The NFL is Idiotic

Happy MLK Day everyone.

I come to you today to talk about the NFC and AFC title games yesterday. First off, both games were exciting. That is not to say that they were good, great or well played. They were both fun. But, both games had some serious issues, that are making me dislike the NFL more and more.

In the first game, Saints and Rams, there were mistakes made by both teams, poor play calling, star players not stepping up,  but most importantly, a horrific missed call that changed the game completely. The mistakes made by the Rams in the first quarter, and pretty much all of the first half, were bad. Goff's interception was horrendous, Todd Gurley couldn't catch the ball and their defense was a sieve. The Saints did their part to keep it close though. They couldn't really capitalize on the turnovers, they only scored 13 points in the quarter, when it could have, or should have, been 21, Drew Brees was awful, Michael Thomas was held in check and Mark Ingram couldn't run. The only Saints player that looked prepared was Alvin Kamara. Sean Payton's game plan was shit too. He couldn't move the ball at will like he did last time they played. Sean McVay wasn't much better. His offense was very blah and bland. For these 2 offenses to only combine for 49 points, that was a shock. With all that said, there is one thing we should be talking about.

That missed pass interference was atrocious.

The defender even admitted that he was interfering, saying he was just trying to stop a TD. For the refs to swallow their whistles in that moment, in New Orleans, when it could have iced the game, that was terrible. If I were a Saints fan today, I would be so irritated. The officials in football have gotten worse every year, and that no call was how bad they have truly become. Officials seem to think the fans are there to watch them and not the players, and when they had a chance to do something right, to make the correct call, they absolutely blew it. There was an official right there, there was one behind the play, both of them had 4 eyes on the play, and none of them blew their whistle or threw their flag. This completely changed the complexion of the game. The Saints had to settle for a field goal, the Rams tied it up, then won in overtime. 

Instead of the narrative being that Drew Brees is going to the Super Bowl at 40, Sean Payton is still a great offensive mind and Alvin Kamara's star is going to continue to shine, we are stuck having to hear about how Sean McVay is an "offensive genius" for 2 weeks now. And he did nothing to prove that. Goff was bad, Gurley was unplayable, the only receiver that showed up was Brandin Cooks, the Rams did not deserve that game. It was one of the worst no calls I've ever seen, and it totally changed this game. This is one of the few times that one single call truly changed the outcome of a game. I feel bad for Saints fans.

As for the AFC title game, it had one good quarter, that was it. The Patriots came out and decided to just run the ball, to keep it out of the Chiefs explosive offense's hands. And it worked. They dominated the ball and the game for a half. Even with Tom Brady looking a bit off, the Patriots were riding a 2 TD lead going into half.

Then things started to open up a bit. The Chiefs got the ball and scored right away. Patrick Mahomes looked more comfortable. The Chiefs were starting to stop the run. The Patriots did tack on a field goal, but the Chiefs went down and scored again to cut it to 3 with a quarter left.

But, and it wasn't as bad as the Saints game, the refs started to get involved. First off, Julian Edelmann touched that football. There is no denying it. Both of his thumbs touched the ball. But since he is on the Patriots, the refs, of course, gave him the benefit and said he didn't touch it. Brady did throw a pick though, and the chiefs turned it into a TD to take the lead. But no worries, the Chiefs defense regressed and couldn't stop the Patriots pass attack. They went right down the field and scored to take the lead. But so did the Chiefs. It was an exercise in defensive futility.

Just when I thought the Chiefs had the game in hand, going up 4 with about three minutes left, the Patriots, and the refs, changed all that. The roughing the passer call on the Chiefs was horrendous. That D tackle did not even touch Brady, maybe grazed his jersey, but since it caused him to overthrow the ball, the refs couldn't get their flags out fast enough. Then, Chris Hogan, who clearly dropped the ball, was given a gift when the review said he did catch it. If he caught that ball, then how did Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson not catch the ball? Do you think it might be because they don't have Patriots written on their jerseys? I sure do.

Regardless of all this though, even after the Patriots scored, Mahomes and the Chiefs kicked a field goal to tie the game and send it to OT. This is where we get the dumbass NFL version of overtime. The fact that Mahomes and the Chiefs offense didn't even get to touch the ball is a crime. Sure, they should have stopped one of those third down plays, but give the offense a chance. The NFL needs to switch their rules. I do not like the newer rule of, if the team scores a TD the game is over. That is so unfair to the other team's offense. Just think if the NFL adopted the college football overtime rules. It would have been magical. As fun as that fourth quarter was, we could have gotten that times ten, if they played college overtime. Imagine the back and forth. But nope, the NFL is stupid and archaic and just way too stuck in their ways.

After watching these 2 games it was clear to me that the NFL clearly wanted the young hot shot team from LA to play the old, dynasty on the east coast. They really wanted the McVay-Belichek showdown. They want what they suspect to be the next dynasty playing the current dynasty.

I usually enjoy the Super Bowl regardless of who's playing. This year, I couldn't care less. I am so sick of watching the Patriots play, and I don't care about the Rams, and they shouldn't be there. The refs gave them that game. This Super Bowl, and all the stuff leading up to it, will be insufferable and boring. I'm already sick of all the stories that will come. I'm already tired of the "passing of the torch" stories that will be written and told. I'm over it. I'll watch the game because I am a football junkie, but that doesn't mean I won't complain about it, because it is going to be unbearable. I'd rather the Cubs win the World Series, or the Lakers win the NBA championship, than watch this Rams team lose to this Patriots team. It is some rough stuff.

Congratulations NFL, you got the matchup you wanted, and all it took was your terrible overtime rules and a horrendous, atrocious, disgusting and terrible no call. Oof magoof.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He loves hearing all the ESPN guys cover for the league and say that any game does not come down to one play. Here’s the facts, the NFC championship did get decided by one terrible call. Congrats on your continued idiocy NFL.

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The Love for James Harden and the Hate for Russell Westbrook Makes No Damn Sense

lone basketball.jpg

Two years ago I felt like I was one of the people driving the Russell Westbrook for MVP debate.

What he did that season, with the roster that was put around him, was astounding. The fact that, a season after losing KD mind you, he averaged a triple double, with his best teammate being Steven Adams, was one of the most MVP worthy things I have ever seen. He was must watch TV that year. I watched more Thunder games than usual that year just to see what Westbrook would do. I have said, to people that will listen to me, I would not enjoy playing with him, but I LOVE watching him play. He is a whirling dervish of athleticism. It's like the most insane ballet that you could ever watch. And while he's not the greatest shooter, he is really bad in fact, the way he created shots for himself and others was awesome. To see a 6 foot guard rebound like that, again, amazing.

So when major journalists, some I like, some I dislike, were saying that he wasn't deserving of the MVP I was floored. I couldn't believe it. I didn't know what else he had to do to prove that he was the MVP. A lot of these journalists actually pushed for James Harden that year. LeBron was mentioned a ton as well, but he always is. When I listened to them, or read why they felt this way, it made me even angrier. They called Westbrook a "stat hunter". They said he was bad. They called him selfish. They said he wasn't deserving because he only led the Thunder to a 6 seed and something like 45 wins that year. They said the first round series proved that he wasn't the MVP.

Well, one Mr. James Harden is currently putting up absolutely ridiculous numbers, with his 2 best teammates out injured right now, and these same journalists are praising him. They are talking abut him "carrying" his team. They are saying what he is doing is something they haven't seen since Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan. They are calling him the MVP. And while I don't refute that, I do think he has surpassed Giannis as the MVP, why does he get so much love doing almost exactly what Westbrook did 2 years ago, when they were all shaming him?

Here are the facts. James Harden is one of the most boring NBA players to watch. If Westbrook is a "stat hunter", Harden is a "foul hunter". That guy gets so many calls in his favor, calls that are absolutely and utterly insane, that is drives me up the wall. The other night he shot 27 free throws. Not the Rockets, Harden himself took 27 free throws. How is that more fun, or any better than what Westbrook was doing?

Also, lets compare the rosters were they currently are right now with the Rockets to the Thunder from 2 years ago. As I said, Westbrook's best teammate was Adams. He then had guys like Victor Oladipo, before he was a star, Domantas Sabonis, when he was a rookie, Kyle Singler, Nick Collison, Dion Waiters and Terrance Ferguson, among others. Meanwhile, Harden has players like PJ Tucker, Austin Rivers, Eric Gordon and Gerald Green. Oh, and Chris Paul will be back soon, and Clint Capela will miss a couple more weeks before he is back. I'd take that Rockets roster any day.

While Harden is putting up okay assist numbers, he is as selfish a player as there is in the NBA. I saw a stat the other day that said on his last 150 points, he has been assisted on 0 of them. You may read that and say, well no one is passing him the ball, false, he is dribbling the clock down and jacking up threes that somehow are going in. He is a ball stopper and he is a ball hog. The records also, at this same time 2 years ago when Westbrook was the MVP, are almost exactly the same. But where Harden gets credit, Westbrook got blasted. That is so unfair.

The biggest shit talkers are every single basketball writer and podcaster at The Ringer, especially their owner, Bill Simmons. Look, I get it, you guys very much dislike Westbrook. But you have got to stop making excuses for Harden because you like him. These guys and girls have trashed Westbrook since he won the MVP, but when Harden plays the exact same way, they love it. It is clear this company hates the Thunder. I mean, Simmons won't shut up about the Harden trade, which seems like a million years ago. He has KD on his podcast so much, that was one of the reasons I stopped listening to it. Simmons is a star chaser, except when it comes to Westbrook. Other writers at The Ringer always bring up how great Harden has been this past month, then I think they feel like they need to trash Westbrook just because they can.

The biggest indictment of this whole Harden Westbrook debate is something that Simmons and his buddy Joe House kept saying 2 years ago. They said anyone that voted for Westbrook as MVP was "basketball pervert". Well, if you guys thought we who rode the bus for Westbrook are "basketball perverts". what does that make you guys this year with Harden? I think that makes you, in your own words, "basketball perverts". Oh, and I cannot forget that Simmons said on "The Lowe Post" that he is more impressed by guys that average 27 points, 7 assists and 7 rebounds. I believe he called it "The LeBron". Well dip shit, Westbrook, and for that matter, your boy Harden, are averaging more in all three categories. How dumb are you? How out of touch do you have to be? What happened to you as a credible writer? I'd much rather have the guys that average a triple double, or 40 points per game.

While I think Harden, where we stand right now, is the MVP, I also think these journalists need to lay the hell off of Westbrook. It was 2 years ago. Harden won his MVP. And what Westbrook did hadn't been done since Oscar Robertson was in the league. Journalists are supposed to be unbiased, and a lot of you are being exposed now. Get over it. Westbrook deserved his MVP, and if Harden keeps this up, he will deserve it too. I just want you shills to admit that he is a pain to watch, that he is selfish and that he is a better scoring, but worse passing and rebounding version of Russell Westbrook.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing, the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast, and the greatest basketball writer on the internet. 

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The Best in Sports of 2018


Day 4 of my best of 2018 lists brings on one of my favorite subjects, sports. I love sports. It is one of my most favorite things to do, watch and enjoy. There was a decent amount of sports stuff that happened this year, some good, some bad. I already got the bad out of the way, although I could spend an entire day talking about Michigan's horrific bowl appearance last Saturday, but that is another topic for another day. Today is all about the good I personally experienced in sports in 2018. Lets get to it.

At number 5 I have my first purchase of one of the greatest channels/sports packages that has ever existed, NBA League Pass. I love basketball, and in the past 5 years I have become obsessed again with the NBA. What makes League Pass so great is, I can watch every single game that I want. I can also record games that I want to watch the next day. I can also watch this super deep, super explosive group of rookies. I also get to see teams play that I haven't watched in years. I have seen more Sacramento Kings games so far this season than I have in the past decade. And they're fun to watch now too. Now that I am a Suns fan, with League Pass, I have been able to watch the majority of their games. They are not good, but they are my new team, and I want to get very acquainted with them, and so far, I have. I love it. I also love that I can watch any team, as I said before. With ESPN, NBA TV and TNT, we get the same teams. It's always the Warriors, Thunder, Celtics, Lakers and Rockets. I don't like any of those teams, save for the Thunder. But now, with League Pass, I can watch the previously mentioned Suns, the Bucks, the Trailblazers, the Magic and, if I really want a bad game, the Knicks or Hawks. It rules. I have also been able to see the great rookies. I've gotten to watch Deandre Ayton, Luka Doncic, Trae Young, Shai Gilgeous Alexander and so on and so forth. It's awesome. I love League Pass. This channel will now be in my life forever.

