Ja Morant is Must Watch TV

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Yesterday Ja Morant introduced himself to the casual basketball fan. I know who he is, a ton of basketball writers know who he is, but now everyone they just tuned into the tournament saw what this kid can do.

I’m a big Morant fan. I saw a lot of his highlight tape from earlier this season. I love high flying, posterizing dunks, and this kid does those in waves. He reminds me so much of Russel Westbrook, and that is a humongous compliment. I love Westbrook, and now, I’m driving the Ja Morant bandwagon. This is the dude I’m going to be riding with, that doesn’t play for Michigan, the rest of the time his team is in the tournament.

How good is Morant? He recorded a triple double in Murray State’s win yesterday. Only 4 other college players have done that, one of which was Shaq. Morant needed to perform big on the big stage, and he did it. He proved why he’s so high on everyone’s mock drafts. I’m a newly minted Suns fan, and I really want them to take him. They need a true point guard, and he perfectly fits that mold. Add on the fact that he’s hyper athletic, can jump out of the gym and hit an open jumper is just icing on the cake. That was all on full display when Murray State throttled Marquette. He hit open floaters. He jammed on a poor Marquette defender that brought the arena to a roar. He hustled all game. He found the open guy. He soared for rebounds. He was 100 percent on. It was a joy to watch. I have been waiting to see a full game, Murray State is barely on national tv, and I watched every second of this game to just see him.

I really hope Murray State goes on a solid run because I want to see Morant as much as possible. I want to see him do this against even better competition. I bet he would still crush. This kid is going to be a very good to great pro. He proved that yesterday, and he will continue to in the tournament.

Like I said, outside of the Wolverines, Murray State and Ja Morant are my other team I’m rooting for. Morant rules, and I want everyone to try and watch while Murray State is still playing. He’s more than worth the 2 hours. He’s an amazing basketball player. I’m super impressed.


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