Ty Picks the 2019 NFL Winners


Wrapping up my 2019 NFL preview, today I am going to pick division winners, AFC and NFC title matchup and Super Bowl matchup, and winner. I will also pick the big awards like, coach of the year, offensive and defensive MVP, overall MVP and offensive and defensive rookies of the year. Unlike the past, I will not do a deep dive into each division because that seems pointless. I did just count down all 32 teams, and gave reasons for why I have them where I have them. So, lets get to it.

As always, I will start in the AFC, and that means the AFC East is up first. This is the, I think, 4th year that I have done this, and once again, I am going with New England. They are the best team in the division, and they have zero competition from the other three teams. This may be their last hurrah, but the Patriots are as close to a shoe in as you get in the modern NFL. The AFC West is a teensy bit better, they at least have 2 teams that I think will be in the mix all year, but I am going with the Chiefs. I had them as my number 1 overall team for a reason. The Chargers will fight, and may even lead the division for a hot second, but the Chiefs are so god damn explosive on offense, and their defense improved this offseason. The bottom of that division, Denver and Oakland, is going to be horrendously bad too. Chiefs all the way though. They are great. In the AFC North I have the Baltimore Ravens. This may cause people to yell at me, think I'm stupid or crazy, but I love what the Ravens are doing, and I think the rest of the division is not that good yet. Pittsburgh will take a step back, I don't buy the Cleveland hype and the Bengals are going to be awful. I do however love me some John Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson and Earl Thomas and the fact that the Ravens want to run the ball a billion times and win with defense. I think it will be ugly, and it may only take 10 wins, but I have the Ravens winning the North. And in the AFC South, I'm going with the Colts. This will be the toughest division to win in the AFC, but I feel like the Colts are back to being a perennial playoff team, and division winner. The Texans will be their biggest threat, and don't sleep on the Titans. But, I just think with Luck back, and Frank Reich leading the way, and that young defense already being so good, they will take the division.

So that leaves me with Indy, Kansas City, New England and Baltimore as playoff locks. My two wild cards are Houston and the Chargers. In the AFC title game, I think it will be the Chiefs and Patriots, and this time, the Chiefs won't get hosed by the refs, and they will be able to stop some big pass plays. The Chiefs will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

Now to the NFC. Lets start in the East here. I'm going with Philadelphia. Like I said in my preview, on paper, they may have the best team, and they have the best team by far in this division. The Cowboys will step back with or without Ezekial Elliot, Washington is awful and the Giants are worse. Philadelphia has about as easy a route as the Patriots in this division. The NFC West is a complete joke of a division, and the Rams will use that to coast to another title. The Cardinals are breaking in an overrated, and not deserving new head coach, and Kyler Murray is a rookie. The 49ers are more overrated than the Browns and the Seahawks have no one besides Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner. The Rams can sleepwalk their way to another division title. The NFC North will be very, very tough, except for the Lions. I feel like Green Bay, Minnesota and Chicago will all have winning records. In the end, I like to go with defense, but that doesn't mean I am picking the Bears. I'm actually going to go with the Vikings, as much as RD might disagree with me. This is a put up or shut up year for them, and I think they will respond, especially on the defensive side of the ball. But Green Bay and Chicago will be right there all year. In the NFC South, it is all about the Saints. They have almost as much talent on offense as the Chiefs do, and they can put up points. They do need to be better defensively, and I think they will be. The Panthers will be a big challenge to them I think. The Falcons window has closed, and Tampa Bay is a joke of an NFL team. The Saints should, fairly easily I might add, win this division, and be primed for a big run in the playoffs.

So, that leaves me with the Saints, Vikings, Rams and Eagles as locks for the playoffs. The wild card is a bit harder for me in the NFC, but I will go Chicago, sorry Green Bay, I just don't like the Matt LaFleur hire, and I'll go with the Panthers to get back in the playoffs this year. As far as the NFC title game goes, I think we will see Rams-Saints part 2, but this time the Saints will get some revenge, and it won't come down to a blown non call by the refs. I feel like the Saints will smash them.

That means I have the Saints and the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. I hope this happens because that game would be exciting as hell. And, I'm going to go with the Saints to win, and my shocker pick of the year, I think Drew Brees will retire after the game if they do win. I just don't trust Andy Reid, and Sean Payton is a hell of a coach, especially in big time games. Patrick Mahomes will get his eventually, but every super star has to go through bumps before they get their championship. This will, most likely, be his last bump before that.

Okay, on to the awards. Coach of the Year I'm going to go with Mike Zimmer. I think the Vikings will be much better, and it will be because he gets that defense to play at a championship level again. Offensive MVP, I'm going with Mahomes. I told you all yesterday that I think 5,000 yards and 50 TD's will be his new norm. He will continue to put up "video game" numbers for awhile. Defensive MVP will be Aaron Donald. The guy is simply amazing, and he alone will do what Khalil Mack did last year for the Bears. Aaron Donald is awesome. Offensive Rookie of the Year will be Kyler Murray, and I think he will win it on the strength of his first 3 or 4 games. He is going to put up ridiculous numbers because of that gimmick offense, but teams will figure it out. But, if he already has 12 TD passes, and something like 1,200 yards after week 4, he will be a lock. Defensive rookie of the Year is going to go to my favorite player in the draft last year, the good Josh Allen. He is going to fly all over the field for the Jaguars, and he will bring back a little bit of that "Sacksonville" feel from 2 years ago. Finally, overall MVP. I'm going to double dip here, and go with Mahomes to win it again. He is on a whole other level, and his numbers are going to be insane. He is the new generation of QB in the NFL.

Okay, there it is, my entire 2019 NFL preview and predictions Come back tomorrow when I deep dive into college football, my favorite sport to watch.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Every year Ty seems to pick the Vikings to edge out the Packers, and every year some other overachiever takes the NFC North crown. Is this the year of the Lions? Is it ever the year of the Lions?

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