Mini Episode LXXXIII-2: The Madness of the 2017 NCAA Basketball Tournament

The X Millennial Man has filled out it's brackets and is ready to release the results of their guessing. Who do Ty and RD have in the Final Four, and the eventual NCAA Men's Basketball Champion. Download for free and find out what a perfect bracket looks like.

Mini Episode LXXI-2: The End of the 2016 College Football Season


The X Millennial Man has a few thoughts on the 2016 College Football Season. Ty starts us out with his college football playoff, Heisman Trophy, and other important bowl game, predictions. Can anyone beat Alabama? The conversation moves onto a discussion of the immoral business practices of the NCAA, and the immoral sports media who wants football to make us forget about the welfare of women and children. Download for free.  

Episode VIII: Why do we watch football?

Ty and RD ask why we still watch football with all the bad press surrounding the sport. They look at recent games and players that caused large emotional swings in their behavior. Ty talks about his high school teammate who holds the record for longest kick return in NFL history. In the second half of the conversation Ty gives his thoughts and predictions for the college season (preview here), and the NFL (preview here, here, and here). The only thing Ty really wants is 7+ wins from Michigan.

Episode VII: Tall Tales from the Booby Hatch

Ty and RD have spent a lot of time visiting the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Ty wrote about it here). They sit down and remember the interesting people they have met. They had some good coffee and damn fine cherry pie. Their parents were legends. RD fought a monster bear. Lawnmowers had a birthday party. It is just like any other town. Come take a listen and hear about the longest foul ball in human history.

Episode VI: The Rationale of Irrational Sports Hatred

Your favorite sports team stinks. My favorite player is way better than the choker you like to root for. The most overrated team in college this year is? Ty and RD air some grievances about what teams, coaches, and players they really dislike. Ty has tackled sports hatred on SeedSing (here and here). Is the idea of irrational hatred for a sports team wrong? Is it all ESPN's fault?