Ty Has Chosen the Phoenix Suns as His New NBA Team


Last week I came to my blog looking for help to find a new NBA team to root for. I had a few rules and stipulations as to the type of team I was looking to back. I have now pored over this for about a week, and I have found a new team. I got recommendations, some ridicule and, mainly, silence in social media. So, I went to my wife, a few friends and my dad for help. With their help, telling them all the things I was looking for in a team, I landed on the Phoenix Suns.

If you think about it, based on my own rules, the Suns are the perfect team. They were awful last year, and they have been for awhile. But, I feel like they are on the come up. They do play in the West, but I feel like, within a year or three, they can be a playoff team. If they continue to grow and develop, with all the young talent they have, I feel like they can leap frog current playoff teams like the Blazers, Timberwolves and, maybe, the Pelicans.

That’s another thing I like about them, how they are drafting and developing their players. They have clearly been tanking since they let Isiash Thomas and Goran Dragic and Eric Gordon leave. But, they have drafted quality guys to take their place. I love Devin Booker. That dude can fill up the stat sheet with points. He has scored 70 in a game already. I think Josh Jackson has potential to be a great second or third option, and he’s getting better on defense. If he can get any kind of a jump shot, he could become a fringe all star. I still have a little hope for Dragan Bender and Marquess Chriss. Bender is still so young, and I think he is kind of, sort of, figuring the game out. It seems to be slowing down a bit for him. Chriss just needs to stay in shape, and he can be their 4 of the future no problem. He is already a good rebounder and low post scorer, he just needs to lay off the fast food. I have given up on Alex Len though. They need to try and trade him just to get something. He isn’t going to figure it out. They also just added Trevor Ariza. I love love love this move. He will bring veteran leadership to this team, but he won’t be a diva about it. He will come in, hold down the locker room and do his thing on the floor. He is the consummate professional.

What put the Phoenix Suns over the top for me was drafting DeAndre Ayton number one overall. He was my second favorite player in the draft, behind only Colin Sexton. I do think he is the most NBA ready guy in the draft. He is a beast down low on both ends of the floor. He is so good on offense in the low post, and when engaged, he’s a solid defender. He is also enormous. He is so big, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets bigger. He still is a teenager, so he can still grow. He also has a little bit of a jumper, which will help stretch defenses from the start. He and Booker should make for a very potent one two punch.

I just really like this Phoenix Suns team, and where they are headed. They have a star, Booker. They have a great young center, Ayton. They have a solid vet, Ariza. And they could be a free agent destination. I have heard that Kyrie Irving likes it there, Blake Griffin took a meeting there and so did LaMarcus Aldridge. I feel like they can get someone. So, on this blog today, I declare myself a Suns fan. Let’s go.


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