2019 NFL Quick Hits: Week 5

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I know it’s late, but I didn’t forget my week 5 NFL quick takes. It’s going to real quick though, like a sentence or 2, because I’m doing my major basketball previews. But still, want to touch on the week in the NFL.

The Rams blew the Thursday night game, and the Seahawks escaped. Yes, Wilson made beautiful throws, and I’m coming around on him as a solid QB, but I still don’t like him as a person. But the Rams should have won. They missed an easy kick, and they need to get better if they want to return to the playoffs.

The Eagles cruised over the Jets. They scored 2 defensive TD’s and played simple, yet effective, offense. The Jets stink, and Sam Darnold won’t save them.

The Panthers, and mainly Christian McCaffery, are starting to come around. They won a hard fought game, and they’re letting their best player, CMC, lead the way. When Cam comes back, look out. And the Jags look destined to be a 6-10 team, but play close games all year.

RD’s Vikings easily disposed of the overrated Daniel Jones. Also, Kirk Cousins actually threw the ball fairly well. The Vikings are doing what they should to bad teams, but they aren’t competing yet with good ones.

Deshaun Watson emerged as the front runner for MVP for me. Five TD’s, 350 plus passing yards and total control of the offense. The Texans go as he goes. And the Falcons are a mess. I wouldn’t be shocked if Dan Quinn gets fired soon.

Teddy Bridgewater finally threw the ball real well, for four TD’s, and the Saints got a good division win. Tampa was hot coming in, but the Saints won a big game. They’re 3-0 without Drew Brees.

The Bills and Titans played a boring, low scoring game, just like both teams want to. The Bills won, and are somehow 4-1 now. And the Titans are trending down right now.

RD’s other team, the Bengals, let Kilff Kingsbury get his first NFL win. I mean, Kyler Murray play well, but still, the Bengals should’ve beaten the Cardinals. The Bengals are bad.

But not as bad as Washington, who fired their coach after getting shellacked by the Patriots. I mean, New England barely showed up, and they won by 26 points. Washington is bad, and just firing Jay Gruden will not fix what ails them.

The Ravens may not be as good as I hoped they would be, but Lamar Jackson is still fun as hell to watch. They barely beat Pittsburgh, needed overtime in fact, and the Steelers are not a good football team right now.

The Raiders beat the Bears, and they looked pretty good doing it. They ran all over a good defense, and came up with a solid game winning drive late. The Bears have an otherworldly defense, but their offense is so subpar. They need to fix that.

The Broncos got their first win, but I think this says more about the Chargers. The Chargers look sleepy right now, and I don’t think they will wake up. Good for Phillip Lindsay running all over the Chargers too. It helped my fantasy team.

The Packers crushed the Cowboys, much to my delight. Sure, it looked close at the end, but it wasn’t. Prescott was awful, the Packers shut down the overrated Ezekial Elliot and Aaron Jones went the hell off. Maybe, just maybe, Green Bay might have a good running back. And their defense got all the turnovers they needed.

The Colts played a magnificent defensive masterpiece to shut down the Chiefs. They held them to 13 points, Mahomes only had one TD and the Chiefs couldn’t run the ball. The Colts, on the other hand, ran and ran and ran some more all night long. They controlled the ball and the clock, and when that works, that’s what you need to do to beat the Chiefs. The Chiefs will be fine, but the Colts, without Andrew Luck, are a good team. Jacoby Brissett is a solid QB.

Finally, we have the Monday night beat down. The 49ers dismantled the Browns. They owned the night. They owned the hell out of Baker Mayfield, and they took pleasure in it. I said last week maybe I was too tough on Cleveland, well, last night proved they, and Mayfield, are not ready for prime time. They talk and don’t back it up. And I am now a full on supporter of Richard Sherman for his NCAA comments, and his comments on Mayfield’s attitude. Props to Sherman.

Alright, those are my week 5 takes.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. The head editor’s teams on the field may be mediocre to bad, but his fantasy team in the internets is 5-0 baby.

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