Cloves and Fedoras: Starred Up Reviewed

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I recently watched a little known movie from 2013 called Starred Up. The movie is about a troubled teen named Eric, played by Jack O'Connell(Unbroken), who is sent to an adult prison where he sees his father(Ben Mendelsohn, The Place Beyond the Pines) for the first time in 14 years. The movie opens with silence, you see a young man unloaded from a prison truck and he's being checked into a new prison. Upon arriving to his new bunk, he immediately makes enemies. He fights with an inmate whom he thinks is stealing his lighter. The inmate is so badly beaten that Eric believes he may have killed him. He takes him to the infirmary where Eric is met by a SWAT team. They proceed to fight him and in the midst of the fight, a counselor named Oliver (Rupert Friend, Mr.Wickham in Pride and Prejudice) tells the SWAT team to stop and that he wants to help him. Oliver takes him to his therapy sessions that he holds in the prison. There he meets some inmates that teach him that talking through the anger and that boxing properly can help him curb his appetite for aggression. His father is not pleased with his new group of inmate allies. He wants Eric to do his time and get out of prison so he can live his life. He doesn't want him making friends or joining gangs, just do his time and get out. Eric fights his father’s wishes and continues to train and take therapy. Some shocking revelations come to light involving his father and his father's crew, as well as some of the prison staff that I won't divulge as I feel people need to see this movie. There were times watching this movie I felt like I was watching a documentary. The prison and actors seemed so real. Jack O'Connel is a tour de force in his role. He's phenomenal to say the least. I highly, highly recommend this film. 


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