"The Room" Being Introduced by Tommy Wiseau. Need I say More?

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I went to see "The Room" at midnight this past Saturday here in Saint Louis. This is my second time going to see this movie for a midnight showing. I wrote about the first time, and how fun and special that night was. The reason I went this second time was made so much more special because the man, the myth, the legend that is Tommy Wiseau was there in person.

The moment I saw that Wiseau was going on this "Love is Blind" tour with "The Room", and that is was coming through Saint Louis, I knew I was going. I texted my buddy that I watched it with the first time, and I told him I was getting us tickets. He was on board. So, I waited with anticipation from the moment I printed my tickets all the way up to the actual date. I read all the Facebook and Tivoli movie theater messages, telling me about the event and how to get prepared for the night. I found it oddly hilarious that they would send multiple messages about "Tommy's mood", and "sometimes you have to buy stuff to get a picture", and "he may or may not be there after he introduces the movie". Tommy Wiseau is a very odd man, and these messages just added to weirdness that was going to ensue.

My buddy and I arrived at the theater an hour early, as suggested, and we quickly found out that we would be waiting for awhile, and that the movie was definitely not going to be starting right at midnight. We were around the middle of the line, and it was moving at a snails pace. People would stop and take pictures of the poster, pose for pictures with him, buy merchandise and spend way, way too much time with him while getting their personal pictures. It was actually kind of frustrating waiting in line that long. But, I chalk that up to the fact that we weren't going to buy anything, and that I had planned on just snapping a few shots when he introduced the movie, which I did. But, I also don't totally blame Wiseau and his people for this, I also blame the theater for being unprepared for the crowd, which was odd considering this was the second night. I even contemplated leaving early because I realized that I am getting way too old to be out that late, and I was very, very tired just driving there. I am officially an old man. But, we stuck it out, the theater saved it by saying the movie would start no later than 1:15.

The reason for the delay was the crowd, getting everyone in and in seats and Tommy Wiseau doing his intro and taking questions. But the Q and A was where it really picked up. Tommy came on stage, after they showed a preview of his new movie "Big Shark", and he was a delight. He is such a weird dude, but he was funny, condescending in a delightful way and very open with his answers. I was cracking up at his response to some of the questions. He even went on a Steven Spielberg tangent that was at times preposterous and hilarious. He was also wearing 5 belts, one draped around his neck, sunglasses and, for some reason, yellow working gloves. It was quite the look. But when I look back at it, after finally catching up on sleep, it was exactly what I wanted to see, and what I expected. That 15 minute intro was more than worth the cost of admission. It, for real, saved the night for me. They started the movie, right at 1:15, and it was just like the first time, only this time, the theater was sold out. The mocking was great. The chanting was dope. The comments were perfect. The spoon throwing was epic. It was so, so much fun. By the middle of the movie, I stopped looking at my watch and just enjoyed myself.

This is the exact way “The Room” should be watched. To see it in a sold out theater, with like minded people, was exquisite. I'm so glad we stuck it out and stayed for the entire event. It was a blast, and a night that I won't soon forget for a myriad of reasons. If you have a chance to see a midnight showing of this movie do it. And, if Tommy Wiseau is going to be there, make sure you go. It is well worth your time.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is onboard to see “The Room” again if we can have James Franco as Tommy Wiseau to introduce the movie.

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