2019 NFL Quick Hits: Week 1

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With week one of the NFL 2019 season officially in the books, I want to do some quick takes on what I saw yesterday and Sunday. Also, I am still pissed off at UVerse for getting rid of the RedZone Channel. What a crock.

Anyway, there were some surprises, but mostly, the first week went pretty much like I thought. We started off Thursday night in Chicago, with the Bears playing my Packers. The game was an ugly slugfest, featuring something like 13 punts, but Green Bay made Mitch Trubisky play QB, and that is how you beat the Bears. Trubisky showed zero signs of growth this offseason, and the revamped Packers defense made him pay. The Bears were also tremendous defensively, as expected, but Aaron Rodgers had one good drive, and that was more than enough for a solid opening night road win.

Then we were barraged with games on Sunday. I want to start with the thing that surprised me most, and that was the Browns getting absolutely crushed, at home. I wasn't as high on them as others are, but I did not expect them to make Marcus Mariota and the Titans look like world beaters. The Browns were undisciplined, 19 penalties I believe, unprepared and seemed to buy into the hype. I know it is only one game, but good god did they look bad, especially Baker Mayfield. He needs to stop talking and work on his game. He was atrocious. And props to Delani Walker for talking his shit. His team crushed the Browns, and he let them know it.

I was happily surprised by what I saw the Ravens do. Lamar Jackson was incredible, and he had the quote of the day saying, "not bad for a running back". For those that may not know, Jackson is a QB, and he had a day. He went for over 300 yards passing, and threw 5 TD's. I know it was against the Dolphins, and they have a whole slew of problems, but still, those are impressive stats. The Ravens had 42 at halftime.

Carolina and the LA Rams had a fun, close game. The Rams looked good, as they should, but so did Carolina. After a slow-ish start, Cam Newton turned it on, and Christian McCaffery is the real deal at running back. I know the Panthers got beat, but after the way they started, I am impressed by how they finished. Also, Todd Gurley might still be a bit banged up.

RD's Vikings put the clamps on the Falcons. I think it helped that their d was up to task, that Dalvin Cook was the focal point of the offense and that Kirk Cousins only had to throw 10 times. They mashed the Falcons, and if the Vikings play like this all year, I would feel very good with my pick for them to win the division. They need to lean on Cook and that defense.

The Chiefs looked as good as they did last year. It took Patrick Mahomes all of three passes before he had his first TD of the year. They were cruising so much that he even tried his no look pass. He missed badly, but who cares when you already have the game in hand. I do feel bad for the Jaguars because they seemingly lost Nick Foles for the year on a beautiful TD pass. He broke his collarbone, and that probably ends any hope of them getting back to the playoffs.

The Eagles started off very sluggish, but they were playing Washington, so it didn't matter. I do want to give props to Vernon Davis for his incredible catch and run for his first TD of the year. But after that, Philly took over. It was nice to see Desean Jackson play so well also. He's always been one of my favorites.

The Bills and Jets played a meaningless, and as boring game as the Packers and Bears did, and Adam Gase did what he does, and blew an opportunity for an easy win. Nice comeback by Buffalo, but it was against the Jets. Who cares.

The late afternoon games weren't much different. The Chargers and Colts had an exciting game, and that Malik Hooker one handed interception was amazing. The way the Colts played in that game makes me think they could still push for the playoff. And the Chargers didn't look like they missed Melvin Gordon all that much.

I was pulling for RD's other team, the Bengals, but they just couldn't eek out that win over the Seahawks. Seattle was also not very good in that game. They still have no run game, and their receiver talent is lacking. Clowney looked good though.

The Cowboys hammered the Giants, and I really hate to say this, look like they could be a real threat if this offense plays like they did on Sunday. Also, Saquon Barkley deserves so much better than being on the Giants. That dude is awesome.

I had forgotten the 49ers and Buccaneers played each other. I think that says all I need to say about that game.

We had our first tie of the season in the Detroit-Arizona game. That game featured 3 hellish quarters for Kyler Murray, and then a spectacular fourth and overtime. He looked great at the end. I also want to apologize to my family members that are Lions fans. You guys shouldn't have to watch a team that is so poorly coached. The Lions should have had this game in the bag, but Matt Patricia and crew really blew it late.

The Sunday night game was a rout, but I expected that. Pittsburgh got worse this offseason. Say what you will about Antonio Brown and LeVeon Bell, but they were the best guys the Steelers had, and without them, they showed how rough this year could be. Also, I guess I should revise my Super Bowl pick because the Patriots decimated the Steelers, and they also added Antonio Brown after the Raiders released him. They are the Golden State Warriors of the NFL.

The 2 Monday night games were fine. Well, the Saints and Texans was super fun actually. That game was back and forth, and if the Texans had a real head coach, they would have won. Deshaun Watson and Deandre Hopkins are amazing, and so much fun to watch. But, if you give Drew Brees, Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara a sliver of hope, they will take it and crush you.

The final game of the night was Oakland and Denver. Talk about 2 teams going nowhere fast. Sure, the Raiders won, but so what. Denver has an amazing defense that will be wasted by their horrific offense. And the Raiders, congrats on getting a win. Also, Josh Jacobs looked like the real deal. He did that to a legit NFL defense.

Those are my thoughts on week one. We shall see how the season will play out from here, but if I were a betting man, I would put a good deal of money on the Patriots repeating. God that was painful to watch, and realize.


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