We Rewatch "The Incredibles" to See if it Deserves a Sequel


This past Friday my wife and I decided that we wanted to show our son the movie, "The Incredibles". We wanted him to see this movie for a bevy of reasons. One, he loves super heroes. He always has, and I feel like it will be a love that always will be around for him. Two, I'm taking him to see the sequel this Saturday while my wife and daughter are at a baby shower. Three, my folks came over, and my dad had never seen it, so we thought it would be good for him and our son to watch. Four, our daughter likes cartoons, so it was something that would keep her attention for a bit. Five, the movie is about a family of super heroes, so it was just the cherry on top of why we wanted him to see it. The list of reason could literally go on and on and on.

I hadn't seen the movie since it was released in theaters over 14 years ago. I vividly remember going to see it with RD in the theaters. I remember it so well, one, because we wanted to see this new Pixar movie, and 2, there was a preview attached for the new "Star Wars" prequel, I don't remember exactly which one, and it came out on RD's birthday(Ed Note: It was Episode III: Revenge of the Sith). So, I was a bit nervous that the original "Incredibles" may not hold up, or seem old and trite. I was wrong.

"The Incredibles" is still an mazing, action packed, funny and sweet and perfect family movie. I was fully engaged on this second watch over 14 years later. I love the start of the movie where they are interviewing the heroes separately and all the stuff that went into that bit. I loved that Elasti Girl was even bigger than Mr. Incredible or Frozone. Pixar, and mostly Brad Bird, were way, way ahead of the curve as far as making women focal points of movies. I liked the back and forth between Elasti girl and Mr. Incredible while they were attaining a bad guy. Their relationship in the movie, before they got married and had kids, was perfect. Frozone was still amazing. His girlfriend, who eventually becomes his wife, is so great as the voice in the background, always giving Frozone a hard time. She is wonderful, and we never see what she looks like.

After Elasti Girl and Mr. Incredible get married, and have kids, I love where the story goes from there. Mr. Incredible starts to put on weight because they can't live in the real world as super heroes, they need to keep a low profile. They fully buy into family life, even though all of their kids have powers too. But, Mr. Incredible is still searching for something to make him feel super again. He now has a very unfulfilling job, but he and Frozone go out one night a week and try to find crime to fight.

I know everyone knows the story by now, but it is so fresh in my mind, I feel the need to recap some stuff. When Frozone and Mr. Incredible finally do find some crime to fight, we come to find out that it is all setup by the young kid that wanted to be Mr. Incredible when he was a kid. Jason Lee is really good as the villain in this movie. His voice acting made me opine for him in other roles. He has kind of disappeared, and he used to be a real great actor. He is exceptional in this movie. He has his assistant bring Mr. Incredible to his island to fight, and the movie just gets better from there. Mr. Incredible starts to get in shape again. His family starts to live the high life, yet none of them know why yet. But, it is all a setup, as I said. The scene with the lady that creates their costumes is still one of the best things that I have ever seen in a movie in my life. It is funny, fast paced and tremendous. I love that scene so much. Mr. Incredible's family finally figures out that he is back to being a superhero, and while they are mad, especially Elasti Girl, they need to now save him because he is in trouble. They all start to use their powers too, and it is so cool. We have all seen Elasti Girl and Mr. Incredible's powers up to this point. But now, we get to see the kids. The older son is super fast and strong. I liked it so much because he reminded me of my son, and my son loved the kid too. The daughter can set up force fields to protect people. Her power is the one I think I would want of I had to choose. And, even though we don't know it yet, the baby is basically an amalgamation of all of his family's powers. I'm sure that will be a big part in the sequel.

This movie still totally rules. I am not going to go into the ending because we all know about it by now. Some other things I took from the movie on tis second viewing were, the writing is impeccable, the voice acting is top notch, the action scenes are perfect, the movie is for both adults and kids and the animation is amazing. It looked like it was made last year. I was amazed at how great the animation was. "The Incredibles" is an awesome movie that does not get the credit that is deserves. I feel like it is an underrated movie. I'm so excited to see the sequel here in a few days. This movie rules.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is unfamiliar with the ideas of Objectivism and the greater works of Ayn Rand. This ignoarance helps him enjoy the superhero genre more than the political philosophy nerds.

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