At number 4 I have the past Super Bowl that featured the Eagles and Patriots. This game was devoid of defense, but it is always fun to see the Patriots get beat. And the way they lost the game was very gratifying for me. They could not stop Nick Foles. They made him look like a top 3 QB. The whole "Philly Special" play was awesome. But what made it even better was the fact that the Patriots tried a similar play, and it blew up in their face. And for those of you saying, "what about Tom Brady? He went to Michigan. Don't you love him?". No. When guys leave Michigan, yes I follow their careers, but I am a Packers fans. I loathe the Patriots. So to see them get beat, in agonizing fashion, was great. And do you know who strip sacked Brady to win the game? For those of you now possibly questioning my love for Michigan, it was a former Wolverine, Brandon Graham. Whenever the Patriots lose, 99 percent of the football watching public wins. That was definitely the case this past year. Congrats to the Eagles, and thanks for beating the Patriots en route to your first title in a long, long time.

At number 3 I have the College Football Playoff Final last year, when Alabama won in overtime over Georgia. Again, I don't like either of these teams, but this game was tremendous. It seemed like Georgia was really going to pull it off, leading by 2 scores for awhile. Then Jalen Hurts got hurt, and the legend of Tua Tiagaviola was born. I don't agree with how this kid was raised to play football, but he is a damn good football player, and he proved that in the title game last year. He was amazing. He made some incredible throws. He found open receivers where there were seemingly no open receivers. Georgia kept fighting, and when they pushed the game to OT, I thought they had a chance. When they kicked the field goal, then sacked Tiagaviola for a big loss, I thought they really had it. But then the long pass to Calvin Ridley happened. It was a beautiful throw, a great catch and sealed the win. It was a finish for the ages. I love college football, and even though the teams playing in the game are not my teams, I enjoy a good game. This title game was a great game. It was so much fun to watch. Hopefully the game this year will live up to the last title game.

At number 2 I have Michigan football's run through what was supposed to be their tough three game stretch this year. They had a "gauntlet" of games in early November. They had to travel to Michigan State, then play Wisconsin and Penn State at home in three consecutive weeks. Granted these teams weren't that good this year, but at the time, they were all top 20 teams. They struggled with MSU for a bit, but blew the game open in the second half. They only won by 2 scores, but they dominated that game. They held MSU to under 100 yards of offense. MSU had to put their backup QB in, and Michigan punished them. And it was in East Lansing. It was very satisfying. They then had a night game with Wisconsin. This game was close for a half, just like the MSU game, then Michigan really blew it open. The shut down Johnathan Taylor, and Shea Patterson and Karan Higdon completely took over. They owned that game. The defense also stepped up in a big way and made the Wisconsin QB's night awful. When Lavert Hill had that pick 6, I was able to relax because Michigan put the bow on a 38-13 win. Then there was the Penn State game. Penn State embarrassed Michigan last year, and they let them know it. Well, Michigan put it on them this year. They stopped anything and everything that punk ass Penn State QB tried to do. Michigan got in his head early and shut down any chance at a Heisman for that kid. Again, like the MSU game, PSU had to put in their backup. They said it was due to injury, but lets be honest, he was scared to get hit again. I loved that the defense was doing his celebration every time they sacked that QB. It made me happy. This was the one game where Michigan, from the start, stepped on a team's throat and refused to take their foot off. It was great. while the year didn't end like I hoped, I do have this three game stretch, and it was awesome.

But, at number one, I have the entire 2018 year for Michigan's basketball team. This has honestly been a very, very good year for Michigan basketball. First they won the Big Ten Tournament for the second straight year. They then pushed their way all the way to the title game in the NCAA tournament. I was shocked. They did get blown out in the title game. But, the fact they made the Final Four and the title game, for a team that I thought would only win 20 games, that was amazing for me to see. They really made the tournament fun for me to watch. Then they started out this season the way they have, and it has been awesome. I am worried every week that they will get beat, and they will, but for the time being, they are the number 2 team in the country, and they are undefeated. They have also beaten 3 top 20 teams in the process. They went to Villanova and hammered them. They really crushed them. They then had UNC at home in the ACC-Big Ten tournament. I thought this was going to be bad. It wasn't. They clamped down on D and they finally started to hit shots. It was awesome to see them shut down the team that I picked to be in the championship this season. Then, to open Big Ten play, they destroyed Purdue. They stopped the preseason Big Ten player of the year, Carsen Edwards. He couldn't do a thing. It was great. Since then they have continued to win, but it hasn't been pretty. I hope they continue this for a long time. I saw a stat somewhere that said they finished the year, 2018, with a record of 35-4. That is really impressive. Now it is time to see how they close out 2019. For the time being, I have 2018 to look back on.

That's it for today. Come back tomorrow for my final top 5 list, my top podcast moments of the year.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He was going to put something from the Winter Olympics on his list, but then he remembered that the Olympics are pointless. He also completely forgot when or where the Olympics were held last year. I guess he really wasn’t thinking about the Olympics after all.

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The Worst Things of 2018


Next week I will spend the 5 days of the week doing my best of 2018 in movies, music, tv, podcasts and sports. I will do a top 5 of each category. Today though I want to do a similar list, but I want to do the one thing I consider the worst of 2018. I'll pick the worst tv show, movie, album/musician, podcast moment and sports moment. Before I get into it, I do have to say that this is just my opinion. I know that I will have a few things on here that will be odd and make people mad, but that is what year end lists are for, are they not? This will also be much quicker since I am just picking one thing from each category. My best of lists next week will be a bit longer. Okay enough preamble, lets get to it.

I'm going to start with sports because this was quite possibly the worst thing for me, as a sports fan, that has not only happened this year, but has happened in a long time. I am of course talking about Michigan getting absolutely crushed by the University of Ohio State in football. I have written about this game already, so I won't go as deep into detail as I did the Monday after the game. But this was awful. Michigan's vaunted defense got torched and refused to adjust all game long. This was their best chance in a long time, they were the better team on paper, and they laid a total egg. I mean, their offense scored 39 points, but it was all garbage time, and it was all for naught. They gave up 62 points, over 500 yards of offense, and it could have been much, much worse. Michigan blew it on the biggest stage for them in quite some time, and it was painful to watch. They had their best chance to beat their hated rival for the first time in 7 years, and a possible playoff berth at stake if they won the Big Ten title. They got none of that. They choked. They got crushed and it was, by far, my worst sports moment of 2018. Nothing else was even close.

When it comes to podcast/podcast moments, I have to go with "Comedy Bang! Bang!" not doing their usual Halloween episode. I look forward to this every year, and Halloween came and went with no visit to Boogie Woogie Avenue. I didn't get to hear Bret Gelman and Jon Daly do their thing. There was no Comedy Fang Fang this year. No weirdo ghosts for me to cackle with laughter at. It was a real bummer. The biggest disappointment with no "CBB" Halloween episode was the absence of Leo Carpatzi and his daughter Scaroline to sing their version of "The Monster Mash", which is always my favorite part. Although, as you will see next week, they do make up for it a bit in their Christmas episode. But, no 1122 Boogie Woogie Avenue, no Scaroline, no Mesmor, it all bummed me out. This episode is one of the few things I look forward to for a "holiday" that I am not the biggest fan of. Hopefully they remedy this next year because their Halloween episodes are some of their best.

My worst music of 2018 is kind of weird, but it struck me as odd, and kind of stupid to be completely honest. So, you all know how I feel about Drake. He is a wannabe, a front runner, a HORRIBLE rapper, he is just trash all around. So, for him to think he could even touch Pusha T was a joke and made that my most disliked music moment of the year. There is no beef, Pusha T is a far superior rapper, and always will be, when compared to Drake. He has lived that life. He has earned and grinded hard for everything he has accomplished. He isn't a fake, a phony or a frontrunner. Pusha goes about his business and makes incredible rap music. He literally started from the bottom. Drake was on a teenage high school drama in Canada when he was a kid. He is from the suburbs. He's never had a hard day in his life. He is a fake, a phony and a wannabe like I said before. He's a poseur. Pusha T will always, always be a much, much better rapper. So will thousands upon thousands of other rappers that a lot of people may not know about just yet. Drake is a rapper for white tweens. Pusha T is for a true hip hop fan. This whole beef was pointless and dull. Find something better to do with your time Drake because you are not even a top 500 rapper of all time. You are trash.

With TV I was very conflicted because the 2 shows that I think are the worst were 2 I LOVED last year. With that being said, what in the hell happened to "Westworld" and "Legion"? Am I not smart enough? Do I not get it? Am I not hip enough anymore? I don't know, and that was my biggest problem with both these shows. I feel like they decided to really just make some weird stuff and see if major critics would bite, and boy did they ever. I have read a lot of best of lists, and most have both shows on their lists. I totally disagree. Now, it needs to be said that I didn't finish either season. But I didn't finish because I was too tired of sitting there in utter confusion for hours after watching an episode. I made it through 3 of "Legion" and 2 of "Westworld" and just gave up. These shows are already confusing enough, but like I said, I felt like the writers were just messing with me now. They were intentionally trying to confuse me. I like my intelligence to be tested time to time when watching a show, but in watch these 2 shows this year, I felt like I was being made to look like a fool. Like I was stupid because I didn't get it. That is not how I should feel when watching a show. TV shows and movies should let you escape and have fun. I got none of that from "Westworld" or "Legion" this year. That was a bummer for me.

Finally, my worst movie of 2018. I have to admit that I don't get to the movies as much as I would like, but I still watch a fair amount On Demand and on streaming services. With all that being said, the worst movie I saw in 2018 has to be "Avengers: Infinity War". Now, I kind of liked the movie, but compared to everything else, it just doesn't stand up. I found parts of it dull and dragging. I don't like that Thanos wipes out half the population, but we just have to accept that most of those people are still alive because it's a "comic book movie". It would have been so much cooler if they really did kill off all the characters that Thanos killed. I found Thanos kind of dull and, while an okay bad guy, he was no Heath Ledger Joker or Tom Hardy Bane or Alfred Molina's Dr. Octopus or Ultron or even a marginal bad guy like The Mandarin. I think my biggest problem lied within my expectations for the movie. They were through the roof, and that is unfair. But still, my wife and I saw this movie on opening weekend, with a packed theater that had a 10 month old there, and we both left kind of shrugging our shoulders. It wasn't like when we saw "Black Panther" or the first "Ironman" or the "X-Men" movies. We left those exhilarated. With "Infinity War". we left unfulfilled. That is why I have it as my worst movie of the year.

Okay, I got the bad stuff out of the way. Come back next week where I will dedicate one day with a top 5 of 2018 for each category. 


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Ty is lucky to have survived the Thanos snap so he can dump on the movie. Others in the SeedSing virtual cube farm were not so lucky. We forward to seeing Tina S when the next movie “fixes” all the important deaths.

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Elite College Players Should Sit Out their Meaningless Bowl Game


College football bowl season kicked off this past Saturday. Some notable teams played, like Arizona State, Eastern Michigan and Utah State. The "bigger" games will start ramping up very soon. In 12 days we have the playoff semifinals and the first of the New Year's Six bowls kick off. What I want to talk about today is the players who are skipping the game to prepare for the NFL draft.

This really became a thing a few years back. I remember when Christian McCaffery did it while at Stanford. I remember Jabrill Peppers saying he was hurt 2 years ago at the Orange Bowl, but I believe he sat it out to preserve himself. Leonard Fournette did it while at LSU. The common thread for these players was the fact that the teams they were on did not play in the playoff, so why risk injury in what is a glorified exhibition game? When Peppers did it, I was frustrated because I knew he could have helped Michigan win. When McCaffery and Fournette did it, I didn't really care. Now it has become a common theme. Big time underclassmen who declare for the draft are starting to sit out non playoff bowl games more and more. And, while I said I was frustrated that Peppers did it, I understood why.

