Good for You Andrew Luck

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I was watching college football on Saturday night, and during the game I saw the news scrawl that said Andrew Luck had informed the Colts that he was retiring from football.

I was stunned.

My first instinct was that this wasn't a real thing. I assumed that someone had gotten their news and sources wrong. I simply didn't believe it. I legitimately thought it was a mistake. But, I saw that Adam Schefter was the source, and he is the Woj of the NFL for ESPN. He is right pretty much every single time with these things. My wife then entered the living room, I told her, and since she plays fantasy football, she was stunned as well.

This is a big deal. I cannot state that enough. A player of his caliber, with his pedigree, with a possible Super Bowl contending team coming back, to walk away is absolutely stunning. Now, I need to say, this is only a shock to the football world. This is only a shock for on field stuff. This is only surprising because he is so young, and like I said, had a great supporting cast around him. Outside of the football field, I commend what Luck is doing. He has more money than he knows what to do with. He has had a solid career. He went to the playoffs. He came back from injuries to be great last year. He was the QB of one of the most epic playoff comebacks ever. He was a number one overall pick. He had a great college career. Pretty much the only things he didn't do was win an MVP or a Super Bowl. Other than that, he did it all. So he can walk away with his head held high.

That's another thing, Luck leaves with his brain still pretty much fully intact. He might not have to suffer some of the horrible side effects that happen to NFL players after they have stayed in the league too long. He is still all there. He still knows what's up. He gets it. That is incredible. And to walk away so young, with such a good team, I think that is brave as hell. No one would ever condemn any regular person if they were able to retire at 29. They would applaud that person.

The idiots are not applauding Luck, they are booing him during a preseason game, or calling him soft like Doug Gotlieb, or saying anything negative about this decision, you are all wrong. The people calling him soft, I'd love to see them take the beating he did for 9 years and come out okay. They don't stand a chance. Doug Gotlieb is a moron, so anyone that listens to him is a moron too, and he is just out there trying to keep his name in social media. He was a subpar college basketball player, and he is an even worse commentator. He is like a lesser Skip Bayless, and that is not a compliment, at all. And the fans booing him, how classless do you have to be? He didn't have the heart or the will to give it his all anymore. You really want him to risk his life so you can get drunk and yell at him when he throws a pick or gets sacked? I wish I knew who was booing him so I could go straight up to their faces and boo them mercilessly.

All in all I am still a little stunned by the news, but I get it. After thinking about it, and watching his press conference and hearing other players talk about it, he is doing what is best for him and his family, and that is all that matters. Football is a game, and he doesn't have to do it anymore if he doesn't want to. That takes courage and bravery to walk away when your heart isn't fully into it. I will miss watching him play, but at least he has his health, his brain, and he can do whatever in the hell he pleases now.

Good for you Andrew Luck. I will look back at your football career fondly. Enjoy your retirement.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Ty remembers the hurtful words and tweets directed towards him after he walked away from his professional career. Ty had done all he wanted to as a dental lab tech by 31, there was nothing left to accomplish.

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