Cloves and Fedoras: Review of a little gem featuring the greatest indie actors of yesterday and today - AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

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I know I usually review independent or small budget movies, but I recently saw Avengers: Age of Ultron and, oh man, was it fantastic!

I loved everything about this movie. The action is relentless. I love that about eighty to eighty-five percent of this movie was fighting, car chases, fights while in flight, etcetera. It was a seemingly endless array of action sequences. I also enjoy the fact that we got a little back story on Hawkeye. I was never a huge fan of Hawkeye as an avenger, I mean who cares about a sharp shooter when there's guys with crazy suits of armor, a super soldier and a doctor who turns into a big green super strong monster, but this movie made me like Hawkeye more than I thought was possible. The addition of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch was great. Two new additions to a rather large buffet of heroes. I love it. The running time was about two and a half hours, but it flew by. I could have watched another two and half hours no problem. I loved every part of this movie, but there is one specific fight scene that's shot in slow motion, singling out every Avenger, that literally gave me goose bumps. It was incredible! James Spader as the voice of the evil robot Ultron was an excellent casting choice. I'm not that big a fan of his, but his voice acting was so good and creepy. A great role for him. Perfect choice.  Every person, everywhere needs to see this movie right now. It's phenomenal.


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