Now, I fully support these players who skip a meaningless bowl game to get ready for the NFL. These kids are getting ready to go into their professional careers, so why risk a fluky injury in a pointless game? Jake Butt, a former Michigan tight end, played in that very same Orange Bowl that Peppers sat out, and in the fourth quarter of that game he tore his ACL. Prior to the bowl game he was a 2-3 round pick easily. After the injury he dropped to the late fourth round, and he has only played in a few NFL games. He also tore his ACL again. Peppers, on the other hand, is a starter on the Browns. He plays safety, nickel and returns kicks from time to time. He has not suffered any bad injuries either. He made the correct decision. I know that Butt had to prove a bit more, Peppers was a sure fire first rounder, but still, had he sat out that game, he could have easily been a second round pick. And look at what McCaffery is doing in the NFL this season. Sure, his rookie year was a struggle, but now, he and Cam are the focal point of that Panthers offense. I know they have struggled of late, but McCaffery has been putting up great numbers this year. Fournette was a huge reason why the Jaguars were so solid last year, and it was because he was fresh and healthy as a rookie. He logged a ton of carries last year and was the focal point of their offense. All of this happened because he had the time to get prepared for his career. He didn't waste his time with pointless practices and a pointless game.

This year a bevy of top prospects are siting out their bowl games. Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame and Clemson will have all their guys, but that is because they are in the playoff. Houston though will be without Ed Oliver. ASU didn't have N'Keal Henry for their game. Michigan will be without Rashan Gary and possibly Devin Bush. West Virginia won't have their star QB Will Grier. Memphis will be without their all purpose stud running back. Same for Kentucky. There are some others that I can't think of off the top of my head, but I know the number of players sitting out is well into double figures.

I cannot blame these kids. They are getting ready to go play a sport where the people in charge don't really care about you when you are past your prime. The NFL chews up and spits out players left and right. So why would these kids, playing in minor to non playoff bowl games risk any minimal future they may or may not have in the NFL? If they were to play in their bowl game they could end up with the same fate as Jake Butt. I don't think Rashan Gary or Ed Oliver or N'Keal Henry want, or should have to, risk that. Hell, and if the NFL doesn't care about them, the NCAA sure as hell doesn't care about these kids. To the higher ups in the NCAA, all these kids are are money makers for them. These kids don't see a dime for playing at their respective schools. When I was in Ann Arbor earlier this year for a game I saw a ton of people in number 3 Michigan jerseys. Gary didn't see a single dime of that money. It all went to the school. Sane thing for Houston games. I saw a ton of people in the crowd with number 10 jerseys. You think Ed Oliver saw a dime of that? No way. I respect these kids for doing this. You should preserve yourself so you are fully ready and healthy to play at the next level. This is a smart, forward thinking move. If you are not playing for a title, why risk the injury concern, especially if you are a sure fire first round pick? And for the kids that play in the bowl games, I do love it still. Some are seniors, and this is their last chance. Some will be getting time for the players that are sitting out, and this is their chance to shine. Younger players get a shot and more practice time.

The bowl games are made for a good amount of the college players, just not the first rounders not playing in the playoff. I fully support the decisions of these players, and will continue to. Would I like to see Gary suit up and play in the Peach Bowl? Absolutely. Do I hold ill will because he is sitting it out? No way. He is the doing the best thing for him and his family. NCAA football players are smart and they are doing the right thing in saving themselves for the pros when they have a shot to make it.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He was going to sit out the bowl, but we promised him a few kickbacks if he played. Welcome back Ty.

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Kirk Cousins is Robbing the Vikings


This offseason the Minnesota Vikings gave Kirk Cousins a 4 year, 84 million dollar contract fully guaranteed. I was skeptical of the contract simply because it was fully guaranteed. They are indebted to him every single penny of that 84 million dollars no matter what. He gets it all.

This was an insane deal. I even stated, after they signed him, that he hadn't done anything that warranted that type of money. Sure, he was putting up big stats, throwing a good amount of touchdowns and for 4,000 plus yards, but it was all hollow. He was doing against lesser competition. He was doing it in garbage time. He was doing it when the team had nothing really to play for. This is a guy who replaced Robert Griffin after he got hurt. Sure Griffin hasn't been good since, but at the time, he was on his way to being a real good pro and then he got hurt. Then Jay Gruden came in and essentially pushed Griffin out in favor of Cousins. Then Washington kept franchising him year after year. He kept putting up the stats, but again, the team never did anything of note.

This past offseason Cousins was free to go and the Vikings snatched him up. He was supposed to be the answer. This team made the NFC title game last year with Case Keenum, so Cousins was looked at as an upgrade. They had the defense, they supposedly had the running game, they have quality receivers, all they needed was the QB, and the Vikings thought that Cousins was the answer.

Well, after this past Monday Night game, against the Seahawks, the Vikings sit at 6-6-1. I don't think that is really what this team envisioned when they gave Cousins 84 million dollars guaranteed. They currently sit in the 6 spot in the playoffs, but this team had Super Bowl aspirations after singing Cousins. I picked them to be in the NFC title game. A lot of people did in fact. Some prominent writers had them in the Super Bowl. Some even had them winning it all. And all of it was due to the Cousins signing.

Those predictions don't look so hot right now. Cousins is proving to be the mediocre QB that a lot of people suspected he would be when he was a third round pick a few years back. He was drafted to be a backup. He was maybe going to start one day, but it would be on a middling team with no aspirations, basically what he was already doing in Washington. But nope, the pundits decided he was the guy to put the Vikings over the top.

After that Monday night game, I would have absolutely no hope for the next 4 years if I were a Vikings fan. Just look at his number against good teams, playoff teams. He holds an embarrassing record of 4-24 against teams with a record over .500. He is 0-7 in Monday night games. But most importantly, he is 0-1 in playoff games. Why is that the most important you ask? Well, for a guy getting 84 million guaranteed dollars for 4 years, he has been to 1 playoff game, which he lost fairly easily, in his entire career. That is not franchise QB stuff. That is not even Joe Flacco or Mark Sanchez or even Matt Hasselbeck stuff. Flacco has won a Super Bowl. Sanchez and Hasselbeck have been to conference title games. Hell, even Hasselbeck went to a Super Bowl. Even Blake Bortles has been to, and won more playoff games than Cousins. All these guys are awful QB's, but they have been so much further in important games than Cousins can even dream of right now. Cousins has been to, and won as many playoff games as Robert Griffin, the guy he replaced.

I'm at the point where I am even more certain that Cousins is overrated. He may put up numbers, but they don't matter. He is like the Kevin Love of the NFL, but even Love has a ring. I don't think Cousins will ever get that. He may get back in the playoffs again this year, maybe, but how likely will a win be? Not likely.

Cousins is robbing the Vikings, and he will continue to for the next 3 years. He is overrated and not very good. YOU LIKE THAT! If I were a Vikings fan, I would not think so.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Ty’s views of Cousins being overrated are not new. The QB came from Michigan State, the most overrated of Big Ten football powers.

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Some Thoughts on Kevin Durant vs. LeBron James


The other day I read a story wherein Kevin Durant said no super star wants to play with LeBron James because the atmosphere around him is “toxic”.

I have some thoughts on this.

First, I agree with KD. If I were a star player, who’s best attribute was as a scorer especially, I would not want to be a teammate of his. If I were a specialist it might be fine. But, a star player, no way. Also, if I were a legit point guard I would not want to be on his team. He needs the ball in his hands most of the time, especially in crunch time, and I’d hate that. I’d also not like to be a young up and comer playing on his team. I’d also not want to coach a team where he is the focal point. As the scorer, yes LeBron would put me in a good position to score, but only when he wants me too.

Take a guy like Damien Lillard. He’s an excellent scorer who can create his own shot. If he were to go play with LeBron I think he’d turn into a smaller version of Kevin Love. He would be relegated to standing in a corner and wait for whenever LeBron wanted him to shoot to get the ball. He would get angry very quick.

With the legit point guard, say a John Wall, or even a Steph Curry, again, he’d barely touch the ball. A player like Wall becomes disengaged when he isn’t creating. He sulks and sluffs off when not handling the ball. He needs to feel and dribble the ball. That keeps him focused. Steph is a bit better off the ball, he is more of a 2 guard, but when he has the ball in his hands, he’s a wizard. He’s an excellent ball handler and he can dazzle to get an open shot. Pair him with LeBron, and that’s gone. If you need another example, look no further than Kyrie Irving. He begged, after 3 seasons playing with LeBron, to be traded. He was frustrated and despised playing with LeBron.

When it comes to up and comers, look no further than his current teammate, Brandon Ingram. He was supposed to make the leap this year. He was supposed to become the perfect compliment. He was supposed to learn and excel next to LeBron. None of that has happened. He has struggled mightily. He seems frustrated and unhappy. He doesn’t seem to like his place on the court. He seems joyless when he plays basketball. Also, to a lesser extent, Lonzo Ball has become wildly inconsistent playing with LeBron so far this year. One night he will look great, the next, he disappears. How quick until this gets under LeBron’s skin? Also, imagine if a guy like Trae Young, Luka Doncic or Deandre Ayton were on the Lakers right now. I imagine Young would barely see the floor, Doncic wouldn’t get the time he deserves and Ayton would probably be sitting behind JaVale McGee right now. That would be awful.

As for Luke Walton, I just kind of feel bad for him. He, much like Ingram, doesn’t seem to be having fun. He was given a fun young core last year, and was supposed to have time to develop them. Now he has LeBron, and apparently LeBron is already running what he wants to do and telling the front office who to sign. The Lakers are winning now, but if that doesn’t last, like early in the season, Walton will instantly be on the hot seat.

As for where I take issue with this statement, it comes from the source. Let us not forget that KD left the Thunder one season after they had a 3-1 lead over the Warriors in the West Finals, and joined them. If anyone is a front runner, who needs to be paired with a super star so he doesn’t get called out, it’s KD. Also, this whole heel turn doesn’t fit with Durant. He’s not a bad guy. He’s not a villain. He’s not a scary player. Sure Durant said this, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he joins LeBron himself this offseason when he becomes a free agent. He’s already joined a team of stars before, why wouldn’t he do it again?

I appreciate what KD said and I agree. Someone needs to call out LeBron from time to time. But if this statement came from a guy like James Harden or Anthony Davis or Paul George, I’d be much more on board. And, didn’t Kyrie already bring this to everyone’s attention when he demanded a trade 2 years ago? It seems like odd timing and the wrong source for a very viable statement.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing, the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast, and the greatest basketball writer on the internet. 

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The Mike McCarthy Era is Finally Over in Green Bay

Artist depiction of Ty watching Packers games the last few years

Artist depiction of Ty watching Packers games the last few years

The Packers finally ripped off the band aid and fired Mike McCarthy. This has been about 4 years coming.

The Packers have really failed to adapt to the modern NFL, and a lot of that has to do with McCarthy's coaching. He became even more predictable after the Packers won the Super Bowl. His offense couldn't adapt. He couldn't keep up with the changes to offense. He wouldn't help his star QB out with modern, efficient offense. He refused to change and he paid the ultimate price.

For those of you saying they should have waited the last 4 weeks to do this, why? We all knew this was coming. We all saw the writing on the wall earlier this year when they couldn't beat the Lions. Hell, us Packer fans all saw the writing on the wall the past 4 years with year after year of fumbled playoff appearances. This team should have been better. This team should have gone to more Super Bowl's. This team should have been lethal offensively. This team shouldn't have had to squeeze and sneak into the playoffs year after year. They should have dominated the North. They should have had the division, or at the very least, a wild card spot by week 11 or 12. But that didn't happen.

