2019 NFL Midseason Redo


Okay, as promised, today I finally come to you with my NFL midseason redo, filled with new picks and predictions. I will do it just like I did my season preview. I will go through each division with a sentence or 2 about each team, pick a winner, then pick the AFC and NFC title game, Super Bowl matchup and winner. I will also pick new award winners.

Okay, lets get to it.

Lets start with the AFC first. In the East, the Patriots are absolutely running away with it, yet again. They haven't even hit their stride offensively, but their defense is his historically good, and I know they haven't played the best competition, but they are destroying the bad teams as they should. They have a big test this weekend, and if they pass it, they could go undefeated. The Bills are surprisingly solid, at 5-2. They aren't very good on offense, but they are pretty stout on defense. They are in the thick of the wild card hunt. Then we have the Jets and Dolphins. I mean, could they be the 2 worst teams in the NFL? Maybe. The Jets are a mess with a terrible head coach. As for the Dolphins, they are trying to lose games, and boy are they succeeding. Patriots will win the East.

The AFC West is pretty much all wrapped up as well. I know the Chiefs are without Patrick Mahomes, but they will be just fine when he comes back in a week or 2. They don't have the best defense, not by a long shot, but they have an offense that can light it up, when Mahomes gets back. Every other team is under .500. The Raiders are better, but they need a better QB and some better receivers. The Chargers are a mess, and have been ravaged by injury. Also, Phillip Rivers needs to give it up. And the Broncos, well, they are in a real, real mess. John Elway is an awful GM, and this season is really proving that. Chiefs will win the West.

The AFC North is a lot like the West. The Ravens are the best team by a wide margin. Lamar Jackson is awesome, and might be the most fun QB in the league. They also have a tough defense. The Ravens are the Spurs of the NFL. The Steelers are no good. I know people keep saying they can make a push for the playoffs. They cannot. They are not that good. The Browns, seemingly everyone's preseason darlings, are not good. At all. They cannot protect their overrated QB, they can't get Odell the ball and they aren't living up to the hype on defense. Oh, they are poorly coached too. And we have one of RD's 2 teams, the Bengals. The 0-8 Bengals that is. They stink, enough said. Ravens take the North.

Finally in the AFC we have the South, which has been surprisingly good. The Colts have kept it together very well after Andrew Luck's retirement. They play solid ball control offense, and their defense is stout. The Texans have the other most exciting QB in the league in Deshaun Watson. He is amazing, and he is carrying that team. He can lead them to the playoffs. The Titans and Jags are both 4-4, and both totally different. The Titans are bland and dull and will be 8-8 at best. The Jags have a good run game, and their defense, even without Jalen Ramsey, looks a lot more similar to the defense 2 years ago. I am going to pick the Colts because they have the better head coach, but the Texans will still be in the playoffs.

As for the AFC playoff teams, I have the Texans, Bills, Colts, Ravens, Chiefs and Patriots. In the AFC title game I still have the Chiefs and Patriots, but, and it really bums me out, I am going to pick the Patriots. Their defense is amazing, and the offense will figure it out soon. They are just too good, and they will have home field throughout the playoffs.

On to the NFC. The NFC East is not very good, and yet, they may get 2 playoff teams. The Cowboys are as Jekyll and Hyde as it gets. One week they look unstoppable, the next, they lose to the Jets. Who knows with this team. The Eagles, my number one team in the preseason, has been a major disappointment. They play no secondary defense and cannot pressure the QB. And the offense is dealing with injuries and an inability to pass the ball. Yet here they sit at 4-4, and in a tie for first. The Giants are wasting Saquon Barkley's talents, and have benched Eli Manning in favor for Daniel Jones. That says it all. And then there is Washington. I mean, they fired Jay Gruden, told a player that had cancer that he didn't and could care less about winning games, player safety or getting fans to come to the game. They are a mess, and they totally deserve all the bad that is happening to them right now. I guess I am going to pick the Cowboys because they most recently destroyed the Eagles. But, don't count out the Eagles.

The NFC West is really good. The 49ers seemed to have figured something out, and where we sit right now, they are one of 2 undefeated teams. They have a solid run and play action pass game and their defense is ferocious. The Seahawks are being led by Russell Wilson, who is having an MVP caliber year, and they are playing better defense. The Rams are finally using Todd Gurley properly, got Jalen Ramsey and are starting to look like the team they were last year. Then we have the Cardinals, who aren't as bad as I thought, but still aren't that good. I could see three of the 4 teams making the playoffs from this division. Right now though, at the halfway point, I am going with the 49ers to win the division because they have a 2 game lead. That is big time in the NFL.

The NFC North is a 2 team race, and those 2 teams are my team and RD's real team. The Packers were led by their defense early and the offense is finally starting to figure it out. My only fear with them, they are peaking too early. The Vikings looked like a bust a few weeks into the season, but now, they look pretty good. They are throwing the ball well, Dalvin Cook is finally becoming the star he showed he could be in college and the defense is solid. The Lions are a real tough team, but they either get screwed by refs, or screw themselves. They could win 10 games, but I see them winning 7 or 8 games. And then we have the Bears. Mitch Trubisky is a bust. There is no way to argue that. He has only gotten worse, and it is on him and the head coach as to why they have been so underwhelming. They still cannot kick a field goal either. This defense is being completely wasted. I'm going to go with the Packers to win the division now, but the Vikings are a real, real threat.

And in the South, the Saints might be the second best team in the NFL. They have a great defense now, and Drew Brees is back and the offense is really good. They are complete now. Also, the fact that Teddy Bridgewater is the backup shows how deep this team is. The Saints are really good, and Alvin Kamara hasn't played in a few weeks. The Panthers are okay, but not good enough to make the playoffs. Also, they need Cam Newton back. The Buccaneers are a turnover machine, and they don't play a whole lot of defense. And the Falcons are a total and utter disaster. They have to be the worst defense in the NFL, and the offense is old and stale. The Saints are going to cruise with the division.

As for my NFC playoff teams, I'm going to go with the Vikings, Rams, Cowboys, 49ers, Packers and Saints. The NFC title game will feature the Packers and Saints, and I am going to go with the Saints. The NFC had the most changes from my preseason picks, but I still have the Saints in the Super Bowl.

That means my Super Bowl is going to feature the Patriots and Saints, and I am sticking with the Saints, and with my prediction of Drew Brees to retire afterward and hand over the reins to Teddy Bridgewater. It is all working towards that. Also, I would so much rather see the Saints win than the Patriots again. As for award winners, defensive rookie of the year I am sticking with Josh Allen, he is wrecking shit.

As for offensive rookie of the year, still going with Kyler Murray. He is going to put up big numbers for sure. For coach of the year, I'm going Frank Reich. The Colts should be in the playoffs, and the fact that he is leading that team to the playoffs after Lucks' retirement is a testament to how good of a coach he is. For defensive player of the year, I have to go with Aaron Donald., He is the best in the game. For offensive player of the year, I'm going Christian McCaffery. Sure, the Panthers won't make the playoffs, but he is putting up monster numbers, and Mahomes is hurt and Aaron Rodgers started off a little too late. For MVP, I am going with Lamar Jackson. There is no one, and that includes Russell Wilson, that is more important to his team's success than Lamar Jackson. He is that good.

So, there you have it, my mid season review with new predictions. I am sure I will be wrong on some of them, but I feel most solid with my Super Bowl and MVP winner. I will stand by those picks.


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