he gets chance after chance after chance. The Bucs need to cut bait now, before it just gets worse. He is an infection. Desean Jackson deserves better. Mike Evans prime is being wasted. They have no run game. They love to punt the ball. The defense, while they have Gerald McCoy, they don't really have anything else. Poor McCoy has to spend his prime on a lower tier football team. He is so good, but he is only one player. He needs help, and the Bucs defense provides him with nothing. They also play in a super competitive division too, so playoffs and Super Bowls are very unlikely. And, Dirk Koetter is somehow still employed by this team. Again, kicking myself that I bought into his hype. He is a shitty coach of a shitty football team with a shitty face of the franchise. I despise Tampa, and this is exactly what they deserve.

My final team for today, at number 29, the Indianapolis Colts. And they are only this "high" because Andrew Luck may, finally, be healthy again. He is throwing a real football at least. They also skirted Josh McDaniels, after he cried his way back to New England, which may be a good thing. I don't know much about Frank Reich, he looks, talks and acts like the definition of milquetoast. But, all that sounds better than some crybaby who couldn't hack in in Denver, goes back home, takes another job, and at the last second decides he isn't ready. Josh McDaniels stinks. Maybe Reich won't be so bad. But after that, it is rough. T.Y. Hilton is still there, and while he is effective, he is so much more suited as a second or third option. Frank Gore is gone, and while he is old, he was reliable as hell. That dude never quit. I do not know who their new running back is. Jack Doyle is fine, as long as Luck is the QB. And the O line is a bit below average, but not horrendous anymore. But, that offense all hinges on Luck. If he is healthy, and can throw a real ball, they will be okay. If he is gone, they will be awful. The defense is a lot like the Giants to me. I do not really know anyone on that side of the ball for the Colts. That may be good, but it seems more ominous to me. They also got lit up against not even very good teams last year. The Colts are not the darlings they once were. They are not playoff contenders anymore. They are the worst team in the division they used to own now. But, and it is a very big BUT, if Luck can stay healthy, they will win more games than many think. And by more games, I mean 5, possibly 6. The Colts are bad, and they will be for awhile.

That does it for today. Come back tomorrow for teams 28-25. Football is almost back.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He thinks it may be time to move the Browns again. Maybe the team could win a game in a NCAA Division III? 

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It is Already Time to Pump the Brakes on the Baker Mayfield and Saquon Barkley NFL Hype


Last night the number one and two overall picks in the most recent NFL draft faced off. Baker Mayfield and the Browns played Saquon Barkley and the Giants in both teams first preseason game. There was plenty of hype coming into this game. Both teams wanted to see what these guys could do against NFL players.

How did it all go?

Now, it needs to be said that both players did not face most of the other team's first string defense, as is the case in most preseason games. Both guys played well. I believe Barkley took his first carry for a TD, or maybe a long run. Either way, he came out of the gates great. Mayfield played well too. He looked poised, was threading needles and threw 2 touchdowns.

So, how did the sports media treat this nothing game?

The hype this morning grew to an all time high. Everything I saw was headlined with words like, "These guys were worth the risk", or, "Mayfield and Barkley are poised to be super stars", or, "looks like both teams have their new star player to build a team around". There was a lot of other stuff along these same lines. People were going nuts. Social media was even crazier. Giants and Browns fans were obnoxiously claiming that these guys were the future of football. It was intense.

To all this I say, calm the hell down. It was the first preseason game for both teams. Neither guy faced anyone that they will face in a real football game. Both guys are going to have moments like this, but they will also have moments where the game seems much, much to big for them. I know people like to crown guys early and often in football, but when it comes to a Browns QB, and a high first round running back for the Giants, I would think the fans would know better. I would think they would be very cautious with their praise. I think they would be waiting to crown these guys until they did this stuff in the 10th game of the regular season, and had done it all year.

Look, I have very little expectations for Mayfield. I think the Browns reached when they drafted him first overall. They had another pick, number 4, where they could have gotten them. Hell, I think they had another later first round pick where Mayfield may have still been available. But, they jumped at the chance to take him first overall. After all, he was the Heisman winner and had 2 great college seasons. He also dazzled at the combine and at his pro day. I feel like they thought they had no other choice but to pick him number one overall. Well, guys like Jamarcus Russell, David Carr, Joey Harrington, Akili Smith, they all had this same type of hype heading into the draft. Where are all those guys now? How did they fare in their NFL careers? And I don't remember exactly how well they played in their first preseason games, but I'm sure they did just as well as Mayfield. The kid is very short, and he isn't Drew Brees or Russell Wilson. He is also a hard core malcontent, but no one ever mentions that because he is white. Yeah, I said it. Mayfield is like Johnny Manziel 2.0. Yes, he looked good last night, but wake me up when he does this against a real team in a real game. If he wins more than 4 games as a starter this year, I will be absolutely shocked. I have absolutely no faith in him as a quality starter, let alone a player to build around, and who will be in the MVP conversation year after year.

As far as the Barkley hype goes, this is specifically for you Giants fans, wasn't Ron Dayne this good in his first preseason? How did that turn out? Yes, Barkley is more versatile than Dayne was, but the Giants had a better team, and more importantly, a better offensive line when Dayne was there, and he was a total bust. The Giants stink right now, and their offensive line is horrendous. Also, Eli freaking Manning is their starting QB. I also heard that the Giants were flirting with Barkley as a kick and punt returner. What the hell are they thinking. Do they want this kid to get hurt before he can do anything that compares to what he did last night? The Giants are in need of a full rebuild, especially at QB, but they went with the best athlete in the draft, and he just happens to be a running back. Barkley reminds me a lot of Ezekial Elliot, minus all the physical abuse that Elliot has done to woman. The only exception, Elliot had a solid O line in Dallas. The Giants do not have that. You know what else the Cowboys have that the Giants don't? A competent QB. Yeah, Dak Prescott took a step back last season, but he is still much, much, much, much better than Eli Manning. So while Barkley is one hell of an athlete, he has no chance to succeed due to a terrible QB and an O line that will get him murdered by week 3. Someone like Michael Bennett or Jadaveon Clowney, or insert big time defensive player here, will be licking their chops waiting to crush this rookie. And that Giants O line will let that very thing happen.

What I am trying to say is, calm the hell down after one preseason game, especially since they played one another. I'm going to start my preseason NFL countdown next week, and a little sneak behind the curtain for you, the Browns are dead last on my list, and the Giants, they are not much better. I will most likely have them as the second worst team heading into this year. So take last night's game with the biggest grain of salt you can find. I was already skeptical of these 2, and last night did nothing to change my mind. They have a whole season to prove me wrong, but I don't think they will.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He does not know the pain of having pointless hope in NFL draft picks. Come to Cincinnati and see how the Bengals treat a fan's hope.

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Ty Watches "Detroiters

I'm a real big fan of the show "Detroiters" on Comedy Central. I have watched the show from day one, and everything about it has impressed me.

For those that do not know, "Detroiters" is a show about 2 best friends that run an ad agency for smaller companies. They run an agency that shows commercials that one may see on public access TV, or late at night. What I really appreciate, and love, about the show are the 2 main characters. Sam Richardson plays Sam Duvet, and Tim Robinson plays Tim Cramblin, and their agency is called Cramblin and Duvet. These 2 are a perfect comedy match. They play so well off of one another. They also both have a very unique and weird sense of humor that I really love. They do some weird and wild stuff on the show, but it works because of the 2 of them. They have some outrageous bits, and scenes in the episodes that are so off the wall, but I find myself cracking up every time. Their off the beaten path humor just works.

For example, there have been 2 episodes this season where each of them have been able to really show off their comedy chops. For Richardson, it came when he had to record a jingle with his ex fiancée. He ends the bit by telling Tim that he "came in his pants" while recording, and I was on the floor laughing. Tim has an episode where we meet his brother, played by the drummer in the criminally underrated band Death Grips and their interactions are great. Being someone that has brothers, I could relate. But, they took it even deeper when each of them cried. While sobbing, each one had to wear a Slipknot mask. It was terrifying, confusing and hilarious all at once. That episode may be my favorite one so far.

I love that Comedy Central took a chance on this show and these guys. The show is odd, I cannot stress that enough, but it works. Comedy Central has done this lately too, taking on odd subjects and shows, but they have pretty much nailed it with every one. While "Detroiters" isn't on the same level as say a "Nathan For You", or "Review", it still ranks up there with those shows. I like that they gave Richardson and Robinson a chance too.

Richardson is great as a supporting actor. He has proven that tenfold in "Veep". He is, by far, my favorite character on that show. He is so unassuming and hilarious. His interactions with Jonah early on, and now with Julia Louis Dreyfuss, are the best part of that wonderful show. He is also very good in bit parts in the movies he has been in. Richardson is a solid actor. What I love about him on "Detroiters" is, he gets a chance to be a main character, and he totally nails it. He is every bit as funny as anyone on that show, and it comes off without a hitch.

I also love that they gave Robinson a chance. I think I may be one of the only people that, one, remembers him on "SNL", and two, thinks he didn't get a fair shot on that show. His random characters on "SNL" always cracked me up, and he does a wonderful Gary Busey impression. One of the best if you ask me. But, they dropped him after one season I think. Now, he has this show that he co created with Richardson, and he is every bit as good as Richardson. He is a bit more of the wild card, but that is where he shines. He is so good at the loud and weird stuff. He truly makes me laugh pretty much every time he is on screen.

The rest of the people that fill out the how are great as well. I also love that they use Detroit in the show. They really showcase that city, and the people.

"Detroiters" is well worth your time. I'm so glad that Comedy Central gave it a second season, and if the show continues on the current trajectory it is on, I do not see how they don't get a third. This show is awesome, and if you are a fan of absurd humor, you will love it too. Go watch "Detroiters".


