Another Pixar Classic with "The Incredibles 2"


I just got home from seeing “The Incredibles 2”, and I loved it. I’m going to keep my review short and sweet because I don’t want to spoil a thing, and I feel like this is a movie everyone should try and see in the theaters. I wrote a piece last week in preparation to see the sequel, and boy am I glad I watched the first one. Not that the plot needed to be spelled out for me, but I’m just so glad the first one was fresh in my memory.

“The Incredibles 2” starts out with a great action scene that immediately grabs you, and it all rolls from there. We see that Jack Jack, Violet, and Dash are all a bit older. But, they aren’t 14 years older. It may have taken that long for the sequel, but they jumped maybe 2 or 3 years into the “future”. That was another thing I really liked about this movie, the scenery. I feel like these movies take place in that late 50’s, early 60’s. I know the tech stuff wasn’t around back then, but we are talking about a cartoon movie about a family of super heroes. The set design reminded me of a cartoon version of “Pleasantville”, and I loved the look of that movie. I also liked the parental role reversal in this movie. The company that wants to make being a super hero legal again gets the three main heroes, ElastiGirl, Mr. Incredible and Frozone, together, and the guy that owns it, greatly voiced by Bob Oedenkirk, says that ElastiGirl is who they want to be the face of the movement. The wife works and the Dad stays home. As you all know, I can relate to that very, very well. It was great to see that represented in a big time movie. Edna returns for 1 and a half scenes, and she is still wonderful and hilarious.

I just really enjoyed the hell out of this movie in pretty much every aspect. It was nostalgic yet updated. The animation was cleaner, but still looked like the first movie. All the voice actors did a great job. The misdirect with the villain totally paid off. The added super heroes were cool. And I really appreciated the warning of all the flashing in the movie. I don’t have epilepsy or seizures, but I don’t like strobe light effects. I was very happy to get myself prepared for that. Oh, and the short movie before, “Bao”, was wonderful, sad and happy. It was a classic Pixar move.

“The Incredibles 2” was great, and I highly recommend seeing it. Not only will your kids love it, you’ll love it too.


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