Episode CXVI: The Things About 2017

2017 pic.png

The X Millennial Man is taking a look back at all the happenings of 2017. Join Ty and RD as they discuss the best and worst in movies, television, music, podcasts, sports, and other historic events of the year that was. Download for free today.

Episode LXXV: The 2017 Pop Culture We Resolve to Consume

A new year brings new pop culture. The X Millennial Man is looking forward to some new television, movies, music, and other entertainment options in 2017. Ty and RD pick the pop culture they are most interested in, and make some resolutions on entertainment to avoid.  Download for free and get all the answers.

Episode XXV: Looking Forward to 2016

The new year brings new hope for interesting pop culture. Can Star Wars: Rogue One live up to it's predecessor? Will Michigan football become dominant? When will all the Trump supporters finally disappear? Ty and RD look forward to all the great pop culture of 2016.