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He does a fairly good Gary Busey impersonation. Get Ty some thick black glasses, and have him sing "That'll Be the Day", he looks just like Busey playing Buddy Holly.  

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By Signing Carmelo Anthony, the Rockets Have Given Up on the 2019 NBA Title


Carmelo Anthony has verbally agreed to sign with the Houston Rockets. I know that I have been hard on Anthony lately, and today will be no different. But, all the hate will not be thrown his way, the Rockets are going to take the brunt of it today.

Lets get the Carmelo hate out of the way first. As I stated about a week or so ago, Carmelo is washed. He is no good to any  team anymore. He is a horrendous defender. He is not nearly the lethal scorer. He is still not willing to come off the bench. He still thinks he is a top 15-20 NBA player. All of this is crazy. As I have stated many times, I used to love Carmelo. When he was in Denver, he was must watch TV. But, for about the last 4 or 5 years, he has become a shell of the player he once was. He is a joke. Sure, there a tons and tons of videos of him hitting jump shots in rec league games and pickup games and playing one on one against other pros, but so what. Any player worth their salt can do the exact same thing, and do it better. In one of the videos I saw, where he played with Chris Paul and James Harden, his new teammates, he did nothing that impressed me. In fact, what I noticed most was his unwillingness to pass the ball. The video was about 90 seconds long, and every single time he touched the ball, he shot it. I mean, even Harden was dishing it here and there. Also, Carmelo was trying much, much harder than any of those other guys on the court. Then this morning I saw him playing one on one against Brandon Jennings, and then Stanley Johnson. Those are not big name guys, and while he was scoring at will, so were Jennings and Johnson. Johnson was beating him up, and Jennings was hitting step back after step back on him. Jennings is about 5 inches shorter than Carmelo.

Had this latest Carmelo move happened a few years back, when the Big Three in Miami broke up, I would have been stoked. The fact that he is joining the Rockets now, I just see it messing up what they did so well last season. Which leads me to my Rockets hate portion today.

Last year the Houston Rockets had one of the best offseason, and trade deadline moves. They picked up Paul in the offseason. He was the big name on the free agent market last year. They got him to come in and play alongside Harden, and it worked so well. They also picked up PJ Tucker, and he added the exact toughness that the team needed. He can also hit the corner three, so that was just an added bonus. They also integrated Clint Capela perfectly. He became the perfect big man for their pick and roll that they love to run. They also started to phase out Ryan Anderson because he is now a defensive, and quite frankly, an offensive liability. They crushed it last year.

This offseason and summer has been the exact opposite for the Rockets. They let Trevor Ariza leave. I know they weren't going to be able to give him all the money they wanted, but they could have tried to work with him. They decided not to, and now he is gone. Then after he left, they gave Chris Paul a 4 year 140 million dollar deal. I know, again, they had to do this, but this deal is going to look absolutely awful next season. They gave him a max deal that is really only viable for one season. Paul is continually hurt, especially in the playoffs, and he is a very tough teammate by all accounts. He will also be in his mid to late thirties when the deal is in the final year, and they will have to pay him the 30 million plus. That is a disaster. They then made Capela wait and wait and wait for a deal. This apparently upset him, which is never good for the future, and by all accounts, they were only a minuscule amount of money apart, but this was where they decided to not budge. They dumped money on Chris Paul's lap, who is almost my age, but they waited to give their center, who is one of the better modern centers in the game, and who happens to also be very young, his contract. If I were Capela, I would still be pissed off.

But, the cherry on top of their crap offseason and summer is the Carmelo news. Why do they want him? Do they really think this is a new Big Three? Why do they need him? What does he add? Did they even watch him play at all last year, or the year before that, or the year before that? He is washed. He is not going to be Olympic Carmelo. That was what everyone thought he would be for the Thunder last year, but after refusing a bench role, he had a disaster of a season. So I just don't get why the Rockets want to do this. As I said awhile back, they were phasing out Ryan Anderson. Now, they basically have a Ryan Anderson clone, who isn't as good a three point shooter. Carmelo is also refusing to come off the bench once again, so for those saying the Rockets will get Olympic Carmelo, that dream is out the window. Carmelo also proved last season that he is not a viable Big Three guy. I know it is hard to play with Russell Westbrook, but he couldn't even coexist with Paul George. George is a decent passer and great defender, and all Carmelo did was bitch about him. Putting him next to Paul and Harden will fare much worse in my opinion. The Rockets proved me wrong last year, when I said that Harden and Paul would fight to be primary ball handlers. But, I have zero doubt that Carmelo will be happy only taking 6-7 shots a game. He will want double figure attempts at least. The Rockets also do not need him. They needed to keep Ariza. Ariza was their best three and D guy. And I know his defense has taken a bit of a step back. But, wait until you get a load of how little Carmelo plays, and cares to play, defense. Rocket fans will be opining big time for Ariza.

Finally, we have already seen a team coached by Mike D'Antoni that featured Carmelo Anthony, and it was a nightmare. They hated each other. They openly expressed their dislike for one another to the media. The system D'Antoni runs does not fit what Carmelo wants to do. I saw a Bleacher Report article that said, "This time it will be different" in reference to Carmelo playing for D'Antoni. I didn't even read the article because that headline was dumb enough. It won't be different. Carmelo Anthony is who he is, and he hast changed since entering the league.

The Rockets had an awful offseason, they will regress this year, and it will be because of Carmelo Anthony. What a stupid decision by the one team that may have actually been able to challenge the Warriors.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing, the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast, and the greatest basketball writer on the internet. 

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Aparna Nancherla Headlined an Awesome Hunger is No Joke


Last Friday I went to my second Hunger is No Joke show at The Pageant in Saint Louis. This year's headliner was the very funny Aparna Nancherla. The Hunger is No Joke shows that I have been to are always good, and they represent a great cause. The majority of the proceeds go to food shelters in and around Saint Louis, and we the audience get to see some top notch comedy. The first time I went, 2 years ago, I saw John Mulaney, and he subsequently blew up. Hopefully the same happens for Nancherla. But, before I get to her, there were some openers.

The host of the night was a local radio DJ, Tim Convy. He does a morning show on Y98 FM, and I have to say, he was a perfect host for the night. He had some solid bits like, how people that work in radio all use a radio voice, including janitors. He talked about being a keyboard player in a band, and how they never really led to many hookups. He told some solid, frequently funny stuff. I found myself chuckling at most of his material.

Convy introduced the first opener, a comedian by the name of Angela Smith, and I found her enjoyable as well. She is a local comedian, and her bits about growing up in Jefferson County here in Missouri, were very funny and very real. She also talked about her love life, but in a different way. She mentioned the dating app world and went into some good material on that whole front. The story she told about a guy "complimenting" her by telling her she was built like a "brick shit house", had me cracking up. The fact that she talked about her mom, who was in attendance, and gave out her real phone number, so guys could send her nudes, was great. She seemed to be having fun on stage, and it really rubbed off on the audience.

The third, and final opener, was my favorite. His name is Kenny Kinds, and he has a way of delivering jokes that I love. He comes off very serious on stage, and when he hits the punchline, his face barely moves. He reminds me a lot of Hannibal Burress, and that is a huge compliment. He told so many great jokes. I loved when he talked about trying to offend white people, and he said the best thing he has come across so far is telling them he doesn't know who Wilco is. That was great. His story about going to a bar to a show to see a band he liked and not remembering the name of the beer he had, but what was on the bottle instead, was riotous. To hear him say that he screamed the words, "WHITE DEVIL" during a silent moment of the show was awesome. I also liked him talking about realizing that he was older when he went to take a picture with his phone, and the screen was turned around. He mimed what old people look like when they have trouble reading something. It was great. I also enjoyed his bit about sleeping with older women because they know what they want. He capped this off by saying that he once saw the biggest sex toy he had every seen. He compared it to the Goodyear Blimp, and quoting Ice Cube's song, "It Was a Good Day". Kenny Kinds is awesome. Seriously people, if you don't know him, or haven't heard him yet, he is well worth your time.

After this, we got our headliner, Aparna Nancherla. I have been waiting awhile to see her live. I love her dry sense of humor. I love the way she tells a joke. I like her voice. I have liked her on any TV show I have seen her on. This show was a big deal to me, and she did not disappoint. She is such a funny, well rounded comedian. She was perfectly able to jump from joke to joke. She has a great way of connecting with the crowd. She tells personal stories. And, she does it all like the seasoned pro she is. Some of the highlights for me where when she talked about being catcalled in New York. The whole "skinny bones" story about one catcaller was hilarious. The other story she told about the guy questioning the time of day while trying to catcall was just as good. She talked about her struggles with anxiety, and the meds that go along with it. Being a person that lives with anxiety, and takes meds for it, the whole bit about dropping pills on the ground was masterful and so relatable. When she went into the audience to talk about dating, and dating sites, it was perfect. Everything she said was a homerun. But, the best joke of the night was about the worst date she had ever went on. I don't want to spoil it because it was her closer, but it was cringe worthy and relatable and so god damn funny. She really crushed. I was so happy that I finally got to see her do her thing live. She is the real deal, and now that she is a headliner, hopefully more people will begin to respect what a great comedian she is.

Aparna Nancherla, along with the rest of Hunger is No Joke, crushed it Friday night in Saint Louis, and I was glad I was there to see it.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is well aware that Wilco is one America's Greatest Band

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The Blue Wave Starts Tomorrow

 Here it comes

Here it comes

I went to a comedy show last weekend, but my review will have to wait for tomorrow. Today I’m going to keep it short, but important. 

Tomorrow is a big, big day. People out there need to get out and vote tomorrow. August 7th is a big day in many states (my home Missouri, my vacation spot Michigan, Kansas, Washington, and a special election in Ohio) and we need to make our voices be heard. I have big expectations for the vote. I have a decent feeling that tomorrow can mark as a turning point. I know it’s just a primary, but we can send a clear and precise message by voting as many winnable Democrats into seats as possible.