And before you say that I am a whiny baby, and I should be happy with the one ring and the year after year of playoff appearances, stop. I know that I root for a perennial playoff team. I know they won a Super Bowl. I know they have Aaron Rodgers. But, this team should have been up there with the Patriots, Steelers and, more recently, the Rams. They should have always been in the contender conversation. They shouldn't have had to just barely make the playoffs year after year after year. And most of that has to do with McCarthy.

Before I get into the meat of this though I do want to heap some of the blame on Aaron Rodgers. He has been pretty bad, for him, this season. He is inefficient, hurt and missing receivers more often than normal. He is not as sharp as he has seemed in the past. And it's not like he doesn't have weapons. Davante Adams is a top tier NFL wide out. Aaron Jones is a legit number one back. The O line is stout. Jimmy Graham, while not as dangerous as he once was, is still a red zone threat. Rodgers has weapons and he is under performing. Plain and simple.

Now back to McCarthy. As I said at the top, he just refused to change his ways. The Packers were predictable. He was beginning to lose the locker room and Rodgers. Rodgers would, according to a lot of reports, change plays at his choosing. He didn't listen to McCarthy. That shouldn't happen with a head coach and his star QB. Even worse though, McCarthy seemingly blamed everyone but himself. He let Dom Capers take the blame last season for the porous defense, which needs a massive amount of fixing, but that is another topic for another day. He blamed the front office for not giving him enough game breakers on offense. He blamed his position coaches for the random injuries and poor play of those players. It was never, ever his fault. Well, when you are a 14 point favorite, at home, against probably the second worst team in the NFL, you have no one to blame but yourself for what occurred. The team was anemic on offense. They couldn't move the ball on a team that has given up chunks and chunks of yards all year. They couldn't put the ball in the end zone. They couldn't play in the poor weather that has always worked to their advantage. They looked really, really bad, and I put a lot of that on McCarthy.

To fire him directly after the game, to his surprise as it was reported, was rough, but we all knew this was going to happen. We all saw it coming. It was a foregone conclusion. The time was now for the Packers to make a change. McCarthy had done all he could do, and everyone needed to move on.

As for who I think the Packers should go after as their new head coach, I am kind of torn. The names I have seen pop up most are Josh Mcdaniels, John Defillipo and Lincoln Riley. Of course Jim Harbaugh has come up and there is the interim coach, Joe Philbin, among others. I know the trend is to go towards an offensive minded coach, but after what Mcdaniels did to the Colts last year, I do not want him. Defillipo needs more time before he is the head coach of the Packers. Lincoln Riley is not ready for the pros. Jim Harbaugh, if he is to leave Michigan for this job, will have left Michigan without accomplishing much of anything. And Joe Philbin has already failed spectacularly as a head coach in Miami. I think, right now, even though he has said he isn't interested, I would try and go after Bruce Arians. He would immediately command the respect of the locker room and Aaron Rodgers. And, he is a great coach. If not Arians, I would go for Jim Harbaugh's brother, John Harbaugh. There is no guarantee that he will be let go, or leave Baltimore, but if he did, I feel like he would get the same respect as Arians. Those are my top 2 choices. I'm sure they will go after Mcdaniels, that is the betting favorite. But, I want Arians or John Harbaugh. Hell, at this point, I would even consider a former coach like Gary Kubiak. He would bring instant credibility.

The Mike McCarty era in Green Bay is over. Thank god. That is how I feel about all of this. And, I am sure that McCarthy will get another job and I wish him success. The time had come for a change.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. The Head Editor picked the Packers to win the NFC North this year. His punishment? His hometown Bengals will finally fire Marvin Lewis and make Mike McCarthy the coach for the next decade.

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Liar Urban Meyer is Probably Lying About His Latest Retirement

Artist Depiction of Ty every few years when Urban decides to “retire”

Artist Depiction of Ty every few years when Urban decides to “retire”

This morning I woke up to the news, much like everyone else that follows college football, to the news that Urban Meyer is stepping down after the Rose Bowl.

It is like deja vu. I have seen this story before. I have heard the whispers and the whining and the acting and the destruction that he has left behind before. I have bore witness to this whole story about 10 years ago. He left Florida after a supposed heart condition. His Florida teams were good, playing in major bowl games, winning a national title, but the last few years there his teams weren't winning like they had before, and he saw some other teams, (clears throat) Alabama mainly, coming on strong. He saw the writing on the wall, spent his last season at Florida saying he wanted to be with family, his health was concerning him, and he had to step away.

Meyer then proceeded to take a few years off from coaching. But, he did do television. He was okay enough to fly around the country calling games for ESPN, and work those crazy hours with his "heart condition", but he claimed he couldn't coach.

Then the University of Ohio State went through all the Jim Tressel stuff, had to fire him, and they had to move to an assistant to take over for a year. It was one of the not so good years for them, and the Meyer rumors started. Remember, he left because of a "heart condition", but after a few years away, I guess he felt good enough, and was cleared by some quack doctor to come back and coach at his "dream school".

Now, to get off his case for just one second, he did wonders there. He won a national title. He had a consistent top 10 team. He never lost to Michigan. He never lost to Penn State. He dominated the Big Ten pretty much. Meyer is a hell of a college football coach, but he is a miserable human being, and he is a liar. Back to the hatred.

Before this season started the stories came out that he lied about covering up domestic abuse. I have given more than my share on how I feel about all of this on the site and the podcast. This is a vile, heartless, disgusting and disturbing thing he did. He covered for a guy that was doing cocaine on camera, hitting his then wife and constantly cheating on her. Meyer cared more about winning than helping this poor lady that was abused in more ways than one by a friend of his. That is appalling. The fact that this story dropped before the season started, and he was caught red handed lying to everyone, should have been more than enough to fire him. What did the University of Ohio State do though? They suspended him for three games. That's it. Three non essential games that they could have won with Lee Corso as the coach. What a shame.

When he came back Meyer all of the sudden started to look tired and distressed on the sidelines. Then his team started to really struggle against the lower tier of the Big Ten. They struggled with Nebraska, Minnesota and Maryland. Then Purdue crushed them. Those teams are a combined 21-27. I know, believe me I know, I wrote about it, exactly what they did to Michigan. But even during that game, Meyer was doing his same acting he did for the majority of the year when he came back. We could see the camera find him and he would be doubled over and grabbing his head whenever there was a tense moment in the game. People claimed he would be near passing out before, during and after games. Dumb ass announcers proclaimed that he was "coaching through so much pain. What a warrior" they would say.

This was all an act. I will believe that to my grave. He knew what he did was wrong. He knew he lied and he knew he got caught. He knew the hammer was going to come down on him one way or another. And like a grounded child, or an adult that has never faced any real consequences for their horrid actions, he pretended to be hurt. He pretended that he was in some unfathomable pain that no one could ever understand. He wanted people to feel sorry for him. He wanted an excuse so he could walk away, just like his ending at Florida.

This is an all too familiar story with this asshole. I'm curious if he was forced to retire. I'm curious if there is some sanction writing on the wall that he knows is coming, and he wants to get out before all that comes down, just like at Florida. I want to know the truth. I want to know why he picked now as opposed to earlier this year, or way, way far in the future.

I also know Meyer claimed today that he is done coaching forever. I do not buy that for one single second. I have already heard multiple credible sources say that he is just waiting for the USC job to open. I also heard that his real "dream job" is Notre Dame. I would be curious to see if he dips his toes in the NFL, but that would be a colossal failure. He is not a NFL coach. Not even close. This "retirement" is just as fake and phony as his "retirement" from Florida.

Urban Meyer is a liar, a cheater, a whiner, a crybaby and a despicable person. I do not now, nor will I ever, believe a word that comes out of his mouth. He wants people to feel sorry for him. He wants us to cry for him. He wants us to remember him as a coach that left at the top of his game. That is not how I will remember him at all, and it has nothing to do with my Michigan fandom. I've already talked ad nauseam about how he owns them. I will remember him as a liar and a coward. And when he comes back in 2 or 3 years, and he is suddenly "healthy" again, I'll be just as ready in 6 or 7 years when he gets caught cheating or lying once again, and he announces he is "retiring" to be with family and to get healthy.

Urban Meyer is a liar. He is a despicable human being. I will not miss him for one single second. Good riddance.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Does OSU want Ty to come and visit. Let him be the one to slam the door on Urban Meyer’s ass when the coach leaves and Ty will be there.

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Time to Get Ready for the College Football Postseason


The College Football Playoff is officially set. The 4 teams, from 1-4 are, Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame and Oklahoma. Dare I say, I think the committee got it right.

Georgia will complain, stating that no one can, or will, play Alabama any closer than they did. Well, maybe you should have won the game that you had a 2 touchdown lead in, and maybe you shouldn't have lost earlier in the season. No 2 loss team has made the playoff yet. 

As for the Big Ten contenders, the University of Ohio State may complain, saying that now, the past 2 seasons, the last 2 Big Ten champs have been left out of the playoff. Well, it was clear that the committee takes blow out losses earlier in the season seriously, and that has happened twice to that school. It doesn't matter how badly they beat Michigan or Northwestern, the University of Ohio State lost by 29 points to a 6-6 Purdue team. Michigan has no complaints whatsoever. They had it in their hands and they really, really blew it.

The only team that I think has a legitimate beef with this whole playoff thing is UCF. I mean, what else do they have to do to get in the playoff? They haven't lost a game in 2 years. They lost their star QB and went out and beat Houston. Then, after being down by as many as 17 points to Memphis in the AAC title game, they came back, scored 56 and won by 2 scores, with a backup QB and new coach. I mean, give them a shot. I know that their schedule isn't tough, but come on. They have beaten every team that has been placed in front of them, pretty handily, for the past 26 or so games, including Auburn in a New Year's 6 bowl last year. They should be in the playoff. The committee says they want the 4 best teams, and there are 4 undefeated teams left. The one that got left out, UCF. Who did Notre Dame beat that was so impressive? Michigan? We all saw what happened last week in their game. And as far as their "ACC schedule" goes, Notre Dame didn't face Clemson, so who cares. Alabama gets a pass because they have done the same thing as UCF, just with much better players. Clemson also. Oklahoma, they play zero defense, had to go to the limit with Oklahoma State, West Virginia, lost once to Texas, and barely beat them in the Big 12 title game. I'm not saying they are undeserving, I just think UCF is more deserving. I repeat, THEY HAVE NOT LOST A GAME IN OVER 2 YEARS! GIVE THEM A CHANCE! Okay, rant over.

As I said at the top, excluding the UCF stuff, I do think the committee pretty much nailed it. I like the matchups as well. In the 1, 4 game, we get Alabama and Oklahoma. We get the top 2 Heisman candidates facing off against one another in a playoff game. I think it will be high scoring, and both Murray and Taguviola, I can never spell that kid's name right, will put up big time video game numbers. In the end though, Alabama will win fairly handily due to the total incompetence of Oklahoma's defense. This is where they won't be able to just outscore another team.

I feel like the 2,3 matchup may be more of a blowout than the 1, 4. Yes, Notre Dame is good, yes they have won all their games, but I ask again, who have they played that is really good with the exception of Michigan in the first game of the season? FSU is 5-7 and home for bowl season. Virginia Tech is 6-6 and needed a miracle comeback against Virginia just to have a shot at a bowl game. Miami is a mess. Northwestern only won 8 games. Navy is having a very down year. I look at their schedule, and it just doesn't seem as tough as it could have been. Also, Notre Dame hasn't faced a team with as much pure talent as Clemson. Clemson is overwhelmingly good, and no one has really talked about them all year because of how good Alabama has been. That totally plays into their favor. I know they have a true freshman at QB, but that kid is awesome. They also have a great run game. Oh, and their defense is amazing. If Notre Dame thought Michigan was tough to begin the year wait until they see Clemson's front four. They are relentless. I like Clemson, and I like them to win big.

That would give us Alabama and Clemson in the title game. This would be the fourth time they have matched up in the playoff, and the third time in the title game. This is where the freshman QB will hurt them. I like Alabama in the title game. They are the best team, by a wide, wide margin in college football. They are the Warriors. They are the Yankees of the late nineties. They are the Patriots. They are the best team. They will win back to back titles. That's how I see the College Football Playoff playing out.

