Ty does not have enough thumbs to point up for Mad Max:Fury Road

"Mad Max: Fury Road" may be the greatest action movie made this year. Scratch that, it may be the greatest action movie EVER!

The movie opens with a voice over by Max(Tom Hardy) explaining the plight of the human race and then the action immediately begins. I will no relay some of the insanity. Max gets chased and captured by the War Boys who immediately tattoo his information(i.e. license number, blood type, organ donor, etc.) and are about to brand him, then he gets away, a huge fight ensues, only to have them capture him again and put him in some sort of birdcage. Then, the inhabitants of this post apocalyptic land meet to be given their instructions for the upcoming gas acquiring mission. Here we meet Imperator Furiosa(Charlize Theron). She's a total badass with a metal arm and a ton of firearms and ammunition. She also has a war rig, which is the best car to have in this society. Next we meet the leader/dictator Immortan Joe(Hugh Keays-Byrne) talking to the crowd, explaining the upcoming events and then giving the town a small taste of water, since it's so scarce. He's a terrifying looking bad guy and he's as mean as he looks. While going away on their mission Furiosa takes a detour, which we find out later that she's taking the young pregnant ladies(Breeders) somewhere safe. When Immortan Joe realizes what's happening, he sends his whole fleet of WarBoys out to capture her and bring her and his Breeders back. One of the WarBoys, Nux(Nicholas Hoult), is having blood transfused into him from Max, to keep him alive, and he's so excited to go and fight, he straps Max to the front of his car so the blood can continue to pump into him and he won't miss anything. While chasing Furiosa, they all get trapped in a sandstorm and many of the WarBoys meet their demise. This scene is so intense, with the constant color change and flashes of lightening, I thought I was going to have a seizure.

Now keep in mind, this is about the first twenty to twenty five minutes of the movie.

There are parts where they explain things and you get an idea of what Furiosa is really doing on her rogue mission, but I'd say about ninety to ninety five percent of the movie is straight action. The climatic scene was one of the greatest sequences of car chase, action and fighting I've seen in a movie in a really long time. It's epic. So, for my movie fans out there, there's two movies filled with action, that also happen to be good movies, this summer, "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and "Mad Max: Fury Road". I don't know which one I like better, but since I saw it today, I'd go with "Mad Max".

It's awesome


Ty is the Pop Culture Editor for Seed Sing.  He is going to sleep now because Mad Max: Fury Road took all his energy away today.  Seriously, go see this movie