Is Tom Brady the biggest disgrace of an athlete ever? Ty gives an opposing view

Editors note: Seed Sing was founded on the principle that everyone deserves to have their voices heard.  In our brief history I never thought we would find ourselves defending Tom Brady against the onslaught of the idiotic sports media.  It is also important to note that no one at Seed Sing lives in the greater Boston area.  We are not here to absolve Tom Brady.  We are here to expose the ridiculousness of the NFL and its sycophants in the sports media.

RD Kulik

I guess since everyone else is giving their take on "deflategate", AKA the dumbest. most fabricated story ever invented, I will give my take as well.I will give at least a few more words than I just said. I don't understand the outrage over some under inflated footballs. When this story first broke before the Super Bowl I thought it would be over and done with in a snap. Boy was I wrong. I suppose ESPN needed to fill coverage for the week in between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl, so they brought up "deflategate" constantly. It was to the point of annoyance. So annoying in fact, I stayed away from all ESPN channels until after the Super Bowl.

So the Super Bowl is played, a story comes out that only one of the twelve balls was under inflated and the Patriots were the champs. Time to move on, right? Well, as of May Sixth 2015, the story is back and bigger than ever. All the lead ins on all the sports channels are about "deflategate" again. On one channel you have pundits showing you email and texts exchanges between Tom Brady and a staffer about under inflating footballs. On another, does this tarnish Tom Brady and Bill Belichek's legacy? And on another, the Patriots are cheaters and will always be cheaters. 

Here's one take not to many people are saying, WHO CARES! So what if some footballs were under inflated. No, it doesn't tarnish the Patriots or Tom Brady or Bill Belichek. As readers of this site now know, I'm a Packers fan, so don't take this as me defending the Patriots. I could care less. I remember stories coming out when this first broke, from former football players, all quarterbacks, saying they used to have balls altered to their liking. This wasn't a big deal in the 60s 70s 80s or 90s. Why is it such a big deal now? Is that the reason the Colts got beat by 38 points? Why would the Patriots feel the need to do anything to the balls anyway? They were the far superior team. The fact that this is such a big story is complete nonsense. The NFL has much bigger fish to fry. Issues like domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, steroid use and the most appalling of all, their commissioner. Roger Goodell is by far the worst commissioner that I've seen in my thirty two years watching sports. He needs to go, he is the problem. He doesn't care for the well being of players or coaches. All he cares about is lining his own pockets and helping all the rich owners get richer. He's a joke. Unfortunately, until he's relieved of his duties, stupid stories like "deflategate" will get more publicity than the real problems that need to be addressed in the NFL.

The county's most popular sport is suffering because of Roger Goodell and it will only get worse. Much, much worse.


Ty is the Pop Culture Editor for Seed Sing.  He likes watching football, and dislikes watching the commissioner.