Episode CLXXIX: The Best One Scene/Episode Television Characters Ever


The X Millennial Man has watched a lot of tv in their lives and they have fell in love with a lot of characters. Unfortunately some of our favorite characters only last one scene or episode.

Join Ty and RD as they discuss their favorite short term characters from The Simpsons and other shows they love.

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Episode CI: The X Millennial Man Oral History of Netflix

The X Millennial Man is talking about all things Netflix today. Be it DVD rentals by mail, or non-stop streaming of old 80's cartoons, Netflix has completely changed the way we consume entertainment. Join Ty and RD as they discuss the history, and speculate about the future, of everything Netflix has to offer. Download for free today.

X Millennial Man Remastered: Episode LXIII - Television Weddings to Have and to Hold

Revisit the X Millennial Man talking about the most memorable television weddings of their lifetime's. This podcast originally aired on October 1st, 2016

The X Millennial Man wants to walk down the aisle and remember the television weddings of our lives. Selma being a hopeless romantic, Liz Lemon and Leslie Knope finding true soulmates, and a political coup have all been part of the great nuptials on our television. Download for free and join us for a walk down the wedding aisle of memories.

X Millennial Man Remastered: Episode XLII: Mothers, Like No Other

mom day.png

Time to treat your mother right with a classic, remastered, edition of the X Millennial Man.

Mothers Day is a time to celebrate the love of our great mothers. Ty and RD take a look back at the great moms of pop culture. Who is the symbol of motherhood from tv and movies? Why are there not more great moms to celebrate in our pop culture? Is Disney to blame? Come in for a listen and hear about why you should treat your mother right. Treat her right.

Happy Mothers Day

Episode LXXI: The Most Awesome Holiday Television Programs

The X Millennial Man is ready for some yuletide cheer. The best way to get in the spirit of the season is to spend time with our favorite television shows. The Simpsons, Lost, and even Saved By the Bell have had some epic adventures in late December. The holidays also saw a Star Wars story so bad that Jar Jar will  not acknowledge it. Download for free and hear about the greatest, most awesome, holiday television programming ever.

Episode LXII: First Annual Fictional Fantasy Draft

It is fantasy football season. To celebrate the excitement in creating a super team, the X Millennial Man is going to create the greatest fictional athlete team ever. We have teen wolves, Bad News Bears, and hockey player turned golfer. Will Ty have the balance of Cleveland Indians and Miami Sharks to take down RD? Will Johnny Lawrence sweep the leg to victory? Download for free and come on in for a listen.

Episode XXXVIII: Final thoughts on the Best and Worst TV Finales

Ty really hated the season finally of "The Walking Dead". He wanted to talk all about and the other season / series finales that tv go t so wrong. In the second half he and RD return to positive thinking and reminisce about the tv finales that were great. Do the tv writers owe us quality entertainment? You be the judge.

Episode XXVII: The Greatest Television Ever - NBC Comedy

The X Millennial Man grew up and matured with the comedy of NBC Thursday night. Nearly 35 years of great, and downright terrible, shows enhanced our pop culture. From Conrad Bain to Alec Baldwin, NBC has made comedy legends out of some interesting people. Come join us to discuss the rise and fall of NBC comedy.