TLC Week: The Terrible Ideas, and Intriguing Couples of "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way"


Today I want to talk about another off shoot "90 Day Fiance" show. This one is called "90 Day...The Other Way". In this iteration people from America are going to live with their soon to be spouses in their home country.

This show rules. The Americans, for the most part, are the prototypical "stupid" Americans. They make us look like morons. But, that is what makes it so great. Also, the people leaving America, I feel zero sympathy for. Look, I despise this country right now, we are an absolute train wreck and we live in a waking nightmare, but that doesn't mean I am going to move, although Canada would be kind of dope. But, the people on this show are leaving to be with someone that they have online dated for, mostly, less than one year. Some of these people have only met face to face once, or some have only talked on Skype, but they are ready to uproot their entire life, and leave their extended family, to go live somewhere they have only ever been on vacation.

For example, there is this girl Devean from Salt Lake City, and she is ready to move to South Korea to be with her fiance Jihoon. Now, these 2 have met, and even been intimate. She is in fact pregnant with his child. This is part of why she wants to move there to be with him. She does have another young child who she is planning on bringing with her when she moves. I do need to say, I really like this Jihoon guy. He seems to be genuinely in love with Devean, and he wants to provide and his parents are cool as hell. What strikes me as odd though is all the things Devean is oblivious to with this move. There is one scene where she is talking to her folks, and she says, "wait, there is no ranch in Korea". It is hilarious. She is also leaving behind the people who help her with child care. Jihoon's parents came for a visit, and when her toddler was acting up, she just sent her over to her folks house. She just said she now realizes she won't be able to do that when she moves to South Korea. It is clear to me that she is impulsive, and she is very young. I do hope things work out for her and Jihoon because they do seem to be in love for real, but man is she just so very, very young. Also, I'm sure they have ranch, or something similar, in South Korea.

There is this other couple where the guy is moving to a small village in, I think, Brazil to be with his girlfriend. The girlfriend has openly told him that she doesn't want to get married or have kids, and that he should be the sole provider because that is what she expects. The guy, on the other hand, is a mama's boy, and he has done nothing but complain since he got to her hometown. He has griped about the car they own, the apartment they live in, their cooking supplies and the fact that they don't have a good internet connection. It took him about 2 days of living there before he started to complain about every little thing. He is such a whiner. Also, he has been there before, so he should have known what to expect. But, when he was there before, he was on a vacation high. He was staying in nice resorts that had everything he was used to having at home. Now that he has moved there, he is in way, way over his head. Also, I don't think this girl likes this guy clearly as much as he thinks.

There is one lady that is moving to Qatar to be with a guy that she married after she knew him for only 9 days, but she has reservations already. She also is leaving behind her best friend, but even worse, her only son. Their goodbye was absolutely heart breaking. She was his only family, that we the viewer know of, and she just left him. And now that she is in Qatar, she is complaining that her young husband is great in every way, except in the bedroom. She even brings stuff to enhance their bed room experience. He, of course, feels offended, but she could care less. She also has zero money left, and cannot get a job or make any kind of money until her Visa is secured. She clearly went to live there with no plan whatsoever. She is also in her early 50's, so you'd think she knows better.

Then we have a 60 year old grandma who is moving to India to be with her 30 year old fiance, who's parents do not approve of this union, and want him to live at home. These 2 are a total mess. She left behind all her grown children, and grand children, on a whim. She also quit her job and blew all her savings. And when she got to India, her boyfriend did not pick her up for a few hours. The boyfriend has not told his parents that he is living with his girlfriend, his friends think he is nuts, he quit his job and moved to Mumbai so he could be away from his family to be with her and they are now running out of money. I will say, he loves her, and she loves him. But, what I failed to mention until now, this whole relationship started as a catfish, and turned into what it is now. Next week he is actually going to tell his parents about her, and I cannot wait to see what happens.

Finally we have a couple that started out on "Before the 90 Days", and has been around forever. I'm speaking of Paul and Karine. Karine is young and wants a better life. Her parents are great, and she just wants to be taken care of. Paul is a god damn mess of a human being. He carries around a lock of his mother's hair. He is terrified of bugs and dirty water, and he goes to extreme measures to avoid all of this in the Amazon. He has a vast criminal record. He has no money. He cannot keep a job. He packs military grade boxes with junk to go and visit Karine. He has used the term "poop water" on several occasions. He has been accused of terrorism. He is a complete and total mess. He has asked Karine to take several pregnancy and STD tests, even though she has been nothing but faithful to this disaster of a person. He is the type of guy that, for sure, voted for this current administration, and will do so again in 2020 when he inevitably gets deported back to America. Paul is a dip shit and an idiot. I feel zero sympathy for him because he is so dumb and ignorant.

Even though I am dumping on these people, this show is extremely enjoyable. It is so much fun to judge and make fun of these people. There is another couple, where a very intelligent and level headed woman has moved to South Africa to be with her gambling addict fiancé, but honestly, they seem pretty normal and happy. They are the only "good" couple on the show. I am actively rooting for them. But, I highly recommend this show for TLC fans and fans of the "90 Day" ouvre. It is fun, a little different and trashy reality TV at its best. Check it out.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Ty cannot imagine moving to another country for someone he just met. He had a hard time moving two towns over to be with a girl he had known for years.

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