We need what they call a “blue wave”. I know it’s already begun, with Moore being beat in Alabama, the lady in the East Coast who ran her campaign pretty much by herself winning(Ocasio-Cortez I believe her name is), some transgender people winning elections, non white people and women winning seats, it’s already started. Now, we need to keep it going. It is so important to send a message to those monsters who think they are running the country right now. We need to let them know that they can’t cheat their way to wins anymore. We need to let them know they we won’t tolerate their racism and bull shit anymore. We need to let our voices be heard.

This is our chance to really put an enormous embarrassment to that racist, fascist, misogynist pig that is currently in office. We need to let all the people they are complicit with him, his underlings, know they cannot bully us anymore. We need to show them that, just because they have a ton of money, they don’t control us, we control them. They work for us, and I’m done letting them push me around. I’m ready to start digging their political grave. I’m ready to let them know that they are not my representatives. I’m ready to continue the fight.

That can all start tomorrow.

Get out and vote. Let your voice be heard. Let them know you’re done being pushed around. And for those people out there that are still somehow on the fence, Bernie bros I’m talking to you, and I was once one of you, don’t waste your vote this time. And please, don’t just sit home and not vote. We all saw what happens when you do that. We now have a horrific monster that thinks he is running the country. He’s an embarrassment, and to all the people that didn’t vote, or just decided to vote for a third, fourth and fifth party, please don’t do that again, for the fate of our country. I know, you can do whatever you want with your vote, but, look around you, we live in a nightmare. Please do the right thing.

Let’s get these asshole racists out of office. Let’s send a loud message. Let’s go out in droves and do this thing. Please, I implore you, go out and vote tomorrow. The future depends on it. Let’s flip the senate and the house. We can do it. Better yet, we NEED to do it. Please vote.


y is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. 

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Jimmer Fredette Belongs in TBT and Not the NBA


Last night while channel surfing, I came across a basketball games. I was intrigued because the NBA is in the dead period, college basketball is a ways away from tipping off, summer league is over and the G League doesn't start for a bit. At first glance I thought it may have been the Big 3, but, unfortunately there were 10 guys on the court. I was confused what I stumbled across, but it was basketball, so I decided to watch for a bit.

What I saw was some very poorly played basketball. Now, these guys are much, much better than I will ever be at basketball, but what I watched last night wasn't even the equivalent to minor league baseball, the CFL, the arena league or the G League. Hell, I'd even take mid major college basketball over what I saw last night. After about 5 minutes of watching, the abbreviation "TBT" kept showing up. I didn't know what this stood for, but I then remembered seeing something similar to this last year while doing late night channel surfing last summer around the same time. I remembered that "TBT" stood for "The Basketball Tournament".

The "TBT", I know that's redundant, is a tournament style basketball competition where the winner gets 2 million dollars. Now, that is 2 million dollars to spread out among the entire team. That's not a lot when you think about it. I then started to recognize some of the guys playing in the game last night. I didn't remember many of the names, but I remembered seeing them in summer league, on NBA teams as of a few years back, playing in college basketball. They looked familiar to me. I then heard an announcer say, "and James Michael McAdoo with the bucket." I knew that name. He was on the Warriors a few years back, the first year they won their title. I then heard about some of the other teams that had already been eliminated, and names became recognizable again. I heard names like Jared Sullinger and Greg Oden, oh how the "mighty" have fallen. Other names like Brandon Triche, Hakim Warrick, Andrew Dakich, Mark Donnal, Stu Douglass and Jon Horford all ran familiar to me. Some of these guys I knew from college, namely all the former Michigan players, (Dakich, Donnal, Douglass and Horford). I also recognized Brandon Triche from his solid college career at Syracuse. Same for Hakim Warrick, but he did have a cup of coffee in the NBA.

The one former big name that kept showing up, especially last night since the team was named after him and his family, was Jimmer Fredette. You all remember him, right? He was the former college player of the year. He was a lottery pick. He was supposed to be the next great three point shooter in the league. He was going to be, one of many that have not made it, the Sacramento Kings savior. But, last I heard about Jimmer Fredette was, he was playing in China. Sure, a year or so back he was in the G League, and got called up to play for the Knicks for a minute, but that was it. Then, as I said, he signed on for a team in China. By all accounts, the few stories that are leaked here and there, he is lighting that league up. I've heard that he goes for 60 plus points regularly. I've heard that some teams G League affiliates have their eyes on him now. So, I stayed tuned in after the first 5 minutes because I thought maybe this time, the "TBT" would be better.

Sadly, it was not.

Team Fredette, led by Jimmer, was basically a clear out for Jimmer, so he could shine. Every time down the court, he brought the ball up, and 99 percent of the time, he took the shot. I had heard that he was putting up 40 fairly regularly in this tournament, but when you shoot 30 plus times a game, you should be scoring that much. His defense, or lack there of, was also horrendous. They were hiding him, in the "TBT", and he was still atrocious. And the team they played, I cannot remember for the life of me their name and I just watched the game less than 24 hours ago, defeated his team handily. They actually played defense and used team work and made easy shots. They didn't look good doing it, but they did earn themselves a chance at the 2 million dollar prize money.

Look, this was a bad basketball game that I watched. I did choose it over preseason football, because who in their right minds want to watch Baltimore and Chicago in the first preseason game on August 3rd? Not even the presence of Lamar Jackson was enough to pull me away fro a crummy basketball game. But, that needs to be said. Yes, I chose to watch this game because I love basketball, but it was awful. And for those that are saying this is Jimmer Fredette's comeback story, the way he performed in the "TBT", stop it. Fredette's days as an NBA player are done. He couldn't get separation from dudes that have been out of the league, or were never in it in the first place, at all last night. His jumper isn't nearly as good as it used to be either. As for defense, he still stinks, like I said earlier.

Sure, it was a cute little story, but TBT proves that Fredette is washed. I'd rather have guys like Nate Robinson, Zak Irvin or any guy currently on a G League roster. Fredette is trash, and so is the "TBT". But, I will probably watch the final because I am a junky. But man oh man is it some sub par basketball.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing, the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast, and the greatest basketball writer on the internet. 

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We All Know Urban Meyer Will Get Away With This, Again

 Fill the bag with scum and call it Urban Meyer

Fill the bag with scum and call it Urban Meyer

As we all know by now, Urban Meyer is under some serious heat for his non action, and lies, between a former assistant coach of his that was physically abusing his former wife. Apparently Meyer knew, lied about it, and now, he may be caught. But, it wasn't only him that knew. Apparently his wife knew. Apparently other coaches knew. Apparently, the abused wife is now speaking out, and she claims some of the higher ups at the school, like the AD and president, all knew.

This is bad, bad news. This is so much worse than what Jim Tressel did while he was the coach there, and I despise that man with every breath in my body. But, this story has nothing to do with my disgust for the University of Ohio State. Everyone knows that I loathe that school, that I am a Michigan fan through and through, that I root for only one Big Ten school. This story frightens me because I fear nothing will come of it. 

I don't think the University, the media or the boosters and all others involved with the school will do a damn thing about it because Urban Meyer is a "winner" in their eyes. In Columbus they clearly only care about one thing, and that is the University of Ohio State football team winning games and titles. They have proven this time and time again. When Tressel was there, he had a QB, his name escapes me now, who was caught stealing computers, and he missed a meaningless early season game on his way to winning the Heisman. Their star QB the past couple years, JT Barrett, was caught on camera driving drunk and asking the police, "don't you know who I am". AJ Hawk, a former standout linebacker, said on national TV, "you don't come here to go to school, you come here to play football", and he was praised. That third string QB from a few years back, tweeted, "people don't come to watch me play school". Terelle Pryor, and some of the guys from his class, traded tattoos for memorabilia. All of this stuff that has piled up against them over the years has led to nothing. Sure, they had one bad season, where they went 6-7, and maybe lost a scholarship here and there, but that was it. In fact, they are looked at as an elite program led by an elite coach now. If you tune into any sports show, especially on ESPN, the commentators have nothing but glowing things to say about this "great football institution".

It's sickening.

And while the fans of this school will say, "Tressel got fired for what he did, and we had that one bad season. How can you say nothing happened?". That is a small, small price to pay, and I agree that what he got fired for was stupid, but Tressel is a scumbag, and all you fans know it. Also, you had one bad season. The very next year, your team was a top 10 team. Stop griping about Tressel.

What Meyer has done is part of a disturbing trend that he seems to get away with because he is a good coach. This isn't the first time he has been brought up as a liar and a cheater. While at Florida, he had a team that had a crime sheet that was about a mile long. I believe that he was the head coach of the team with the most arrests and suspensions in his three year tenure there. But, he suddenly had a "heart condition", and he took a year off. Florida then got sanctioned, and is a shell of what they used to be. And Meyer could care less. After his year off he took over at the University of Ohio State, and he has had a top 10 team every year. He has won a title. He has been to the playoff twice. He has had players in the Heisman talk every year. And now, he has another bombshell report on his incompetence and willingness to value winning over safety. The fact that there are text messages between him and the former coach and him and the former spouse and him and his wife is appalling. I know none of this is set in stone yet, but it seems pretty clear to anyone with eyes and a brain that he is guilty.

But, as I said at the top, I don't think any of it will matter in the long run. I feel like Meyer will get off scott free, and then the ESPN's of the world will have stories about him "overcoming an offseason of hate", or they'll use one of their favorite words, "tragedy". They will treat him just like they treat Penn State right now. Everyone at the big time media conglomerates will forget this even happened. I read a Deadspin article earlier today that basically stated, say the team loses one game, then 2, then say, 5, how soon until they reinstate Meyer? I couldn't agree more with this article. The University of Ohio State gave him some bull shit "paid with leave" deal yesterday. After this report came out, and hundreds of people were calling for him to be fired, the university deemed a paid vacation as a good enough punishment. That is the scariest part. They truly only care abut football and winning in that hell hole of a town. The dip shits that attend their home games, the grown men that paint their faces and wear jerseys of teenagers, could care less that Meyer lied in everyone's faces, as long as that team wins.

