Episode XLVII: The Most Overrated Pop Culture - Non Music Edition

The X Millennial Man is pack to take down the pop culture that is overrated. Do you know what HBO, it is just tv. It is time to take out the talent trash at ESPN. The part time animal activist on the internet need to let Harambe go. Let Ty and RD set the culture right. Download it today, and come on in for a listen.

Episode XVIII: Your favorite things are no good and you should feel bad about liking them

There are pieces of pop culture that everyone seems to love. Everyone except the X Millennial. Like the Beach Boys, not us. How about Glee or American Horror Story? Hate to tell you that you like bad entertainment. Apple and Spielberg can do no wrong? Your faith in them are wrong. Come listen to Ty and RD be grouchy about the things we all love.