As far as some other bowl games I'm interested in, of course the Peach Bowl. Michigan will be facing off against Florida for the third time in 4 years. I'm curious to see how they rebound from their last game. That was an abomination. I want to see how they respond, and Florida is much, much better than the last couple times they faced off. I am also very curious to see if UCF can do it again. I think they can, and they will do it in convincing fashion. LSU is good, they have a stout defense, but their offense is just as average as ever. I feel like UCF will be able to put up points, and get enough stops to go into next season without a blemish on their record for a second straight year. I'm curious to see how many points Missouri and Oklahoma State put up against one another. Neither of those teams play defense. I want to see Kentucky's stud rush end go up against Penn State's running QB in their bowl game. I want to see how low scoring the Wisconsin-Miami game will be. I'll be curious to see if Georgia gets over themselves and disposes of a porous Texas team like they should. I want to see how many yards Pitt will give up to Bryce Love in his final collegiate game. West Virginia and Syracuse will provide a ton of points. I want to see how Gus Malzahn gets his Auburn team prepared, what with all the rumors swirling about his job, against a very inconsistent Purdue squad.

That's about it for me. I love bowl season. I'm looking forward to the games I mentioned, mainly Michigan. And, unfortunately, I think it is pretty easy to predict another title for Alabama. Bowl season is here folks. Get amped.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast.

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Domestic Abuse is OK with the NFL, Colin Kaepernick is Not


What does Colin Kaepernick have to do to even get a shot to get back into the NFL?

This all comes about because of 2 recent signings, by the same team, that I have seen happen that have disgusted me. The first one was Mark Sanchez being signed by the team from Washington. The moment Alex Smith got his leg ripped in half, I knew, just like everyone else, their season was pretty much over. The backup to Smith is Colt McCoy. While McCoy was a great college football player, he is not a good pro. He is too small, too inaccurate and bails on plays far too often. He should have been a third stringer for the entirety of his NFL career. But now he is starting. And who does Washington go out and sign to back him up? Do you all remember the "butt fumble"? Do you remember the guy that couldn't get a starting job after the Jets let him go? Do you remember the guy that, while the head coach at USC, Pete Carroll told to not go to the pros because he wasn't ready, and it wouldn't work? That guy is now the back up to Colt McCoy.

I just do not get it. Colin Kaepernick is a younger, much, much, much more athletic version of Alex Smith. He may not be as accurate as Smith, but Kaepernick at least takes shots down field. The reason Smith is so "accurate", is because he is constantly throwing 5-7 yard out passes. Kaepernick would, at the very least, take a few shots down field. He would also add the QB run to a very anemic run offense. Sure, he would take carries away from Adrian Peterson, another guy that is somehow still in the NFL, but Kaepernick is not, but who cares. Their division is so bad, and Colt McCoy is not the answer. Nor is Mark Sanchez. Kaepernick would give them the best shot to win the division and play in the playoffs. Washington currently sits at 6-5, in second place behind the Cowboys because of the head to head matchup. But, I'm out on the Eagles now, they look broken and are super injured, and the Giants stink. They will be picking in the top 5 again. Where Washington stands right now, they have a "chance" at the playoffs, but it is only real if they would have picked Kaepernick over Sanchez and McCoy. He is light years better than those guys and he brings an added dimension that neither of them is even close to bringing to this horrendous offense.

The other player Washington just signed is making me despise the NFL even more than I thought I ever could. You all know how I feel about all the domestic abuse that comes with a good portion of NFL players now, and the league's "handling" of these abusers. They get, basically, a slap on the wrist. Ray Rice, until the video was released, was only suspended 2 games. Aldon Smith, who had a problem with alcohol as well, got seemingly a million chances until he was finally cut. Adrian Peterson admitted to hitting his child with a switch, that he made him cut down, and someone just did a report where he said he still spanks his kid. This report was made to seem like Peterson has changed. Clearly, he has not. But what Washington just did, and how long it took for the NFL to step in, is egregious.

After his second known report of domestic violence, in less than a year, Rueben Foster got released by the 49ers and Washington went out and signed him before he was even out of jail. Why? Why did they think this was okay? Why would they sign this dude who is a multiple domestic abuser? Why does he get a third chance when Kaepernick has been so clearly blackballed? Why did it take almost a week for the NFL to put him on the "exempt list"? This is wrong on every single level. Rueben Foster is a well known abuser. He continually hits his girlfriends. He has already been arrested twice since he joined the NFL. The 49ers kept giving him chances. And now Washington wanted to give him another chance. But Kapernick is too much of a distraction? Kaepernick can't lead this team to the playoffs? Kaepernick isn't as good a football player as Sanchez or Foster? Get the hell out of here with that nonsense. The fact that Foster was given his millionth chance by Washington is ridiculous. This team doesn't need a linebacker, let alone a linebacker that hits his girlfriends. This team needs a mobile QB with a big arm. That is Colin Kaepernick to a T. But, Washington would rather give a bust like Mark Sanchez a fourth chance. And they'd rather give a domestic abuser his millionth chance. But they won't even give Kaepernick a sniff. They wouldn't even bring him in for a workout.

This is disgusting . This is the problem with the NFL. They'd rather blackball a non violent protester. The NFL would rather let a domestic abuser play. They'd rather let a has been sign a million dollar contract. This is a disturbing trend. What makes this even worse though, it is the same team signing these 2 players and not even looking at Kaeprnick.

I'm disgusted and disillusioned with the NFL. I'm sick and tired of the collusion that the NFL clearly has against Kaepernick. Colin Kaepernick deserves to be on an NFL roster. Much more so than these 2 yahoos. There is hard core collusion going on, and until he is rightfully back in the NFL, I will continue to stump for Colin Kaepernick. Until then, Washington disgusts me. They are a joke of a franchise and these 2 signings make them even more of a joke.

Screw you Washington and screw you NFL. You are a group of disturbed individuals that only care about money and yourselves.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He forgot to mention the Cincinnati Bengals also signed a new QB this week. We all know Tom Savage is way better than Kaepernick, right?

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Mack Brown Goes Back to North Carolina Football. Why?


I promised I'd talk about 2 "new" college football coaches yesterday, and I come to you today with the second "new" one. This is now official. I saw a quick little snippet of a press conference on "PTI" last night. Mack Brown is officially back as the new head coach of North Carolina's college football team.

I had forgotten until yesterday that Brown coached there before moving on to Texas. Whenever I see Mack Brown now, I think of Texas football. And he was great there. He won a national title, was a perennial top 25 team and regularly won 9 or 10 games every year. But, much like Les Miles and Lloyd Carr, he kind of got lost in the new world of college football. He was still coaching as if he was coaching in the early 21st century. And the Texas fans and boosters got tired of it. Suddenly he couldn't beat Oklahoma, and 8 wins and a solid bowl game weren't enough. He "retired" just like Carr, but it really seemed like a forced retirement.

Texas still hasn't fully recovered since he left. I feel like they didn't give Charlie Strong a real chance, and while I know they are a top 15 team right now, it doesn't feel like the same Texas teams from the past. They are stuck in a similar limbo that Michigan is stuck in. I do think, while he is a scumbag of a human being, Tom Hermann will turn it around, but I wish it was Charlie Strong reaping the benefits instead.

Back to Brown. While I feel like he was pushed out, the time had come for him to step away. As I said, he couldn't, or wouldn't, adapt to the new world of college football. The moment Colt McCoy graduated, Brown and Texas took a step back. Now though, after 5 years away, he is back where it truly all began for him. After realizing he previously coached at UNC, I looked some stuff up. He was pretty good there. He won double digit games a few times. He had UNC in bowl games pretty much every year, and he turned it into a bigger, and higher paying, head coaching job. But, this hire feels a lot like Herm Edwards being hired by Arizona State last offseason. That hiring puzzled me. Edwards had never coached college football, and he had been away from coaching all together for a decent amount of time. He was an analyst. He worked for ESPN. The exact same things can be said about Brown. Brown was one of ESPN's main college football in studio guys. He has been away from coaching for 5 years now. I just assumed he was done and was going to continue getting paid with his cushy and easy job. But I guess the allure of coaching is too much to resist for guys like Edwards and Brown.

So Brown is now back. He is back in a power 5 conference. He is coaching a power 5 team. He will be going up against teams like Miami, FSU and Clemson every year. This all feels a lot like Miles at KU, except UNC has a slightly better upside, at least to me. UNC is a basketball school. People in Chapel Hill only really care about the college basketball team. If the football team is good, that is just an added bonus. I cannot remember the last time UNC football mattered. You may say, Mitch Turbisky played there. I say, did he ever win more than 8 games as a starter? You may say that Butch Davis had them in the top 25. I say, look at the mess he left when he was caught cheating. UNC football is just not much of a program. And while that will give Brown the same long leash that Miles has at KU, and while this school will give him all the time he needs to rebuild.

I ask, what is the ceiling with Mack Brown as the head coach at UNC? Just like Miles, he is going to have to fight against better football schools for big time recruits. Brown was able to pull these 4 and 5 star kids in at Texas. He won't find it as easy at UNC. If he is recruiting against the likes of FSU, Miami and Clemson, I feel like most big time recruits will have Clemson as their top school, then Miami and then FSU. UNC will, at best, be fourth on any major recruit list. For me, success for Brown at UNC will come easier than it will for Miles at KU. UNC is in a worse conference. The ACC, while it has gotten much better, is not at the Big 12's level. So I think the ceiling for Brown is 8, maybe 9 wins, and maybe, possibly, a New Year's Day bowl. I do not think they will be able to compete with the upper echelon of the ACC. They are coming off a 2 win season. They have been getting crushed by the likes of Clemson, NC State, Syracuse and even Duke. And while I know FSU and Miami struggled this year, I feel like that is an aberration. With UNC, I feel like this 2 win season, while bad, is more towards the norm. Mack Brown will make them marginally better, but just marginally. As I said, I feel like year one will be tough, year 2 will be slightly better, and by year 3, he should have them at bowl eligibility, but that is the best they can be. UNC is not a national title contender. Mack Brown will not turn them into a national title contender either. He may make more people talk about them because of his name, but as far as on the field stuff goes, Brown is going to find out that the game has changed even more since he left 5 years ago.

UNC got a big name, just like KU, but I feel like it will be pretty much the same for both guys. They will struggle, and I think they may get more frustrated than anything else. College football has changed so much since Miles, and now Brown, have come back to coaching. It is going to be a punch in the gut for both of them.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. With all these announcers going back to coaching, Ty is waiting for Lee Corso and Lou Holtz to jump on the bandwagon. Oh what joy to not have to see those two every Saturday.

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Les Miles and Kansas Football Seem Like an Odd Fit


The next 2 days I want to talk about 2 “new” college football coaches. Today I will talk about the one that is for certain, he’s signed a contract and held a press conference, I don’t think it could be anymore official, and that’s Les Miles to Kansas.

To be honest, this shocked me. I was stunned when the news crossed my phone and computer. It’s no secret that Miles was once a great, national championship level coach. He took his team at LSU twice to the title and won once. He has been to “mountain top” of the college football world. He also has a very solid overall win percentage. He was good for anywhere from 8-10 wins a season while at LSU. Hell, in his last season there he was let go one year after winning 9 games I believe. His departure kind of reminded me of when Lloyd Carr “retired” at Michigan.

For Miles, just like Carr, being a perennial top 25 team and winning 8,9 or 10 games a year wasn’t enough for the rabid fans. It also felt like he was kind of coaching dinosaur football when the game was changing. He would try to win by pounding you to death with the run and play action. He also hung his hat on having a dominant defense. And while he was still producing bowl games and staying ranked, LSU couldn’t keep up with Alabama, Auburn and even teams like Ole Miss and Mississippi State in his own conference. They were revolutionizing while he was stuck in the early 2000’s. I didn’t think he deserved to be let go, but he was. LSU is just as good now as they were when he was let go. Nothing has changed.

I thought, after taking a year off, Miles would have a prime choice for a big job. I wanted him at Michigan before they got Harbaugh. I’m sure his name came up at Texas after Charlie Strong was let go. I bet Mississippi State thought about him after Dan Mullen left for Florida. I was certain he was going to get a big time job.