Urban Meyer is a scum bag, there is no way around it. He is grimy, he cheats and he lies. But, as long as he continues to win, the university could care less. We live in disturbing times. When a coach of a football team is higher than the law, that what makes me fear what they will let people get away with in the future. This is a disgusting and disturbing misuse of his "power", but I would bet dollars to donuts that he misses zero games, and is held as a "hero" in the eyes of big time media, especially, ESPN. This is all very gross.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is not on good terms with two state capitals this week. Madison Wisconsin received his anger already this week.

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Ty Watches "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies"

film reel.jpg

I have just returned home from taking my kids to see "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies", and I have to say, I very much enjoyed the hell out of this movie. I knew my son would love it. He is a big time fan of the show, and the moment he found out that they were making a movie, you better be damn well sure that he let me know we would see it ASAP. It came out when we were on vacation last week, so the first chance we had to see it when we got back, today, he snatched it up. We were almost derailed, my car needed a new battery, so we had to miss the first show we wanted to go to. But, we lucked out, I got a new battery put in quick, and found a show about an hour later, so the day was saved.

I have never, ever seen my son sit that still for over an hour and a half. He was absolutely mesmerized. I mean, his favorite TV characters were all blown up on a big screen, and they were right in front of his face, up to their usual shenanigans. I asked him afterward what he liked most, and he said, "it was like 3 episodes all crammed into one! when can we see it again dad?!". He was pumped. But, as I said, I knew he was going to love it. I knew he would be quoting it. I knew he would want to listen to the soundtrack as soon as we got in the car. I knew he would ask if we would buy it when it became available for purchase.

When it comes to enjoying "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies" the 2 people I was most skeptical of were my daughter and myself. My daughter is only 2, so it is hard to keep her attention for long periods of time. She does watch the show with my son from time to time, but she usually ducks in and out of the room when it is on. She will grab toys, or play with me or my wife, or read a book or do independent play. Well, she sat down on my lap the whole movie. Sure, she moved around from time to time, and she talked a little bit, and she even closed her eyes for a few minutes in the middle. But, for the most part, the screen had her attention to. She really likes the female titans, Starfire and Raven, and they are prominently featured, so she was happy. The movie was incredibly colorful too, so they kept her focused as well. She also loved the music, getting up at the end to dance a little bit with her brother.

My level of enjoyment? I watch the show from time to time, I find myself laughing at a lot of the jokes, and I do appreciate the animation. I also find myself daydreaming a bit when it is on. My mind tends to wander. I even drift off to sleep sometimes. None of that happened this morning/afternoon. I, much like my son and daughter, was fully invested. "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies" was a very solid cartoon film.

I loved the story of the movie. The basic premise was, there are far too many super hero movies nowadays. I couldn't agree more. Everywhere they went in the movie, they all talked about super hero movies. We have multiple Batman and Superman movies. Wonder Woman makes a joke that, it took awhile, but they finally made a movie for her. Green Lantern joked that people don't really talk about his movie anymore. The world is so saturated with super hero movies, that at the new Batman movie premiere, the previews are for movies about Alfred, Batman's butler, the Batmobile and his Utility belt. I fully believe that movie execs have thought any one of these would make a good movie. But, the Titans, mainly Robin, wanted his own movie so bad. He went about every possible way to try and get a movie made about him. What most of the people told him was that he needed a villain to play off him. He goes out in search of one, and lands on Slade Wilson. He is the perfect enemy for him. I did love when all the Teen Titans called him Deadpool when they first saw him because he does look like Deadpool. From here on out, Robin does anything and everything he can to made Slade his villain so he can get a movie made about him. I really liked this story line because it is true, and it was played perfectly well in a cartoon movie made for kids.

I won't spoil anything else because I really think this is a movie that should be seen not only by kids and parents, but super hero aficionados that seem to not be able to get enough of this genre. The movie is funny, it does teach kids a lesson, teamwork is important, the songs are infectious and good, the animation is solid and it goes by quick. The voice acting is very good as well.

I didn't have high expectations going in, but I will now talk about how good this movie is to everyone that is considering seeing it. I also went with a buddy of mine that brought his kid as well, and they had already seen it once. The fact that they went again, I think that speaks volumes to how well made this movie is. "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies" is well worth everyone's time. Go check this movie out.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is probably not aware that Slade Wilson and Deathstroke predate Wade Wilson and Deadpool. He is probably unaware because Deadpool has a successful film franchise and Deathstroke got stuck to the end of the terrible "Justice League".

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LeBron James is an Outstanding Human Being


I know that I am tough and hard on LeBron James a lot on the site and the podcast. But, I am also very up front with how great I think he is, how good of a person he is, all the great things he does on and off the court, how vocal and open with his politics he is, how much to has lived up to the hype, and then some, basically, I may harp on him, but I think he is a once in a lifetime talent and person. Today though, I want to only heap tons and tons of praise on him.

With the opening of his new school in Akron, I am just so pleased and thrilled with the news. I love this. I love when athletes give back to their community. James had a rough childhood, and he wants to make things better for kids in his hometown. He didn't have to do this, especially since he just left Cleveland and signed with the Lakers. He also could have waited, a la Jalen Rose, until after basketball to do this. He also could have done it in any city he wanted. But, he chose his hometown. I love it. He is giving back, and when mega star athletes give back, I have nothing but good things to say.

An act like this makes me realize that some athletes have a heart and soul, that they aren't just in it for the money, that they realize where they came from, and want to help. Jalen Rose did this in Detroit, and JRLA is a thriving school in a not so thriving area. I feel like James will accomplish this with his school in Akron. I was doing research on this new school for this piece today, and I was blown away at all the stuff I saw that the school will do. Things like free tuition, free uniforms, free bikes and helmets, free transportation within 2 miles, free breakfast, lunch and snack, a food pantry for families, GED and job placements services for parents and guaranteed tuition to the University of Akron for EVERY student that graduates.

All of that is absolutely incredible. Free tuition is just amazing. That is my dream for college for my kids. The fact that LeBron is doing it for underprivileged kids in Akron is truly remarkable. Free uniforms are great. I knew kids that went to private schools, and their uniforms were wildly expensive. This is wonderful. Free bikes, helmets and transportation within 2 miles, spectacular. That is so cool. If I were a kid and I was offered a free bike, with a helmet, I would have lost my mind. What a perfect gesture. Also, the transportation within 2 miles, while it doesn't sound like much on the surface, it is splendid. Two miles of free transportation is perfect for working parents who have odd hours, and need to get their kids to school on time. The free food, breakfast, lunch and snack, is stupendous. This is a big relief to parents and kids. The fact that they can go to a school where food will be hot and ready for them, I mean, that is a lifesaver. They can go have a nice breakfast and lunch, then have a snack before heading home. That is truly great. That, again, is a lifesaver. That is the epitome of giving back. It is also the epitome of helping, and reaching out to your community. The food pantry for families is so awesome. For lower class families that are struggling to make a living, a food pantry is one of the best things that could happen I imagine. That the whole family can go and take what they need, I mean, how cool is that? How great is that? It is the best. The GED and job placement services is just as good as the food pantry in my opinion. He is out there trying to help people find work, and further their education. He wants these families to not only stay in their hometown, but he wants them to thrive. He wants them to get work. He wants to help them do better. He is giving them a place they can go and try to better themselves. It is just so cool and so awesome and so giving and just the best.

But the cherry on top of all of this greatness is the free tuition to any graduate to the University of Akron. I mean, that is really amazing. Kids who graduate from his school can go to college for free! Let that sink in. College is crazy expensive, and kids who graduate LeBron's new school get to go for free. That is the absolute best thing I could ever think of. He is putting a ton of his hard earned money into sending kids to college, kids that aren't his own kids. That is amazing and extremely heartfelt.

I didn't think that LeBron could do anything else to surprise me, and make me respect him even more, but he did. He may be a better person than he is a basketball player, and he is an amazing basketball player. But, this new school, his outspokenness on politics, his helping to groom his son for his future basketball career, his standing up to the bullies in D.C., it is all amazing and makes me like him even more.

LeBron James is going to go down as one of the greatest basketball players ever, but when we look back at all the things he did outside of a basketball court, I think we will remember those even more. LeBron James is a great, great man, and I have an immense amount of respect for him. My hat is off to you Mr. James, you are an exceptional person.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing, the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast, and the best basketball writer on the internet.

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Madison Wisconsin Owes Me an IPhone

 I do not feel Welcome in the state capital

I do not feel Welcome in the state capital

My family and I are just returning from a week long trip where we visited the Upper Pennisula of Michigan. It was great. I have written about the wonders of the UP on the site before. That’s also why I didn’t write for a week. I was on vacation.

Well, I'm Back.

On the trip we did make a few over night stops. We have 2 kids, so it’s hard to go the full 10 hours in one day. We did it last year when we visited Gulf Shores, and while it went better than I expected, by hour 10, we were all a bit stir crazy. So, on the way up we stopped in Madison, Wisconsin, and on the way back we stayed at Great Wolf Lodge in the Wisconsin Dells.

Great Wolf was awesome as always. This is one of our favorite places to go as a family. The water park rules, my son can kind of have free rein, my daughter loves the wave pool, my wife loves the slides and lazy river, and I love just about everything about it, but mostly, the snack area. There is so much to do there, and I recommend checking it out if you haven’t.

