Ty Watches "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies"

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I have just returned home from taking my kids to see "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies", and I have to say, I very much enjoyed the hell out of this movie. I knew my son would love it. He is a big time fan of the show, and the moment he found out that they were making a movie, you better be damn well sure that he let me know we would see it ASAP. It came out when we were on vacation last week, so the first chance we had to see it when we got back, today, he snatched it up. We were almost derailed, my car needed a new battery, so we had to miss the first show we wanted to go to. But, we lucked out, I got a new battery put in quick, and found a show about an hour later, so the day was saved.

I have never, ever seen my son sit that still for over an hour and a half. He was absolutely mesmerized. I mean, his favorite TV characters were all blown up on a big screen, and they were right in front of his face, up to their usual shenanigans. I asked him afterward what he liked most, and he said, "it was like 3 episodes all crammed into one! when can we see it again dad?!". He was pumped. But, as I said, I knew he was going to love it. I knew he would be quoting it. I knew he would want to listen to the soundtrack as soon as we got in the car. I knew he would ask if we would buy it when it became available for purchase.

When it comes to enjoying "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies" the 2 people I was most skeptical of were my daughter and myself. My daughter is only 2, so it is hard to keep her attention for long periods of time. She does watch the show with my son from time to time, but she usually ducks in and out of the room when it is on. She will grab toys, or play with me or my wife, or read a book or do independent play. Well, she sat down on my lap the whole movie. Sure, she moved around from time to time, and she talked a little bit, and she even closed her eyes for a few minutes in the middle. But, for the most part, the screen had her attention to. She really likes the female titans, Starfire and Raven, and they are prominently featured, so she was happy. The movie was incredibly colorful too, so they kept her focused as well. She also loved the music, getting up at the end to dance a little bit with her brother.

My level of enjoyment? I watch the show from time to time, I find myself laughing at a lot of the jokes, and I do appreciate the animation. I also find myself daydreaming a bit when it is on. My mind tends to wander. I even drift off to sleep sometimes. None of that happened this morning/afternoon. I, much like my son and daughter, was fully invested. "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies" was a very solid cartoon film.

I loved the story of the movie. The basic premise was, there are far too many super hero movies nowadays. I couldn't agree more. Everywhere they went in the movie, they all talked about super hero movies. We have multiple Batman and Superman movies. Wonder Woman makes a joke that, it took awhile, but they finally made a movie for her. Green Lantern joked that people don't really talk about his movie anymore. The world is so saturated with super hero movies, that at the new Batman movie premiere, the previews are for movies about Alfred, Batman's butler, the Batmobile and his Utility belt. I fully believe that movie execs have thought any one of these would make a good movie. But, the Titans, mainly Robin, wanted his own movie so bad. He went about every possible way to try and get a movie made about him. What most of the people told him was that he needed a villain to play off him. He goes out in search of one, and lands on Slade Wilson. He is the perfect enemy for him. I did love when all the Teen Titans called him Deadpool when they first saw him because he does look like Deadpool. From here on out, Robin does anything and everything he can to made Slade his villain so he can get a movie made about him. I really liked this story line because it is true, and it was played perfectly well in a cartoon movie made for kids.

I won't spoil anything else because I really think this is a movie that should be seen not only by kids and parents, but super hero aficionados that seem to not be able to get enough of this genre. The movie is funny, it does teach kids a lesson, teamwork is important, the songs are infectious and good, the animation is solid and it goes by quick. The voice acting is very good as well.

I didn't have high expectations going in, but I will now talk about how good this movie is to everyone that is considering seeing it. I also went with a buddy of mine that brought his kid as well, and they had already seen it once. The fact that they went again, I think that speaks volumes to how well made this movie is. "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies" is well worth everyone's time. Go check this movie out.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is probably not aware that Slade Wilson and Deathstroke predate Wade Wilson and Deadpool. He is probably unaware because Deadpool has a successful film franchise and Deathstroke got stuck to the end of the terrible "Justice League".

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