TLC has Gone too Far with "Dr. Pimple Popper"

No, no, no

No, no, no

My wife and I watch a good amount of reality shows together. I never used to watch many, save for "The Real World", prior to meeting her. She has turned me onto these shows. They are trashy and goofy and ridiculous and I simply cannot find myself looking away. Hell, I even go as so far to pass judgement on the people that are on the shows. I have many opinions on other MTV reality shows like "Teen Mom" and "Teen Mom 2". I have let it be known how I feel about "16 and Pregnant". I enjoy a good cooking competition show. I also like stuff like "Trading Spaces". I truly think it is a very unique show.

Recently my wife has really gotten me into the plethora of reality shows that TLC has to offer. Now, TLC used to be good for teaching a lesson, or teaching me something new that I never knew before. But, much like MTV, TLC has totally changed their lineup. They are now focused on stuff like people getting married to people they met overseas on a show like "90 Day Fiance". I, no bull shit, enjoy the hell out of that show. It is insane and hilarious and wacky. The people are wild. The stuff they say is absurd, and I love every minute. I also enjoy all the off shoots they now have of "90 Day Fiance". Stuff like "Before the 90 Days", and "Happily Every After?" are just as much fun. I also find myself fascinated by shows like "Seeking Sister Wife". That show has me totally flabbergasted the whole hour, and I have so, so many questions when it is all over. I feel like that is their goal, and they nail it. Also, after reading books about the LDS church, and seeing a play like "Book of Mormon", I find that whole "religion" hilarious. So, to see these wackos talk about being in a plural marriage as "God's plan" makes me crack up every time.

Lately TLC is really staring to push the limit for what I can see before I get physically ill. One day I saw my wife watching a show on TLC called "Sex Sent me to the ER". While I thought it would be a laugh riot, it was more terrifying than I could have imagined. People getting stuff stuck in other stuff, or being attacked, or passing out or any manner of craziness that could happen, happened, and it was so scary.

Then, one night while eating dinner, I had to ask my wife to turn off a show on TLC called "My 600 Pound Life". This show is about people that weigh close to, or over 600 pounds, all due to their food cravings. I like food as much as the next person, but the way they showed these people get this heavy was upsetting. To see all the food they ate was outrageous. And to see them eat it all, that made me sick. I could not eat my dinner when she watched it. I told her that I thought I was going to get sick. She thought I was joking. I was not. This show made me ill. It was just so upsetting and gross, I couldn't handle it. I still cringe when she turns it on during the weekend.

But the other night I think she finally found the GROSSEST thing on basic cable. She had Monday off of work, and she couldn't fall asleep on Sunday night. So, she turned on TLC and a show called "Dr Pimple Popper" was on. Now, I had seen this lady on "Tosh.0" when I still watched that, and her little segment on that made me sick. But, what I saw, for maybe 5 minutes, made me really, really think I was going to throw up all the food I had eaten that day. This doctor has a gift of removing pus filled pockets that people have on their bodies. But, the way they show it getting done on the show is nuts. The poor people on this show too, I felt so bad for them. They have lived with these random pimples and pocks and just, again, pus filled sacks, usually on their faces. I saw Dr Pimple Popper pop some stuff on a lady, she had a bunch of bumps on her eyes, and it made me sick. I mean, just typing it is making me sick. So, after I saw that I told my wife I couldn't watch anymore. I rolled over in bed and just listened. And then the worst thing I could have imagined happened. Apparently a guy had a big boil on his forehead, and when Dr Pimple Popper popped it, she said, and I quote, "it looks like mashed potatoes that had too much water added to them". Oof magoof. That is DISGUSTING. Even my wife, who legit enjoys that stuff, said it was one of the most disgusting things she had ever seen. I feel like I have a pretty high tolerance for gross stuff. I have no problem with gore and horror stuff. I don't mind it. But "Dr. Pimple Popper" is a whole other level of nastiness. I honestly do not know who this show is for. I don't know who sits around and waits to watch this on Sunday nights. It is the grossest thing I have ever seen on TV, and I hope to never watch it again. I have no problem with what this doctor does, in fact, I applaud her for helping people. But, I do not ever want to see it on my television ever again. It is crazy.

I do not recommend “Dr Pimple Popper”, unless you want to be completely grossed out. It is nasty.


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