TLC Week: "90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk" is a Welcome Addition to the 90 Day Family


TLC has another one of the most useless, yet supremely entertaining shows currently on TV right now. That show is called "90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk". Did you all think I was done with the "90 Day" off shoots? Think again.

"Pillow Talk" is essentially a re airing of the newest episode, but this time they have other couples from other "90 Day" shows come on and talk about what they are seeing while they lounge in their home, or the home of a relative. I absolutely love this. I was on the fence when my wife said we should check it out because I didn't want to watch the same show over again. But, it is so much more than that. It reminds me of when VH1 used to show "I Love The Insert Decade Here" shows, or something like "Pop Up Video". It just enhances what I've just seen only an hour ago.

For this first season of "Pillow Talk", they assembled some great past stars from whatever "90 Day" they were on. We get people like Tarik and Dean, who are hilarious. David and Annie, I can't believe I'm saying this, are wonderful, and I find myself agreeing with what David says most of the time. Darcey and her twin sister Stacey are on it, and they are feisty and fun and funny. They even brought Darcey's two daughters on one time, and that somehow worked.

The best couple on "Pillow Talk", by a thousand miles, is Lexi and Loren. They are the most fun, by far the funniest, they have the best reactions and interactions and they are so god damn adorable together. They crack me up, especially how low key Lexi is, and how amped up Loren gets. It works out almost too perfectly.

Anyway, the things that the couples, or relatives see, and to see their reactions, is totally worth your time. I have said a lot this week that my wife and I judge the people on these "90 Day" shows, and that is exactly what "Pillow Talk" does, except the people involved lived through it. They were on TV. They had their engagements and weddings and life after all that broadcast to the public. They know better than any of us what these people are going through. So, to see them react to this most recent season of "Happily Ever After?" is tremendous. The amount of jaws dropping is amazing. The guttural yells that have come from some people are hilarious. Dean is such a humongous fan of Chantel's, that any time she and Pedro get into a fight, he immediately takes her side, and takes it with a vengeance. He is great. As I said, David and Annie's reactions are golden. David actually seems to have gotten his act together, or he just likes to judge people, and Annie always makes some delicious food and gives her 2 cents, which is very informative. Loren has made some of the best faces during all the Colt, Larissa and Deb stuff. She is clearly aghast at what she is seeing, as we all are. Lexi will just sit there and eat food, but even he has sat up in their bed and dropped his jaw. Those moments are priceless. I love how Darcey is all about people breaking up, or getting their money. She has no bones about who she is, and she is proud to show that on "Pillow Talk". I think what I enjoy most about the show, outside of the fact that I get to see what these people snack on, is that it is a neat little wrap up. It is a nice after dinner show to watch and get full reactions to the insanity that was the episode of "Happily Ever After?".

I cannot help it, I really enjoy the hell out of this show. I was actually bummed when they didn't have a new "Pillow Talk" last week for the "Tell All". That would have ruled. To see the way the cast from "Pillow Tal" would have reacted to the Pedro and Chantel stuff, especially Dean, would have kicked ass. Maybe next time they will. But for now, as odd as this show sounds, I highly recommend, for fans of the "90 Day" universe, to check out "Pillow Talk". It is well worth your time.


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