Episode CLXIII: The 2019 State of the NFL and Politics


The X Millennial Man is ready for Super Bowl 53 and the 2019 Trump / Pelosi State of the Union. Actually, Ty and RD do not care what the NFL, or Trump, has to say and they are doing their own look at the state of pro football and pro American politics. What are their thoughts? You have to download the podcast for all the answers you crave.

Episode CLXII: Why the Oscars and the NFL are Dying

Will they join the Ace Awards and the USFL?

Will they join the Ace Awards and the USFL?

The X Millennial Man grew up looking forward to the Oscars and the Super Bowl. They are not looking forward to either in 2019.

Join Ty and RD as they discuss why the Oscars and the Super Bowl are tainted and stupid in 2019.

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Episode CXXVII: The 10 Most Hated Sports Teams of Our Lives

While watching the NCAA tournament, the X Millennial Man has been thinking of all the sports teams they hate. Join Ty and RD as they countdown their personal list of the 10 teams they have hated through their lives. Download for free.

Mini Episode CIII-2: 2017 Pro and College Football Preview


It is finally time for some real football action, and the X Millennial Man has the only preview you need. Join Ty and RD as they look at the pro, and college, game for the upcoming year. Who is the best at playing the oblong ball? Download for free and come on in for a listen.

Mini Episode LXXVI-2: The Year in College and Pro Football


After another epic Alabama - Clemson title game, can the NFL even compete? Join the X Millennial Man as they discuss the year in college football, the upcoming championship games in the NFL, and what we will see next year in one of our favorite sports. Download for free and come on in for a listen.

Episode LVIII: The X Millennial Man 2016 Pro and College Football Preview

The X Millennial Man is ready for some football. Join Ty and RD as they break down the upcoming 2016 NFL, and college, football season. Is it redemption for Clemson and Carolina? Did Ohio State and Alabama properly reload on talent? Will the spirit of Harambe carry the Cincinnati Bengals all the way to a title? Download for free and come on in for a listen.

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Episode XXIX: A Remembrance of Championship Football Past

The X Millennial Man has seen the dominance of the 49ers and the Patriots in the big game. We have seen the flash of the Cowboys, the tackle to save the game, and the luckiest of plays by Eli Manning. Join us to hear about the greatest Super Bowls of the last 30 years. Stay till the end to hear Ty's unfiltered thoughts on the state and future of pro and college football.

Episode XXIV: The X Millennial Man (half) Year in Review

It has been a great half year in podcasting. Ty and RD sit down and discuss the best movies, television, music, and pop culture moments of 2015. There will be plenty of Star Wars and Michigan football talk. Come on in and discover the best of 2015.

Mini Episode XVIII-2: Why is it so hard to predict the future of football?

Ty makes sports predictions for SeedSing, and they are not always correct. He comes in today to make minor changes to his college and pro football season prognostications. He and RD also discuss why sports predictions seem so wildly off, especially from the professional media.

Mini Episode XII-2: Ty's Instant Football Reaction

With only one month of the pro and college football season gone, Ty has some instant reactions. Come listen and find out who will win it all now. Is Michigan for real? Can anyone stop New England and Green Bay. Will Cincinnati finally win a playoff game. It only takes 30 minutes to find the answers.