Episode XXXVI: Wish We Could Have Been There

The great pop culture of today was influenced by people who have long stopped creating. Ty and RD discuss the music, comedy, and sports icons of the past that they would love to go back and experience. Bob Marley and Pink Floyd at their creative best. Lenny Bruce and Andy Kaufman defining modern comedy. Our favorite sports teams winning it all. Join us in the time machine and wish we all could have been there to witness greatness.

Episode XXXIV: History of Modern Comedy Films - Part 1

The best comedy films have come out over the last forty years. There wil always be the classics like "Some Like it Hot" and "Duck Soup", but the age of great film comedy started in the 1970s. Join Ty and RD as the remember the best of comedy from generation x and the millennials. Are you ready to laugh?

Episode XXVII: The Greatest Television Ever - NBC Comedy

The X Millennial Man grew up and matured with the comedy of NBC Thursday night. Nearly 35 years of great, and downright terrible, shows enhanced our pop culture. From Conrad Bain to Alec Baldwin, NBC has made comedy legends out of some interesting people. Come join us to discuss the rise and fall of NBC comedy.

Episode XXVI: Generations Worth of Great Stand Up Comedy

RD is from Gen X, and Ty is from the millennials. They both love stand up comedy. Ty has even submitted his Mount Rushmore of comedy legends. Listen to who Ty and RD think are the greatest comics of their respective generations. When you are done listening, tell us who we missed.