2019 NFL Quick Hits: Week 4

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You all already know what it is on Tuesday, so let’s get to my week 4 NFL quick takes.

The Thursday night game was a frustrating one for me. Green Bay found an offensive rhythm, but the defense had an off game. The Eagles are good, but the Packers should have won. They were at home, have been playing stout D and had a chance at the end, but they blew it. Props to the Eagles though. They scored a good amount of points against a good defense, and won a critical road game. Still don’t get why the Packers didn’t run on the goal line though.

The Sunday afternoon slate was solid, highlighted by Chiefs-Lions. Look, we all know the Chiefs are good, but, right now, so are the Lions. They got screwed, twice, and still hung in there. They were toe to toe with the Chiefs and Mahomes, and that’s a god sign. But, the Chiefs did all the little things, and pulled out a victory.

Washington is an absolute tire fire. That team might be worse than the Dolphins, and the Dolphins are trying to be awful. The Giants won again, but don’t give all the credit to Daniel Jones. He played a sloppy game, and Washington is horrendous.

The Titans dismantled the Falcons. The Falcons are in a bad spot. They made Mariota look like a pro bowler, and their offense is stagnant. They have real problems.

The Browns won a game I was almost certain they’d lose. But they went to Baltimore, scored 40 and looked good. Was it a flash in the pan, or a sign of things to come? Time will tell. And Baltimore’s defense was atrocious. Nick Chubb owner them.

The Raiders beat the Colts, and Vontaze Burfict got himself suspended for the year. That is all I really recall from that game.

The Patriots were terrible on offense, but they still beat Buffalo in Buffalo. As bad as Tom Brady was, Josh Allen was worse, and that was the difference. But that Bills D is legit. New England is just better.

The Panthers got a hard fought, much needed win in Houston. Their defense was solid, and Christian McCaffery carried that offense. Also, Houston needs to protect Deshaun Watson much better. Oof.

In the late afternoon, there were some solid games and some duds. The Chargers easily disposed of the Dolphins. I feel like for the rest of the season I can write that same sentence, and just insert whatever team is playing Miami.

I almost feel like I could do the same with Arizona. The Seahawks were sloppy and still beat them by 3 scores. I do want to point out Jadaveon Clowney’s pick six. That was a hell of a play.

The Bears owned the Vikings. Sure, the final was 16-6, but it felt like a 50 point win for Chicago. Also, I think the Bears looked better with Chase Daniel at QB. As for the Vikings, Kirk Cousins has been a disaster. He is so bad when playing good teams. I would bet that most fans are dreading that contract, and the fact that he is still going to be there the rest of this season, and all of next season.

The Jags and Broncos played a semi exciting game without exciting players. I do not buy the Gardner Minshew hype, and Joe Flacco is beyond washed. And even though they finally got some sacks, the Broncos not only lost the game, they also lost one of their star D lineman for the year. The Broncos are in bad shape.

The most exciting afternoon game was the Rams and Bucs. The Bucs scored 55, and won. I think this says a lot about both teams. Maybe Bruce Arians is a good coach. I might have been too hard on him last week. Also, maybe the Rams aren’t as good as last year. Jared Goff is struggling right now, and they aren’t using Todd Gurley enough. It might be load management, but sooner or later, they’re going to have to let him loose. And 55 points to the Bucs is troubling for that D. They need to figure some stuff out.

The Sunday and Monday night games were duds. Don’t get me wrong, I loved seeing the Saints, and Teddy Bridgewater, beat the Cowboys. But, there was only one TD scored in that game, and it was sloppily played by both teams. Dak Prescott has his first bad game of the year, and the Saints D was up to the task.

I didn’t even watch the Monday night game, but I saw all the AJ Green reaction videos to that Bengals offense, and that spoke volumes. The Steelers got their first win, but who cares. The Bengals, sorry for going in hard on your 2 teams, are so, so, so bad. They have no direction or good coaching at all. This whole Zac Taylor hiring is starting to look like a real mess, and they should have moved on from Andy Dalton a few years ago. The Bengals are right there with Washington and Miami. They’re so bad.

There you have it, quick takes from week 4. Come back next week for week 5 takes.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. The head editor has no idea why Ty apologizes for bashing Kirk Cousins, the Vikings, and the Bengals? They all suck. We could write that same sentence each week.

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