Episode CLV: How Technology Made Us Neurotic About Our Favorite Teams


The X Millennial Man has a few favorite sports teams. Ty and RD are looking at how technological advances of the last 40 years has led to new and exciting ways that we connect to our favorite sports teams. They then look at how these techno advances have led to a rise of neurosis for super fans like Ty.

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Episode CLII: 2018-2019 Basketball Preview


The X Millennial Man is ready for the college, and pro, basketball season. Join Ty and RD as they break down the teams, and players, to watch in the college and pro game.

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Episode CXLVIII: Tennis Talk with Tina: 2018 Year in Review


The X Millennial Man is welcoming Tina in to the podcast so she can talk tennis. We spend the entire first half talking about the epic/shameful Serena Williams Naomi Osaka final. We then cover everything else in the second half.

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Episode CXLVII: Taking a Knee for the Supreme Court


The X Millennial Man is talking about the politics of the moment. Ty joins RD in the first half to discuss the new Nike ad featuring Colin Kaepernick. RD is going solo in the second half to discuss the insanity going on during the US Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh. 

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Episode CXLIV: Third Annual Fantasy Draft: Players to Build a Team Around


It is time for the annual X Millennial Man fantasy sports draft. Join Ty and RD as they pick the best players in football, basketball, baseball, and other sports that they want to build their fictional super teams around. Who are these players? Download the podcast for free and get the answers you crave.

Episode CXLIII: Fake Sports


The other day the X Millennial Man was playing a game of BASEketball and wondered what other made up sport they should try next. The ended their discussion with a spirited game of calvinball.

Join Ty and RD as they look at the most famous fake sports from pop culture, and they even find a few fake sports that have made it into the real world.

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Episode CXXXIX: The LeBron and Supreme Court Decisions of 2018

question mark.jpg

The X Millennial Man is having a discussion on how the two biggest decisions of the summer will impact their lives. In the first half Ty and RD talk about LeBron James going to the LA Lakers and what the NBA will look like in the next few years. In the second half RD goes solo and talks about the new Supreme Court pick coming from President Donald Trump.

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Episode CXXXVIII: The GOATs of Sports and Pop Culture


The X Millennial Man is in the mood to talk about greatness. Join Ty and RD as the discuss the greatest of all time, since 1980, in basketball, football, baseball, movies, music, television, food, and candy. Download for free.

X Millennial Man Classic: Episode XCIX: The Years of Our Lives - 1999

We are remembering some of our favorite podcasts from the past. The episode originally premiered on July 22nd, 2017

The X Millennial Man is talking about the years of their lifetimes. Today is all about 1999. Were you a scrub? Did you get disappointed by Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace? Did you cold step to your girl with a fresh pack of gum? Join Ty and RD as they discuss the pop culture, and historic happennings, of 1999. Download the podcast for free.

Episode CXXXVI: The Biggest Sports Shockers


The X Millennial Man is downright shocked that the Las Vegas Golden Knights NHL expansion team an make the Stanley Cup Final in their first year. They are also shocked with how LeBron James could carry this Cavs team to the NBA Finals. What other sports moments shocked Ty and RD? Download for free and find the answers you crave.

Episode CXXXIV: The Importance of Athletes Protesting


The X Millennial Man is feeling pretty hot over the news of the NFL's new protesting policy. It is quite dumb. Join Ty and RD as they ask what in the world the NFL is thinking. They know the NFL is wrong because they look at past protests from prominent athletes, and history is always on the side of the activist. Download for free.

Episode CXXVII: The 10 Most Hated Sports Teams of Our Lives

While watching the NCAA tournament, the X Millennial Man has been thinking of all the sports teams they hate. Join Ty and RD as they countdown their personal list of the 10 teams they have hated through their lives. Download for free.

Episode CXXII: Sports Hype That Turned Out to be a Sports Bust


The X Millennial has grown up in a time of many sports stories that were hyped, but in reality those stories became historic busts. Join Ty and RD as they look back at stories like Freddy Adu, the ESPN phone, the XFL, and many other hyped sports stories that turned out to be a whole lot of nothing. Download for free today.

Episode CXXI: The Monsters at Michigan State


The X Millennial Man is taking a look at some recent events in the news. First up, they do a brief preview of the upcoming big football contest being played in Minnesota this Sunday. Then Ty and RD get into a discussion about the justice of the Larry Nassar case, and the powerful enablers still working at Michigan State University. Download the conversation for free today.

Ty's thoughts on the sexual abuse scandal at Michigan State.