As far as Madison though, I have a newfound distaste for a town I used to love. Madison is pretty much the halfway point from my home to the UP. It used to be the fect spot to stop for the night. I like college towns, there’s cool restaurants, cool shops and it’s fairly easy to navigate. It was also my idea for us to stay the night there on the way to the UP. I was even more excited when I heard that my oldest brother and his family would be there the same night as us. We decided we would all meet for dinner. And the hotel was great too. There was an indoor water park perfect for our kids and it was right by the highway for easy access to get back on the road to our destination.

We got there last week, got checked in and hit the water park. Everything was going as planned. We finished up at the park, got back to our room, cleaned up and went to meet my brother’s family for dinner. I brought my phone to navigate, but it wasn’t fully charged. So, I plugged it in the car dock and led us to the restaurant. We got to a parking garage, parked the car and headed to the restaurant. I left my phone in the car, the doors were locked and we were in a garage, what could go wrong I thought. We then had dinner, which was great, shouts out to Dotty’s Dumpling in Madison. We then said our goodbyes, said we’d meet up at the house we were staying in the next day, and we headed back to the car.

When we got to the car, I didn’t see my phone. I thought it was weird, but not all that out of the ordinary. Sometimes my wife puts electronics in her glove box or center console. Sometimes I put it in my diaper bag. Sometimes I leave it in my pocket and forget about it. Sometimes it slides under the seats. Really, it could have been any of these things.

After checking all of those, then double checking, we realized that it had been stolen. I was furious. It was made even worse when the parking attendant let us know that the cameras only go up 2 floors. We were on the third. I got even angrier when the other workers, at the pay area, seemed annoyed that we were asking questions. They just told us to fill out a police report, basically telling us it was our fault that our property was stolen.

I went back to the room., pissed off to no end My anger then turned to fear. I wondered what this person, or people, were doing with my phone. What would they do with my info, contacts, pictures, anything on my phone? Lucky for me, my wife is not as hot headed as I am. She told me to take the kids to the room, get them ready for bed, and she would take care of this. She knew I would fly off the handles if I called Verizon and the police.

So, after getting everything ready, and putting the kids to bed, I had cooled off. My wife then showed up to the room, told me she had everything deactivated and showed me a text she sent to whoever took the phone. It was perfect. She also informed me that I would be receiving a new one in a few days in Michigan. I finally was able to relax. I wasn’t going to let this ruin my vacation. I was still pissed off, but everything that could be done was taken care of.

The moral of the story? When it comes to Madison, I’m done. I don’t feel safe there anymore. It’s not worth my time and anxiety to stay there. I don’t like it anymore. Even when we drove by the exit I said, “Screw you Madison”. All the good will that had been built up was gone after one night. One more thing too. The next morning when we got in the car and headed to the UP, my wife and I went to grab our sunglasses. Those were taken as well. They took my wife’s 10 dollar Target glasses, and my prescription sunglasses. What the hell?!

Screw the person or people that stole our things, and screw you too Madison. I’m done with your town, and for now on, when someone asks me about Madison, I’ll have nothing but bad things to say. I’m so disappointed. 

One more thing. Wisconsin football sucks.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. The next time someone in Madison sees a car with Missouri plates, and two middle fingers high in the air, Ty is on his way to the UP.

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SeedSing Classic: Let Ty tell you about a Perfect Spot in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

 Top of the bluff. Photo by Ty with an Iphone 5

Top of the bluff. Photo by Ty with an Iphone 5

We have been posting classic articles all week because Ty and I have been on vacation. We happen to be in the same place. Here is a classic article from Ty talking about our hidden gem of a vacation destination. We will be back on July 30th with new, and soon to be classic, content.

RD Kulik

SeedSing classic is a look back at our most influential articles. These pieces have been presented in their original form. No Star Warsesque special editions. Enjoy

I have spent the last five days in what I believe may be a piece of heaven on Earth.

I don't believe in any kind of faith, so by calling this place heaven, I mean to say, this place is perfect. I used to travel to this town a lot as a child, pre teen and teenager. I've even gone as an adult. I guess it took me being a father myself to truly appreciate the quiet solitude that is Bessemer, Michigan.

Like I said, I've vacationed there a lot. My folks grew up there.(technically my dad grew up in Bessemer. My mom grew up in a town called Ramsey that's three miles away, essentially the same place). It was always fun to go as a kid because I got to see my cousins that lived in Wisconsin and Minnesota and Michigan. Both my parents folks lived there too, so I got to see my grandparents as well. We usually went during Spring Break. It was the only time that me and my three brothers had a full week off.

So, I bet you're thinking, Spring Break, that's great, good weather, not too hot, not too cold. That's not the case in Bessemer. Bessemer is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, so it's winter about eight to nine months of the year. So, in mid March, when we'd normally visit, there'd still be three to five feet of snow on the ground. My grandparents would be relieved by this. This meant winter was coming to  an end, maybe by May, the snow would be gone. I loved the fact that they still had all this snow on the ground. I thought, awesome I can go sledding in the middle of March! No way that was happening in St. Louis, my hometown.

As I got older, and cousins grew up and moved and grandparents were passing away, our annual trips dwindled. At first it was every year, then every other year, until it was good if we got up there once every four to five years. It also seemed like we only were going up for funerals. A place I once loved was becoming a place I associated with death. I was in my early twenties when my last grandparent passed away and that trip to Bessemer was pretty upsetting for me. I was very close to my grandpa. My dad and I talked to him on the phone every Sunday after my grandma passed away. My dad and I made trips up there to visit him also. Grandpa Louis was very important to me and I loved him almost as much as my parents. We were extremely close. So, after he passed away, I genuinely thought his funeral would be my last trip to the UP. What was the point if grandpa wasn't going to be there? I constantly asked myself that question.

A few years after his death, my mom and dad planned a trip to Bessemer. I was hesitant at first, but they explained to me, that if I thought it was going to be hard, think of how they felt. That's where they grew up and their parents were gone. I knew exactly what they meant and I was on board for the trip. The only difference, besides my extended family not being there was, my parents planned the trip for the summer. We did go there in summer,  but sparingly. As I said earlier, we usually went on Spring Break. We didn't have a place to stay, so my parents rented a luxury cabin. Tons of beds and bathrooms and pool tables. It was great. But what made it even better was the fact that I was able to remember good times I had there as a kid. Instead of dwelling on what I didn't have, I made the concerted effort to make new, grown up memories. Sure, sledding was fun, but now I could go hiking with my brothers and climb the bluffs with them. Swimming in Lake Superior is exhilarating. You can go to Little Girls Point and skip rocks while lounging on their rock beach. If you'd prefer a sand beach, head to Black River Harbor. These were all things I couldn't do with a ton of snow on the ground. This was a whole new world to me. I'm glad I have brothers who like doing these things too. I wouldn't do this stuff on my own.

On this most recent trip, I climbed the bluffs for the first time in a long time. I couldn't do it before because I was overweight and out of shape. In the past two years I've shed about a hundred pounds and decided I would challenge myself, and with a little encouragement from my brother, I did it and got some great pictures of the town. It was phenomenal. I also went tubing for the first time in my life. I laid on an inner tube on my stomach and a boat pulled me from side to side and I did jumps in the water. It was great. My wife and three year old son were with my family and I and it was great to share this beautiful place that I love with them. We'd drive by streets and I'd tell them memories I had. I also was able to show them where my grandparents lived. My parents drove us around and told us stories that I'd never even heard. My wife has been there before, but it was my sons first trip. He loved it, his favorite thing to do was skip rocks on Lake Superior. I also got to see a lot of my cousins this time around. We are all adults with kids now, but we were able to make time to see each other. It was great. The weather was as good as it gets. This was another thing that made this trip so perfect. This was the first week of August and the temperature never got any higher than 76 degrees. Did I mention the fact that there's no humidity. It was a great relief from St. Louis summers.

Another reason I'm so happy that we travel to the UP in the summers now. I know they do most of their business during the winter with all the ski hills. But, I'm here to tell you that summer time is the time to make a trip to the UP. It's so great. The sky at night time is so clear you can see the stars perfectly. I'm so grateful that my parents talked me into going back to the UP and the fact that we go in the summer now. Bessemer, Michigan in the summer is the best place in the world to visit. Do yourselves a favor and book a week long stay up there. You will love it.

I know I certainly just did.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the co-host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He was paid no money to write this rave review of Bessemer Michigan, he would like some money. Follow him on twitter @tykulik.

SeedSing Classic: I Don't Watch "Game of Thrones", and I Thought the Last Season Was Pretty Great

 That ice dragon sure kicked ass

That ice dragon sure kicked ass

SeedSing classic is a look back at our most influential articles. These pieces have been presented in their original form. No Star Warsesque special editions. Enjoy

The most recent season of "Game of Thrones" just ended, and there has been a lot of chatter that this was the "worst" season, or it was "too scatterbrained", it was "illogical", basically, most of the "people in the know" didn't think this season was as good as the others.The question of the day is, Was "Game of Thrones" that bad this year.

First off, I do not watch "GOT". I tried. I watched the first three episodes, and it was just too much for me. I'm smart, but I'm a slow learner, and "GOT" seemed to introduce a new character every 5 minutes of the show. I just couldn't keep up. But, my wife and father love the show. They watch it together in fact. My folks would come over every Sunday, we'd all eat dinner together and, after the kids were put to bed, my wife and father would turn on "GOT". I did not pay much attention, but I was present, as was my mom, when the show was on. I'd go in and out of each episode. I didn't want to be a bother, so I didn't ask many questions and, when I did watch, I just kept quiet.

From an outsiders point of view, I thought this most recent season was kind of exciting. I'm a pretty simple guy, so when I see flying dragons breathing fire, I think it is cool. I thought the battle scenes that I was privy to were very exciting. Those 2 sisters, I want to say their names are Sansa and Arya, their interactions with one of the bad guys from "The Wire", the congressman on that show, were creepy, but very well acted. The dude with the metal hand seems like a badass warrior. And the lady that flies the dragons and treats them like her own children, she rules. So, while I am even lower than a novice when it comes to "GOT", I thought this season, at least what I saw, was very enjoyable.

