Episode CLXXXIX: The Best Pop Culture Reboots and the Best Yet to Come


The X Millennial Man is talking about the pop culture they have seen rebooted for the good, and give suggestions on properties that could be rebooted in the future.

Join Ty and RD as they find the best redos of pop culture and let the world know what should be next on the reboot block.

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Mini EpisodeXXXVI-2: Batman v X Millennial Man v Superman

One half of the X Millennial Man saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and we are here to tell you all about it. Is it worth your money and time (maybe)? Should you really care what we and other film critics think (nope)?  Ty and RD also discuss if it is even worth having any stand alone Superman movies. 

Major spoilers at the very end of the podcast (there is plenty of warning) where RD talks about the end of the film.

Episode XXXV: A Batman for all Generations

Since 1939 every generation has had a Batman to call their own. Ty and RD take a close look at these different Dark Knights and how they define the generation. Who is the best to wear the cape and cowl? Who played the best Batman villain?  Can the "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" movie enhance the already great character? Come on in and take a listen.