Episode CXLII: The Broadway Musicals of Our Lives


The X Millennial Man is welcoming Tina S back to the podcast so we can talk about the evolution of the Broadway musical over the last forty years. How have shows like "The Wiz", "Les Miserables", "Mamma Mia", and "Hamilton" influenced our love of musical theater in our lives? 

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Episode LXXIX: The 10 Best Albums of the 21st Century

It is all about the music on this edition of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Ty and RD are counting down their personal lists of the greatest albums to come out this millennium. They talk Jay Z, Wilco, Arcade Fire, Run the Jewels, and all the rest of the best. Download for free and become enlightened.

Episode LXXVII: The Meaning of President Trump and the Pop Culture Vital to Endure Him

No small man can stop me

No small man can stop me

The X Millennial Man brings Tina S back to talk about what the Trump Presidency says about the America. What does his rhetoric and actions say about the US int he 21st Century? Ty and RD then spend the second half of the conversation recommending movies and music that will help us all through the madness of the next four years. Download for free and join the conversation at SeedSing.com

Episode XLVII: The Most Overrated Pop Culture - Non Music Edition

The X Millennial Man is pack to take down the pop culture that is overrated. Do you know what HBO, it is just tv. It is time to take out the talent trash at ESPN. The part time animal activist on the internet need to let Harambe go. Let Ty and RD set the culture right. Download it today, and come on in for a listen.