Deflategate punishment: Ty respectfully disagrees with idiot sports commissioners .

I recently stated my opinion on the non story "deflategate". Now that suspensions have been given, I have a take on what was handed down by the NFL.

First of all, taking away picks doesn't bother me. Teams aren't made with first round picks, they're made with fourth, fifth and sixth round picks(like Tom Brady). So, who cares about the loss of first round picks. No big deal. The thing that bugs me the most is the four game suspension handed down on Brady. I'm not upset about the suspension, he deserves something for lying. I take issue with the amount of games. He got four games a season after Ray Rice only got two for knocking out cold his then fiancee in an elevator.  Why is the sports media not focusing on this issue. Four games for under inflated footballs, but only two for hitting a female. WHAT THE HELL! Are you kidding me Roger Goodell! Are you out of your mind NFL! When did under inflating a football become more of a crime than physically assaulting a women?! This is complete nonsense! I can't believe how STUPID both the NFL and, Satan himself, Roger Goodell are.

When are they going to get their act together? I've said it once and I'm sure I'll say it again, but the country's most popular sport is only going to go down a black hole until Roger Goodell is let go. I love pro and college football, it pains me to see the NFL being run by an incompetent, power hunger, boob. He needs to be fired now. Let's start a trending topic on Twitter everyone, #fireRogerGoodell.. All my football fans out there, let's get the NFL to wake up and get rid of the anchor holding professional football down


Ty is the Pop Culture Editor for Seed Sing.  He loves watching football and gets ill when he has to think of the commissioner.