Let's Talk About the Great Food on My Vacation


Alright, I wrote about KD, now back to Mexico. What I want to talk about today is the delicious food that I ate on my trip. I have decided, in probably the last year, that Mexican food is my all time favorite. I come from an Italian and Polish family, and I love Italian and Polish food. But, Mexican food has ascended to a whole new level, especially when I started my Atkins diet. The fact that fajitas are just meat, cheese and veggies, assuming you don't eat the tortillas, it is an Atkins lovers dream dish. I also love carne asada, chicken with cheese, chorizo and huevos rancheros. All those are low carb, and all are Mexican dishes.

So, one of the biggest selling points for me in this recent trip was the food. And man oh man did Secrets Capri have some top of the line Mexican food. The buffet was filled with some of my favorite Mexican dishes. The first day for lunch the first thing I had was pork in a red chile sauce. It was dynamite. They were also serving tender chicken breast and thinly sliced steak. One of my all time favorite dishes is ceviche, and they had it in so many different preparations. The buffet, for lunch on the first day, had traditional, very lime centric, flavors. But they changed the veggies on other days, and sometimes, there was even a green sauce that accompanied it. There was a cabana right by the pool that served mainly ceviche and tacos. We had lunch there every other day on the trip. The choices of ceviche were limited, but they were the best. One was the perfect blend of spice and citrus. It was called the "Vallarta". Another was just straight up shrimp with a pink sauce. And one was mushroom forward, with the mushroom being the protein. It was amazing. Oh, and the tacos at this cabana, they absolutely ruled. They were so flavorful and scrumptious. They had fried shrimp or fish, which were my wife's favorite. They came with 2 nicely fried pieces of fish, a great slaw and a chipotle mayo. They were divine. They had a ribeye taco, which was basically a quesadilla with not much cheese was in the shell. Those were great. They had a shredded chicken taco that was simply just chicken and a green sauce. Those were near perfection. But the best ones, in my opinion, were the pork marinated tacos. These were so simple, yet so good. The tacos had a good helping of these juicy pork, and it was plopped on a proper corn shell. Then on the side they gave you a cup of pickled onions that had just the slightest touch of habanero pepper in it. It was so, so good. My mouth is watering thinking about those tacos as I write this. I expected the Mexican food to deliver, and it way exceeded my expectations. I mean, even the desserts, be it churros, or a fried piece of dough covered in honey and sesame seeds filled with pastry cream, was out of the park. My wife told me I had to mention the flan too. It was all good.

The restaurants within the resort were just as good. We went to a steak house one night. This was outstanding. I had a perfectly cooked sirloin steak, and my wife had a great looking piece if prime rib. We each had mushrooms and I had mac and cheese and she had some kind of veggie. It was all good, and served amazingly fast. We would get coffee and a pastry every morning from the café inside. They had a special latte everyday, and the breakfast pastries, and afternoon treats, were fantastic. One night we went to a very nice Italian restaurant. This place even had a dress code. The food was awesome. My wife and I shared one of the best caprese salads I have had, she had some excellent Portobello mushrooms as an appetizer, and our main courses, they were magnificent. My wife had some of the best, and most tender, osso bucco I have ever tried. I had shrimp wrapped in prosciutto that was out of this world. But, the best restaurant, in both of our opinions, was the seafood place. This was where we had our anniversary dinner. I had tuna tartar as my app, and it was some of the best I have ever eaten. My wife chose calamari, and it was perfectly fried and seasoned and the dipping sauce was excellent. We each had a soup, her going with the lobster bisque, which was sweet and delicious, and I went with a smashed asparagus soup. It was the best soup I've ever eaten. Hands down. Our main courses got even better. My wife had a grilled and charred salmon that fell apart beautifully and tasted like it had just come off the grill. I love that flavor. I had a rare tuna steak, that had a mashed white bean puree and caramelized onions on top. I savored every single bite. It was so, so, so good. I am still thinking about that piece of fish. That whole meal was absolutely wonderful.

As I said on Monday, Secrets Capri is a great resort, and these restaurants and buffet and café and cabana I mentioned today make it that much better. This was one of, if not the, best food I have eaten on a vacation. It was tremendous.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Growing up in a Polish-Italian family had it’s share of culinary adventures. Ever have polish sausage in a cannoli?

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