But, Miles chose Kansas very early on in the hiring process. I’m sure there will be more openings soon, this is the time when coaches leave or are let go. But clearly he didn’t want to wait. And while I know Kansas is in a power 5 conference, they’re not a power 5 team. I believe they finished with 3 wins this year, and that was looked at as a team getting better year. They hadn’t beaten a D-1 school for 2 years. They are in a very dire situation. To get a name like Les Miles to coach there is humongous for them, but I don’t have a good feeling about it. The best thing for Miles is, he’s going to have a very, very long leash. They’re going to give him the entire length of his contract to turn this team around. I just don’t know if it can be done. Les Miles is a big name who knows how to recruit. But, he’s going to have to go up against the likes of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas and TCU for recruits. I can’t see top level, 4 and 5 star kids, picking KU over any of these schools. I know the promise of playing time will play a factor, but let’s not get it twisted, college football is a means to the pros. And KU doesn’t produce nearly as many pros as the schools mentioned above. The best pro they’ve produced in the past decade is Aquib Talib. Most of the other Big 12 schools he’s going to be recruiting against can name way more than one player they’ve sent to the pros.

My biggest fear for Miles is, I feel like he thinks this is a stepping stone job. I feel like he thinks he can turn this team around faster than anyone else thinks he can, and he will get another major job. I don’t think that will happen. I think, at best, he can get KU back to being a bowl team, but a 6 or 7 win bowl team. He’s going to struggle against the cream of the crop in the Big 12. He’s really going to struggle in his first 2 or 3 years there. That might cause him some frustration.

This is a puzzling hire. I hope it works out because I like Les Miles, and just to be a contrary Missourian, I like KU. But they’re a basketball school, and no one really cares about the football team. Maybe that will change under Miles, but I doubt it.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He thinks Les Miles should have coached high school over Kansas. Ty’s old school has not had a winning season since his playing days. Come on Les, give it a try.

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Saturday Sucked for Michigan Football Fans. Now Let's Move On


Saturday was tough.

That was a brutal way to end the regular season. Michigan got absolutely dominated in every phase of the game. They looked predictable and boring on offense. Their top ranked defense was absolutely shredded. The special teams couldn't get off punts and settled far too often, trying to play the field position game. The coaching was not good. It was horrendous on every level. The team was unprepared, feeling themselves way too much, blew a golden opportunity and played how they have played in every big game since Lloyd Carr retired, poorly. They weren't up for their biggest game of the year. They weren't ready. They thought the University of Ohio State was just going to roll over for them. They figured they were going to walk to the Big Ten title game and the College Football Playoff.

None of that happened.

The University of Michigan was embarrassed on a humongous stage in what should have been a big win for them. On paper they were the better team. On paper they had the better players. On paper they have the better coaches. But when it came to actually playing the game, they got the ass whooping they deserved. Karan Higdon, who I adore, didn't live up to his guarantee. Shea Patterson was flustered, pressured and mediocre all afternoon. The line couldn't open a hole against a team that let Minnesota and Maryland gash them for multiple big runs.

What was most frustrating for me was the defense. They could not stop anything on Saturday. What made it even more frustrating, they refused to deviate from their man coverage game plan that has worked so well all year. They stuck with it, and they got gashed again and again. I saw it in person last week, where Indiana was killing them with crossing routes. Well, the University of Ohio State has much better players than Indiana does. That much is a fact. But Michigan, Don Brown and Jim Harbaugh, also Greg Mattison and Chris Partridge, and the entire defensive staff for that matter, refused to make changes. They are usually so good at making adjustments, but for some reason on Saturday, they were too stubborn or dumb or arrogant or whatever to change. It was truly a terrifying watch for any Michigan fan.

I have been holding all this in until today because my wife and dad and brother didn't need to hear me gripe about this game. It was a disaster. It turned what was such a promising season into a massive disappointment. The one unit I have been able to count on all year really blew it. They had a major letdown at the worst possible time. It was awful. This was worse than Penn State crushing them last year. This was worse than the muffed punt in Harbaugh's first year against Michigan State. This was worse than most games from the Rich Rodriguez or Brady Hoke era. This much is true. They gave up a massive amount of yards, 62 points, probably could have been 70 plus, showed they aren't ready for primetime, were far too arrogant and got smacked in the mouth for it and got embarrassed. That is the best word.

Okay, got that out of my system.

Now for the other half of my blog today. As I stated above, Saturday was terrible for all Wolverine fans. But the talks of firing Jim Harbaugh and Don Brown need to stop. These guys are great coaches. I know Harbaugh hasn't beaten the University of Ohio State yet, but he has beaten Penn State twice, Wisconsin twice, Michigan State twice, and he is now getting to coach his recruits. Michigan was in a bad place when they hired him, and he has won 10 games three times in 4 years, and has won 38, with a chance at 39 games, in 4 seasons. While they are not a title contending team, they have gotten much better. Jim Harbaugh should not be fired. That talk is insane. The people saying that are fair weather fans. They are probably the same people that clamored for him 4 years ago. And, to those that want him fired, you just want to start over again? You want to go back to being even more mediocre again? Are you ready for more Brady Hoke style football? I'm sure as hell not. I can get just as annoyed and frustrated with Harbaugh and his stubborn play calling, but the guy is a hell of a college football coach, no matter what Tim Tebow and Paul Finebaum say.

To those calling for Don Brown's firing, they make me more angry than the people calling for Harbaugh's head. Don Brown has turned this defense into a unit to be feared. Saturday was a major aberration. It was harsh. It was an embarrassment. It was awful. But it was a one time thing. The defense had a horrible day. He called a bad game. It was bad. But what about the rest of this season, and the past 2 seasons under him? They are a fast and aggressive and solid defense. Last year, when this team was dreadfully awful on offense, the defense was why they won 8 games. His first season as the defensive coordinator, he turned Jabrill Peppers into a Heisman finalist. He has coached some of the top linebackers in college football. The guy knows defense, and he knows it well. If Harbaugh were to leave for the pros, he is not going to get fired, nor does he deserve to, I have stated to my father many times that I would want Michigan to just name Don Brown head coach. I feel like it would be a seamless transition. Sure he would need an offensive minded guy to run his offense, and I feel like being the offensive coordinator at Michigan would be a coveted job.

None of the coaches deserve to be let go. It was one very, very, very bad game. But it was one game. The talk of letting coaches go is stupid and reactionary and uncalled for. Stop it. For the people calling out the players, they need to chill the hell out. One, it is a game. Yes I was mad, and I may have said some things during the game, but after it was done, I was done being mad. The kids playing are just that, kids. They are also playing a game. I am not going to let one bad game ruin my week, month or year like I used to when I was a teenager and in my early 20's. After finishing this blog, I will have gotten it all off my chest, and I will move on. Some people are going way, way too hard on these kids playing a game. Yes it was rough, but let it go. They played pretty great in almost every other game this year. No one was bad mouthing them on social media when they were trouncing Wisconsin or Penn State. This was one game, get over it. Also, if you are in your 30's like me, think about the fact that you are yelling at kids that could be your own. That is sad.

Finally, ever the Michigan fan in me, wants to say that the coverage on Fox was atrocious. The 2 guys calling the game were clearly pulling for the University of Ohio State. They would only say kind words about them. And while I know nothing really good happened for Michigan, the announcers made sure it was even rougher on Michigan fans with the way they called the game. They were terrible.

What made all the sports media worse was all the love they were giving Urban Meyer. The fact that companies like Fox and ESPN are going to spin this one game as some kind of redemption for him is disgusting. Jemele Hill, who despises Michigan by the way, tweeted during the game something along the lines of, "the media will try to spin this as a redemption story for Meyer, but let us not forget he tried to cover for a domestic abuser. No one win will ever heal the pain that the abused family is going through". I couldn't agree with her more. Urban Meyer is a liar. He is a cheater. He has vouched for Aaron Hernandez. Everywhere he coaches, the moment he leaves, the program is left in shambles. Also, people love him while he is there, but the moment he is gone, they seem to hate him. All the shots of him trying to quell his "headaches" were nauseating. He is an actor. He wants people to feel bad for him. He wants people to talk about his "health problems" so when he leaves, that is the reason why. Also, if he really does have this big of a problem with his health, why is he still coaching? That is wrong. Shame on him for risking his health and family so he can look good on TV. His actions on the sidelines this season have been laughably bad. Even if he really does have this "headache" thing, I feel zero sympathy for him. He is a loathsome human being.

With all this being said, Saturday was bad. Michigan got smashed. They got the beating they deserved. But, don't paint Urban Meyer as some kind of hero. He is a disgraceful human being. Also, Jim Harbaugh and Don Brown and the entire Michigan staff, I am still behind you guys. Things will turn around soon, hopefully. As for the Wolverine players, you had one bad game. Let it got and get ready for your bowl game. Try to go out and get a win, especially the seniors, to forget about Saturday's disaster. Don't let this game beat you twice. That is what makes me most excited, to see how you respond. You have had an okay season. You have a chance at 11 wins. You can set the tone for next year. Go out and do it after you find out what bowl game you get. Make it count. I have not lost faith, nor will I ever. I love Michigan, I love the Wolverines, I love the staff and players. I still, and always will, have faith. This can all be turned around. I truly believe that.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Why does Ty care som much about a football game. Check out the X Millennial Man Podcast to learn how technology, and irrational love, makes a fan feel sick about their favorite team.

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The University of Michigan is First in the Big 10 When it Comes to Stress Free Traffic


To wrap up my week of remembering my trip to Ann Arbor, I want to talk about exiting the stadium after the game.

So, this is a real bone of contention for me. The amount of time it takes at other stadiums I’ve been to is infuriatingly frustrating. I’ve watched Michigan play college football games at Indiana, Northwestern and Illinois to date. Each place seems harder than the other to get out of. Northwestern is so tough because it’s in a residential part of Evanston. The stadium literally sits in the middle of a neighborhood. So that means that you not only have to deal with the regular game traffic, you have to deal with the people who live there that go out on game day. The parking is also always a crapshoot. You either get “lucky” and find a spot near the stadium for anywhere from 50-75 dollars or you have to park miles and miles from the stadium and make the trek. Illinois has similar problems. Parking isn’t as bad, but more times than not, you still have a hike to the stadium. And that includes tail gate parking. Leaving that stadium is a nightmare. It is like the worst drivers in the world all coalesce in one spot and drive as slow as possible. This is also where most of the drivers think honking the horn will make you move faster. It won’t. There’s still a line of people in front of you no matter how much you honk. It takes forever to get out of that stadium parking lot too. If you get out in less than an hour you are a much, much better driver than I am.

The worst is Indiana though. I’ve been there 3 times and I swear they are still doing the same construction from my first visit. This construction makes it an absolute nightmare getting in and out. Last year my father even bought a parking spot and it still didn’t matter due to the construction. He had to let me out so I could make kickoff. He didn’t show up until the second quarter because of the traffic. They don’t seem to plan for bigger college teams. They treat every game like any other game. It’s so insanely nuts with traffic I fear for my dad’s life because how mad he gets. It makes him so angry. It’s just as bad trying to get out. No one follows the traffic directors and cones. They just do as they please. And for out of towners, it’s horrifying. There’s also some weird back woods you have to drive through to get there. The whole Bloomington, Indiana experience, as far as football games go, is a shit show.

None of this happened at Michigan. Parking was easy. The tailgaters were nice. Finding our spot was simple. Getting out of the stadium, remember, there were 110,000 plus people there, was a cinch. They closed off one way of the street, thus giving the drivers 6 lanes to exit. It was the ideal situation. They seem to understand what they’re doing in Ann Arbor as far as the parking and exiting goes for football games. It was just another added bonus to a great trip. It was awesome.

The University of Michigan, and the town of Ann Arbor rules.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. The other great thing about Ann Arbor being a Big 10 football town, no one steals the stuff out of car. If only Madison Wisconsin could be like Ann Arbor.

