Is Everett Golson the right fit for Florida State's football culture? Is that a good thing?

I watch sports for two reasons, to root my teams on and to hate on teams I don't like. With that in mind I ask myself why is it of no surprise that former Notre Dame quaterback Everett Golson,  who was kicked off the team for academic reasons only to be brought back and beat out by another teammate, is now transferring to Florida State. I'll tell you why it doesn't surprise me, because it seems like character and off field issues don't matter to a school like Florida State. All that seems to matter to them is how many wins they can get for their football team. This is a shame. Sure, Jameis Winston is a great football player  One does not get taken first in the NFL draft if you are not talented, but this kid has more issues than the New York Times. First he gets accused of sexual assault, later to be thrown out of court for some unknown reason( I'd say the people of Tallahassee paid this person off), then he yells vulgar things in the lunchroom like a child.  To top off Winston's grand behavior he also steals food from a grocery store! But all this gets thrown out because the dude knows how to throw a spiral. Now they're bringing in Golson, who by all accounts is a good football player, but has character issues as well. First, he gets kicked off Notre Dame's football team because he can't get his grades straight,  and then he just gets flat out beaten out for the starting spot. Who should be there to catch him when he's falling and whining like a baby, Florida State. This is such a joke. I also don't think it will work to their advantage as well as they think. This kid turns the ball over A LOT. I'm just so unhappy with the state of college football right now. When these young kids don't get their way, they just leave a school to go somewhere else and play. It seems the players are following the behavior set by the coaches (looking at you Nick Saban). They've been told yes their whole lives and when someone comes in and beats them out, instead of staying and fighting for their spot, they think it's just best to leave and go somewhere where they can play. Florida State may also be the biggest joke of a "university" there is today. Clearly all they care about is marketing their product and making bundles and bundles of cash more so than the well being of assaulted students or getting these athletes the education they deserve.

Florida State, you're an embarrassment to colleges everywhere.


Ty is the Pop Culture Editor for Seed Sing.  He is a life long college football fan, yet the likes of Florida State are starting to challenge that commitment.