I Will Miss the Great "Baskets" When it is Gone


It was announced about a week ago that the show "Baskets" on FX would be concluding the series with the season 4 finale on August 22nd. I don't know if this was decided by the creators or the network. I would like to think that the creators decided for themselves. I'm bummed by this, but I understand why they are ending it in 2 weeks. This season has felt like a finale all season long. The way the characters have developed throughout the series feels like it was all leading to a conclusion from the first episode of season 4. Some minor spoilers are coming. Fair warning.

Chip is the CEO of the family barn, and is starting to stand up for himself a bit more. He has become an adult, which seems like it was his arc. Dale is insane, and living in a wild trailer park, but he has been there for his family when they have needed him, and he and Chip have had a moment where it seems like they finally understand, and accept, one another. Martha has become more confident, and she doesn't beckon to every call from the Baskets family. Dale's ex wife has moved on. Their 2 kids are growing up, and they seem to be happy enough with their lot in life. Christine is married to her one true love, and she finally seems genuinely happy. All of the main characters have pretty much wrapped their individual stories with 2 episodes left.

All that being said, I will really miss this show for some different reasons. I like how different it is from most shows on TV right now. It is original and funny and moving and shows what it is like to be in a weird, yet loving family. Louie Anderson has been an absolute delight as Christine on the show. I was stunned when I saw him playing the mom, but after about a minute, I forgot, and totally bought it. That is the sign, to me, as a character really inhabiting the role and making it so believable and real. Martha is one of the most underrated comedy characters on TV. She is so monotone and never changes her facial expressions, yet she may be the funniest person on the show. Every time she has had an episode dedicated to her character, I have always found myself laughing, or feeling remorse, for her. She is wonderful. Zach Galifinakis has been tremendous in his 2 roles. He plays both Chip and Dale, and the fact that I forget that he is playing both twins speaks volumes to his performance. As Dale he is so wild and sad and southern and dumb. As Chip he was such a pushover and a follower that turned himself into a real adult, like I said before. He has played these 2 guys so very well. "Baskets" is filled with great, unique performances from very solid actors.

I also like how the show had such an odd premise, Chip is a real clown from Paris that moves back home to Bakersfield with his family. It sounds simple-ish, but the stories went in so many different directions, and they were all told so very well. I also liked how they showed another side of California that we don't see on TV. Bakersfield seems like such a boring, old timey town. That is not the California that is usually shown. There are no models or big studios or fancy stuff going on. Bakersfield looks like a real town that you'd pass through without even recognizing it. And I really like all the odd side characters the show has brought on from time to time. There are Chip and Dale other adopted twin brothers that are famous DJ's. They were great. The old time fair guy that works at the barn was funny, yet sad. The people that live in the same trailer park as Dale are nuts and wild themselves. The pastor that has a church right next to the barn was a delight. He has a beautiful singing voice too. Martha's parents were so old, yet so funny. It was filled with excellent side characters as well as the main cast.

Like I said, I am bummed that the show is ending, but I get it. And, I still have 2 episodes left to enjoy before it ends its 4 year run. Honestly, that is 3 seasons longer than I thought it would get. Kudos to the creators and writers and actors of "Baskets". I will always remember this show, and I am grateful that I got to see it in real time. I would bet a good amount of money that it will become a cult classic whenever it ends up on a streaming service. It is that good of a show.


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