I do not understand all the flack that this most recent season is getting. I asked my wife about it last night and she said she loved this season. I had lunch with my dad today, I asked him the same question, and he said that it could have been better, but he still really enjoyed it. They are the 2 biggest "GOT" fans that I know. Even my mom, she is on the same level with this show that I am, said she liked what she saw. So, I was confused. Also, for the people calling the show "illogical", it is a fantasy world. The moment you try and find logic with flying dragons, "white walkers" and all the other science fiction involved with "GOT", I lose any respect for you as a reviewer or writer. That is like trying to find logic in a "Looney Tunes" cartoon. This is all fantasy. None of this is real. It is a TV show. Get over it.

The more I think about all the negative stuff being said about this season of "GOT", I kept thinking about a great dialogue between Bart and Geoff Albertson, AKA Comic Book Guy, on the excellent "Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie Show" episode of "The Simpsons". After the first Poochie episode appeared, everyone hated it, except for Homer and Flanders, even though Flanders did call it "Impy and Chimpy". But, the next day Bart and Milhouse are hanging out at the comic book store and Comic Book guy says, "last night's episode of "Itchy and Scratchy" was by far the worst episode ever. As I viewer I demand better. Needless to say, I was on the internet complaining about it in minutes". Bart counters with, "what do they owe you as a viewer? They have given you countless hours of free entertainment. Again, what could they possibly owe you?". Comic Book Guy comes back with, "worst episode ever". I feel like that is the current state of critics of TV shows. I'm just as much to blame for complaining about TV shows on this website. TV shows I get to watch for free. I despised how "Mad Men" ended. Never mind the fact that the first couple of seasons were great, I only focused on the stuff I disliked at the end. I gave up on "the Walking Dead" because I felt like they needed to show me which character they were going to kill off in the first full episode with Negan. They don't have to show me shit. Also, that pilot, and first 2 seasons of that show were phenomenal. But, I felt like they "owed me something". Neither of those shows owes me a thing. I've complained about a show I like, "Snowfall", trying to be too many other hit shows. Again, I like this show a lot. I have continued to watch, but I still found something to complain about.

This is the current state of TV watching. No one is ever satisfied. We all find something to complain about no matter how great the show has/could be. We complain about shows sticking around too long, even when they are still very good. The dopes that say, "The Simpsons hasn't been good since season 7", drive me nuts. They are griping about a show that has been on for almost 30 years, and is still relevant and great. We are never satisfied. I'm trying to get away from that attitude, as far being too hard on TV shows I watch. These people, for the most part, work very hard and they are putting it out there for all to see, and for most to find fault in. I'm not going to be as hard on shows that I truly enjoy.

Let's be real, even if this most recent season of "GOT" was its "worst", is it really that bad? The show is a mega, mega hit and is always on people's top ten lists every year it is on TV. Lets give these creative types a little time before we shit all over the things they write, produce, direct and act in. They are working hard and putting themselves out there wounds and all. It's time to ease up a bit.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing, the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is eager to tear apart the latest television show that someone worked hard on. Maybe "The Gifted" will be the lucky show. 

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SeedSing Classic: President Trump's War with American Exceptionalism

 It says give me your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Moron

It says give me your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Moron

SeedSing classic is a look back at our most influential articles. These pieces have been presented in their original form. No Star Warsesque special editions. Enjoy

The first days of the Donald J Trump Presidency have not gone very well. The immediate top priorities for the Trump White House was to whine, cry, and lie about the most mundane things. His goal to repeal and replace Obamacare has been met with confusion and apprehension from Congressional Republicans. The reaction of Trump and his media surrogates towards the successful Women's March on Washington was a predictable temper tantrum from a bunch of rich white men. His border wall with Mexico has been one idiotic embarrassing tweet after another. Most recently, his recent action to ban Muslims from a few countries has been met with disgust and anger from Americans of all political persuasions. In these early days of the Donald J Trump era, it seems the new President's only goal is to be the man who ends the successful legacy of American exceptionalism.

Anything that has been done by President Trump should not be a surprise. Many Republicans, including then Indiana Governor Mike Pence, were loudly denouncing candidate Trump when he was calling for a Muslim ban. The looming disaster of the Obamacare repeal could be seen with every wasteful show vote from the US Congress. Trump's thin skinned nature, and his absolute goal of popularity, has been present in the Donald Trump world since he first entered the public consciousness in the 1980's. The early failure, and embarrassment, surrounding President Trump's US - Mexico border was predicted by almost everyone over a year ago. All of these early executive orders from President Trump’s desk have been known since the Republican Primary. These very ideals is why Democratic Presidential nominee beat President Trump by three million votes. The majority of Americans knew that Donald Trump did not represent their views of what makes America great.

The pathetic actions of the Trump White House to continue the lies around the attendance at the inauguration, the fact that Trump lost the popular vote, by three million votes, and the success of the Women’s March on Washington, are a little sad and a lot scary. When the Press Secretary knowingly lies to the White House Press Corps, and the American people, it disrespects all Americans. The great citizens of the United States are not stupid. We all saw the vote totals, we saw the pictures of inauguration day, and we saw the massive number of Americans who came out for the Women’s March. We know that President Trump, and his surrogates, are lying. We know that they are lying to protect a President who must have extremely low self-esteem. Many have laughed at the childlessness of the new President, but it is not a joke to have a leader who is so thin skinned. What will Trump do to gain acceptance from those people he thinks matter? His actions show that he does not care about the approval of the American people. It is scary to think that the President’s need to be accepted by others will be more important than keeping America a great country.

Candidate Trump rallied the minority of American voters with his promise of a wall on the US-Mexico border, and that the Mexican government would pay for this wall. It was never made very clear why the Mexican government would pay for such a pointless project. Now that Donald Trump sits in the Oval Office, he needs to back up his ridiculous promises. His supporters, who are the minority of voters, have demanded this fairy tale wall. Good to his word, President Trump signed an executive order to build the wall, and to make Mexico pay for it. The government of the sovereign nation of Mexico quickly rebuked the new President’s wishes. In response, The Trump White House threw another tantrum and pledged to place a very large import tax on Mexican goods. Almost the entire business community, many congressional Republicans, and lovers of tequila everywhere quickly questioned the new President’s judgement. Many people laughed, most people just shook their heads, at this moronic idea. The negative reaction to President Trump’s grand plan was so quick, that the people who have already lied for Trump were quick to walk back their boss' bad thoughts. The greatness of America taught the new President a harsh lesson on the payment of the border wall.

During the Republican Presidential Primary, Donald Trump was unapologetic in his thoughts of banning refugees, mainly Muslims, from entering the United States. This naked xenophobia turned off even the most right wing of Republican Presidential candidates. Many, many, many people would call out Donald Trump for his racism, and misunderstanding of what has always made America great.

Now that Donald J Trump is the President, he does not seem to care about the terribleness of banning a religious group from coming to the United States. What again should not be a surprise to anyone, Donald Trump used an Executive order to ban immigration from Muslim countries where his personal business empire does not currently operate in. Green card holders, business professionals, an Oscar nominated director, children, and many others were denied entry into the United States. This inhumane act by President Trump was roundly condemned. The once, and still, great American people showed with their voices that the majority of citizens do not believe in hate.

Within a few weeks, President Trump has shown that his administration does not believe in the proud tradition of American exceptionalism. His lies insult America, his narcissism embarrasses America, and his racism hurt America. No amount of Fox News misdirection can hide the fact that the Trump White House has no idea what they are doing. The incompetence of the Trump Presidency has given America good comedy, and sleepless nights. Trump’s early days has shown that his Presidency is not going to be great for America. It is a good thing that what makes America great is the fact that we can suffer through the failures of a bad President.

The greatness of America does have to face some harsh truths. Is it possible that everything that President Donald Trump has done has been done with a purpose? It is obvious that the President is most interested in protecting the Trump business, and being a leader for all Americans does not matter to him in the least. Maybe the weakening of America is good for Trump and his inner circle of political advisors. Maybe the greatness of America is holding back some grand plan for the people who currently work in the White House. It is clear that President Trump has no idea on how to make America great again. America is already great. The new President’s actions are working directly against American exceptionalism. Americans make America great. Do not forget that. Do not let President Trump take that away.


RD is the Head Editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast? Help us keep track of, and call out, the lies of President Trump. Write for us.

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SeedSing Classic: Last Generation Gamer: "Ready Player One"

SeedSing classic is a look back at our most influential articles. These pieces have been presented in their original form. No Star Warsesque special editions. Enjoy

When it comes to pop culture, Generation X tends to get the short end stick. The “Greatest Generation” is still portrayed as the heroes who saved the world from Adolf Hitler and the Nazi scourge. The Baby Boomers are still in the forefront of all pop culture, just look at the music (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones), movies (any serious Oscar bait film that comes out), and television (Mad Men, anything on CBS that portrays the other generations as doofuses) that everyone considers as the best. The Millennials have been taking over music with people like Lorde, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and many more. The only part of the pop culture that Generation X gets to claim as their own is that of early video games. Atari, Intellivision, Apple, and early Nintendo, that is the legacy Generation X holds as it’s own.