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A Chronicle of a Day in My Sport Heaven

big house 1.jpg

Yesterday I returned home from my weekend in Ann Arbor with my father. I plan on spending the rest of the week talking about pretty much everything that happened while I was there. This was a very important and very fun trip for me. Many people have asked how it was, and the best response I can give them is, it was awe inspiring. I told my dad at one point that I felt like a yokel because I was just staring and my mouth was agape. I was in total awe of what I was looking at. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was soaking it all in because I do not know when I will be there again. Today I am going to focus on my experience at the game.

I'll start with how we spent the morning before the game started. My dad and I stayed at a hotel about 30 minutes from Ann Arbor, which was smart. It was cheaper and there wasn't an insane amount of traffic. We left the hotel in the morning, a little after 10 local time, and made our way. When we got to downtown Ann Arbor, we parked and went shopping. I needed to get my niece a birthday present and I wanted to get my wife and kids a little gift. I had 2 stores in mind. I wanted to go to Underground Printing and the M Den. These are the 2 shops were I personally get the majority of Michigan gear that I buy myself. They have all the best prices. Also, the M Den has about 8 different store fronts, but we went to the original one. Underground Printing was great. It is cool to go to the store and look and hold the gear in my hands. It is so much nicer than just looking, and hoping that it will fit, while online shopping. The M Den was a madhouse, it was packed and I couldn't have been more happy. This place was enormous and filled with people. My dad took a picture and it was nuts. But, this is where all the official gear is sold. Sure, it has a bit of a markup, but still, it is the best of the best. I wanted to buy everything in the store. I, which I am shocked by, did not buy anything for me. I only shopped for the people I needed to shop for. But, for any Wolverine fan, the M Den is the place to go. It is like the greatest candy store one can imagine.

After some shopping, we walked around, got some coffee and went to a local burger spot, more on that place later this week. After lunch we decided it was time to go to the stadium, 2 hours early, so we could park and take as many pictures as possible.

First off, the parking lot at the high school by the stadium, Pioneer High, was great. It was spacious, the tailgaters were welcoming and we found our spot with ease. We then started our walk to the stadium. I have been to a ton of college football games. My dad and I try to go to one game a year, but every other stadium now pails in comparison to the Big House. It was incredible. Again, we got to the stadium 2 hours early, walked around outside for about half an hour, and then found our seats, and there were more people there than at any other game I have ever been too. The stadium was half filled, so around 50-55 thousand people were there 90 minutes before game time. I've been to games that only have half that capacity for the game. I took so many pictures once we found our seats, which were in the 7th row on the 40 yard line right behind Michigan's bench. They were amazing.

When I walked into the stadium I forgot that it was a bowl. That means when you walk in, you are at or near the top. We had to walk down a good 50 flights of steps to get to our seats. Then, to see that humongous maize M on the 50 yard line gave me chills. To see the navy end zone with the maize Michigan written across was beautiful. To see all the seats was jaw dropping. Looking at the 2 big screens on both sides of the stadium made me cackle with joy. But, the coup de gras for me were the giant navy sign on both sides of the stadium with the enormous maize M. That is the symbol I know from video games and watching this team on TV for three decades now. That is how I knew I was actually there. It all felt like a dream, like it was not real, until I saw that M. That was when it all flooded in for me. This is when the grinning began and didn't stop. I texted my wife so many pictures of it because I was so excited. I couldn't believe that I was actually there.

After the initial shock of all this, my father, ever the calming influence on me, decided we should walk around so I could calm down. This was great because I did calm down, but I also got to see the bowels of the stadium. I got to see all the memorabilia they had out. I got to see the pillars with their fight song. I got to see the Crisler Center, which is right next to Michigan stadium. Most importantly though, I got to commiserate with fellow Michigan fans. So often my dad and I are in the minority. We root for the guest. Saturday, we were one of over 100,000 people rooting for the Wolverines. I was with my fellow football people. It was amazing.

With about 45 minutes of walking around we went back to our seats to "relax" before the game. This was when I got to see my beloved team in their home jerseys warming up. I was like a kid again. I kept pointing out players and coaches and saying their names to my dad, as if he didn't already know who they were. I snapped photos of the QB's warming up. I took pictures of the team stretching. I took pictures of Jim Harbaugh catching passes from all 4 of his dressed QB's. I watched the defense go through their drills with great joy. I was back into my mouth agape state. I was floored by how awesome the marching band was. All the before game stuff was heightened due to the fact that I was in Michigan Stadium.

Both teams then retreated to the locker room, and we edged closer to the game. It was Senior Day, so we got to watch the parents of the seniors walk out and hear the crowd cheer for them and their son's. They set up the big Go Blue banner that they touch prior to the game. The band played the fight song over and over again, and I sang it louder each time. By the way, I didn't even go to school there. And with about a minute left before the coin toss, the team ran out and touched the banner. This was like the big maize M for me. This is a thing I have seen all my life on TV or in video games, and I was now seeing it live and in person. It was heart stopping. I legit felt like crying I was so happy. Also, we were so close to the team that I could see each players face. It was amazing.

The game started and for the next 4 hours I was with my people. The game wasn't great, Michigan barely escaped, but I was there. I could see and hear everything that fellow lifelong Michigan fans do at home games. I saw Braylon Edwards little brother Berkley get knocked out cold. That was the most frightening things I have ever seen live. He did not move after he was hit, and they had to stretcher him off the field. I saw Chase Winovich get hurt. I saw Shea Patterson miss some throws, but also make some crucial throws. I saw Karan Higdon cut and dash and grind out 100 plus yards on 21 carries and score the go ahead TD. I saw the defense step up when needed. I saw Rashan Gary, who is as big a human as I have ever seen in person, get a critical sack late in the game. I saw the backup kicker set a record for field goals in a game. I saw Tru Wilson, a former walk on, play probably his best game of the year. Same for Chris Evans. I saw Harbaugh get on the refs. I saw Donovan Peoples Jones return punts with gusto. I have seen all this on TV, but I actually saw it in person, and it was ten million times better. Even after the game, my father said we were going to stick around for awhile and let the crowd thin out. I couldn't have been more thrilled. I got to see the players get interviewed on the field after the game. I got to see the players run to the student section and sing the fight song as they do after every home win. I saw all these things that I have seen my whole life from 7 hours away on TV in person. I was overjoyed.

I called my wife right after we got to the car and excitedly told her about everything I just told you all. She must have felt like she was dealing with another 6 year old. That was how giddy I was. This was an experience I will never, ever forget. I was, the best word I can find, in complete and total awe of Michigan Stadium and the game experience. No other stadium, college or pro, will ever live up to this for me, and I couldn't be happier about that. Michigan Stadium wildly exceeded my wildest expectations. I have been there once before, but I was in my early 20's, and I didn't appreciate it. I did not make that mistake this time. I documented everything, but honestly, I wrote this whole thing simply from memory. I know it was only 2 days ago, but I can guarantee that I will remember this past Saturday as well 10, 15 and 20 years down the line.

This was, by far, the greatest sports experience of my life. I'm still a little in shock at how awesome the whole day was. That stadium is a wonder of the world. The total crowd, they flashed it on the screen, was 110,158. I was one of those people. It was cold, and I didn't care. This was amazing. Everyone, even if you are not a Michigan fan or a football fan, should go see this place and gaze in amazement at how beautiful and big and imposing and wonderful it is. This was a once in a lifetime thing for me. Hopefully I get to do this again soon, but if not, at least I have this past Saturday. It was the best. It was awesome. I'm still shaking. I am still in awe.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He forgot to mention how awesome his bathroom experience was. When Ty flushed the toilet, the Michigan fight song would play. Maybe he just imagined that one.

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The Sad End of Carmelo Anthony's NBA Days


This really looks like the end of Carmelo Anthony. Rumors are swirling that he is going to be cut from the Rockets any day now. He has not been good this year, last year, or really, the past 5 or 6 years. He is too slow on defense. He is not a good three point shooter. He isn't really that good of a mid range shooter. He can't get to the rim. He doesn't like to pass the ball. He needs space to create his shot, and right now, he cannot get that space.

I used to love Carmelo Anthony. I was a big time fan of his when he was in Denver. His game was so fluid and fun. He still wasn't a great three point shooter, or a defender, he's never been a good defender, not even in college, but his offense offset all that. He was lethal from mid range. He could get to the rim, thus get to the free throw line. He still wasn't much of a passer, but when he did, it was nearly pin point. Even when Carmelo pushed his way out of Denver, he was still a very legitimate threat his first couple of years as a Knick. Hell, the last time the Knicks were good was one of his first couple seasons there. They won 50 plus games and made, I believe, the second round of the playoffs.

But then he did an interview with ESPN The Magazine, and it was all about his brand and how much more money he has made since he left Denver for New York. I read this cover story, and what stood out most to me was how little he cared about winning. He talked mostly about himself, or his brand. He talked about how much he was going to get paid very soon. He talked about how he has big plans after basketball. No mention of winning a title, or making deep playoff runs. No mention of being an MVP and surrounding himself with talented players that could have helped him. No mention of the kind of coach he wanted to play for that could put the Knicks, his team, over the top. The story was I, I, I and money, money, money.

That is when it all flipped for me, and I think it flipped for him too. He became a lesser player. He started to get more vocal with teammates. He hated Tim Hardaway Jr after the Knicks drafted him. He basically insisted they trade him, and they did. He didn't like many other teammates he had in New York.

This caused the start of the mess that the Knicks are in now. The Knicks then went out and hired Phil Jackson as the GM, and we all watched that disaster unfold. The start of that disaster, giving Carmelo a max deal. They could not get any other players of clout because they gave all their money to Carmelo. The Knicks started to tumble. They drafted Kristaps Porzingis, and the 2 people who disliked that move most, Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony. Jackson called him soft, Carmelo was worried he was losing the team, even though he already lost it a few seasons prior.

The Knicks eventually fired Jackson and got rid of Carmelo. He went to the Thunder last summer, after they stunningly got Paul George, and we all thought this was going to be great. I was fully on board with this at the time. The best Carmelo has been Olympic Carmelo, and I thought that was what the Thunder would get. But, when asked in the offseason if he would be willing to take a bench role, he scoffed and demanded he start. That was the crack for me. I instantly lost all good will I had. He was washed about 5 years ago in my opinion, but he still viewed himself as a star, a first option. Russell Westbrook and Paul George are so much better than he is at basketball, but he didn't see it that way. He struggled mightily last year too. He wasn't that lock down three point shooter. He wasn't hitting mid range shots. He complained that he wasn't getting the ball enough. He was even worse on defense. It was a mess. But, due to George and Westbrook, the Thunder still made the playoffs. Then they crapped the bed. All three of their stars played bad, but Carmelo was the worst. He might as well have not even showed up, that was how unimportant he was in that first round series last year.

The buyout eventually came, as we all expected, and he signed with the Rockets, as we all expected. What made me laugh most was hearing the Rockets fans talk about how they were going to get the best out of him. That was the same thing the Thunder fans said. I was skeptical of this move from the start. They were replacing defensive guys like Trevor Ariza with Carmelo Anthony. Those 2 guys are the same player. In fact, I think, where we stand right now, Trevor Ariza is much, much better, especially on defense. Carmelo has been downright dreadful this year. He is not the player he was expected to be. He is not the shooter that can help the Rockets compete with the Warriors, or Bucks or Raptors or Celtics or even the Trailblazers. He had one good game, against the Nets early in the season, and it shocked me. That is how far he has fallen. What was once expected is now a shock. And after that Nets game, he somehow got worse from the field. Then the stories started to come out that the Rockets were going to "reevaluate" his spot on the team. Then some Rockets players said they were going to start preparing for him to be cut. The GM came out and said they hadn't made a decision yet, but that is a kiss of death. He also didn't play the other night with an "illness".

Carmelo is cashed out. I agree with Tracy McGrady, that he should retire. He is of no use to a contender anymore. Those teams are all set. Also, if he still thinks he is a starter, when or if he gets cut by the Rockets, he is going to have to go to a bottom dweller. He can go to Atlanta or Cleveland or, hell, I don't know any other bottom feeder that would want him. I have heard that the 76ers and Lakers have expressed interest of he is cut. I hope the 76ers don't do that, especially after trading for Jimmy Butler. They don't need those 2 head cases in their locker room. And the Lakers, that would just be hilarious. Yeah, sign Carmelo so guys like Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma lose valuable playing time so LeBron's buddy can put up pointless shots that he will most likely miss.

