This Tate Martell Miami Situation is a Fiasco

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I know that I spent last week talking football, but the story that came out from the University of Miami yesterday is too good not to acknowledge.

For those in the know, Tate Martell left the University of Ohio State after Justin Fields transferred there and decided to go to Miami. He assumed he would start, Miami had recruited him, and he didn't think he would get a chance to play if he stayed in the shit hole that is Columbus. I, like a lot of people, assumed he would start too. He was talking all this shit, went on Twitter to talk about how good he is, and how he should play, fought with the NCAA to get immediate eligibility, even though he transferred simply for playing time, somehow won the appeal and was granted immediate eligibility and started practicing with the team right away.

Yesterday new coach Manny Diaz announced that a freshman who enrolled early was going to be his starting QB. This brought back so many of the stupid things this Martell kid had said on many social media platforms. There was even a text exchange between him and a friend where he was bashing other recruits who have gone on to, at the very least, play some QB in college football. I mean this is a clear case of a kid that cannot back up all the talk. This reminds me so very much of the Tate Forcier era at Michigan, but Forcier at least got to play in some real games. All Martell did last year was play in mop up duty, and with the departure of Dwayne Haskins, I'm sure he figured he was next in line. Then the Justin Fields transfer, who also got immediate eligibility, happened. Then he left and now he is not starting. In fact, it was reported that after the true freshman was named starting QB at Miami, Martell didn't even show up for practice. Again, I go back to Tate Forcier after Denard Robinson was named the starter for Michigan. Robinson came in, ran the offense to perfection, and at the time, was clearly the top QB for the Wolverines. So Forcier transferred, expected playing time at a big school, didn't get it, and now, I couldn't tell you where he is. I do know where Denard Robinson is though, because he stuck it out until it was his turn. That is the problem I have with Martell, That, and the non stop talking and gassing himself up via Twitter. He flat out got beat. Diaz has had these kids in camp for a bit now, and it was clear to him that the freshman was better than Martell. And for him to reportedly skip practice the very next day, that is some sour grapes. I mean, in all likely hood he was going to be the backup, and the cliché thing is, "the backup QB is one snap away from being the starter". Also, what if this other kid struggles a bit? Then I'm sure Diaz wouldn't hesitate to put Martell in. But nope, it seems as if he is going to try and leave another big time program, and catch on somewhere else, because he doesn't feel like he should earn his spot, he thinks it should be handed to him. Sure, he was probably great in high school, but he has done zero in college football, and now he is getting beat by a true freshman.

I don't know what will happen to Martell from here, but if he does decide to transfer again, this would be his third time, if I were a coach of a major program, I would steer clear of him. It is clear to me that he doesn't want competition, that he doesn't think he needs to practice, that he thinks he is the best no matter who else is already established, or what big time recruits have been brought in. The funny thing to me, that I saw all over sports websites yesterday, was people saying he was going to end up on season 5 of "Last Chance U". That would be hilarious. This kid has proven that he isn't ready, not yet at least, for big time college football. All he has shown is that he can run his mouth, and then get beat out by other QB's on the roster.

This is one of the reasons why I have a problem with the NCAA, and their transfer portal. Anytime it gets tough for one of these 4 or 5 star kids in high school, they leave. They don't even wait to see what will happen, or if they will get a chance. They just up and leave, and end up playing at a small school, and the NFL forgets about them. It is kind of ridiculous how much this goes on. I have no problem with a kid leaving if the coaching situation changes, or if they get hurt and have been told they won't get to play much when they get back. But, to transfer because someone is better than you, that is laughable to me.

Well, we will have to wait and see what will happen next in this crazy story. But, I feel like he is going to be Miami's version of Tate Forcier. Hell, maybe we will see him on "Last Chance U" next year. Time will tell.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Ty is not ready for a repeat of the Tate Forcier era. No Michigan fan should have to relive those 7 win seasons.

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