In 2010, screenwriter and spoken word artist Ernest Cline sold is very first novel. Ready Player One was instantly a hit, and the film rights were purchased by Warner Brothers immediately after the novel’s release. The story takes place in a future that is quite grim. Society has inevitably succumbed to a massive energy crisis, food is scarce, and the wealth disparity has put the majority of the world firmly in the category of being poor. The one shared escape everyone has a massive online virtual world called the OASIS. Kids go to school on one of the worlds in the OASIS, people work and conduct business, it is the one place left that gives opportunity to anyone. The creator of the OASIS, James Halliday, announces in a video posted after his death that he is going to give away his vast fortune, and total control of the OASIS to the person who can find an Easter Egg he has hidden in his virtual universe. The idea of a game Easter Egg famously started with the Atari game Adventure, which Halliday references in his death video. Since that time, game programmers have been installing Easter Eggs for the most determined, and obsessive, players out there. Halliday’s Egg would be one for the ages. The players need to find three keys, and open three gates to reach the final challenge. The story kicks off with our narrator, Wade Watts, telling us how he was the first person to find the first key.

What follows in Ready Player One is an exciting story filled with pop culture references geared towards anyone who grew up in the 1980’s. James Halliday lived in a small town in Ohio in the 80’s, and he found his escapes from his own difficult life in the movies, television, and video games of the Reagan era. He recreated this comfort in his super successful OASIS game/virtual reality. The universe of the OASIS is chocked full of pop culture gems from that time. Music from Schoolhouse Rock, Oingo Boingo, and Rush are crucial to the plot. Locations in the OASIS are built to look like worlds from Dungeons and Dragons, Family Ties, and the classic text adventure computer game Zork. There are classic Japanese mechs, flying Deloreans, and cabinet arcade game units scattered all over the OASIS. Ready Player One may take place in mid 2040’s, but anyone born in the 1970’s will feel nostalgic comfort in the virtual world built by the fictional Halliday.

The real world depicted in Ready Player One is depressing, all too real at the same time. Poverty is extremely widespread because our leaders did not care to move the world to sustainable energy, and the reality of global climate change has altered the planet in terrible ways. Access to the internet has been consolidated under one behemoth of a monopoly, and they are determined to find the Easter Egg so the company can monetize Halliday’s mostly free OASIS. The subject of Net Neutrality comes to one’s mind reading about the corporate mindset in Ready Player One. The fictional world imagined by Cline in the 2040’s seems uncomfortably real if we continue on the same self-destructive path we are allowing our world leaders to bring us down.

There is a movie of Ready Player One, currently in post-production, that is directed by Steven Spielberg. The fact the Spielberg has been responsible for some of Generation X’s greatest film moments has many people excited for the project.  If the story is left alone, and the pop culture references are as plentiful as they are in the book, the film version of Ready Player One will be a huge success. The book is like an encyclopedia of Generation X culture, the movie can let the world know that the small group between the Boomers and Millennials had some cool stuff. Generation X will finally have a seat at the table of awesome pop culture.

Ready Player One celebrates the entertainment of the 1980’s, but the book belongs to everyone. Much like the incredible Netflix show Stranger Things, Ready Player One uses the era of Gen X youth, and tells a story worthy of anyone’s time. Before the movie takes over the public conciseness, go read the book. We may not have the OASIS, but Cline's incredible story will bring into a world that is exciting and hopeful. Just be warned, you will be humming some old Rush tunes when the book is finished.


RD Kulik is the creator and Head Editor for SeedSing. He is considering picking up one of those knockoff Atari boxes from the store so he can test his Adventure and Pac Man skills. Only 20 some odd years to practice for Halliday's Hunt.

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SeedSing Classic: Where the Hell are the Responsible Adults on "PJ Masks"?

 Next season on PJ Masks, the police will lock up all the adults

Next season on PJ Masks, the police will lock up all the adults

SeedSing classic is a look back at our most influential articles. These pieces have been presented in their original form. No Star Warsesque special editions. Enjoy

Having children means having to watch shows you don't care for. I've watched stuff like "Doc McStuffins", "Team Umizoomi", "Handy Manny" and "The Octonauts". These shows I do not care for. They're boring and loud and dull. I've also seen stuff like "Wally Kazaam" and "Yo Gabba Gabba". I really like these shows. "Yo Gabba Gabba" has cool music and cool guests and there's always a good lesson. "Wally Kazaam" may be the most clever and best written children's show I've ever seen. There's been some jokes that have made me legitimately laugh out loud. "Wally Kazaam" is my favorite show that my son has watched.

Lately my son has been watching a show called "PJ Masks". This show is fine. It's not good, but it's not that bad. The show follows three young children that, at nighttime, become superheroes when they put their pajamas on. Sounds pretty cute, right? That's what I thought when I first saw this show, but then I actually sat down and paid attention to what was going on and I've got to say, the negligence of the parents on "PJ Masks" is downright criminal. I'd venture to say that they are worse parents than the parents from "Charlie Brown".

First things first, at least the parents in "Charlie Brown" are present. Sure, we can't understand what they are saying and the kids never take their advice, but we know that they are there. The parents in "PJ Masks" are non existent. And, when there is an adult around, they just leave when the situation turns sour. I'll tell you about a recent episode that had this happen. The kids were just regular kids and they were about to watch a puppet show. The puppet master, apparently one of their teachers, shows up and sees that the puppets are missing. All he says is, "My puppets are gone. I guess there will be no show today" and then he just leaves. Doesn't investigate the problem, doesn't tell the children he will be right back, in fact he doesn't tell the children anything except that the show is cancelled, and he just leaves, never to be seen or heard from again. That's insane! He's an adult and he just lets the kids deal with this problem on their own! WTF!

This leads me to my main problem with the parents of the three main kids. These children, maybe 7 or 8 years old, are allowed to leave their houses in the middle of the night and go fight crimes. The parents have no say and just let this happen. Where on Earth is this ever a good idea? Why would you let a child go out into the streets in the middle of the night. That is the whole point of the show. These kids turn into superheroes when they go to bed and put their PJ's on. I say again, this is insane! And the parents just let them go, I DON"T GET IT!

You are all probably asking the names of the three main kids, so I'll tell you. You have Owlette the girl, Gekko the shy one and Catboy the athlete. They fight villains, yes this show has children as super smart villains, Romeo, Luna Girl, Night Ninja and the Ninjalenos. It's so surreal. One saving grace, you never see actual fighting. They have races and they play party games and they use gadgets, but they never actually fight. I guess the parents at least gave them the proper rules that fighting is wrong. But, that doesn't excuse the fact that these kids are out in the middle of the night. Also, where are the police in this town and why aren't they doing anything about this? Now, I'm upset at not only the parents, but all the adults in the "PJ Masks" universe. Why do you all let children decide what to do? I'm all for letting kids figure things out for themselves, but there's a time and a place for that and it's not after midnight. I just don't get why there are no rules for these kids.

Also, what kind of parents do Romeo, Luna Girl, Night Ninja and the Ninjalenos have that these kids are super villains? Romeo is some kind of tech genius, but he hates the PJ Masks, and I mean hates the PJ Masks. He is some kind of tech wizard, going so far as stealing their voices in one episode. Are his parents some kind of tech wizards? If so, at least they taught him how to use technology, but he uses it for evil. How messed up is that?! Luna Girl just wants to stop the PJ Masks from having fun. That's straight up mean. She is the definition of a "mean girl", but she too is a child. Why does she have all this hate in her tiny soul? Night Ninja is a spoiled baby and he has the Ninjalenos answer his every beck and call. Why is he so spoiled and how did he train four little kids to be his helpers? What kind of family do these kids come from?

I guess, overall, I'm just disappointed in the adults in this world. I know, it's a children's show, it's a cartoon, it's fantasy, but my brain won't allow me to look at it that way. I want to know why the adults aren't involved at all. At least in "Charlie Brown" and "The Simpsons" the parents are there. They may not be the best people in the world, but they are there and that's more than I can say for the adults and parents in "PJ Masks". I'm sure this show will fade much like all the other shows my son watches, but I will still wonder, long after he stops watching, why weren't the grown ups more involved? What were they doing and why was that more important than making sure their kids were in their beds like they should be? I'm sure I'll never know, but I know that it will haunt me for the rest of my days. Shame on you adults in the "PJ Masks" universe. Take more interest in your children and maybe they won't go out in the middle of the night and argue about cake and toys and balloons. Get off your cell phones and take the time to get to know your kids.

You sicken me.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man podcast. He thinks judging others is easy, and fun too. Follow Ty on twitter @tykulik.

The End of Carmelo Anthony's NBA Career


Yesterday another NBA trade happened, and while some deemed it a blockbuster, I do not agree. Carmelo Anthony was traded to the Hawks for Mike Muscala and Dennis Schroder, and another team was involved, but only in cash I believe. The "big" names to move were Schroder and Anthony. They were essentially traded for each other, and then the Hawks said they will waive Carmelo the moment they can.

What does this all mean. The Thunder offloaded a guy that they didn't want anymore, a guy that did not help their team at all last year, a guy that openly complained about his role, a guy that refused to come of the bench, basically, a guy that is washed as a pro.

When Carmelo came into the league, I loved his offensive game. He never played any defense, but he didn't his one year in college either. He was an offensive wizard. He could shoot, slash and get to the rim. Hid fade away was a thing to behold. His pull up jumper was great as well. He made the Nuggets relevant and fun when they drafted him. And even when he pushed his way to the Knicks, the first couple of years at least, he was still fun to watch. I also loved watching him on Team USA. That was my favorite Carmelo Anthony. He is such a good spot up three point shooter, and when he tries on defense, he is okay. That was how he played on Team USA. That was who the Thunder thought they were getting.

After growing more and more frustrated in New York, then being asked to play third, some times fourth fiddle in OKC, Carmelo has just fallen off a cliff. I almost feel bad for him, almost. The fact that he picked up his option for 28 million, which I totally get, but the fact that he still picked it up knowing that the Thunder did not want him there, that was some shady shit. I get not passing up 28 million, but Carmelo has made way, way more money than that throughout his career. He even did a spread in ESPN The Magazine where he basically said that he cared more about his brand than titles spoke volumes to me. He is all about making money as an NBA player. He really does not care about a title.

