2019 NFL Quick Hits: Week 8


Today I am coming at you with my NFL week 8 quick takes. I am going to do a midseason review, but I am saving that for Thursday. I want to really marinate on that one because I am not so sure about my Super Bowl pick, especially the Eagles. I just need some more time to think. But, I do want to touch quickly on week 8.

Getting right to it, the Vikings did what they were supposed to do to Washington. They are a better team in all three phases, and in the coaching category. Kirk Cousins, who still is a total doofus, had a good game, but threw no TD's. Dalvin Cook is the real deal. And their defense is looking more and more like themselves. As for Washington, I actually feel bad for Dwayne Haskins because he has zero help. That is a bad, bad football team. And that head coach opening looks less and less desirable with each passing week.

The Seahawks beat the Falcons by 7, but it wasn't that close. The Falcons are in a real bad spot. They just traded away Mohammed Sanu, and I wouldn't be shocked if they try and offload Julio Jones. He deserves so much better. And, while I know he is hurt, Matt Ryan has really fallen off a cliff. Their defense is also porous. The Seahawks controlled that game, and won with ease. Russell Wilson played fine enough, they ran the ball well and the defense made plays when they needed to. This was, for all intents and purposes, a glorified scrimmage for the Seahawks.

The Bears missed a game winning field goal. I know, I am as shocked as anyone(sarcastic). The Bears missed a field goal, but they have so many more problems, and it starts with that horrendous offense. Mitch Trubisky is not good, they have no run game and they are wasting a historically good defense. And while the Chargers won, Phillip Rivers and the head coach fought on the sideline, Melvin Gordon could only muster 30 yards on 10 plus carries and the offensive coordinator just got fired. This team is in trouble, and they won. That shows how bad the Bears are right now.

The Giants and Lions played a shockingly exciting game. There was a ton of points, Matthew Stafford was awesome, but so was Daniel Jones. I might be wrong on Daniel Jones. Also, Saquon Barkley is a once in a generation talent. That kid is great. But, the Lions finally won a close game, a game they deserved to win, and they are so much better than I thought they were going to be coming into the season. I am glad I picked up Stafford on my fantasy team. He has looked really good. Kenny Golladay is quickly becoming a top receiver in the league too.

The Jags easily dispatched of the Jets. They did enough on offense, and the defense stifled one of the easiest teams to stifle. The Jets are a mess. The Jags played up the whole "seeing ghosts" thing to perfection. And now I hear the Jets are willing to trade LeVeon Bell. This news comes just days after they traded Leonard Williams. The Jets are a total mess.

The Rams and Bengals played in London, and while it was tied at 10 for a minute, the Bengals did what they did and let Cooper Kuup walk in for a 60 yard TD and it was done from there. Todd Gurley also looked really solid in this game. The Rams have gotten exactly what they've needed the past 2 weeks to get back on track. I also just heard that the Bengals are now benching Andy Dalton. That is a bit too late, but they have zero wins, so why not bottom out to try and get a top QB prospect? They have nothing else to play for.

The Buccaneers and Titans played a close game, but I could not tell you much from that game. The Titans won, I saw Tannehill had three TD passes, and Jameis Winston wasn't terrible. But, these 2 teams couldn't be more unimportant. The Titans have 8-8 written all over them, and the Bucs are just tumbling. They will, most likely, be picking in the top 5 again. It may be time to move on from Winston.

The Eagles smoked the Bills, in what was a bit shocking to me. The Bills aren't explosive on offense, far from it, but the Eagles are horrendous on defense. But, maybe this will tamp down the Josh Allen hype train a bit. The Eagles stifled him, and they ran the hell out of the ball. Miles Sanders and Jordan Howard were dynamite. It is a win like this that makes me think the Eagles still have a chance, albeit small.

The Colts beat the Broncos on a last second field goal. This is what the Colts do. They can look sloppy and inefficient, but they stay in games, and find a way to win. They have done a great job of staying relevant after Andrew Luck retired to start the year. And the Broncos, well, Joe Flacco called out the entire coaching staff, and now he is benched. That says a ton, when Joe Flacco is calling you out. This is another team wasting a great, great defense with how pitiful they are on offense. The Broncos stink.

The Saints absolutely shredded the Cardinals. I know the Cardinals aren't that good, but just last week, I gave them a little credit. I think this win really solidifies the Saints as an upper tier NFC team, and Drew Brees look like he didn't miss a beat. I loved seeing Teddy Bridgewater do what he did, but Brees reminded us all why he is a hall of fame player. And that defense, which used to be the problem, is totally ferocious and fearsome. Kyler Murray had a solid game, but he was made very much to look like a rookie agains this defense. And I want better for Larry Fitzgerald. Trade him to a contender so he has one last shot at a ring. Please.

The 49ers are good. There, I finally admitted it. They didn't just beat the Panthers, they demolished them. The 49ers, where we stand right now, have a great run game, the play action is super effective and their defense is very, very good. I mean, Carolina is no slouch, and they held them to 13 points, while scoring 51. Kyle Shanahan is proving he can coach, and while he isn't putting up record breaking stats, Jimmy Garroppolo is the game manager they need. And that run game is just tremendous. Add in the fact they have Emmanuel Sanders, the 49ers are going to be good for awhile. Also, I think all the Cam trade talk, and giving the team to Kyle Allen needs to immediately stop after this game. Allen was bad, and looked the part of a backup. CMC is the only thing they had on offense, and that is why they only had 13 points.

The Texans won a thriller late against the Raiders. That TD pass Deshaun Watson threw to go ahead was spectacular. He got kicked in the face and still managed to find the open guy. I bet the Bears would kill to have a QB half as good as Watson, and they could have just drafted Watson themselves. He is firmly in the MVP race, if not the front runner, right now. And the Raiders, I will give them credit, they aren't rolling over and dying this season. They are playing teams tough, they just don't have the talent yet. They need a better QB too.

The Patriots made easy work of the Browns, I'm not much for counting teams out in week 8, but the Browns hype train is fully off the rails. They stink. Baker Mayfield is Johnny Manziel. They cannot get the ball to Odell Beckham. Nick Chubb has become a fumble machine and the O line is dreadful. The Patriots defense forced 3 turnovers on 3 consecutive snaps. That is unheard of. And the fact that Tom Brady hasn't had to do much of anything should have the whole NFL worried. The Patriots D is playing at a historical level, and I don't see them slowing down anytime soon. They're fast, big and get a shit ton of turnovers. I cannot stand that team, but dammit, they are really, really good.

The Packers won the Sunday night game, but it was a little too close for comfort for me. The Chiefs had a backup QB in, and the Packers had an early 14 point lead, but that was gone by halftime. Then they woke up, Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Jones were tremendous, and the D made plays when they needed. Rodgers has looked phenomenal the past 2 games as well, and soon they will get Davante Adams back. And Jones and Jamal Williams are finally giving the Packers a run game. The Chiefs are going to be fine as soon as Mahomes returns, but they did play okay in his absence. They held a lead for a minute, and Andy Reid proved he can make a game plan for 2 very different QB's. But, Mahomes is the engine that runs that team, and when he is out, it is noticeable.

Finally, the Monday night game was Dolphins-Steelers. I didn't watch a single second because I loathe both teams, the Dolphins are actively losing games and the Steelers are very boring and blah. The Steelers won, so good for them I guess.

That does it for week 8. Like I said, I will have a midseason update on Thursday. Come back for that.


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