Deflategate punishment part 2: Ty thinks that there may be something wrong with the NFL commissioner.

The art department sent the wrong deflated football picture.

The art department sent the wrong deflated football picture.

With the Tom Brady suspension being upheld, I want to follow up on this whole "deflategate" situation that I've written a few pieces on already.

Since Roger Goodell has taken over as commissioner of the NFL, he's done EVERYTHING wrong. He has not made a single decision that isn't absolutely absurd. He's a moron that is a total whipping boy for all the owners. They say jump and he says how high. He's the owners puppet and they are more than willing to be his puppet master. First of all, Tom Brady got the same amount of games that Greg Hardy, a man who physically and violently abused a woman, got. Hardy's suspension was actually reduced. He was supposed to get ten games, still not enough for his heinous, appalling crime, and Goodell reduced it to 4 games. So, Brady gets the same suspension as a guy that beats up women. How, in any world, does underinflating footballs warrant the same suspension as a woman abuser? What in the hell is Roger Goodell thinking. I'm pretty certain that owners of teams like the Colts and the Ravens, teams the Patriots routinely crush in the playoffs, pushed Goodell to uphold the suspension. And, being the moronic puppet that he is, he kept the suspension at four games.

What Tom Brady and the Patriots staff did was unethical, but was it really cheating, and worth their QB getting suspended? How is underinflating a football any different than Aaron Rodgers telling the Packers staff that he prefers his footballs over inflated? Or, how is this different than baseball teams stealing signs or watering down the base paths? These are both unethical, but everyone looks the other way and it's just accepted. No fuss, no muss. So, why with Brady does he deserve the full suspension? Is it because he's probably the most recognizable pro football player and people felt that it was time to stick it to the Patriots because they're winners?

How about what the St. Louis Cardinals, who I'm a huge fan of, did with their hacking scandal. They hacked an opposing team computers to get information about prospects and potential trades and NOBODY is batting an eye. St. Louis took a slap on the wrist and the story is not even in the news anymore. What the Cardinals did was about ten thousand times more unethical than the Patriots, but since the Cardinals haven't won a World Series in a couple of years, it gets swept under the rug. The Patriots won the Super Bowl last season, so the lead on every sports channel has been about this dumb ass "deflategate" story, that isn't even really a story. Did the underinflated footballs help them beat the Colts by 38 points in the AFC Championship game? The Patriots barely even threw the ball in that game. When the NFL had complete control of the size and weight of the footballs in the Super Bowl, Tom Brady picked apart the "Legion of Boom"(that's a weak ass nickname) for almost four hundred yards and four touchdowns. So this talk of Brady not being an elite QB is totally unwarranted. Underinflated footballs don't take anything away from him that he's accomplished. Yes, what he did was wrong and unethical, but who doesn't do stupid shit like this to gain an edge? Any team that says they're 100 percent clean and follow all the directions are god damn liars. With all the rules in place, it's impossible.

What this all really boils down to is, how much of a dumb shit Roger Goodell truly is. He doesn't know how to handle small situations, let alone big ones. He makes the wrong choice every time. He handled the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson situations totally wrong. He handled the Richie Incognito bullying situation totally wrong. That guy is a complete piece of human garbage that should never be allowed back in the league, but he's back with the Bills this season. He reduces suspensions for players that are caught with DUI's or drugs.

Roger Goodell is a trash person that can't handle the job that he has. He's an abomination to the USA's most popular sport. He has handled the whole concussion thing terribly. The fact that he and the NFL won't let Junior Seau's family speak at his Hall of Fame induction is wrong on every level. Seau committed suicide and was later found to have the brain disease CTE after many hard blows to the head. I think that Goodell is terrified that his family will talk about CTE and he doesn't want that for his brand. He's afraid of the truth and the fact that he won't let Seau's family speak just makes him look worse.

I've said it many times and I will say it once again, Roger Goodell is ruining America's new past time and he doesn't seem to care one bit. He's an asshole that has no right and no ability to do the job he has. PLEASE do something people of the NFL and gets this dumb shit out of your league before he completely ruins it. Until then, you guys have to deal with the idiot and the problems he brings to the NFL that you hired.

Goodell is the cancer and you need to get rid of him and his disease NOW.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor and co-host of The X Millennial Man Podcast. He is really tired of morons being on his TV, so please leave Mr Goodell. Follow Ty on twitter @tykulik.