I once loved Carmelo's game, but now, it is sad to watch him play basketball. He is not the same guy. The game has passed him by. He is a shell of his former self. I feel bad for him. Let it go.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing, the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast, and the greatest basketball writer on the internet. 

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Le'Veon Bell Lost


Before the season started I wrote about how I agreed with LeVeon Bell’s holdout. I felt like he was doing the right thing, and the best thing for his life after football. I’m all for athletes, but especially professional football players, getting their money while they can. There is such a short amount of time, and I feel like they need to seize that chance when /if they can. The career span in football is so short too, so get yours.

With the news that he didn’t sign yesterday, Bell is now ineligible to play for the rest of this season. I don’t think a decision like this has blown up more in anyone else’s face like it has to Bell. As I said, I fully supported him, but it is painfully clear that the Steelers do not need him to be a threat.

Who could have seen this coming from James Connor? I’ve liked this kid since I saw him in college at Pitt, and I felt like he’d be a great back up running back and perfect for third down. He seemed like the perfect back to bring in behind Bell. Well, he has been every bit as good, in some statistical categories better, than Bell has been his whole career. Connor averages as many yards per carry as Bell did. He goes for 100 yards seemingly at will. I know he didn’t eclipse it last week, but he still went for 60 plus and a TD before leaving a blow out win with a concussion. He is just as good a pass catcher as Bell. He gets the ball and goes. He catches pretty much everything that comes his way, and he usually turns those into big gains or TD’s. He is also a great team player. Everyone loves this kid, and it’s not just that he beat cancer and still plays. He beat cancer and has made Steelers fan comfortable with him taking over the running back role. I picked him up in fantasy football the moment I knew Bell was going to sit, and he’s one of my most efficient and effective players. He’s so perfect for fantasy football. He does it all.

Now, Bell has to realize that he may not be as important to the Steelers as he thought. I mean, how can he not. Connor is going to get award mentions at the end of the year. The Steelers are going to give him what he’s worth, which is less than Bell. He’s younger, which is just another notch in his belt. As for Bell, he’s going to be a free agent, which he wanted, but I don’t think he will get the money he could have gotten had he played this year. Also, he just wasted a year of his prime to try and prove a point, and it magnificently backfired.

What title contender is going to sign him to the huge deal he wants? The Patriots just drafted a running back who’s pretty solid. The Packers have found their guy in Aaron Jones. The Panthers have Christian McCaffery. The Saints have Alvin Kamara. The Rams, Todd Gurley. The Chiefs have 2 young and solid backs. The Vikings have Dalvin Cook. The Bears have Tarik Cohen. All these guys are younger and more important to their teams than Bell could ever be. He’s going to have to settle for a team like the Raiders or Jets or Dolphins or Lions. He destined to play for a mediocre team that will sign him so they can sell tickets. He won’t be a mainstay in the playoffs anymore. He won’t be the threat he once was. He will just become another guy.

This should upset Bell. He should have signed yesterday if only to get his money. He shouldn’t have wasted a year. He should have done what Earl Thomas did. I know Thomas got hurt, but the fact that he played will get him paid next year. This was a misstep and I’d be scared if I were Bell. He is just going to be another name. All because he wanted to prove a point. What a bummer for him. And good for James Connor. Way to secure your spot when you got your chance.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is afraid to hold out because the head editor may get the the DJ 3000 to replace Ty on the podcast. It worked on Bill and Marty.

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A Few Thoughts on the Jimmy Butler Trade


Jimmy Butler finally got what he wanted. He is no longer on the Timberwolves. He got out. All his whining and griping and bitching and moaning and poor attitude and disgusting behavior paid off. He is not on the team that he seemed like he would finish his career with after leaving the Bulls. Now, he has destroyed 2 locker rooms and he is on to his third.

First things first, I do not think Jimmy Butler is the type of player that can act like this. While I do think he is one of the better 2 way players in the league, he is not the type of player that can yell and demean his teammates and demand a trade and expect a big time contract. He is 29. I know that is not old, but in basketball years, with the amount of time he plays in games, and the playoff games he has been too, that is pretty old. He also has a history of lower body injuries. He seems to get hurt quite a bit. He also complains when teammates don't play or practice to his "level". He is also a mediocre shooter. Yes, he can create shots and get to the rim, but as a floor spacer, I don't buy it.

Second, the way he has conducted himself for the past 2 years is loathsome. As I said, while he is a great player, he is not as good as he thinks. He is not LeBron James, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis or Giannis Antentokoumpo, just to name a few. Those guys are upper echelon players. Those dudes can come to a team and easily make them a contender. Those guys can demand trades and find a way out if they see that the current team they are on is not going anywhere. Jimmy Butler, to me, lands more in the Blake Griffin, Carmelo Anthony, Andrew Wiggins, Rajon Rondo category. While great, he isn't a top tier player, although he acts like it. Jimmy Butler, as a basketball player, I like. That's it, just like. As a person, I cannot stand what he has become. He is entitled. He thinks too highly of himself. He is more about money than titles. It is obvious.

Now, for how I see this as simply a basketball trade, I am not convinced. I liked the young core the 76ers had. I actually thought that "The Process" was working out. They seemed ahead of schedule. With this trade, they got to keep the important components, but they traded away 2 great locker room guys. Everyone seemed to like Robert Covington's work ethic and his fit on the team. From what I have heard, Dario Saric was the funniest guy on the team and he cheered everyone up when he showed up to practice. The other 2 guys in the trade, Jerryd Bayless and a 2022 second round pick are of no consequence to me. The 76ers got a young big man, Justin Patton and, of course, Jimmy Butler. Patton won't play much. Butler is going to be a starter. He is going to be a focal point of that offense and the go to defensive guy. He will guard the other team's best player every night he plays. He will also be the creator on the offense for the team. He does make the 76ers a top 3 team in the East right away. But, does this trade make the 76ers better than the Bucks, Raptors or Celtics? Maybe just the Celtics. The Raptors have a much better version of Jimmy Butler in Kawhi and the Bucks have Giannis.

As far as being a teammate, this is going to be a disaster for a 76ers franchise that was on the come up. Jimmy Butler will think he runs the team, but this is Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid's team. That is not even up for debate. I'd go so far as to say that this is Embiid's team, and Simmons is the second most important player. They are the 76ers. They have built this team around those 2 guys strengths. They have added the players they deem best to suit Embiid and Simmons games. Guys like JJ Redick give them the shooting they need. He is the only shooter they have, but he is a solid shooter and a bad defender. They have some young talent, specifically Landry Shamet, that will grow into his role as the future point guard of the team. TJ McConnell is the energy guy they need. And then we have Markelle Fultz. This trade is going to destroy Fultz's already shaky game. He has been an absolute disaster as a NBA player. While I had hope that he could get out of this funk, he has seemingly gotten worse. Take his free throw shot from last night, where he pumped faked. I fully, fully believe that he was thinking about Jimmy Butler during that shot. He knows that Butler is going to give him the business if he shoots like that in practice. We have all seen what Butler is capable of doing when he is mad at players on his current team. He will demean and yell at them, and then make it public knowledge. He will make sure he dominates them as well. Fultz is not going to be able to handle this. Guys like Simmons and Embiid will be able to, not only take his shit, they will be able to give it back ten fold, especially Embiid. Redick won't stand for his nonsense, he is a veteran, and he has played with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Shamet has his head on straight, and anything Butler says will just roll off of him. But Fultz is going to crack. He looks so out of sorts, the last thing he needs is a guy like Butler publicly calling him out in practice and games. It would be in his and the 76ers best intentions to trade him immediately, but I don't think anyone else wants him. Again, look at his free throw attempt from the other night. This dude has issues, and Jimmy Butler will only make it worse for him.

While this trade makes the 76ers better right now, I am not a fan of it. And just when I was started to get into this team they do this. The Timberwolves, the other team in this trade, if they fire Tom Thibodeau, this may benefit them. Wiggins and KAT don't have to worry about Butler's bull shit. The guards will get to play freely. Saric and Covington are solid NBA players that can play. And Josh Okogie looks like a real point guard. When/if they get a new coach, the Timberwolves could be the West's version of the Pacers.

In the end Jimmy Butler got his wish, but it comes at a big time cost. For the 76ers case, I hope they win or are able to resign him. Also, I hope they trade Fultz for his case. I'm not a fan of this trade because I do not think Jimmy Butler is top notch, build your team around style player. The 76ers should have stuck with what they were doing. That is my take.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing, the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast, and the greatest basketball writer on the internet. 

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Duke is Really, Really, Good


To keep my mind off the election stuff last night I decided to watch basketball. The college season tipped off officially last night and it was a very good distraction.

I watched the KU-Michigan State game. That was fine. KU looks pretty good, but MSU kept it closer than I thought. I watched Michigan play. It was their opener, they looked very sloppy and sluggish on offense, but that defense was as stifling as it was last year, and that was more than enough to beat an overmatched Norfolk State team. I checked in on a few other college games, watched a little NBA, but the game I wanted to watch most, even over Michigan, was the Duke-Kentucky game.

This was, by far, the best matchup of the night. It was supposed to be a close, tight game. There were as many as 7 potential first round picks playing in this game. It was Coach K versus Coach Cal, the two biggest "one and done" guys. It had all the build up. Then, the game happened.

Look, I loathe Duke. I despise Duke. I cannot stand Coach K, and everything he gets away with that other coaches get hammered for. I have never, ever liked this school. But holy shit do they look like they are going to be really, really, really good.

Duke didn't just beat Kentucky last night, they embarrassed them. I turned on the game a little late, Michigan was finishing up their win, and Duke was already up double figures. I was interested in all these freshman playing, but I had to see Zion Williamson. I also wanted to see Cam Reddish and RJ Barrett. These are 3 of the top 5 players in last year's recruiting pass. As I stated in my preseason preview, I have not seen a freshman class this good since the Fab Five at Michigan. They also have Tre Jones, who is, quietly, a great point guard. These kids all lived up to the hype, and then some. I know, this is one game, but it was against the preseason number 2 team, at a neutral site with players that were ranked just as high. And Duke won by 34 points. I mean, holy cow. Zion Williamson, at least last night, was as advertised. He is humongous, but extremely agile and moves pretty smooth on the floor. He also hammers the hell out of the rim. He finished with 28 points. Cam Reddish looked great. He scored the quietest 22 points, on only 14 shots. He also D'ed up very well. RJ Barrett scored 33, a freshman record at Duke. He seemingly could not miss. He is as pure a scorer as I have seen in college basketball. Tre Jones is the leader at point guard that this team needs. I know he is a freshman, but he seems wise beyond his years on the court. These 4 played so well it cancelled out anything the super freshman that Kentucky had. I don't remember a thing about them last night. This is the number 2 team in the nation. And Duke just destroyed them.

I know it's just one game, the first game, and there is a lot of season left and maybe Duke was just super gassed up, and the ACC is very tough. But, this team looked as impressive a college team that I have seen in quite some time. This is a whole thing of, I despise this team, I hope they get beat every time they step on the floor, I will constantly root against them, but they look nearly unbeatable. They are so talented and look like they can win anyway they please. If one of these kids has an off night, they have 3 others that can step up. They also have depth. I believe that I picked them to finish second in the ACC, but that changes immediately after last night. They should win the ACC. They should win it with ease. UNC may challenge them, but I do not think they can beat them one time, let alone 3 times.

After the amount of games that I saw bits and pieces of last night, Duke is clearly the best team. KU is the only other team that I think has a fleeting shot at giving them a game. I hope they get sanctioned to shit, but for right now, after last night, Duke is scarily good. They look like the Alabama, or New England Patriots or Golden State Warriors of college basketball. Unfortunately the hype seems to be legit.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing, the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast, and the greatest basketball writer on the internet. 

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