Better Late than Never on "The Favourite"


As I do around this time of year, I try to catch up on some award winning movies from the previous year. Most premium channels are now showing them, and the other day HBO was playing “The Favourite”. I recorded it, and I literally just finished it about 10 minutes ago. Needless to say, I have some thoughts.

First off, I wanted to see this movie because I really enjoyed the director’s previous movie, “The Lobster”. I wanted to see what he would do next. Now I have to say up top, I enjoyed “The Favourite”, but I also have about a million questions that I don’t know will ever get answered, but that’s okay. I like when a movie makes me think about it for a few days after I watch it. That is the sign of a good movie to me. That shows that the director, writers and actors all did their jobs, and did them well. That being said, it’s a super weird movie. It is even wilder, to me, than “The Lobster”.

“The Favourite” just kind of starts, and moves along from there. You get the idea that it’s about a queen, but it takes awhile to get to the real story of the movie. It did start a little slow for my taste, but when it picks up, it really picks up. The movie is about a sickly and petulant queen who basically chooses between 2 women to be her second in command. Olivia Colman is wonderful as the queen. She is petulant and moody and whiny and childish and paranoid. Colman nails this. She is really good in this role, especially when the story starts to pick up.

Now, I don’t want to take anything away from Colman, as I said, I thought she was great, but Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz are far superior in their performances, for me. This is a total departure from what Stone usually does, and man is she wonderful. She is manipulative and willing to do anything to climb the social ladder and only cares about herself, no matter who gets hurt. I’m used to seeing Stone, who I really like as an actor, play the good person, the hero. She is very far from that in this movie, and she nails it. I was blown away by her performance. It makes me like her even more. I don’t know if she was nominated for this or not, but she definitely deserved to be either way. She is so good in this movie. But Rachel Weisz, to me, was the absolute star of this movie. She is so, so, so good. She is strong and powerful and commanding and righteous. She is the queen’s right hand person so much so that she essentially runs the country for me. She is a total badass too. She doesn’t take any crap from anyone, and she’s a fighter. At first I didn’t like her character, but as the movie went on, I grew to love her, and root for her. I couldn’t figure out who to root for for a bit. Then Weisz has this tremendous turn, and I totally bought in. Not only should she have been nominated for sure, she should have won many awards for this role. She was amazing.

There were some other smaller performances from some solid actors, but this was really a story about these 3 women, and it was very well told. The movie is haunting, yet beautiful to look at. The music is absolutely incredible. I found myself, saying aloud to no one, that the music in this movie rules. I would totally listen to this score just for fun. And the three main actors totally nailed their performances.

As I said, I still have a ton of questions, but “The Favourite” is a good movie, and it deserves all the accolades it got. I like the movie, and I recommend it. Just know that it is very strange, and will leave you scratching your head, in a good way.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Ty dislikes the Oscars so much he never pays attention to them. If he had, Ty would know that both Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz lost their shots at a second Oscar when Regina King won her goddamned deserved first Oscar.

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