Mini Episode CXIII-2: A Look at the 2017 College Football Playoff and Bowl Season


The X Millennial is taking a look at the 2017 college football postseason, and they have a few thoughts. Join Ty and RD as they break down the playoff, the teams left out, and a look at some bowl games of interest. Download for free today.

Mini Episode LXXVI-2: The Year in College and Pro Football


After another epic Alabama - Clemson title game, can the NFL even compete? Join the X Millennial Man as they discuss the year in college football, the upcoming championship games in the NFL, and what we will see next year in one of our favorite sports. Download for free and come on in for a listen.

Mini Episode LXXI-2: The End of the 2016 College Football Season


The X Millennial Man has a few thoughts on the 2016 College Football Season. Ty starts us out with his college football playoff, Heisman Trophy, and other important bowl game, predictions. Can anyone beat Alabama? The conversation moves onto a discussion of the immoral business practices of the NCAA, and the immoral sports media who wants football to make us forget about the welfare of women and children. Download for free.  

Mini Episode LXIV - 2: The Current State of the 2016 Pro and College Football Seasons

The X Millennial Man is taking stock of the first part of the pro and college football seasons. Who is a big disappointment? Who has used the early part of the year to position themselves for the playoffs? Is it Alabama, Ohio State, and then everyone else? Download for free and come on in for a listen.

Episode LVIII: The X Millennial Man 2016 Pro and College Football Preview

The X Millennial Man is ready for some football. Join Ty and RD as they break down the upcoming 2016 NFL, and college, football season. Is it redemption for Clemson and Carolina? Did Ohio State and Alabama properly reload on talent? Will the spirit of Harambe carry the Cincinnati Bengals all the way to a title? Download for free and come on in for a listen.

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Mini Episode XXI-2: College Football - End of Season Thoughts

Ty sits down to tell you who will win the College Football Playoff and Heisman Trophy this year. He and RD discuss the possibility of two high profile college coaches making the leap to the NFL. where they will eventual fail. Get your end of season college football fix here at the X Millennial Man. 

Mini Episode XVIII-2: Why is it so hard to predict the future of football?

Ty makes sports predictions for SeedSing, and they are not always correct. He comes in today to make minor changes to his college and pro football season prognostications. He and RD also discuss why sports predictions seem so wildly off, especially from the professional media.