Let's Talk About Swimming With Dolphins on My Vacation

hey buddy

hey buddy

Continuing my week of vacation memories today I want to talk about one of the coolest things I have ever done in my life.

So, in lieu of gifts for each other, my wife and I decided that the trip was going to be each others gift. But, when we got to the resort, we kept checking the pamphlets that were handed to us, and we both kept reading about one excursion that involved swimming with dolphins. I was intrigued. I love dolphins. They are so smart and cute and just an overall cool animal. My wife likes dolphins as well. She has always had an affinity for them. She just likes them. That is all. So we decided that we would do this dolphin swimming excursion on our actual anniversary, as kind of a second gift to each other.

We booked it, and the day came. Again, the service to getting there, the shuttle and what not, was second to none. Just wonderful. When we got to where we needed to be, it only got better from there. The workers at the dolphin swim spot were awesome. They put on a little show for all of us prior to the experience. We got to see the dolphins do tricks and see how fast they swim and see how they interacted with the trainers. It was so cool. I always have conflicted feelings about stuff like this, keeping wild animals locked up basically, but this was such a cool day, I kind of let that slide.

After the show we got split up into to groups, and each group went their separate ways. My wife and I signed up for an experience that, not only included the dolphin swim, but also let us pet and feed manatees. We went to the manatees first, and that was great. We got to pet them first, and it was wild. They are so slimy on top. The trainers told us it was from the algae in the water, and you could not only feel it, but also see it. They were go gentle, the manatees that is. The trainers then had them flip on their backs and we got to pet their stomachs. The stomach was so much smoother and it was almost like petting a dog. It was awesome. We then got to feed them. We each held up a piece of lettuce to our sides, and then the manatees kind of hugged us to get the lettuce. It was so odd and so cool. We then were handed some kind of veggie and we got to feed them directly in their mouths. Their mouths were so prickly yet gentle. It was neat. This was a great way to kick off the day.

After the manatees, it was the main event. We went to the dolphin area and started our lifelong memory experience. At first, we did this thing where we swam out to the middle of the water and water with our bodies in a T shape. The trainers made sure to tell us to keep our knees locked and feet straight when the dolphins approached. As they approached us, they started to push their noses into our feet, and we started to move. Then, as we got going faster, the trainer told us to stand up and arch our back. This is where the dolphins pushed us up in the air. It was exhilarating. I was so hyped while in the air. I absolutely loved this. They called it the foot push. It was incredible. Then, while we were waiting, we got to have a little one on one time with a single dolphin. Here we got to kiss the dolphin, have the dolphin kiss us, we got to dance with them and have them give us a high five. We also got to hold them like babies and feel their heart beat. It was glorious. While doing this we were also showed how to get the dolphins make noises. Stuff like rev a car or clapping sounds, it was amazing. After we all had the one on one time, my wife and I got to do a dual dorsal swim. In this part we swam out to the center of the pool again, and here we waited with our arms and palms facing backwards, and when the dolphins got to us, we grabbed onto their dorsal fins and they took us for a ride around the water. This was so neat. To feel the fin, and the dolphins strength, I was floored. This was so cool. The last thing we got to do was go out on a single person kayak, kayak around the water and get to an open spot. Here the trainers got the dolphins to come over to us on the kayak, told us to do so me random things and the dolphins clapped and pushed and rolled around us on the kayak. It was tremendous. It was second only, for me, to the foot push.

This whole dolphin swimming excursion was well worth the time and money. Hell, they even provided a free lunch buffet, where there was ceviche, along with everything else. I will always remember this as long as I live. We have no photographic evidence because pictures were far too expensive. But for me, I like that this was only for my wife and I, and the other people that were there that day. This is a thing I highly recommend everyone doing once in your life if you have the chance. It was so well run, safe and fun as can be. I loved it, and I will always have it in my memory. What a great day. Swimming with dolphins rules.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. At least the dolphins did not get sexually attracted to Ty like they did to Hank Hill. Yes, all of our life experiences have a connection to a cartoon.

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