Now that he has been traded for Schroder and Muscala, and people are saying the Thunder won the trade, Carmelo is officially washed. There should be no doubt about that anymore. He has nothing to offer any team. He cannot shoot it like he used to. He has no lift. He doesn't have the speed to cut anymore. And he plays no defense. I'm sure a team will sign him, but if I were a GM, I wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole, especially after how he performed last year.

I have heard that the Rockets are the front runners to sign him, and if they do, they will regret it. First off, they need to sign Clint Capela before they sign anyone else. Then, they do not need Carmelo. Sure, he is a "big" name to add to 2 other big names, but he is not a big time player anymore. He is not a viable replacement for Trevor Ariza. They should just put Gerald Green in the Ariza role. He is currently a better NBA player than Anthony. And for the Rockets, how is Anthony any better than Ryan Anderson right now. They are the exact same player.

If the Lakers sign him, they will have the most combustible locker room in NBA history. That would be an unmitigated disaster. He would also take crucial minutes away from young, growing guys like Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma.

As far as other "contenders", none of them need Carmelo. The Warriors sure as hell don't need him, and they couldn't afford him anyway. The Celtics don't want that headache. The Raptors just got Kawhi, so they definitely don't need 2 players that don't want to play basketball this year. The 76ers have much better, much younger guys, and the vets they have know their place.

Carmelo needs to let it go. He needs to move on. His best days are far, far, far behind him. His career is over. As much as I used to like watching him play, he is done. Let it go.


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What the Hell Is Kawhi Leonard Doing?


Even though I wrote about it yesterday, I still have a few more thoughts on the Kawhi Leonard trade, and it all has to do with his actions since the trade was announced.

First off, he came out and said, or maybe it was his people, I do not know, that he does not want to play in Toronto. He apparently has zero interest in being on the Raptors. Now, I get that he might not like the team he was traded to, and that he has his own personal list of the teams he wants to play on, but he is under a contract that he signed. Sports is a brutal, heartless business, and Kawhi should know that. He has one final year. He has to, well, if he wants to get paid for doing his job, play for the team he was traded to. I know it is not LA or Philly, or even Boston, but he signed the contract himself. So, he can either play for Toronto, then go anywhere he wants next year, which is his right, or he can sit out and not see a dime.

Which brings me to my second point, his threatening to sit out again. That shit is played out and childish. Why would he want to waste another year of his prime? Is he doing this just to prove a point? Look, I am all for these guys being treated as people, because that is what they are, but what Kawhi is doing is only hurting his career and his image. This whole threatening to sit the season out, and not report to training camp will cost him more money than most of us would see in three or four lifetimes. He must be crazy if he is willing to give up over 20 million dollars, just to prove a point. I'm sure he has more money than he ever imagined, but the threat of losing that much money should scare the hell out of him. I say again, he would lose over 20 MILLION DOLLARS. That is so, so much money.

Also, he would waste another year in his absolute prime. Two years ago, after Tim Duncan retired and the Spurs handed the team over to him, he was one of the best players in the world. I picked him as my preseason MVP, and I still stand by that pick 2 years later. He was crushing the league on both ends of the floor, and he made the Spurs a viable threat in the West. Hell, they might have had a shot at the Warriors if ZaZa Pachulia never stepped underneath him and hurt him again. They were up by a ton in that game, in Golden State, and then Kawhi went down and so did the Spurs.

Kawhi came into last year with that same injury, and just seemed more quiet and disengaged than normal. I know that he had issues with the Spurs trainers, so he got his own. Then, some current players, namely Tony Parker, started to call him out. I'm not here to judge injuries, each player is different in their recovery and what not, but players let him know that they didn't buy it. In fact, former players were openly bashing him on national TV. Then he started to grow despondent with Greg Poppovich, and Poppovich let him know that that did not bother him. He would talk about his injury to the media, say he felt he was ready to go, but he always left it up to Kawhi when he wanted to come back. And he did, for 9 games, and then immediately shut it down. This was when the diva part of him started to come out. He never said anything himself because he is a very quiet person, but his people sure let the media know that he wanted out, and he wanted to go to LA.

So, he wasted the entire season, at age 26, complaining about an injury, the Spurs and demanding a trade. And now that he has been traded, which is what he wanted, he is threatening to miss his second year in a row, at age 27, because he doesn't like the team he was traded to. That is some childish bull shit right there. He got what he wanted. He is not a Spur anymore. He doesn't have to deal with the staff. He is on a team that is a title contender. He will be their number one option if he is healthy. He is in a very big city. But, since the jersey doesn't have LA or PHILA or CELTICS on the front, he is pouting.

I'm at a loss for how to feel about Kawhi Leonard anymore. I once loved his game. I loved how he let his play do all his talking. I love how lock down he was on defense. I loved that he worked hard on his jumper and became an elite player. But now, I am very disappointed in how he has handled this whole thing. It has left a bad taste in my mouth. But hey Kawhi, if you want to lose 20 million dollars, and then go be LeBron's sidekick, that is your decision, and you have every right in the world. I just think it would be stupid to lose that much money and waste 2 years of your absolute prime, just to prove a point.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing, the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast, and the greatest basketball writer on the internet. 

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Let's Talk About the "Big" Kawhi Leonard Trade

lone basketball.jpg

Well, Kawhi Leonard has been traded. I guess the Spurs did not want to call his bluff, so they let him "free" of the team that he has grown so mad at over the past year. They kind of gave him what he wanted, in a way. He did not want to be a Spur, he did not trust them, and he had threatened to sit out the whole season if not traded.

But, when I say kind of what he wanted, the Spurs did stick it to him a little bit on his way out. It was made very, very clear that Kawhi wanted to be in LA, and to a lesser extent, Philly. But, one thing was for sure, and that was that he wanted out of San Antonio. Well, he got his wish, but he did not get traded to a team that he wants to play for. In fact, he got traded to a team where he has made it very clear, he has no intention of staying with. The team, the Toronto Raptors.

This is crazier to me than Paul George going to OKC last year. Until very, very recent, the Raptors were not even on the radar. That was the same with George and OKC last year, but the Thunder at least had Westbrook as a selling point to George. The Raptors, well they traded away their best asset for what is going to most likely be one disgruntled year of Kawhi. The Raptors sent DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poeltl and a 2021 first round pick to the Spurs for Kawhi and Danny Green.

Now, just looking at this from a pure basketball stand point, I have no idea who won this trade. Yes, Kawhi got out, but he is going to Toronto, and the Raptors traded DeRozan for him. You may say, well they still have Kyle Lowry, Jonas Valenciunas and OG Anunoby, among others. Well, Lowry is as big a playoff choker as James Harden, if not worse, Valenciunas' game is not modern, and Anunoby is still incredibly raw. And the addition of Danny Green is solid, but he is not the three and D guy he used to be. In fact, his three point shooting continues to deteriorate. He is still a good defender, but I'd rather have DeRozan simply for scoring ability.

That being said, the Raptors are in the East, and, if Kawhi is healthy, and decides he needs to have a big year to get a big deal, they could be a top three seed. But, they were the top seed last year. Why would this trade put them over the top? How does this make them any better? They were already the best by record last year. Looking at the Raptors now, sure, they got Kawhi, and Green is still a player, and I like Lowry, Anunoby and Serge Ibaka, are they truly any better than a healthy Celtics team, or the 76ers still? I don't know. I say no if Kawhi plays disgruntled and whines all year. His presence won't matter much. If he fully commits and plays as well as he did 2 years ago, they will be a title contender. Yet, I still like a healthy Celtics team, and I love the 76ers. This trade, for me, does not make the Raptors the favorite in the East, and this whole ordeal has really soured my love and adoration for Kawhi Leonard, the basketball player. He is becoming more and more diva like with each passing day.

From the Spurs prospective, I'm not a big fan of this deal either. First off, even with Kawhi, they were no better than a 3 or 4 seed in the West. The Rockets, maybe the Jazz, and most definitely the Warriors were already better. With DeRozan, I see much of the same, except, he doesn't play defense like a healthy Kawhi does. In fact, DeRozan plays no defense whatsoever. As I said, he is a very good, sometimes great, scorer. But, that is about it with DeRozan. His three point shooting has gotten better, and he is great driving to the hoop, but again, I just cannot shake his horrendous defense. He also has never really done anything on the big stage, and Kawhi is a Finals MVP. As for Poeltl, he is just a raw, plodding big man. I know he is still young, but he has shown little to nothing in his first couple years in the league. Sure, he can step out and shoot the three a bit, and he is an okay rebounder and rim protector, but he didn't play all that much behind Valenciunas. I still have no idea what kind of player he can become. I'm sure the Spurs will make good use out of him, they turned guys like Boban Marjonovic and Aaron Baynes and Tiago Splitter into quality NBA players, but time will tell. I think the biggest thing for the Spurs was the future first rounder.

Lets be honest, Kawhi is only going to spend one year in Toronto. I know we all said that about Paul George and OKC last year, but this time I know it is true. He doesn't want to be there, and he will force his way out, and he is an unrestricted free agent after the season. So, with Kawhi gone, Lowry getting older and Anunoby being the only real youth they have on their team, the Raptors will, most likely, be a lottery team come 2020 and 2021. That was what the Spurs wanted. A future pick that they can build around with guys like Dejonte Murray and some unknown dudes they have stashed away on their bench.

For right now, I don't feel like this trade tips the scale for either squad. I think the Raptors will be a contender to come out of the East, if Kawhi feels like playing this year. But, they were supposed contenders last year. And the Spurs, well they play in the West, so they have no shot. The Warriors, Rockets, Jazz, Thunder and even the Pelicans are better in my opinion. This was a "blockbuster" trade, but it seems hollow somehow.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing, the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast, and the greatest basketball writer on the internet. 

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