Let me respectfully explain why your team stinks: Sports Thoughts by Ty

The NBA playoffs have just recently started the second round. I'm an Oklahoma City Thunder fan and since they're not in the playoffs this year I didn't think I'd be paying as close attention as I have been. I was racking my brain the other night trying to figure out why I was invested even though my team is not playing. It finally hit me, after thirty plus years of watching sports, not only do I like rooting for my team, but I also enjoy rooting against teams that I don't care for. I've never liked any team in any sport from Los Angeles, so rooting against the Clippers was a natural fit. It doesn't hurt that they are the most arrogant, whiny, good for nothing team that's achieved ZERO in their history. They complain about every single call, either for or against them and it's gotten to the point of embarrassment to watch them. They are a very good team and if they remained focused on the goal of winning a championship that would be fine. But, the constant complaining is utterly ridiculous. Also, Chris Paul is the dirtiest player the NBA has had since John Stockton. I always assumed, at least it's the unwritten rule in my weekly pick up basketball games, that it was out of line to hit a guy in the groin region. But, apparently Chris Paul and before him, John Stockton, get off on doing this. There's video evidence of these two being repeat offenders.

My hatred of my teams rivals has bled into other sports that I watch. I'm a St. Louis Cardinals fan, so I enjoy seeing the Cubs out of the race by September. I'm a Green Bay Packers fan, so seeing the Bears being led by Jay Cutler is phenomenal entertainment. But the one sport that's been very challenging to me is college football. I'm a die hard Michigan Wolverines fan. Some of my earliest memories as a child are watching Wolverine games with my father. Being a fan as a teenager was great since 10 wins was a given, as was beating Michigan State and all the UM and The University of Ohio State, as former "road scholar" Terrelle Pryor called it while committing there on national TV, were hyper competitive. But recently it's been much tougher on me. The Michigan State stuff will pass because, as the old saying goes, even the sun shines on a dog's butt some days, so that doesn't worry me. But The University of Ohio State(I will only refer to them as this because it's hilarious) is going to be tough. It will be tough that is, until Urban Meyer has another fake heart episode and has to retire again, or until he recruits another convicted murderer(that's right folks, he recruited Aaron Hernandez to Florida when he was coach there and only suspended him when the NCAA put his feet to the fire). Until that time though, it's going to be tough. The University of Ohio State is a talented team and I'm one of the skeptics about Jim Harbaugh. I hope he sticks around long enough to fix the program where he once was the star quarterback. All I'm basically trying to say is, it's okay to hate watch sports like I do. It took me thirty years to realize this and it makes me feel better. So, Thunder Up, Go Cards, Go Pack Go and most importantly, Go Blue.


Ty Kulik is the Pop Culture Editor for Seed Sing.  He does not like that his brother lives in Ohio, his least favorite sports state.