Watch Ty awesomely live tweet a going to be awful "The Unathorized Full House Story"

We have invented a device that can beam garbage directly into your television

We have invented a device that can beam garbage directly into your television

Tomorrow night on the Lifetime Channel they will be showing the "Unauthorized Full House Story".

This comes on the heels of their Saved By the Bell unauthorized movie and their Britney Murphy unauthorized movie and their Aaliyah unauthorized movie. Do you notice a pattern with these movies? If you didn't, they're all unauthorized. That means that the real people involved, for the most part, have nothing to do with these movies. It's maybe one person or, a friend of a friend that's involved with these movies.

I don't know who did the Britney Murphy or Aaliyah movies, but I know, for a fact, that the Saved By the Bell movie was based on, world renowned douchebag, Dustin Diamond's book. The fact that he wrote a book is disturbing enough, but Lifetime made a movie out of it! How troubling is that?! The Saved By the Bell unauthorized movie was god awful. It wasn't bad in a good way, it was down right terrible. I mean, there's scenes of Screech getting stoned and drinking beers with an extra. That same extra black mails Screech to get on the show. They barely touched on Mark Paul Gosselar and Lark Voorhies relationship. The guy portraying Mr.Belding wasn't creepy at all, when in actuality, he was a HUGE creep. And the one scene I can never shake, Screech's dream sequence, when they super imposed a body builders body under his head and he's in a hot tub full of beautiful women. That scene still haunts me.

With how terrible the "Saved By the Bell Unauthorized Story"was, that will not stop me from watching the "Full House Unauthorized Story". Why you may ask, the answer is I need to watch this "movie" to see how truly awful it can be. It's like a train wreck, or a terrible accident, you don't want to watch, but something inside of you makes you watch. This movie is going to be terrible, I know this, but I have to see if it's better or worse than the Saved By the Bell one. I'm sure it will be worse. If the early pictures of the cast that were released months ago is any indication, this is going to be a flaming piece of garbage. I'm still going to watch it though. Morbid curiosity is the only reason I can think of as to why I'm going to watch it.

Another reason I will be watching it, I'm going to be taking over the SeedSing Twitter account(@seedsingrdk) and live tweet the movie as I'm watching it. I feel this needs to be done for all our readers and listeners out there. The movie is on at 7pm and 9pm central time, so you have two chances to watch. I'll probably start at around 8, I'm DVRing the movie, so I don't have to watch commercials. I want to get this thing over ASAP. So, tune into Lifetime at the two times I mentioned or follow @seedsingrdk for live tweeting and watch in terror with me at the utter horror and stupidity that the "Unauthorized Full House Story" is going to be.

It's going to be epically terrible. I assure you of this.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the co-host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He really cannot stand Kimmy Gibbler. It also seems like he watches a lot of Lifetime. Although he will be using the website account, make sure you go follow Ty on twitter @tykulik.