Episode CLXXII: We Fix the NFL's Most Need of Fixing Teams


It is NFL Draft time, and that means teams are trying to fix their problems. Join Ty and RD as they fix the problems of the Giants, Bengals, Packers, and Vikings. They are great football knowers, so they should have the solutions.

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Episode CLXVII: The Greatest, and Grossest, Sports Injuries Ever


The X Millennial Man has played a bunch of different sports, and they have had a bunch of different injuries. Have those injuries been iconic?

Join Ty and RD as they look back at the most iconic, and some of the most horrifying, sports injuries they have ever seen.

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Episode CXLIV: Third Annual Fantasy Draft: Players to Build a Team Around


It is time for the annual X Millennial Man fantasy sports draft. Join Ty and RD as they pick the best players in football, basketball, baseball, and other sports that they want to build their fictional super teams around. Who are these players? Download the podcast for free and get the answers you crave.

Episode CXXXVIII: The GOATs of Sports and Pop Culture


The X Millennial Man is in the mood to talk about greatness. Join Ty and RD as the discuss the greatest of all time, since 1980, in basketball, football, baseball, movies, music, television, food, and candy. Download for free.

Episode CXIX: The Worst, and the Best, Sports Moments of Our Lives


The X Millennial Man has lived a life filled with incredible sports moments. Many have been bad memories, and many others have been awesome memories. Find out what are the worst, and best, sports moments of the last forty years by downloading the podcast for free today.

Mini Episode CXIII-2: A Look at the 2017 College Football Playoff and Bowl Season


The X Millennial is taking a look at the 2017 college football postseason, and they have a few thoughts. Join Ty and RD as they break down the playoff, the teams left out, and a look at some bowl games of interest. Download for free today.

Mini Episode CIII-2: 2017 Pro and College Football Preview


It is finally time for some real football action, and the X Millennial Man has the only preview you need. Join Ty and RD as they look at the pro, and college, game for the upcoming year. Who is the best at playing the oblong ball? Download for free and come on in for a listen.

Episode CIII: The Very Worst, and the Very Best, NFL Free Agency Signings Ever


True NFL Free Agency was introduced in the early 1990's, and in that short period of time there have been some epically bad, and epically good, signings. Join the X Millennial Man as they look at the greatest busts, and the greatest finds, in the entire history of NFL Free Agency. Who changed their teams for the better, or worse? Download for free.

Mini Episode LXXVII-2: We're Talking Basketball, Football, and a Little Tennis


Time for some real sports talk from the X Millennial Man. The NBA and Men's NCAA basketball seasons are at the half way point. Is anything clear? The Super Bowl is around the corner? Can Atlanta actually win? The Australian Open just kicked off an epic Tennis season. Are the old timers really back? Join Ty and RD as they discuss the most important stories from the most important sports. Download for free.

Mini Episode LXXVI-2: The Year in College and Pro Football


After another epic Alabama - Clemson title game, can the NFL even compete? Join the X Millennial Man as they discuss the year in college football, the upcoming championship games in the NFL, and what we will see next year in one of our favorite sports. Download for free and come on in for a listen.

Mini Episode LXIV - 2: The Current State of the 2016 Pro and College Football Seasons

The X Millennial Man is taking stock of the first part of the pro and college football seasons. Who is a big disappointment? Who has used the early part of the year to position themselves for the playoffs? Is it Alabama, Ohio State, and then everyone else? Download for free and come on in for a listen.

Episode LII - The 10 Greatest Athletes of the 21st Century

The X Millennial Man is here to end the debate and tell you who are the ten (plus) best athletes of the current century. Ty and RD each have a list of ten great sports people, and they are going to countdown, and debate, to the best athlete of the last 16 years. Come on in for a listen, and discover who is really the best at modern sporting.

Episode XXIX: A Remembrance of Championship Football Past

The X Millennial Man has seen the dominance of the 49ers and the Patriots in the big game. We have seen the flash of the Cowboys, the tackle to save the game, and the luckiest of plays by Eli Manning. Join us to hear about the greatest Super Bowls of the last 30 years. Stay till the end to hear Ty's unfiltered thoughts on the state and future of pro and college football.